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OPEL Announces Third Party Valuation of its POET Technology
 Third Party Valuation of POET Technology over $1 Billion
Shelton, Ct. March 2, 2011 ? OPEL Solar International Inc. (?OPEL? or ?the Company?) announced today
that it is in receipt of a third party valuation of intellectual property developed by its U.S. affiliates OPEL, Inc.
and ODIS Inc. The Planar Opto Electronic Technology (?POET?), initially developed by Dr. Geoffrey Taylor
at the University of Connecticut and licensed to OPEL, Inc., is a semiconductor fabrication technology that
enables the dense packing of digital, analog, and optical circuits on a single gallium arsenide chip. The
technology now makes it possible to monolithically integrate a wide number of electronic and optoelectronic
functions in a single chip with higher speeds and reduced power consumption compared to Silicon CMOS. For
the same functionality, the chip size would be considerably reduced to approximately the size of half a person?s
thumb nail.
OPEL commissioned a valuation analysis of the POET Technology portfolio (?POET Technology?) by an
independent, third party valuation firm, Pellegrino & Associates, LLC. The Pellegrino firm performed an
analysis of the uses of the POET Technology, the sales it could achieve in its targeted end-markets and likely
margins if OPEL can complete its research and development activities successfully and the market adopts the
POET Technology. Using a number of valuation techniques and based on technical information provided to it
by the Company, the valuation firm has estimated that the POET Technology portfolio could be worth as much
as approximately $1 billion. This worth is derived from a range of values; the median value being $966.6
million, while the mean valuation was reported at $1.31 billion.
Using the income approach to value, Pellegrino & Associates, LLC built a valuation model to determine the
economic income that might be possible from the potential exploitation of the POET Technology in several
prospective markets. Pellegrino & Associates, LLC used market data, revenue projections, investment data, and
cost data as from various sources, including from ODIS representatives, to determine the economic income
attributable solely to the POET Technology. Pellegrino & Associates, LLC then integrated the information into
a valuation model, accounting for the economic life of the POET Technology. Pellegrino & Associates, LLC
performed a royalty rate analysis to determine what the market may bear as a reasonable royalty rate for the
exclusive use of the POET Technology. Pellegrino & Associates, LLC developed a risk-adjusted discount rate
to discount forecast future free cash flows to determine a nominal value indication as of the appraisal?s
effective date.
To account for the uncertainty inherent in the valuation process, Pellegrino & Associates, LLC captured the
complex model interactions in the face of uncertain estimating assumptions using Monte Carlo simulation
techniques. This did not constrain the valuation model to any single value predictions of key values such as
royalty rates or costs. Pellegrino & Associates, LLC programmed the valuation model to recalculate repeatedly
to create a distribution of outcomes that Pellegrino & Associates, LLC analyzed. Pellegrino & Associates, LLC
used the range of values calculated by the model to come to a final determination. In complex situations that
involve uncertainty, this methodology helps to generate meaningful estimates that would otherwise be
impossible to model using discrete methods such as best-, expected-, and worst-case modeling. Pellegrino &
Associates, LLC used the median value from this simulation process as the fair market value for the POET
Technology. The Company will post a copy of a redacted version of the valuation on its website at
www.opelinc.com, as well as on SEDAR at www.sedar.com, concurrent with the dissemination of this
press release. Disclosure of certain information in the valuation would be seriously prejudicial to the  

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Leon M. Pierhal, Chief Executive Officer of OPEL, elaborates,?We are extremely proud and excited about the work we are doing on the POETTechnology.  We control a revolutionary technology that we thinkcan fundamentally alter the landscape of the server, smart-device andcomputing industries.  Never before has one chip been able tointegrate both electronic and optical circuits.  By combining them in one part, we believe we caneliminate the inefficiency and cost burden on systems that must use separatechips for each function.  These costsavings and performance improvements can be immense, potentially transforming the whole industry.?
On February 28,
2011, the Board of Directors passed all of the necessary resolutions to authorize the sale of the POET intellectual property portfolio. Currently, the Board of Directors IS evaluating proposalS from investment banking firms specializing in this technology regarding an engagement to consider strategic alternatives for OPEL?s future exploitation of the POET Technology, which may include the full or partial sale of the technology.
This thing just gets better the more DD you do!
Insider buying + press + friday meeting + offerS ALREADY on the table ++++++++
I wonder to how much the PM bids will be driven up by new investors wanting to get in the pre-market tomorrow morning.....
My guess at this moment would be $1+++ pre-market.  

04.03.11 00:27

34 Postings, 3565 Tage Heinz1944Opel -optionen @ 76c


OPEL Solar International gewährt Anreize Aktienoptionen
3. März 2011 von Opel Inc.

Shelton, CT und Toronto, ON, Februar 2010 – OPEL Solar International Inc. (TSX-v: OPL) ("Opel" oder "das Unternehmen"), ein führender globaler Anbieter von hohe Konzentration Photovoltaik ("HCPV") Sonnenkollektoren und andere Solarprodukte, einschließlich am Boden und auf dem Dach Tracker Systeme, gab heute die Gewährung zusätzlicher Anreiz Aktienoptionen unter seinen Stock-Option-Plan zu bestimmten Directors, Offiziere und wichtigsten Berater des Unternehmens, bis zu ein Aggregat von 750.000 Aktien, erwerben, 0,86 % der ausstehenden stimmberechtigten Aktien des Unternehmens darstellt. An der Gesellschaft Offiziere gewährte Optionen darstellen 56,7 % der gesamten Zuschüsse und Optionen, um die unabhängigen Mitglieder des Board of Directors der Gesellschaft darstellen 26,7 % der gesamten Zuschüsse. Die übrigen Optionen wurden wichtige Berater gewährt. Die Aktienoptionen sind zu einem Preis von ca.$ 0.76 pro Aktie bis Februar 28, 2020 ausübbar. Der Ausübungspreis ist Marktpreis von heute, wird nächsten vollen Handelstag nach der gestrigen Wiederaufnahme des Handels nach der Ausstellung der Pressemitteilung zur Ankündigung der ODIS geistiges Eigentum Bewertung schließen. Es gibt derzeit ausstehenden 11,562,500 Optionen und 86,940,514 Stimmrechtsaktien herausragende. 

04.03.11 07:22

34 Postings, 3565 Tage Heinz1944OPL..Webcast -go to co web page

Webcast: POET Technology Valuation Conference Call (Live)
03/4/11 at 11:00 a.m. http://opelinc.com/news/...rd-party-valuation-of-its-poet-technology/


14.04.11 07:32

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OPEL Solar?s Advanced Single-Axis Trackers Are Selected by Greenlight Power Company for a Maryland Business Park Installation
April 12th, 2011 by Opel Inc.

Shelton, CT and Toronto, ON, April 12, 2011 ? OPEL Solar International Inc. (TSX-V: OPL) (?the Company? or ?OPEL Solar?), a leading global developer and supplier of ground-based and rooftop solar tracker systems and high concentration photovoltaic (?HCPV?) solar panels announced today that they will supply OPEL Solar TF-850 single-axis trackers to Greenlight Power Company (?Greenlight?) for the launch of a 125kW (?kilowatt?) project which they will be installing for a solar farm in a Kent County, Maryland business park. This is the first phase of a 1.4MW (?Megawatt?) multiphase solar development at the same location. The OPEL Solar trackers will increase the project?s energy production approximately 24% over what would be expected from the same solar PV (?photovoltaic?) panels using a fixed installation. The output from the project will be sold to Choptank Electric, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, which is a member-owned electric distribution utility with headquarters in Denton, Maryland. It serves over 52,140 residential, commercial and industrial accounts in parts of all nine counties of Maryland?s Eastern Shore. This first phase of the Greenlight project is forecasted to produce approximately 182 MWh (?Megawatt-hours?) of energy annually  

14.04.11 07:33

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OPEL Solar Asia, Ltd. Advances into the Burgeoning China Market
April 4th, 2011 by Opel Inc.

OPEL Receives Product Orders through its Joint Venture with Ecotech
Shelton, CT and Toronto, ON, April 4, 2011 ? OPEL Solar International Inc. (TSX-V: OPL) (?OPEL? or ?theCompany?), a leading global supplier of high concentration photovoltaic (?HCPV?) solar panels and other solarproducts including ground-based and rooftop tracker systems, today announced that the Company has receivedan initial order for its HCPV panels and dual axis trackers. In little more than ninety days since its formation,OPEL Solar Asia (?OSA?) secured a blanket purchase order for 5 Megawatts (?MW?) of both HCPV solarpanels and dual axis trackers. OSA is the joint venture (?JV?) between our subsidiary, OPEL Solar, Inc. in theU.S. and Ecotech Environmental Technology Ltd. (?Ecotech?) based in Hong Kong  

21.04.11 03:04

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Opel Solar's Opel Defense uses laser in Poet

2011-04-20 05:53 ET - News Release

Mr. Leon Pierhal reports


Opel Solar International Inc.'s U.S. affiliate company, Opel Defense Integrated Systems (ODIS), has demonstrated laser operation for the first time in a new integrated device as part of its planar optoelectronic technology (Poet) process.

Poet creates high-performance devices by fusing light and electronics together on a single chip. Specifically, Poet is a semiconductor-manufacturing technology that enables the monolithic fabrication of integrated circuit (IC) chips containing both electronic and optical elements. By offering components with dramatically lowered cost, together with increased speed, density and reliability, Poet could potentially allow ODIS to fundamentally alter the landscape for a broad range of applications, such as tablet computers and smart phones.

Based on a proprietary Group III-V materials structure, the pulsed vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) operates at 980 nanometres (nm) with a 12-micrometre (um) diameter vertical cavity surface and an output power of 1.7 megawatts (mw). In tandem with Odis's previously announced integrated detector -- a heterostructure field effect transistor (HFET) device -- the laser enables intercircuit optical connections between electronic devices for on-chip applications.

"This has proven, for the first time, an end-to-end technology for on-chip integration of photonic circuits can manipulate light signals on the same semiconductor framework as electronic signals," noted Leon M. Pierhal, chief executive officer of Opel. "This technology has the potential to overcome the constraints of copper interconnects in silicon-based chips, and it further validates the years of development invested in ODIS, as reflected in the potential market applications for Poet technology, as well as its overall importance to our stakeholders."

Mr. Pierhal continued, "Let us keep in mind that this is the baseline laser that will serve as the foundation device from which greater enhancements are projected and in the process of development."  

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