TRON (TRX) - Die nächste Krypto-Rakete?

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11.01.18 21:37

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage Jackcointoder die ......

??????? wäre auch OK ;-)  

11.01.18 21:46

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage JackcointWas Grosses wird es jedenfalls...

RT justinsuntron "One more senior developer from #Alibaba just joined the #TRON team. Led by Lucien Chen, we began to have a very strong developer team from great companies. #TRX $TRX"  

11.01.18 21:49

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage Jackcointpeu à peu Richtung 0,35 cent ;-)

12.01.18 16:55

563 Postings, 1336 Tage Joschi1972Ja...

...gute Nachrichten... Irgendwann reagiert auch wieder der Kurs...  

13.01.18 09:50

563 Postings, 1336 Tage Joschi1972Kalender...

16.01.18 12:02

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage Jackcoint6 Simple Facts of TRON

Res Ipsa Loquitur: 6 Simple Facts of TRON
TRON team has grown to 78 people and 80% of them are developers. We have a very strong tech team from Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Microsoft. With an amazing development progress our source code was released at Github on Dec. 20th 2017. We will expand to 100 people in Q1 2018.
TRX is now trading on 15 mainstream exchanges in the world with 39 trading pairs with a billion USD trading volume everyday. We keep listing on new exchanges every month and we are always top trading pair on the major exchanges.
We have 426083 token holders according to Etherscan , which is more than most of Cryptocurrencies in the world. Our users and communities are located in more than 60 countries and regions. The communities are very strong and decentralized.
TRON has partnered with public listed companies and large user based companies such as Baofeng, Gifto, Obike, Peiwo and Our partners will develop their dapps on TRON platform once everything is ready. With 40 million users on board, TRON ecosystem is very robust. It is just a beginning. We have 10 more prestigious partnerships in the pipeline and keep growing everyday. It is just a matter of time that we will have 100 million users.
TRON has locked up all the tokens publicly until 2020. We haven?t sold any TRX we have.
We will make web decentralized again. The future has arrived???it?s just not evenly distributed yet.
Tron Foundation  

16.01.18 12:26

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage Jackcointmerken und schauen...

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17.01.18 14:34

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage Jackcoint22. Januar .... zieht schon ein bisschen an...

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17.01.18 20:29

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage JackcointTron geht ab... ;-)

18.01.18 08:38

563 Postings, 1336 Tage Joschi1972Hab...

19.01.18 08:29

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage JackcointDer Start des Spiels Kryptodogs am 22.01.2018

TRON steigt um 100% nachdem Blutbad beendet ist, kommt jetzt der große Aufstieg?  

19.01.18 10:55

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage Jackcoint10 million young users of peiwo APP

TRON Union Member Peiwo APP Will Complete TRX Connection in February
Today (January 19), TRON union member Peiwo APP announced the specific plan and schedule for TRON?s official Token???TRX. From the officially released schedule, we learned that the preliminary work has basically finished, the on-going work was the closing-up for connection, and the formal completion of the connection was scheduled on February 16. At that time, TRON will realize the first landing of the online entertainment scenario relying on over and provide the authentic extreme entertainment experience to the young generation.  

19.01.18 13:04

563 Postings, 1336 Tage Joschi1972Maydorn...

...kann dir nicht antworten, da du nur Nachrichten von deinen Kontakten empfangen willst... ;)  

19.01.18 20:47

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage JackcointTwitter...

I have it on good authority that something big is going on behind the scenes with $trx. In classic Justin fashion I'm not prepared to give any specifics. Consider this your insider opportunity to ride a 25% increase wave. Don't say I didn't tell you when it happens! #trx#tron


19.01.18 21:56

563 Postings, 1336 Tage Joschi1972Jack...

...sind wir demnächst die einzigen, im Ariva-Thread aktiven, TRX-Millionäre?!?!?!? laugthing

Freue mich auf weitere gute News und mich interessiert brennend wie der Coinburn vonstatten gehen soll? Mann will´s auf jeden Fall effektiver machen als XRP...

Sollte einen guten Schub geben!


20.01.18 18:27

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage Jackcoint;-)

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20.01.18 19:02

563 Postings, 1336 Tage Joschi1972;-)

21.01.18 07:37

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage JackcointWhat is Thron ?


As the cryptocurrency

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21.01.18 08:00

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage JackcointTRX News

 2 Std.vor 2 Stunden
RT justinsuntron "The first stage of #TRON Peiwo app integration is done. Now you can deposit your #TRX $TRX into your wallet. Feel free to download and try ? "  

21.01.18 08:01

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage Jackcoint... ;-)

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21.01.18 08:20

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage JackcointUnd Morgen zur

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21.01.18 10:11

563 Postings, 1336 Tage Joschi1972Moin... ;)

3 Reasons Why Tron (TRX) is Worth Investing in 2018? There are many alt-coins out there all promising exemplary returns. Most have hardcore communities that just scream ?to the moon? even though these coins have nothing much to offer. But amidst this crowded space of altcoins, there is one that has a ...

21.01.18 15:45

2577 Postings, 1150 Tage JackcointWie Süß ;-) und morgen auch in Englisch...

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