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27.05.17 00:37

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50There will be a funeral service held next week

I'm sad to announce that there will be funeral services for all those who lost money in WMIH.
The service will begin on Thursday, 06/1/2017 at 3:00 pm EDT.
Send my heartfelt condolences to all of their families.

Respectfully yours


06.06.17 08:40

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50WMIH deals is fading into oblivion......

…...and the BOD will make up new non accretive deals to keep their ponzi scheme going!! LoL

Cheers !

09.06.17 11:49

989751 Postings, 3571 Tage unionDie WKN 893906 ist leider ausgebucht

Thread bitte Schließen  

12.06.17 18:06

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50So what's on today's agenda dude?

17.06.17 22:13

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50wishing you all a Happy Father's Day weekend !

26.06.17 15:18

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50Morning all Mom-and-Pop Investors?..

a slight breeze go through the valley early morning - twilight fades and there wasn't nothing moving.

got on my very pretty red dress ……I’m ready to start a round of golf!

29.06.17 09:33

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50@ID-paycheck

ID-paycheck, wherever you are come out and help us. We need you at these uncertain times.

Even if you have to leave your grave, come out. PLEASE... !!

We need you. When you were writing on this board things always went well. Where are you when we followers need you.

There has been much negative news when you stopped your posts, just look at this poor Chart. thunderheads collapse with those blasting downdrafts! looks scary, very bad deals……

look what happened to the solid Banks today - JPM, GS, MS BAC…etc !!!


04.07.17 09:23

6345 Postings, 3542 Tage Staylongstaycool@liner

He won't come back. He is probably in the USA and still searching Wamu's legendary banking licence... ;-)  

14.07.17 18:46

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50it appears to me....

....HFT has been shut off this morning! LoL  

17.07.17 21:34

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50@ID - WMIH-Investors getting bored stiff!

Hey ID - Have not heard a word from you for a long time, are you still with us? Have not seen many posts of yours recently? I hope all is well...... lots of this MB asked for you.

c’mon give us advice and give us tips!


29.07.17 17:54

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50Any upside potential.....huh?

....... I love highly paid guessers & meteorologists! LoL  

29.07.17 18:04

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50build up of bombogenesis....

08.08.17 15:39

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50AZ seems AZ injects an amazing amount of vigor into people! LoL

….but now it's time to inflict some real pain here!!!!


27.08.17 21:35

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50WMIH-Msg-Board Rules

- future performance of the co. will always be better than today – learn to read between the lines!

- Share price will be higher in the near future than it is now - that’s for sure! check Chart kroet!!!!

- Management is never over-compensated - no matter how much they take - they deserved it!

- If data or an event appears to blame for share price decline - then it must be re-interpreted
  as augering a price increase…..all necessary doublespeak and illogic nonsense is to be used !

- Longs are never ever wrong – a bunch of hedge funds added shares….!

- If share price goes down, it must have been caused by the MM`s manipulating the stock - that’s a good sign – someone collectin’ cheap shares!

- If anyone ever dares to say anything critical about «the Shell-Comp.Inc.» or pessimistic about the future share Price - then such person must immediately be castigated with personal insults!

best regards......


05.09.17 08:50

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50Live Coverage

.......does anyone provide live coverage from tomorrow’s broadcast ?  

07.09.17 08:24

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50Hundreds of billions of $$$$?..

.....that will be funny when the plug gets pulled and all those schmucks lose it all. LoL


11.09.17 22:41

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50South Florida..............

........a gush of rain came down! LoL


16.09.17 15:07

48 Postings, 811 Tage Geistesblitz...was ist denn das für ein komischer Vogel?

...oder hat er nur einen?  

18.09.17 17:04

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50what a beauty of a chart!!

.........are all your charts done in semi-logarithmic scale?      (^o^)

have a nice one!!  (((o) (~..~) (o)))


30.09.17 01:21

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50Ouch! ....

What's that?   The plan succeeded badly, right?

For someone who says he doesn't eat a lot he's packing away that meal....LoL
you're going to be so sorry when i sue you for making me squirt root beer out my nose and all over my Notebook....

I hope you enjoy riding your top performer! keep your chin up !! – wait for better days!


04.10.17 17:34

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50hey buddies how's going appears hedge funds start to dump its load !!

06.10.17 11:52

1478 Postings, 3599 Tage wamu wolleein stich ins

großraumnest und schon taucht der erste auf....die anderen folgen garantiert.... witzig !  

07.10.17 11:20

15420 Postings, 3353 Tage The_HopeDie WKN 893906 ist leider ausgebucht

Thread bitte Schließen  

07.10.17 17:56

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50The stock over the very short term.....

….. is in a 0.91 to 0.96 trading range, with real support at 0.88 and real resistance at 0.98.
To begin another sustainable move to the upside, the stock needs to trade and close above 1.01, very soon, over the next 2-3 trading days, on very strong volume.

If not, then a test of support will occur and it seems that support is weak and will not hold, so an extended downward move will occur down to the next support area of approx 0.73.

keep calm & enjoy the weekend everyone!


16.10.17 21:26

1165 Postings, 3400 Tage liner50it's a real tragedy.... right?

1st  improve your knowledge of the bankruptcy laws

2nd improve your knowledge of the bankruptcy laws

3rd improve your knowledge of the bankruptcy laws


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