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15.07.14 10:51

1745 Postings, 5498 Tage dearNioCorp Exkurs aus Harry`s #126

TGR: Which specialty metal particularly interests you now?

TS: Niobium, which has a very good outlook. It's used in the form of ferroniobium to produce lighter, stronger steel. For example, $9 worth of niobium in a car reduces its total weight by 100 kilograms, increasing fuel efficiency by 5% and lowering CO2 emissions. The U.S. doesn't produce any. A Roskill Global Commodities Market Report estimates a compound annual ferroniobium growth rate of 3.74?7.32% through 2017.

TGR: Only three mines produce niobium, and 95% comes from Brazil and 5% from Canada. Can these mines meet short-term niobium demand?

TS: They could meet near-term demand, but the issue is diversity of supply. With 90% produced by one company in Brazil, any kind of natural disaster, strike or governmental disruption could cause quite a hiccup in the market. As the U.S. considers niobium a strategic metal, it would prefer some American production.

TGR: That's one specific project you're talking about, right?

TS: Yes, NioCorp Developments Ltd.'s (NB:TSX.V) Elk Creek project in Nebraska. It's an underground deposit with a production profile quite similar to IAMGOLD Corp.'s (IMG:TSX; IAG:NYSE) Niobec mine in Quebec. Last year, including sustaining costs, Niobec produced almost half of IAMGOLD's earnings.

TGR: NioCorp's management has hit a homerun in the past, correct?

TS: CEO Mark Smith was the CEO of Molycorp Inc. (MCP:NYSE), which went from a private asset with a market cap below $100M to a market cap as high as $6B. He helped develop the vertically integrated Molycorp operation. He sees the opportunity to develop Elk Creek in the same manner, perhaps not to the same degree, but there is a tremendous opportunity there.

TGR: The company announced June 26 assays including 73m grading 0.68% niobium. Is that a good result?

TS: That's a very nice result. I think 0.41% is the sort of average grade Niobec is currently mining. Generally, anything above 0.5% niobium pentoxide is a very good grade. Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineracão (CBMM) in Brazil is over 2%. But the key for NioCorp will be recoveries. Typically, niobium recovery is only 50?60%, but NioCorp might do better.

TGR: When can we expect an Elk Creek feasibility study?

TS: I believe NioCorp plans to release one in the first part of 2015.

TGR: If this feasibility study is good, would you expect an upward rerating of this stock?

TS: I would think so. Keep in mind that, unlike gold, silver and copper, there is no open market for strategic metals. Producers need offtake buyers, in this case, steel companies. If they see a positive feasibility study that shows high returns on investment, they will consider investing to bring Elk Creek into production to secure supply for themselves.

Nett mit anzusehen, dass sich immer mehr Investmentprofis der Sache annehmen. Neben dem Verweis darauf, dass die in der Meldung vom 26. Juni genannten Proben 0,68% Grad an Niob enthalten, was ein sehr gutes Ergebnis darstelle (bei aktuell 0,41% durchschnittlichem Grad auf Molly`Niobec Mine), sollten wir den Hinweis auf die "recoveries" im Auge behalten bei zukünftigen NioCorp Meldungen. Diese liegen laut obigem Report allgemein bei lediglich 50-60%, wobei die bei NioCorp höher liegen könnten (was natürlich die Wirtschaftlichkeit des Projekts erhöhen würde).  

15.07.14 10:58

1745 Postings, 5498 Tage dearDer Korrektheit wegen

IAMGOLD`s Niobec Mine, nicht Molly`s.  

16.07.14 17:15

489 Postings, 5395 Tage loup044Wann

kommt der Ausbruch?
Jetzt drehen wir schon ne Woche um die 0,70CAD
Wenn man Den Chart so über ein Jahr beobachtet sieht man:2 bis drei monate seitwärts und dann 40...50% hoch.,Seid Mai bis mitte Juli seidwärts, also müsste  Die demnächst ausbrechen.
Meiner Ansicht nach wird noch etwas nach unten gedrückt um billig rein zu kommen, aber égal bis spätensens Freitag 22h00 müssen alle Fonds eingedeckt sein, Volumen wird noch aufkommen.
Mfg NO  

17.07.14 18:02

21090 Postings, 6644 Tage harry74nrwvolumen

In can und usa schön hoch

Also kein abverkauf an fucking stupid german money :-)  

01.08.14 20:01

489 Postings, 5395 Tage loup044Ausverkauf

genutzt um nachzukaufen.
Ich glaub hier sind welche ganz billig eingestiegen.
Tollés Volumen heute

Mfg NO

01.08.14 21:49

489 Postings, 5395 Tage loup044Und weiter gehts

Also lasst euch nicht aus bremsem, halten, Ich habe immer noch meine ersten unter dem Namen Quantum, warten hat sich ausgezahlt.Hab heute noch zugelegt.
PS jeder macht was et will

Mfg no  

15.08.14 20:46

1745 Postings, 5498 Tage dearSmith macht weiter gekonnt Reklame

Und die kam gut an wie die gestrige Kursbewegung zeigt.  

22.08.14 22:32

1745 Postings, 5498 Tage dear"We expect an awful lot of good news

in the near future".

Zitat von Smith aus dem Interview mit Wall Street Analyzer

Dazu kann ich nur sagen, wir freuen uns schon darauf und können es kaum noch erwarten. Enttäusche uns bloß nicht Smith.  

25.08.14 22:12

21090 Postings, 6644 Tage harry74nrw1 mio volumen

31.08.14 21:36

701 Postings, 2846 Tage JAJA84???

Hi ich habe Niocorp mal im Frühjahr beobachtet, aber keine besondere Bedeutung geschenkt und nun mal wieder rein geschaut.

Ich habe mir alle Meldungen zu und im Unternehmen durchgelesen!

Ist der Gewinn nicht zu gering auf alle Produzenten gerechnet?
Oder verstehe ich etwas falsch?
Aber mit den angegebenen Preisen und der Weltweiten Nachfrage...?

Mir ist die Bedeutung von seltenen Erden bewusst, aber wie viel Potential steckt hier drin?

Habe mich geärgert, dass ich nicht eine kleine Position am Anfang des Jahres mal ins Depot gelegt habe.
Aber macht es jetzt noch Sinn?

Würde mich freuen, was gescheites dazu zu lesen!  Gruß  

02.09.14 22:19

21090 Postings, 6644 Tage harry74nrwscheinen es ernst zu meinen für 2015

his recent experience includes the positions of Senior Manager of Corporate Development and M&A and more recently the Director of Strategy and Business Planning at Molycorp's corporate offices in Greenwood Village, CO

The Company also wishes to announce the granting of incentive stock options to its directors, officers, consultants and employees, under its Stock Option Plan, for the purchase of up to 500,000 common shares of the Company for a period of 3 years at a price of $0.76 per share.


16.09.14 20:49

21090 Postings, 6644 Tage harry74nrw500 Mio

Iamgold verkauft ähnliches Projekt in naher Zukunft.....

Nio 80 mio....mal sehen was da noch kommen wird  

17.09.14 11:05

1745 Postings, 5498 Tage dearWas da noch kommen wird

Smith hat da seit geraumer Zeit ja sehr konkrete Vorstellungen darüber. So sagte er im Januar: "We have a gem and in one year from now there will be a big smile on our faces." Siehe #59 und damit im Zusammenhang auch die #83, zweiter Link und die #84.

Bis jetzt läuft alles nach Plan und die Anleger, die seit Januar stillgehalten haben, haben aktuell schon ein Grinsen im Gesicht. Kann anscheinend noch (viel) breiter werden.  

22.09.14 18:17

21090 Postings, 6644 Tage harry74nrw..

22.09.14 18:18

480 Postings, 5331 Tage BörsenonkelNeue update

NioCorp updates Elk Creek Niobium Resource
-        Increases achieved in grade and contained Niobium

Vancouver, British Columbia - September 22, 2014 - NioCorp Developments Ltd. ("NioCorp" or the "Company") (TSX-V: NB, OTCQX: NIOBF, FSE: BR3) is pleased to announce an updated NI43-101 resource estimate for the Elk Creek niobium deposit.

Commencing in May, the Company initiated a three phase technical infill drilling program, with multiple goals of enhancing the classification of the resource; producing geotechnical and geochemical analysis of the deposit; provide material for the use in metallurgical studies including pilot plant; and to provide all other necessary information required to create and design a mine plan. Additional drilling to enhance the overall size of the deposit, where it remains open to the northwest, southeast, and at depth, will be carried out in the future.

The Company has completed the phase 1, five-hole drill program for a total of 5,011 m, with the phase 2, six-hole drill program now currently underway. Phase 3 will follow, if necessary. Utilizing historic and phase 1 drilling results, SRK Consulting ("SRK") of Lakewood, Colorado and Cardiff, UK have completed an updated mineral resource estimate.

SRK's Mineral Resource is based on a robust 3D model of grade trends within the carbonatite complex and is based on good QAQC results. Higher grades are associated with pyrochlore contained in magnetite bearing dolomitic carbonatite. The Indicated Mineral Resource is confined to a single coherent well drilled area containing continuous high grade features.

The estimate has been reported according to CIM Standards and will be supported by a NI43-101 independent report which will be published in due course.

The resource estimate for the Elk Creek deposit is summarized in Table 1 below:
Table 1 - SRK Mineral Resource Statement Effective Date 9th September 2014
(Nb2O5 %) Tonnage
('000 Tonnes) Grade (Nb2O5 %) Contained Nb2O5
('000 kg)
 INDICATED      0.30    28,200      0.63   177,000§

  INFERRED      0.30   132,800      0.55733,700
(1) Mineral Resources are not Mineral Reserves and do not have demonstrated economic viability. All figures are rounded to reflect the relative accuracy of the estimate and have been used to derive sub-totals, totals and weighted averages.   Such calculations inherently involve a degree of rounding and consequently introduce a margin of error. Where these occur, SRK does not consider them to be material. All composites have been capped where appropriate. The Concession is wholly owned by and exploration is operated by Niocorp Developments Ltd
(2) The reporting standard adopted for the reporting of the MRE uses the terminology, definitions and guidelines given in the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) Standards on Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves (December 2005) as required by NI 43-101.
(3) SRK assumes the Elk Creek deposit to be amenable to a variety of Underground Mining methods. In the absence of definitive pricing for Nb and established rates of metallurgical recovery, SRK has reported the Mineral Resource at a cut-off of 0.3% Nb2O5. The Company's previous Mineral Resource dated April 2012 was calculated at a cut-off of 0.4% Nb2O5.
(4) SRK Completed a site inspection to the deposit by Mr Martin Pittuck, MSc., C.Eng, MIMMM , an appropriate "independent qualified person" as this term is defined in National Instrument 43-101.

Given the current early stage in the other technical disciplines and on-going metallurgical testwork the sensitivity in the Mineral Resource at a range of preliminary cut-off grades is presented in Table 2 from 0.3% Nb2O5 to 0.5% Nb2O5.

Table 2 - SRK Mineral Resource Sensitivity
(Nb2O5 %) Tonnage
('000 Tonnes) Grade (Nb2O5 %) Contained Nb2O5
('000 kg)
 INDICATED      0.50    19,100      0.74   142,000          §
 INDICATED      0.40    22,600      0.70   157,600          §
 INDICATED      0.30    28,200      0.63   177,000§

  INFERRED      0.50    63,700      0.74   469,600          §
  INFERRED      0.40    87,000      0.66   573,300          §
  INFERRED      0.30   132,800      0.55733,700

Readers should note that this update only includes the results of phase 1 drilling operations. Work is currently on-going to improve the confidence in the current geological model through additional drilling and further validation of historical databases. Validation work is aimed to be completed with the completion of phase 2 drilling operations in the 4th quarter, at which point the company intends to deliver a follow up resource estimate which will include that data.

"Drill results have far exceeded our expectations on this deposit, and we are a very pleased to be able to deliver this resource update to shareholders," stated Mark A. Smith, CEO of NioCorp. "We are also very impressed with the significant progress being achieved on the metallurgy program as we rapidly approach the pilot plant test stage. The information we now know, combined with the upcoming pilot plant results and the updated resource estimate before year end, will dovetail into the extensive engineering design work that SRK are diligently completing, in order to fully meet our overall objectives for this world-class project."

The Company will file the complete NI43-101 compliant report on SEDAR and it will be available on the Company's website within the prescribed timeline.

Qualified Persons:
Martin Pittuck, MSc., C.Eng, MIMMM of SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd., a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, is responsible for the Elk Creek resource estimation and has read and approved the technical information contained in this news release.

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