iTalk Inc.

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02.07.14 20:56

99 Postings, 2921 Tage wahrsager123Anstieg

Ein Anstieg auf über 1 Cent wird die nächsten Woche ganz sicher kommen. Einstieg hier ist geradezu geschenkt..  

07.07.14 21:56

99 Postings, 2921 Tage wahrsager123Rebound..

Ist in vollem Gange. Die Woche sieht grün aus, könnt das ganze etwas ankurbeln. Denke hier können wieder einige Meter gut gemacht werden!  

10.07.14 16:25

1622 Postings, 3040 Tage Mr.Boombasticda hat wohl

die Glaskugel leicht versagt ;-)  

10.07.14 21:34

99 Postings, 2921 Tage wahrsager123..

Sie war glaub ich in der falschen Woche :D  

11.07.14 11:46

99 Postings, 2921 Tage wahrsager123CYNK

Schaut euch mal diesen Kurs an. Solche Werte braucht man im Depot.
Hoffen wir mal das beste bei unserer ITALK Aktie.! Mir würde nur ein kleiner Teil dieses Performance reichen (:  

11.07.14 13:19

21365 Postings, 5120 Tage Chalifmann3so tönte es vor einem Jahr .....

May 10th 2013
Trade Alert: Our Next Pick Is TALK
After an extensive due diligence process, we've discovered an emerging growth company that is well positioned to become the greatest momentum trade for this quarter and possibly the entire year. Our team of analysts believe they've uncovered a company that could be far more profitable for investors than our last trade idea that netted over 300% for our readers.

Our latest breakout stock for this quarter is iTALK Inc., trading under the symbol TALK.

Before we discuss the fundamentals, news and developments of TALK, which makes this such a compelling story, we must first take a quick moment to understand the technicals and recent momentum.

TALK is trading above $1.75 right now on steady and consistent increasing daily volume, which in itself is a strong buy indicator. More importantly though, MACD indicates a move above the previous week's average and shows support above the line, signalling another key buy level. Looking at the chart, its obvious the stock is just entering a rally and what looks to be a major move with little resistance since trading above the dollar mark. If current technicals continue, we could see triple digit gains for shares of TALK within a very short period of time!

Lets take a closer look at what has brought TALK to the forefront of our trading ideas.

iTalk Inc. is a mobile communications company focused on bringing innovative technologies to the communications market. Through a variety of products, including the iTalk Sleeve in combination with an iPod Touch, iTalk provides high voice quality low-cost alternatives to traditional cellular means of communication. iTalk also offers low cost no contract mobile data packages, allowing users to take advantage of mobile internet including VoIP without the need for a cellular contract. iTalk's data and voice services function nationwide in 12,900 cities, representing a population of 280 million.

iTalk currently offers a number of products including:

iTalk Sleeve - Turn Your iPod Touch into a Smartphone
iData Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tablet with built-in iData from iTalk
iData MiFi - Mobile Broadband Hotspot
iData Service - Dell Inspiron Mini


On March 3rd of this year iTalk Inc. made an exciting acquisition by announcing that it has executed the definitive documents completing the acquisition of RocketVoIP, an established 10-year-old residential and business broadband Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service provider. The acquisition comes at an ideal time, as in a recent report published by Infiniti Research Ltd., the global mobile VoIP solutions market was predicted to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 64.6% over the period of 2011-15.

RocketVoIP provides calling plans that allow users to make unlimited local, long distance and international calls to over 100 countries. RocketVoIP lets customers use their broadband to call the world. RocketVoIP customers utilize our networks of Internet gateways and other traditional networks to place long distance calls, online, at discounted rates. The Company is committed to the long-term success of its customers by providing premium, dependable, telecommunications products using its VoIP enhanced services platform. The addition of RocketVoIP's products and services is a natural fit for iTalk's growth strategy, and a strong example of how the company plans to expand its revenue and earnings through acquisitions.

iTalk Inc. Introduces Samsung Galaxy Tablet with built-in iData Mobile Broadband from iTalk

On Friday iTalk announced that they have introduced the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the latest device. The Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab mobile tablet is a powerful entertainment device ideal for home or on the go. With the addition of iData 3G/4G mobile broadband by iTalk, the Galaxy Tab also becomes a powerful communications tool with on-the-go data and voice capabilities without relying on an insecure hotspot. Weighing just 1 pound, it features a vibrant 7-inch touchscreen display with 3D-like graphics, speedy 1 GHz processor, and the Android 2.2 operating system. With integrated Google technology, the Galaxy Tab brings one-touch access to the popular Google mobile services millions use every day, including Google Search by voice, Google Maps with Street View, Gtalk, YouTube, Picasa, and contacts/calendar synchronization. The Galaxy Tab, like all Android-powered devices offers full support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for accessing Flash-enabled websites, watching video and playing games (unlike Apple OS devices).

iTalk Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Telecommunications Company ITG Inc.

After the close Friday iTalk ended the week in an exciting fashion by announcing that they have signed a Letter of Intent to acquire the assets and business of ITG, Inc., an established 17-year-old international telecommunications company.


Tasked with the exciting responsibility of bringing iTalk to the next level is an experienced team who come equipped with years of experience and a vast network of relationships.

CEO David Levy has experience in leading companies in technology and communications and in growing startup companies into global players. Prior to joining iTalk, David was the CEO of Inzon Corporation, during which time he was responsible for developing a proprietary VoIP technology.

CFO Mr. Richard Deahas has more than 25 years of experience in diverse financial accounting, as well as systems and regulatory experience.

Director of Asian Operations Mr. Philip Loh has over 20 years experience working with Chinese manufacturers, a broad network across the Pacific Rim and working knowledge of best business practices in Asia. During his career he has led Manufacturing and Capacity Planning at National Semiconductor in Singapore and acted as Director of Operations for SubMicron System's Singapore based operations in Asia.


We have been tracking iTalk Inc. (OTCBB:TALK) diligently and think that now offers traders and investors an excellent opportunity to triple their investment on iTalk Inc. Spend a few minutes now and see why we think iTalk Inc. offers early investors the potential for over 300% in gains.

Our research department has been tracking the progress of this equity over the last few weeks and have come to the conclusion that there is tremendous opportunity for investors. As fair disclosure we would like to make clear that all investors should do their own research on this trading idea. We are managing a forty thousand dollar per week budget for research and dissemination of this report paid by Crystal Financial LLC . Hundreds of companies make it on our radar but only a few a year have the qualities for us to put our resources towards them. Good luck trading..


11.07.14 14:56

4948 Postings, 3171 Tage Realtime-GuruAus der Story ist nicht viel geworden

Oder beurteilst du das anders?  

11.07.14 15:02

99 Postings, 2921 Tage wahrsager123Momentan liegst du recht.

Aber bei diesen Kursen ist ein Einstieg durchaus gerechtfertigt. Chancen/Risiko ist hier kurzfristig eher auf Seiten der Chance aus meiner Sicht.. Keine Kaufempfehlung, nur meine Sicht der Dinge.    

11.07.14 15:09

4948 Postings, 3171 Tage Realtime-GuruBehalte mir mal das im Auge...

Was mich positiv stimmt sind die Finanzen und der geringe free Float  

11.07.14 16:03

15800 Postings, 3241 Tage nordküstenbauiTalk Inc,

Wiedereinstieg in die Aktie, sie ist unten, und wenn wir uns die Performance gestern von
Xuii (plus 180%) anschauen, ja dann....


11.07.14 16:36

15800 Postings, 3241 Tage nordküstenbauiTalk Inc,

Startschuss fällt oberhalb von 0,0082 usd  

11.07.14 17:19

15800 Postings, 3241 Tage nordküstenbauiTalk Inc,

Break voraus bei dieser Aktie, news in Vorbereitung ähnlich wie gestern
Xuiii plus 180%  

11.07.14 18:43

15800 Postings, 3241 Tage nordküstenbauiTalk Inc,

nach Neohydro nun bald die nächste TOP Story    

11.07.14 20:03

15800 Postings, 3241 Tage nordküstenbauiTalk Inc,

jetzt einsteigen unter 0,07 wenn noch möglich u. nächste Woche 200-300% ernten??
Warten wir es mal in aller Ruhe ab  

11.07.14 20:07

2605 Postings, 4035 Tage Schokoriegel@nordküste,pari wäre 0,0485 Euro

11.07.14 20:10

15800 Postings, 3241 Tage nordküstenbauiTalk Inc,

wir lieben diese Aktie u. sind wieder drin seit gestern u. Schokoriegel, du bist gut  

11.07.14 20:17

15800 Postings, 3241 Tage nordküstenbauiTalk Inc,

wir sind nächste Woche auf einer Tagung in Kampen auf Sylt  

11.07.14 20:27

15800 Postings, 3241 Tage nordküstenbauiTalk Inc,

jemand Lust mich / uns zu treffen?  

11.07.14 20:32

2605 Postings, 4035 Tage Schokoriegel@nordi, wir sind nächste Woche im

warmen Süden am Bodensee, klappt leider nicht....  

11.07.14 21:08

1107 Postings, 2633 Tage LOLA-PrinzipChart iTalk AG

11.07.14 21:09

1107 Postings, 2633 Tage LOLA-PrinzipHab mir kleenes Paket eben gegönnt! :-)

11.07.14 22:15

15800 Postings, 3241 Tage nordküstenbauiTalk Inc,

0.0077 / 0.0084

habt ihr noch Fragen, viele von euch können uns nächste Woche auf Sylt besuchen  

11.07.14 22:20

1107 Postings, 2633 Tage LOLA-PrinzipNa ja, ich hoffe das wird noch besser?

Ich hoffe der Traffic wird noch besser...Haben die noch nie etwas von SEO Optmierung gehört oder habe ich die falsche Webseite geprüft?  

11.07.14 23:21

1107 Postings, 2633 Tage LOLA-Prinzipbei google mal italk eingeben...

das sieht schon besser aus...  

12.07.14 12:12

1107 Postings, 2633 Tage LOLA-Prinzip#55

So was ist traumhaft! Einmal so ein Ding landen!;-)


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