Nanotechnologie: Ruhe vor dem Sturm ?,

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127 Postings, 7428 Tage upper fallsNanotechnologie: Ruhe vor dem Sturm ?,

....Könnte man meinen. Die letzten Wochen war tatsächlich nicht viel mit
Werten wie NANX (910885) oder ALTI (902675) zu verdienen.
Nun zieht aber NANX mit zweistelligem Plus seit letzter Woche wieder an.
Wohl auch im Vorfeld der für Donnerstag erwarteten Zahlen.
Und wenn es nach Shonstorm geht, holt ALTI auch bald auf, liegen die doch noch über 300 % von deren Kursziel entfernt:

Tuesday August 15, 9:04 am Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: Shonstrom Research Associates

Shonstrom Research Associates Initiates Coverage of
Nano-Particle Producer, Altair International with a
Speculative BUY Rating

Shonstrom Research Associates Provides Proprietary Research Product to NASD Member PCS
Securities CRD#23734.

DENVER, Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Altair International (Nasdaq: ALTI - news), a development stage company is expected
to begin shipping commercial quantities of titanium dioxide nano-particles in this year's fourth quarter.

The company's first market opportunity is for Altium TiNano 40 anatase crystals to be used as UV protection in skin care and
cosmetic products. A second application is as an additive to a ceramic coating developed for the Navy that increases impact
resistance 4 times.

Nanotechnology (a nanometer equals one billionth of a meter) is the marriage of chemistry and engineering in building materials
at the molecular level. Current nanomaterials increase strength and resilience, remove imperfections, lower weight and cost, and
provide photo resistance. Over the next decade nanomaterials will influence ``virtually every man-made object'' according to
the National Science and Technology Council. While many potential advances such as computing at the molecular level are
years away, a number of commercial markets, on which Altair is focused, are just emerging.

Altair's thin film process appears to produce a more consistently sized nano-particle at a lower cost than that of existing vapor
and solution processes. Further, Altair's surface chemistry control methods and dopants can allow for variations in porosity,
conductivity, photo catalytic activity and other desirable features not obtainable through these other technologies.

Michael Shonstrom, President of Shonstrom Research Associates noted that the industry's only pure play, Nanophase
Technologies (Nasdaq: NANX - news) currently has a market capitalization of $135 MM and the company's stock sells at a
multiple of 52.1 x trailing twelve month revenues of $2.5 MM. Altair's nano-particle revenues could reach an estimated $5.0
MM in 2001. Further, the company is expected to announce a number of new applications and technological initiatives with
significant industry partners over the next year.

On a parallel path the company is developing a titanium ore deposit to add new production to $7 Billion mineral markets faced
with diminishing sources of supply.

Shonstrom Research Associates has initiated coverage with a speculative BUY rating and a 12 month price target of $9 per

25.10.00 13:47

1061 Postings, 7519 Tage tgk1KAUFEN & LIEGENLASSEN: N A N X

Thanks to "DrumRed" on Yahoo

 "Crafting a National Nanotechnology Effort," "Chemical & Engineering News," by William Schulz, pp.39-42, 10/16/00
 The Clinton Administration is working hard toward obtaining
 complete funding for advancing scientific research in nanotechnology.
 The administration's National Nanotechnology Initiative is underway to try to obtain $495 million in funding for different agencies including the
 Departments of Defense, Energy, and the National Science Foundation. Goals for the NNI include nanotechnological applications for space
 exploration, energy conservation, health care, transportation, and national defense.
 NNI also wants nanotechnology to be used to make materials that are more durable and lighter than current materials. There are a few
 nanotechnological material products already on the market, including nanoscale particles for sunscreens, and for use in electronics,medicine,
 and transportation. In addition, NNI funding for the DoD
 includes $10 million for laboratory work in nanotechnology. DoD - suggested uses of nanotechnology include making sensors that can detect
 biological and chemical hazards and building instruments with advanced
 readouts that could be used on battlefields. In the area of biomedicine, nanotechnology is expected to be used
 to make special materials for implants, as well as aiding in the early detection of diseases, reports "C&EN." NNI at the Department of Energy is
 anticipated to be used in research in atomic and optical science, chemical physics, and chemical engineering. It has already done
 nanotechnology research in such areas as finding unusual chemical properties of nanocrystals that could be used to speed the breakdown of
 toxic wastes."

 Many of these sound like they're describing NANX's areas of operations,  

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