Positive ID Der Ausweis der Zukunft ?!

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2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIPositive ID Der Ausweis der Zukunft ?!





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2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIhealth and care !!


22.08.10 01:27

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIYogi beim Analysieren

22.08.10 01:41

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIdann schaun wir mal

Die roten Links im Text sind wichtig, damit geht es weiter, aber trotzdem den Text genaustens lesen damit man am Schluss alles versteht. Company history of PositiveID


PositiveID Corporation was formed on November 10, 2009, through the merger of VeriChipCorporation and Steel Vault Corporation.

The company operates in two main divisions: HealthID and ID Security. The company's HealthID business is further differentiated into its Human Health division and its Animal Health division.

HealthID focuses on bringing health solutions to consumers, animals and businesses based on the company's intellectual property. Through its ID Security segment, the company offers a web-based personal health record (PHR), and identity theft protection and related services (including credit monitoring and reporting) through National Credit Report.

An integral part of the foundation of PositiveID is its RFID human-implantable microchip for patient identification, the VeriChip. The company's RFID microchip traces back to the events of September 11, 2001, when New York firemen wrote their badge ID numbers on their chests in case they were found injured or unconscious. The product, modeled after a similar microchip used in pets, evolved from there. The company received FDA clearance for the microchip in October 2004.[3]

Quelle1 Company history 


22.08.10 01:49

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIklicken wir ma auf den

ersten roten Link.VeriChip


da steht:


VeriChip is the only Food and Drug Administration(FDA)-approved human-implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip. It is marketed by VeriChip Corporation, a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions, and it received United States FDA approval in 2004. About twice the length of a dime, the device is typically implanted between the shoulder and elbow area of an individual’s right arm.[1] Once scanned at the proper frequency, the VeriChip responds with a unique 16 digit number which could be then linked with information about the user held on a database for identity verification, medical records access and other uses. The insertion procedure is performed under local anesthetic in a physician's office. As an implanted device used for identification by a third party, it has generated controversy and debate.


22.08.10 01:56

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIHousten !!...wir haben ein Problem

22.08.10 02:10

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGImachen wier anders weiter


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the United States federal executive departments, responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety, tobacco products, dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs (medications), vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, blood transfusions, medical devices, electromagnetic radiation emitting devices (ERED), veterinary products, and cosmetics.


Food and Drug Administration

United States Department of Health and Human Services


22.08.10 02:56

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIdie


The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is a Cabinet department of the United States government with the goal of protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services. Its motto is "Improving the health, safety, and well-being of America". Before its education functions were split off in 1979, it was called the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

die website von

United States Department of Health and Human Services


die United States Department of Health and Human Services veröffentlicht diese Daten, 

wie man an hand des Links erkennt das "gov" erscheint


Food Stamp auf Deutsch: Essensmarken !!

"Food Stamps-wie jeden Monat-mit Allzeithoch"


 Wie man einen nachhaltigen Aufschwung erkennt, darüber gibt es sicher verschiedene Definitionen, ein Anstieg von +5,9502 Millionen Hilfsbedürftigen zum Vorjahresmonat, die an staatlichen Lebensmittelprogrammen teilnehmen, dürfte allerdings jeder Definition zuwider sprechen. Wie das US-Landwirtschaftsministerium (United States Department of Agriculture) für den Mai 2010 berichtete, stieg die Zahl der Food Stamps Bezieher bereits den 19. Monat in Folge, auf ein neues Allzeithoch! Beschämende 40,801392 Millionen US-Bürger bezogen im Mai die moderne Version der Food Stamps,Lebensmittel per Kreditkarte für durchschnittliche 133,77 Dollar pro Person auf Basis des staatlichen Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

 Lebensmittel per Kreditkarte !!
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22.08.10 03:04

7405 Postings, 3873 Tage Lars vom MarsWas für ein hübsches Schaubild, das dem

menschlichem Auge vorgaukelt, die Zahl hätte sich im dargestellten Zeitraum vervielfacht, dadurch, dass man einfach die Skala nicht bei 0 beginnen lässt.
Eigentlich ist es natürlich nur ein Anstieg um 50%, aber so kann man halt auch mit Schaubildern lügen.  

22.08.10 03:22

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIkommen wir zum



Die Website von NationalCreditReport


About Us

was ist  NationalCreditReport.... =  Kreditauskunft!!

Dies ist eine Kurzversion des National Credit Report Unternehmensprofils is a subsidiary of the PositiveID Corporation (NASDAQ: PSID), which offers unique tools and technologies to help consumers and businesses protect their personal, medical and financial information, safely and securely online. is a leader in the credit report, credit score and credit monitoring industry.

Our business services division is focused on helping corporations of all sizes protect their customers and employees from becoming victims of credit fraud and identity theft with our various credit and not credit products and services. We are in the process of adding Criminal Reporting & Monitoring, Pay day Loan Reporting & Monitoring, Internet Surveillance Reporting & Monitoring, Public Record Reporting & Monitoring and Data Breach Response & Notification Services to our consumer and business portfolio. weniger


22.08.10 03:31

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIalso

40,801392 Millionen US-Bürger bekommen Food Stamps per Kreditkarte versteht sich. Die anderen sind bis zum Hals verschuldet und brauchen eine Kreditauskunft.

22.08.10 03:42

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIah ja,

Wer von Food Stamps und Schulden nicht betroffen ist der ist Diabetiker dafür hat PositiveID auch ne Lösung.........................Mc Donalds lässt Grüssen..Coca Cola unw.

Diabetes Management

In February 2010, PositiveID acquired the intellectual property rights and assets of Easy Check Medical Diagnostics, LLC, to expand its portfolio of non-invasive glucose-level testing products and diabetes management tools that are currently under development. The Easy Check breath glucose test is a non-invasive glucose detection system that measures acetone levels in a person's exhaled breath. The association between acetone levels in the breath and glucose is well-documented, but previous data on the acetone/glucose correlation has been insufficient for reliable statistics. Easy Check's breath glucose detection system combines a proprietary chemical mixture with breath exhalate, which is intended to create a new molecular compound that can be measured with technology that is currently patent-pending. If successful, this product could eliminate a patient's need to prick his or her finger multiple times per day to get a blood sugar reading. The iGlucose system uses wireless SMS technology to automatically communicate a diabetic's glucose readings to the iGlucose online database. iGlucose is intended to provide real-time data to improve diabetes management and help ensure patient compliance, data accuracy and insurance reimbursement.[5]

22.08.10 03:55

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIso nun ist schluss,

es gibt viel mehr Informationen, aber das würde euch den Schädel sprengen.


Denkt mal nach!!... Krise hin oder her sie gewollt ?? ..sogar gemacht, was ich behaupte.







22.08.10 03:59

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIZauberwort

VeriChip is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved human-implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip. It is marketed by VeriChip Corporation,

22.08.10 04:07

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIso nun reichts

Radio-frequency identification


Patented by VeriChip vertrieben durch PositiveID mit dem Willen der United States Department of Health and Human Services
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22.08.10 04:17

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIwird noch dauern

..bis wir alle soweit sind, daß wir darum betteln sowas schönes zu bekommen. ...die Krise ist auch jetzt erst Angefangen......!!

25.08.10 18:04

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIso nun schautmal hier

die Hompage von
US Food and Drug Administration

Schön auf die Eier achten !!

25.08.10 18:07

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIhier das selbe,

bei der
United States Department of Health and Human Services

Schön auf die Eier achten


25.08.10 18:13

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGISalmonella Eggs

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25.08.10 18:17

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIjetzt kommt Positive ID in Spiel

meldung von 23.08.2010

August 23, 2010

PositiveID Corporation and RECEPTORS LLC to Develop a Salmonella Detection Product Using Patented CARA(TM) Platform Technology

25.08.10 18:23

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIwisst ihr

ich hab von dieser Aktie mehr alls genung eingesammelt.

aber anscheined gefällt jemanden nicht das ich Informationen weiter gebe

gerade passiert
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25.08.10 18:30

2254 Postings, 4429 Tage Super YOGIdas beste

behalt ich aber für mich ....ich sag nur es ist einfach Unglaublich wer hinter dieser Firma steckt.

18.11.10 02:12

13 Postings, 4119 Tage MonacoKingPersonen mit folgende Namensendungen... ?  

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