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05.03.19 23:39

2282 Postings, 2307 Tage Jackson CoalmanCorporate Presentation 21. February 2019

This presentation contains certain statements that may be deemed ?forward-looking statements?. All
statements, other than statements of historical fact, that address events or developments that Pacton Gold Inc. expects to occur, are forward-looking statements.


12.03.19 17:16

2282 Postings, 2307 Tage Jackson CoalmanPacton starts fieldwork at Yandicoogina project


Pacton Gold Inc. has commenced initial fieldwork at Pacton's Yandicoogina project, where historical results from surface sampling have reported up to 199.7 grams per tonne gold. The work program is targeting high-grade, shear-hosted gold within a number of mineralization settings and will use rock chip sampling and mapping to prioritize targets for drill testing.


Strike length: 4.7-kilometre cumulative strike length of mapped anomalous quartz vein structures hosting gold mineralization;
Historical sampling results showing strong gold mineralization in multiple locations: rock chip sampling reporting results of up to 199.7 g/t Au at surface (Western Australia Geological Survey);
Prioritizing targets for upcoming drill program: results from the current program to be used to rank targets based on further exploration potential and to prioritize for drill testing planned for 2019.
Dale Ginn, executive chairman of Pacton Gold, stated: "Pacton's Yandicoogina project hosts high-grade gold-bearing systems that are readily apparent and exposed at surface. It also has coarse nuggets from surface prospecting that appear to be from a vein source and have not been subjected to significant transportation. What the project lacks is any significant amount of drilling to depth. Our initial program will therefore focus on prioritizing targets for drill testing the high-grade concentrations at Yandicoogina."

The Yandicoogina gold project is located 52 km to the southeast of Marble Bar in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The project covers a contiguous landholding of 164 square kilometres consisting of two granted exploration tenements (E45/3474 and E45/3571) and three granted mining leases located inside tenement (E45/3474).

Access to the project from Marble Bar is via the Marble Bar Road to the southeast thence via station tracks which take you toward the Black Shepherd mine.

The project covers an extensive portion of the Warrawoona Archean greenstone belt. Previous exploration activities have predominantly focused toward the greenstone portion of the project with a considerably limited effort placed on the Mount Edgar mylonite complex which is host to the high-grade Death Adder and Granite prospects.

The initial work program will involve detailed geological mapping and rock chip sampling of priority defined prospects including Granite, Death Adder, Black Shepherd, Uncle Tom and Trilby. Through completing this first phase of activities a further understanding of the controls and extents of mineralization for each of the prospects will be obtained. Prioritization, drill planning and permitting to drill will commence immediately following the completion of the initial work program.


20.03.19 08:23

2282 Postings, 2307 Tage Jackson CoalmanPacton Gold to acquire more claims in Red Lake


Pacton Gold Inc. has entered into an agreement with Larry Herbert to acquire 100-per-cent ownership of additional mineral claims in the Red Lake district, Ontario. The claims are located contiguous and to the northwest of Pacton's current landholdings in the prolific Balmer assemblage and increase the company's land package to 16,630 hectares. Pacton is in the process of planning a spring, 2019 exploration program in Red Lake, including drilling.

The Balmer assemblage has been proven to host significant high-grade mineralization at Pure Gold's Madsen mine and Goldcorp's Red Lake and Campbell mines, historically producing over 20 million ounces of gold combined. The new property contains geology consistent with known areas of high-grade gold mineralization in the region, specifically the contact between Confederation and Balmer assemblage rock units as well as folded mafic and ultramafic volcanics with mafic and felsic intrusives.

Dale Ginn, executive chairman of Pacton Gold, explained: "Pacton's Red Lake land package now spans a large, underexplored area of the prolific Balmer assemblage and Confederation assemblage, as well as much of the contact between the two. We view this as a clear opportunity to capitalize on prospective ground that hosts geological structures of considerable interest. Our team has an aggressive exploration program planned for this spring, and we expect to commence drilling in May."

The high-resolution helicopter magnetics survey has been flown and Pacton is awaiting a finalized report to begin preliminary targeting to aid the mapping and prospecting in spring 2019, with drilling to follow.

Agreement details

The company can earn a 100-per-cent interest in the property by completing a heli-mag survey on the property and by issuing an aggregate of 325,000 common shares and paying a total of $100,000 over a period of two years. The property is subject to net smelter return royalties of 2.5 per cent, half of which can be purchased by the company for $2-million.

The transaction is subject to the acceptance of the TSX Venture Exchange.

The company also announces that Allan Folk has resigned as a director of the company. The company thanks Mr. Folk for his service and wishes him well in his future endeavours.


26.03.19 18:28

2282 Postings, 2307 Tage Jackson CoalmanPacton Gold starts fieldwork at Tardarinna


Pacton Gold Inc.'s initial fieldwork program at the Tardarinna gold project in Pilbara, Western Australia, has commenced.


10.04.19 06:52

2282 Postings, 2307 Tage Jackson CoalmanAgreement for Tardarinna property

2019-04-08 18:21 ET - Property Agreement

The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing an agreement for sale of mining assets dated March 22, 2019, between Pacton Pilbara Pty. Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacton Gold Inc.) and Pacton Gold Inc., and Peter Romeo Gianni (the vendor), whereby the company may acquire a 100-per-cent interest in the Tardarinna gold project tenement, located in Pilbara, Western Australia. Consideration is 1.25 million shares.


25.04.19 23:33

2282 Postings, 2307 Tage Jackson CoalmanPacton Gold completes magnetic survey at Red Lake


Pacton Gold Inc. has completed a high-resolution airborne magnetic survey at Pacton's Red Lake property in Ontario. A total of 2,957 line kilometres at a 50-metre line spacing was flown by Prospectair of Gatineau, Que. Initial survey results indicate multiple areas of interest in the form of prominent linear structures containing small-scale to large-scale folding and faulting. This type of geological structure has the potential to host high-grade gold mineralization, as proved by mineralized zones elsewhere on Pacton's land package as well as major gold deposits in the Red Lake district.


27.04.19 10:48

2282 Postings, 2307 Tage Jackson CoalmanExecutive Chairman Dale Ginn interview

07.06.19 18:57

136 Postings, 1255 Tage ChadonerWas ist

Hier los....weiß jemand etwas.???  

04.07.19 06:26

2282 Postings, 2307 Tage Jackson Coalman$2.8 Million of Oversubscribed Private Placement

23.08.19 12:22

136 Postings, 1255 Tage ChadonerDer Chart

sieht gut aus hoffe das die jetzt weiter nach oben ausbrechen.  

23.08.19 16:42

136 Postings, 1255 Tage ChadonerSieht gut aus

geht ab hoffe bis mindestens 0,20.  

23.08.19 20:06

136 Postings, 1255 Tage ChadonerMontag

geht die Post ab . Pactons chart weiter top bulisch.  

26.08.19 14:54

136 Postings, 1255 Tage ChadonerHeute

der nächste große Ausbruch.  

05.09.19 13:40

136 Postings, 1255 Tage ChadonerBin gespannt

ob die 0,26 in Kanada heute oder morgen geknackt werden.
Wenn ja geht es locker Richtung 0.30 und weiter.  

27.05.20 16:12

20624 Postings, 4031 Tage Balu4uNews Sandstorm Gold und Shares

01.06.20 12:51

20624 Postings, 4031 Tage Balu4uWann kommt hier eigentlich die Umwandlung?

also der Resplit. Hab hier so aufgestockt, dass es jetzt eine gerade Summe gibt, ganz nebenbei meinen Bestand mehr als verdoppelt.  

06.06.20 14:02

374 Postings, 1022 Tage GetLostRollback applicable Tuesday 09. June onwards


Pacton Gold 1:10 share rollback

2020-06-05 19:02 ET - Rollback

Pursuant to a directors resolution dated May 22, 2020, the company has consolidated its capital on a one-new-for-10-old basis. The name of the company has not been changed.

Effective at the opening on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, the common shares of Pacton Gold Inc. will commence trading on the TSX Venture Exchange on a consolidated basis. The company is classified as a junior natural resource mining company.


Capitalization:  unlimited shares with no par value, of which 23,973,795 shares are issued and outstanding

Escrow:  nil shares subject to escrow

Transfer agent:  Computershare Investor Services Inc.

Trading symbol:  PAC (unchanged)

Cusip No.:  69526L 40 0 (new)

- Related News not mentioned, would play out much better if there was a Drilling update along with it
- No mentioning of Stock being halted in the meantime
- It does entail the message that share Roll-back has been acknowledged by TSX, as well as Sandstorm deal
- Trigger may be finally pulled by now, as far as I am concerened!
Diese günstige Marktbewertung habe auch ich mir nicht entgehen lassen, hat hier 2-3 Wochen gedauert bei mir, um eine aussichtsreiche Position auf zu bauen.

Start-up in the making!  

14.06.20 20:12

20624 Postings, 4031 Tage Balu4uWandlung ist übrigens durch...

15.06.20 19:24

374 Postings, 1022 Tage GetLostFraser Range Metals / Land Claim


as far as I read into the story, FRN is putting forward a request for tenement for the land north east of De Grey. This has not been granted as of now. Reading from the attached announcment. This rather being a question on my end, as I am trying to find out myself.

Going back to specifically this land package, it was previously or still is held by Pacton Gold. Which highlights it also their claim map:

This piece of land, now for tenement request at FRN, was formerly part of a Deal with Arrow and Pacton in 2018.

How the Details of the story and intertwined legal aspects are, uncertain to me at the moment. Whilst tenement does not seem to be confirmed for FRN, Pacton as well as FRN publishing this land claim in their corporate documentation?

Any enlightening thougts?

Oben stehende Fragestellung habe ich in einem anderen Forum angemerkt, es scheint das dieser Land Claim bei FRN gelandet ist. Bin abseits davon bei Pacton investiert, ebenfalls bei Kaisor, als DeGrey / Pilbara Spielzug. Die Frage habe ich auch an Pacton PR gestellt, ohne Antwort, eine direkte Kommunikation mit Pacton ist nicht machbar, was schade ist. Vermute die sind gerade extrem beschäftigt. Dieser Punkt des Land Claims muss dennoch geklärt werden.

Falls jemand hierzu etwas rausfindet, gerne weitergeben.

I saw in the contractual entanglements also that they did acquire the land packages with a few options and conditions. If these got served and became contractually binding, is not said. As you mentioned, I see a few cases to this:

1. Pacton may have held the land for some time and are now in discussion with FRN over it.

2. It never got to the point of being contractually binding and the land claim got back to Arrow, which now hand it to FRN

3. Some other dodgy plot.

In any case, the land claim is not fully assigned to FRN. Entanglements remain uncertain and moving ahead with drilling may still be far stretched for FRN. Also Pacton did have the option for that land, if they decided to let go of it, it was some conscious decision, at least under 1 and 2.

Going with the former owner for the DeGrey romance.

26.06.20 19:04

20624 Postings, 4031 Tage Balu4uRakete startet

29.06.20 09:13

374 Postings, 1022 Tage GetLostLP Fault in Red Lake

Der Aufbau von Positionen läuft im Hintergrund, wie eine Menge Vereinbarungen und Drähte die gezogen werden. Mit einen Marktkapitalisierung von 20 Mio CAD ist PAC Spott billig. Das wird nicht lange so bleiben. Die Landabschnitte im Norden von Red Lake sehen sehr gut aus, oberhalb des Joint Ventures mit Evolution Mining, denke auch das bald eine Ansage kommt das die Landabschnitte in Pilbara gebohrt werden unterhalb von DeGrey.

Enttäuschend waren für mich die Ergebnisse aus der ersten Bohurungsphase, nach den Zielen die Goldspot gesetzt hat. Sie haben faktisch kein Gold in dem LP Fault zwischen GBR und Madsen getroffen, die anfängliche Argumentation, das die LP Fault sich zwischen Dixie und Madsen zieht und genau wie Great Bear ist, muss noch untermauert werden bzw. konnte nicht bestätigt werden. Die Landabschnitte und neuen Ziele in Red Lake sind gut, hier kann schnell etwas getroffen werden. Auch gut sind die Landabschnitte im Süden von Red Lake - Pakwash. Hierauf auch mal ein Auge werfen.  Zusammen mit Pilbara sehen ich Entwicklung bis hin zu einer 500 Mio / 1 Milliarde Marktkapitalisierung.  Ich habe hier meine größte Depot Position aufgebaut.

Die LP Fault wurde jedoch nocht nicht getroffen und die Great Bear Argumtentation hat noch nicht ganz gegriffen, einen Teil habe ich deshalb auf Golden Goliath umgeschwungen, das Landpaket unterhalb von Great Bear weißt für diesen Abschnitt mehr  Ähnlichkeiten auf. Die beiden Aktien sind Parallel gestiegen, es gab hier ein Interview das viel Aufmerksamkeit um Great Bear, LP Fault und Golden Goliath bekommen hat.  

29.06.20 16:48

374 Postings, 1022 Tage GetLost12 Stunden später

Aktuell auf +50% PAC, Gooooo Pacman!

Die Gewinne von GBR / Freegold Ventures / De  Grey schwingen an die umliegenden Gebiete über. Kann mich jetzt ärgern, dass ich ungefähr 1/6 meines Bestandes vorhin auf GNG umgeschwungen habe, oder ich lasse es und erfreue mich daran, dass diese Investition nach oben geht. Dank ein wenig Erfahrung habe ich ja noch 5/6.  Auch GNG wird seinen Tag haben.

Today its Pacman on the run!

Nichts mit Wirecard oder Steinhoff, die kanadischen und Aussie Explorer sind die Bombe nach vorne blickend!

#Kairos Minerals
#Musgrave Minerals

Gruß ans Forum aus Sankt Pauli

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