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1460 Postings, 6339 Tage RealDOJOFür eure Watchlist: APT SATELLITE HOLDINGS

Hallo zusammen,

bin über ein Unternehmen gestolpert, das ich derzeit mit 0,1 Euro mehr als unterbewertet halte. Ich möchte gerne eure Meinung dazu.

Das Ziel des Unternehms ist der führende Anbieter von qualitativ hochwertigen Satelliten Diensten in der Region Asien/Pazifik zu werden.

Homepage des Unternehmes: http://www.apstar.com/eng_index.html
WKN: 916474

Infos über das Unternehmen:

Having started its operation in 1992, APT Group mainly provides high quality services in satellite transponders, satellite communication and satellite TV broadcasting to the broadcasting and telecommunication sectors in Asia, Europe and the United States, and achieves remarkable results.

The Principal Shareholders of the APT Group are renowned China and South East Asia corporations enabling the Group to establish strong competitive advantages in both international and Asia-Pacific markets including China.

APT Group is managed by a team of experts and professionals, who have many year's experience in the development, launch, telemetry and control, and telecommunications of satellites. The Group currently operates three in-orbit geostationary satellites namely APSTAR I, APSTAR IA and APSTAR IIR, through its own satellite control center in Tai Po, Hong Kong.APT Group has launched APSTAR V in June 2004 to replace APSTAR I and is expected to launch APSTAR VI at the end of 2004 to replace APSTAR IA.

In line with the business development, APT Group has finished building its satellite TV broadcasting platform for the provision of ?one-stop? satellite TV broadcasting services under the satellite TV broadcasting license granted by the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, for the provision of the best quality and reliable satellite TV uplink and broadcasting services to the customers. APT Group endeavors to leverage the advantages stemming from strategic alliances and partnerships to prepare for further growth over the coming years.

APT Group has re-formulated its corporate strategies to strengthen the growth momentum of the Group and to broaden its position in the value-chain to further improve its performance.

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06.04.09 19:12

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56news

        APT Satellite (01045) halted for merger of shareholders      
        2009/04/03         16:16      
(Infocast News)         Trading in shares of APT Satellite (01045) has been suspended with effect from 3:22 p.m. today pending release of an announcement in relation to price sensitive information regarding the potential merger of two shareholders.

The stock last traded at $0.95 prior to suspension, up 5.56%. A total of $139,100 worth shares changed hands.



17.04.09 14:17

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56hat jemand news (bezüglich dem sprunghaften kurs)?

10.08.09 14:06

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56warum in germany so wenig handel? mhhh...

21.09.09 22:50

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56closed mit mit 0,315 usd = 0,2144 Euro


21.09.09 22:53

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Wow! $52.814 million for the first half of 2009

2009/09/21 08:30   (Infocast News)            APT Satellite Holdings Limited (01045) recorded a profit attributable to equity holders of approximately $52.814 million for the first half of 2009, up 667% compared with a year ago.  EPS were 12.78 cents. No interim dividend was declared.





22.09.09 08:04

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56weiss jemand warum die aktie nur in stuttgart

weiss jemand warum die aktie nur in stuttgart gehandelt wird?  

26.10.09 10:30

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Resultat : über 100% in einem Monat

Nach den guten Zahlen ist die Aktie innerhalb eines Monat's von 0,07 auf 0,146 €.

Hier einige Infos:

APT Satellite Announces 2009 Interim Results: www.apstar.com/apt_news/detail.asp

Homepage des Unternehmes: www.apstar.com

WKN: 916474


Dreistein - Zweistein = Einstein


20.11.09 11:46

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56auf Jahreshoch!!

 Push  Intraday  5 Tage  1 Monat  3 Monate  1 Jahr  3 Jahre  Gesamt 

20.11.09 12:03

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Launch Apstar 7 (Nov 2009)

Launch Apstar 7 on China’s Long March Rocket Nov.2009

PARIS — Satellite fleet operator APT Satellite Holdings Ltd. of Hong Kong will launch its European-built Apstar 7 telecommunications satellite aboard a Chinese Long March 3B rocket under a contract with China’s launch services provider valued at $68 million, APT said Nov. 9.      In a statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, APT said Apstar 7, under construction by Thales Alenia Space of France and Italy under a separate contract valued at 128.5 million euros ($191 million), will be launched between February 2012 and April 2012 under the contract signed with China Great Wall Industry Corp. of Beijing.      Apstar 7, expected to weigh around 4,000 kilograms at launch, will carry 28 C-band and 28 Ku-band transponders and will operate at APT’s 76.5 degrees east longitude orbital slot. It will replace the Apstar 2R satellite, which currently occupies that orbital position and was launched by a Chinese Long March vehicle in 1997.      Apstar 7 is an “ITAR-free” version of Thales Alenia Space’s Spacebus product line, meaning it carries no U.S.-built parts that require U.S. State Department technology export licenses under the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations.


Quelle :  www.spacenews.com/launch/...apt-selects-long-march-launch-apstar.html



10.02.13 16:57

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56ups, ging ab durch die Decke! Was los?

Da ist man mal eine Woche im Urlaub und APT Satellite Holdings geht durch die Decke? Hat jemand Infos? Ich finde nichts, auch auf der APT Satellite Holdings Seite nicht?!

Grüßle und Danke  

09.07.13 09:07

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Es geht ab!

Hat jemand News?  

06.08.13 09:11

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Frage an Experten...

Kann mir jemand erklären warum diese Aktie bei so einem Potential hier fast nicht gehandelt wird?!? ;-)  

07.10.13 15:20

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Steigt und steigt und wird in Germany nicht....

Steigt und steigt und wird in Germany nicht gehandelt.... Tsss  

25.11.13 09:01

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Fast 800% SETI thread begin jiphiii

06.01.14 17:12

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Perf. seit Threadbeginn: +1014,29%

ein Lob an realdojo! Coole Sache!

*lob* *lob* *lob* *lob* *lob* *lob* *lob* *lob*

war ausser mir noch jemand dabei?  

16.01.14 08:37

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Und steigt und steigt,.,..

Sag mal interessiert sich keiner für Apt? Steigt und steigt!!!!!



08.04.15 09:12

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56Wow heute 17%

27.04.15 22:24

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56WOW heute 1,574 $ +23,94%

27.04.15 22:30

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56News: http://spacenews.com/satellite-capacity-glut

29.04.15 21:32

189 Postings, 4757 Tage SFVC56geht noch immer aufwärts...

25.04.21 02:33

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