Ascent Solar Technologies neue Arise?

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7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10Ascent Solar Technologies neue Arise?

Wurde soeben von einem BB ins Depot aufgenommen, schaun wir mal.  

06.11.07 15:43

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10aus seekingalpha ...

Clearly the wind is at the back of alternative energy shares. With electricity prices rising, crude oil soaring and the threat of global warming a near daily headline, the climate is right for companies in the solar business. And why not? Solar energy is inexhaustible, pollution free and helps create local energy independence.

Congress and state governments have become believers; a bill passed by the House this August requires electric utilities to increase the percentage of electricity they produce from renewable resources to 15% by 2020 from 2.75% in 2010. Solar is expected to be a big beneficiary.

In August 2006, California signed into law the "Million Roofs Solar Bill" with the objective of having one million California homes heated and lighted by solar within a decade. By offering economic incentives for installation, the bill aims to increase the use of solar power 30-fold and cut the cost of solar power to consumers in half. By 2011, builders must also make solar panels as accessible of an option for new home buyers as if they were high-end countertops.

With this type of legislative backdrop, the future for solar companies is bright. One of the likely beneficiaries is Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASTI).

Ascent was spun-off from ITN Energy Systems in July 2004 and had its IPO in July 2006. ITN, which was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mohar Mistra, a former research whiz at defense contractor Martin Marietta, was created to commercialize innovative technology. Ascent is ITN's forth spin-off.

Through a proprietary process, Ascent is able to place a razor-thin coating of "CIGS" (copper-indium-gallium-diselinde) onto a plastic substratum. This material can be manufactured into light-weight rolls. In contrast to older technology, which is based on expensive silicon and placed on relatively inflexible metal, Ascent's large rolls allow for direct installation into building materials.

Ascent's manufacturing process reduces the number of solar modules necessary to create a roof. Wires, cable, junction boxes and conduits necessary with other products are significantly lessened. CIGS can convert sun to energy at an efficiency rate of up to 19.5%, while the efficiency of silicon peaks at about 12%. Since the solar technology can be directly integrated into building products, the cost of solar panel installation can be dramatically lowered.

These innovations potentially give Ascent an important competitive advantage in conventional applications such as on residential roofs. They also make its product well-suited for use in spacecraft and high-altitude aircraft. That fact has been recognized by several grants from the U.S. Air Research Laboratory, which has had a relationship with ITN since 1995 and recently funded Ascent with a research grant to the tune of $749,000.

Brian Blackman, Ascent's head of Investor Relations, told the importance of military business will grow after 2011, when Ascent has significant production capacity.

This fall Ascent will take its technology into pilot production when a 1.5 megawatt [MW] plant comes on stream. The first of four 25 MW manufacturing facilities is planned for 2009. Ascent recently raised $21.6 million to fund construction.

This week Ascent teams up with Norway-based Hydro (NYSE: NHY), the second-largest provider of building systems in the world, to introduce its prototype solar systems at Batimat in Paris, the world?s largest building exhibition. Hydro has a 23% stake in Ascent, with an option to raise its position to 35%. That relationship not only gives Ascent a ready-made market and channel of distribution, but also some potentially deep pockets if future funds are needed for expansion.

While Ascent appears to have enormous potential, one must decide whether it makes sense to buy the stock now. Clearly, Ascent is richly valued from a fundamental perspective. The two analysts who follow the stock project the company to have only $2.47 million in revenue in 2008. These analysts also estimate that the company will lose $0.65 in 2007 and $0.39 in 2008 when pilot production comes on stream. It will be several years before Ascent is profitable. With an astronomical price-to-sales ratio of 398, the company clearly trades on its potential, not its current results.

Aside from valuation, there are more general risks. If peace were to break out in the Middle East, or a severe recession were to hit, crude oil prices could fall sharply. That would severely damage the momentum in solar stocks, especially in the short-term. Big players in a variety of industries are also eyeing the solar space. Energy giants like BP (NYSE: BP) and Shell (NYSE: RDS.A)already have entered solar. General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) acquired the assets of a bankrupt solar equipment company AstroPower to gain a foothold as well.

Because of the high fundamental valuation, the insights of technical analysis can be helpful in making a decision about the stock. ASTI is currently in an extremely strong uptrend. It is well above its rising 40-week moving average, a signature of a strong bullish move; currently, the moving average is at $9.31. The stock also should have important support near $11.30, a level which held Ascent in check between April and September.

Traders might want to wait for a pullback to near the $12 level before entering a position. The danger, of course, is that pullback may never come. On Friday ASTI broke through $20 on volume of nearly 886,000 shares, compared with an average three-month daily volume of about 568,000 shares. The 52-week high is $20.54, established on Oct. 19.

Ascent Solar is clearly not a stock for the faint of heart. However, the company has the potential to reward both the investor and the short-term trader?in short, Ascent (ASTI) could provide a ground floor opportunity for your portfolio to go through the roof.


07.11.07 06:43

1677 Postings, 5896 Tage drubert1...Photovoltaics into Aluminium Building Systems

Building News

Energy Savings by Incorporating Photovoltaics into Aluminium Building Systems

Hydro will introduce at Batimat 2007 in Paris a new way of using photovoltaics in its aluminium building systems, which can achieve significant savings in energy consumption.
The prototype ?solar systems? are among the collection of new products that Hydro will showcase at the international building exhibition, which begins November 5 and continues through November 10 at the Paris Expo.

"There are innovations in these products that can bring the future closer to today,? says Lars Hauk Ringvold, who is responsible for Hydro?s aluminium building systems activities.

Visitors to the company?s displays at Batimat will see windows, doors, balcony railings and facades that have integrated photovoltaic systems. ?With such systems built into relevant products, we have the potential to achieve energy savings above 60 percent,? says Ringvold.

The prototypes are the result of a successful pre-project between Hydro and Ascent Solar Technologies, a Denver-based company which manufactures the flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules. Hydro owns 23 percent of Ascent Solar.

?Ascent?s solar modules provide a simple, elegant and architecturally attractive means to incorporate photovoltaics into buildings,? says Ringvold.

Matthew Foster, Ascent Solar?s president and CEO, says the company is ?excited about all the innovative applications that Hydro has already envisioned for our modules. Our collective vision is to make solar power a transparent and pervasive element in the everyday lives of people throughout the world.?

More debuts at Batimat
Hydro will be represented by three of its brands ? Architectural Systems, Technal, Wicona ? at the French exhibition. All three will feature integrated solar module building systems.

However, the brands will also introduce other new products, each in line with Batimat?s theme of sustainable development. These include:

Windows with motorized systems for functionally disabled
Energy-saving surface treatment solutions
Modular concepts for residential homes
Batimat is the world?s largest building exhibition, with construction equipment and materials suppliers together under one roof. The theme of year?s event, which will draw some 2,700 exhibitors from 49 countries, is sustainable development.

Hydro is Europe's preferred supplier of aluminium building systems, and delivers to scores of other countries around the globe. Its three international brands - Domal, Technal and Wicona - cover the whole range of system products.

Based on its long experience in materials technology and renewable energy, Hydro is also investing in solar energy with partner companies, such as Ascent Solar, to develop new technologies and manufacturing processes at facilities in Europe and the US.

Posted November 6th, 2007


08.11.07 07:45

1677 Postings, 5896 Tage drubert1Nachbörslich wieder bei 23 USD !

08.11.07 20:10

15890 Postings, 6998 Tage Calibra21Nachgelegt

Habe mit meinem Geminigewinn Ascent nachgelegt. War zu verführerisch...

Besitzer von Zinspapieren schlafen gut; Aktienbesitzer dagegen leben gut  

03.12.07 08:07

1677 Postings, 5896 Tage drubert1Norsk Hydro Beteiligung

Nur zur Info, Norsk Hydro kann (wird) ab dem 13. Dezember seine Optionen ausüben um so die 35% an Ascent besitzen und Ascent die notwendige Finanzspritze zu geben.

"An option (the ?Tranche 2 Option?) to purchase additional shares of restricted common stock, Class A warrants (or if the Class A warrants are redeemed, common stock) and Class B warrants that would result in Norsk Hydro owning up to 35.0% of the issued and outstanding common stock, Class A warrants and Class B warrants. This option may be exercised beginning December 13, 2007. The Tranche 2 Option expires on June 15, 2009. This option has not yet been exercised. Upon exercise of the Tranche 2 Option, the purchase price of each security obtained will be equal to the average of the closing bids of security in the five consecutive trading days ending on and including the trading day that is one day prior to the date of exercise, as reported by Nasdaq."

17.12.07 14:57

1677 Postings, 5896 Tage drubert1Ascent Solar Achieves Major Milestone

Wie versprochen eine News!

Ascent Solar Achieves Major Milestone on Its 1.5MW Manufacturing Line

Das ist wohl die Basis für das Ausüben der Optionen durch Norsk Hydro und damit für eine weitere Finanzierung.

:-) drubert  

27.12.07 09:20

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10News

19.12.2007 18:04
Ascent Solar and Hydro Sign Cooperation Agreement
Ascent Solar Technologies, (News) Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTI), a developer of state-of-the-art, thin-film photovoltaic modules, announced today the company has signed a definitive cooperation agreement with its strategic partner Hydro. This agreement fortifies the relationship between Hydro and Ascent Solar and focuses on new products, commercial manufacturing and European market presence.

In anticipation of commencement of Ascent's 1.5 megawatt pilot scale production in 2008, the parties have agreed to collaborate in the development of building integrated photovoltaic products. The recently announced Brise Soleil product by Hydro Building Systems is expected to be the first of many applications to be covered by this cooperation agreement. Ascent intends to supply Hydro with product during the pilot phase in order for Hydro to develop and satisfy market demand for its products. Hydro also will have an option to purchase quantities of Ascent's annual production when Ascent achieves production capacity of 25 megawatts.

Hydro has agreed to assist Ascent by providing manufacturing and engineering expertise, as well as project management assistance. Hydro also intends to assist Ascent in citing a potential second commercial production facility in Europe, as well as helping Ascent establish strategic alliances with players in the European solar industry.

Hydro currently owns approximately 23% of all issued and outstanding shares in Ascent and has an option to acquire up to 35% of all issued and outstanding shares in the company.

Linksspacken sollen das Melden dieses Postings nicht vergessen und bitte mit braun, pardon schwarz, bewerten !

29.12.07 11:32

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10Hui, + 26 % in USA, was ist los?

Linksspacken sollen das Melden dieses Postings nicht vergessen und bitte mit braun, pardon schwarz, bewerten !

03.01.08 19:00

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10Neue Q-Cells?

Ist hier noch jemand dabei?
Linksspacken sollen das Melden dieses Postings nicht vergessen und bitte mit braun, pardon schwarz, bewerten !

04.02.08 17:43

12 Postings, 4857 Tage Flosse12zu 10,25 wieder rein....

ja ich hab mir wieder nen paar ins depot gelegt.....


20.04.08 08:44

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10Ascent Solar and Icopal SAS Sign Cooperation

Ascent Solar Technologies, (News) Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTI), a developer of thin-film photovoltaic (PV) modules, announced today the entering into of a definitive cooperation agreement with Icopal SAS of France. The agreement focuses on the development of new building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing products intended to be distributed by Icopal into the European marketplace.

Initially, Ascent Solar intends to supply Icopal with product from its existing 1.5 MW production line for the development, testing and certification of the BIPV products. The parties also envision demonstration scale projects to validate performance and develop market demand for the BIPV roofing products.

?As an innovative company in flexible PV modules, Ascent Solar is a natural partner for Icopal for integration of Ascent's products into Icopal's flexible roofing membranes,? said Bruno Fabvier of Icopal SAS.

?As a leader in roofing systems, Icopal is well positioned to harness the capabilities of our PV modules,? said Joseph McCabe, Vice President of Business Development at Ascent Solar. ?We believe that by working with European-based building material companies there is an opportunity to develop higher value BIPV markets in Europe.?

2008 wird ein hartes Börsenjahr !

Keine Macht der Frick-RSR-TR-PSR-Connection !

24.04.08 16:16

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10Ascent Solar Adds JPMorgan to Underwriting Team

Ascent Solar Technologies, (News)  Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTI) today announced that it has added J.P. Morgan (News/Aktienkurs) Securities Inc. as a lead underwriter of its public offering of common stock pursuant to the registration statement on Form S-3 filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the ?Commission?) on March 14, 2008. J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. joins Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. as managing lead underwriters. Cowen and Company, LLC, Jefferies& Company, Inc. and Merriman Curhan Ford&Co. continue to serve as co-managers of the offering.

2008 wird ein hartes Börsenjahr !

Keine Macht der Frick-RSR-TR-PSR-Connection !

01.05.08 11:13

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10ASCENT SOLAR - Der Startschuss fällt wenn...

Datum 30.04.2008 - Uhrzeit 17:29 (© BörseGo AG 2007, Autor: Strehk Marko, Technischer Analyst, © GodmodeTrader -
WKN: A0KEZT | ISIN: US0436351011 | Intradaykurs:  
Ascent Solar - Kürzel: ASTI - ISIN: US0436351011

Börse: Nasdaq in USD / Kursstand: 16,40$

Rückblick: Ascent Solar gehört zu den volatileren Aktien aus dem US Solarsektor. Die Aktie konnte bis Ende des vergangenen Jahres zuletzt ausgehend von 2,00 $ innerhalb eines guten Jahres auf 28,35 $ durchstarten. Entsprechend heftig fiel die anschließende Korrektur aus. Der Kursverlauf rutschte b is auf 8,02 $ ab und konnte sich seit Mitte März wieder ebenso impulsiv erholen. Erkennbar ist die Ausbildung einer inversen SKS-Trendwendeformation.

Charttechnischer Ausblick: Diese SKS-Trendwendeformation deutet einen Kursausbruch zur Oberseite an. Dies wäre bei einem klaren Anstieg über die 18,00 $ auf Basis des Schlusskurses der Fall. Gelingt dieser Ausbruch, dann ist der Weg bis in den Bereich des Hochs bei 28,35 $ wieder relativ frei. Eine Ausbruchsbewegung kann vor einer Positionierung in ruhe abgewartet werden. Rutscht die Aktie hingegen nochmals unter 14,25 $ zurück, dann droht ein weiterer Test der 12,07 $.

Kursverlauf vom 01.09.2007 bis 30.04.2008 (log. Kerzenchartdarstellung / 1 Kerze = 1 Tag)

2008 wird ein hartes Börsenjahr !

Keine Macht der Frick-RSR-TR-PSR-Connection !

14.05.08 21:11

246 Postings, 4472 Tage speakoilsieht nach inverser S-K-S aus

nur Gesamtmarkt kann jetzt noch einen "strich" durch die rechnung (weiterer deutlicher Anstiege machen). Man sollte hier dabei bleiben.  

17.05.08 08:50

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10Kapitalerhöhung Grund für Minus !

(RTTNews) -  Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (ASTI: News, Chart, Quote ), a developer of thin-film photovoltaic modules, said Friday that it has fixed price for a new public offering offering of 3.80 million shares of its common stock at $14.00 per share, before deducting underwriting discounts and commissions.

The Littleton, Colorado-based Ascent Solar stated that it plans to utilize the net proceeds from the offering for establishing and testing of production tools for about 30 MW of rated capacity for the production of thin-film photovoltaic modules, and for general corporate purposes.

The company further stated that J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. is serving as managing lead underwriter of the offering, while Cowen and Co., LLC, Jefferies & Co., Inc. and Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. are serving as co-managers of the offering.

The stock of Ascent Solar reacted negatively to the news of the new public stock offering. At 1.20 P.M. ET, the stock is trading at $14.92, down 97 cents or 6.10% on a volume of 3.7 million shares, much higher than 3-month average daily volume of 420K shares. Following the decline, the stock price is very close to its 200-day moving average and might test or break it from above.

by RTT Staff Writer

19.05.08 15:53

15890 Postings, 6998 Tage Calibra21Hi Polo

Bin jetzt zu 15,25 US-$ auch mit von der Partie. Asti Solar ist ein Nachzügler wenn man andere Solarnebenwerte betrachtet. Ausserdem gab es aufgrund der KE ein GAP-Down, das doch geschlossen werden müsste.
Besitzer von Zinspapieren schlafen gut; Aktienbesitzer dagegen leben gut

19.05.08 18:29

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10hi cali

bin leider fett im Minus, harre aber der Dinge !  

28.05.08 09:32

7765 Postings, 5281 Tage polo10outperform

27.05.2008 16:46
Ascent Solar Technologies Inc Shs: outperform (Cowen and Company, LLC)

New York ( AG) - Die Analysten von Cowen and Company stufen die Aktie von Ascent Solar Technologies (ISIN US0436351011 (News)/ WKN A0KEZT) in einer Ersteinschätzung mit "outperform" ein. Auf Sicht von zwölf Monaten verfüge die Aktie gegenüber dem Markt über ein Aufwärtspotenzial von 45%. (27.05.2008/ac/a/u)
Analyse-Datum: 27.05.2008


15.06.08 11:51

15890 Postings, 6998 Tage Calibra21Neueinstieg am Freitag zu 10,68 US-$

Stopp bei 10,20 US-$. Widerstandsbereich hat gehalten. RSI mit Kaufsignal. MACD könnte morgen folgen.
Besitzer von Zinspapieren schlafen gut; Aktienbesitzer dagegen leben gut
Angehängte Grafik:

16.06.08 18:36

15890 Postings, 6998 Tage Calibra21Stopp auf 12,00 US-$ nachziehen

Besitzer von Zinspapieren schlafen gut; Aktienbesitzer dagegen leben gut

17.06.08 15:37

15890 Postings, 6998 Tage Calibra21Stopp auf 13,00 US-$ nachziehen

Besitzer von Zinspapieren schlafen gut; Aktienbesitzer dagegen leben gut

19.06.08 09:02

15890 Postings, 6998 Tage Calibra21Ausgestoppt mit ca.25 % Gewinn.Jetzt in Air Berlin

umschichten (positive Divergenz)
Besitzer von Zinspapieren schlafen gut; Aktienbesitzer dagegen leben gut

16.01.09 11:42

5011 Postings, 5031 Tage LapismucObama-Day am Dienstag??

Alle Solar's zeigen auf gr Vorbereitung auf den Obama-Day ??
Man wird nicht reich, durch das, was man verdient, sondern durch das, was man nicht ausgibt

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