RED HAT: Was ist los? Jetzt verkaufen - oder halten?

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15 Postings, 7428 Tage StentorRED HAT: Was ist los? Jetzt verkaufen - oder halten?


halte RED HAT und bin ziemlich Ratlos: Soll ich sie weiter halten oder die Verluste (40 %) begrenzen?


01.03.00 22:02

317 Postings, 7431 Tage schaumermaldie duerften noch bis 40 absacken, wenn kein wunder geschieht o.T.

01.03.00 22:04

317 Postings, 7431 Tage schaumermalvielleicht ein kleines wunderchen...

ODS Networks Chooses Red Hat Services for Help With New
Linux-Based SecureCom Offer

Business/Technology Editors

WIRE)--March 1, 2000--

Red Hat Services to Provide Assistance with Product Development,

Certification, Customer Support and Training

Red Hat(R), Inc. (NASDAQ:RHAT), the market leader in open source
solutions, and ODS Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:ODSI) a global provider of
security management solutions for enterprise security products, today
announced that they will work together to complete Red Hat
certification and the design of a hardened Linux operating system for
use with ODS' SecureCom family of Internet Security products. Under
the agreement, Red Hat will provide ODS with on-site software
consulting, engineering services, training and support.
"Red Hat's unmatched services and support organization instills
confidence in our customers, who demand a dependable, multi-function
security platform for their Internet and e-commerce applications,"
said Eric Gore, Vice President of Strategic Business for ODS Networks.
"Red Hat Linux is the ideal solution for SecureCom because Red Hat
Services offers ODS the support necessary to develop, deploy and
support a reliable and fully secured Linux-based solution."

Red Hat Services provides an unequaled suite of offerings for
enterprise businesses and solution providers to leverage the freedom
and power of Linux in business-critical environments. Customers such
as ODS Networks benefit from the open source expertise of Red Hat's
hundreds of consultants, who support and build solutions that can be
modified and scaled to meet a customer's needs in a manner unlike any
other operating system.
"Security services are extremely complex offerings," said Teresa
Spangler, Business Unit Leader, Sales, Red Hat, Inc. "ODS Networks
turned to Red Hat Support Services to assist in the engineering and
support of its SecureCom products to ensure their customers would
benefit from a highly secure appliance solution that can take full
advantage of the freedom, reliability and scalability of Linux."

SecureCom offers one of the most integrated and secure methods of
Internet access, routing, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and LAN/WAN
connectivity. The platform is designed to incorporate security
applications and network management strategies, providing scalable and
secure integration within a customer's existing environment. In
addition to a high-speed interconnect fabric and LAN switching
modules, SecureCom currently supports Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Sun
SPARC processor modules.
"This services agreement with Red Hat clearly demonstrates ODS is
moving SecureCom into position to offer our customers the best
combination of high performance security, ease of use and lowest total
cost of ownership," said Billy Austin, ODS Networks Vice President of


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33 Postings, 7309 Tage tuetRe: RED HAT: Was ist los? Jetzt verkaufen - oder halten?

nach ansicht der analysten werden die kurse weiter fallen. einstig lohn sich erst wieder in 1-2 Monaten.


01.03.00 22:21

317 Postings, 7431 Tage schaumermalman sollte auch einmal ehrlich sein: rhat kommt von 7 USD in 08/99 o.T.

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