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312 Postings, 1418 Tage thp19Mal was Neues

Bin investiert und habe Kontakt aufgenommen neue News gibt Anfang bis Mitte Dezember . Let's go Torino ;)  
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22.04.21 10:43

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckNFT im Hip Hop Biz


Report vom 21.04.2021

"...Earlier this month Jeezy signed a partnership deal with Liquid Avatar Technologies’ subsidiary Oasis Digital Solutions to create an animated NFT of his snowman logo. The NFT will give Jeezy’s fans exclusive access to collectibles such as 3D artist-customized images and augmented reality (AR) technology for virtual concerts and other interactive experiences."  

23.04.21 07:59

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckOasis Digital Studios & Other Press Release News

The May Pang Gallery Launches on Oasis Digital Studios & Other Press Release News


24.04.21 01:38

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26.04.21 16:36

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckGood News!

Mon, April 26, 2021

Company completes the next phase of its fintech corporate development with the integration of traditional and mobile payment solutions.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2021 /Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. (CSE:LQID)(OTC PINK:TRWRF)(FRA:4T51) ("Liquid Avatar Technologies" or the "Company") a global blockchain, digital identity and fintech solutions company, is excited to announced that it has launched the KABN Prepaid Visa Card in Canada, powered by the XTM Inc. (PAID)(XTMIF) payment platform and its sponsoring financial institution.


27.04.21 08:54

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckNeues Video auf YouTube

Liquid Avatar Digital ID and Monetization Takes A Massive Step Forward With VISA Card Launch

When the Facebook data privacy scandal broke out, the world woke up to just how badly our individual data was being traded, used and most importantly, the amount of profit being generated by major corporations at our expense.

This led to the enactment of the biggest data privacy laws in history.  Specifically, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) out of Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Enter LQID (formerly KABN).  The Company Turns The Problem Of Data Privacy Into A Profit For Individuals, While Providing Big Businesses With New & Compliant Business Models.

More than just lip service, $LQID has made some major announcements, including joining the Trust Over IP Foundation, which includes over 170 members including IBM, Mastercard, Accenture and many other global leaders who are defining a complete architecture for Internet-scale digital trust.

Does that sound like a mouthful?  Yeah, it does.  But all you have to really understand for now is that digital ID, privacy and monetization is going to become a reality in the very near future.  Government regulations are enforcing it.  Consumers are demanding it and $LQID is delivering it at such an advanced scale that the Trust Over IP Foundation provided them with a strategic role as a Steering Member.

If that wasn't enough proof for you, Google  validated the $LQID business model with this stunning announcement at the beginning of March:

    Google announces major shift away from precision-targeting of ads based on everything you do on the internet


   Google believes these types of tracking methods don't "meet rising consumer expectations for privacy, nor will they stand up to rapidly evolving regulatory restrictions, and therefore aren't a sustainable long term investment."

   Google is experimenting with tools in its Privacy Sandbox that are designed to allow advertising to continue to work on the web but in a less privacy-encroaching way.

   "Keeping the internet open and accessible for everyone requires all of us to do more to protect privacy — and that means an end to not only third-party cookies, but also any technology used for tracking individual people as they browse the web," David Temkin, Google's director of product management for ads privacy and trust,

What is the potential outcome of this major shift by Google?

     "Google's decision could upend the ad industry, which has relied on these types of tracking tools"  

Now the data privacy and monetization game is underway with LQID sitting in a great position within the industry and the dominant position within the small cap world.  That dominant position got even stronger today when $LQID announced the Launch Of KABN Prepaid Visa Card and Mobile Card App in Canada  


If consumers are going to switch to Liquid Avatar to protect and monetize their identity, they are also going to need ways to pay for the great individualized offers presented to them, which means $LQID has just added another super valuable piece of the puzzle to its solution.

Watch this interview with CEO David Lucatch for an even deeper discussion into what this all means for $LQID and YOU.


03.05.21 19:39

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckNews, 03.05.2021

Auszug / Statement des CEO:

"Liquid Avatar Technologies is excited to continue to work with the Ontario government on this strategy and to assist in its implementation. Governments can leverage technologies like ours to not only protect citizens from online threats, but to accelerate user participation and further promote Ontario as a hub for fintech investment," said Lucatch.

03.05.21 19:43

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckPerspektive

Ich spekuliere mal, dass sich für Liquid Avatar neben dem aufstrebenden NFT-Markt ein weiteres Geschäftsfeld auftut, an welchem das Unternehmen maßgeblich beteiligt sein könnte.

Hier der Hinweis:

Public consultations
Our public consultations on digital ID in Ontario are now closed.

Phase 1: November 2 - December 21, 2020
We talked to more than 100 industry experts representing 68 organizations about the value of digital ID in our lives and economy, potential partnerships and how to make digital ID a reality in Ontario.

Phase 2: February 2 - February 26, 2021
Thank you to the more than 7,700 individuals and small- and medium-sized businesses who filled out our surveys on digital ID. We will use your input to create our plan and ensure digital ID is helpful to both residents and businesses in Ontario.

Next steps
We’re reviewing the results of the consultations and will report back here this Spring with what we learned and our next steps.

We’ll begin introducing digital ID to Ontario individuals in late 2021.

04.05.21 14:11

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckInteressanter Bericht, 04.05.2021

Stay In Control Of Your Online Information In Exciting, Customizable Ways With Liquid Avatar


04.05.21 14:40

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckNEWS 04.05.2021

Legendary Pop Culture Innovator JIM STERANKO Joins Liquid Avatar to Create Digital Icons, New Format Comic Books with Augmented Reality, NFTs and more!



10.05.21 08:25

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckNFT Drop

Oasis NFT Marktplatz geht in ein paar wenigen Tagen online...

Bin schon gespannt, welche Umsätze Liquid Avatar mit der ersten Serie der John Lennon Lost Weekend Serie hier generieren kann bzw. welche weiteren Potentiale sich mittel- bis langfristig auftun. Was mich sehr positiv stimmt: Die Presale Warteliste hat sich in den letzten wenigen Wochen bereits gut gefüllt und wird immer länger (Jeezy, GourmetNFT, The World's Greatest Beatles Artist, Tom DeFalco,...)  

12.05.21 14:33

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckInteressanter Event

Der CEO von Liquid Avatar ist einer der Speaker auf der FFCON21:  

12.05.21 15:00

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckSehr informativer Blog Post

SITA x Indicio x Aruba: taking Covid passes and travel a revolutionary step forward with self-sovereign identity.

"...This is why Liquid Avatar has partnered with Indicio
This is the first time we will have seen Indicio’s ecosystem in action, and it is a big development for travel. We partnered with Indicio for the creation of the Liquid Avatar ecosystem. We intend to bring this product to market later in 2021 and will be sharing exciting details with stakeholders in the future."



21.05.21 10:30

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckNFT Marktplatz ist online

Erste NFTs sind bereits käuflich zu erwerben (John Lennon, Jeezy).

Hier die Links zum offiziellen NFT Marketplace

Ich werde die Entwicklung weiter verfolgen. Bin gespannt auf die nächsten virtuellen Artikel. Die Presale Liste füllt sich...  

21.05.21 21:47

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckInteressanter Tweet

Wondering how to join the #digitalcollectible #NFT fun? Here’s how to buy a John Lennon’s Lost Weekend NFT on the #Infinite storefront.

25.05.21 09:48

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckMunter geht's weiter... neue NFTs

26.05.21 08:39

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckWeitere interessante NFT-Promotion

Oasis Digital Studios is leading the way in digital artwork NFTs!
Using a unique process, static offerings are connected with dynamic Augmented Reality and online experiences to create "living" NFTs.

Quelle Linkedin:

Learn more: $LQID $IP  

26.05.21 10:41

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckDigitale Identität

Noch ein interessantes Geschäftsfeld in welches Liquid Avatar involviert ist, welches weitere Ausbaustufen und Potentiale mit sich bringen wird...

Liquid Avatar is in the process of creating a universal utility that lets users control and manage their personal data and information through the use of their groundbreaking new utility application. The Liquid Avatar Mobile App uses biometrics and blockchain as the pillars for verifiable credentials, their self-sovereign identity platform can be found on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Liquid Avatar’s utility platform is set to show its monumental potential value and importance as many countries move towards requiring proof of vaccination in order to fly globally. Presently, the vaccine passports in existence uses QR codes to verify that a person has indeed been vaccinated, however, with Liquid Avatar’s utility platform, the use of information, like an individual’s health testing and vaccination records will soon be validated through biometrics and verifiable credentials.

Quelle, 23.05.2021  

26.05.21 10:47

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckNachtrag: Zusammenarbeit mit kanadischer Regierung

Lt. Meldung von Mai ist hier bereits die Kanadische Provinz Ontario (Einwohnerzahl knapp 15 Mio Menschen) mit im Boot.
Ich bin schon neugierig wann es hier erste Ergebnisse aus dieser Kooperation zu sehen gibt.

"Liquid Avatar Technologies is excited to continue to work with the Ontario government on this strategy and to assist in its implementation. Governments can leverage technologies like ours to not only protect citizens from online threats, but to accelerate user participation and further promote Ontario as a hub for fintech investment," said Lucatch.  

01.06.21 10:31

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckAs cryptocurrencies whipsaw investors, NFTs...

...could emerge as a HODL of digital value

Interessanter Blog-Post:

"...Over time, I believe NFTs will become a key part of a digital investor’s alternative asset portfolio. In addition to portfolio diversification, the royalty structure within an NFT lends itself to the yields produced by many traditional alternative investments. All the while the NFT represents rights to intellectual property ownership."  

02.06.21 08:18

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckNEWS 01.06.2021

Sehr interessant wo die Reise in Zusammenhang mit digitaler Identität hingeht...

Listing an der OTC steht auch bevor. Liest sich gut in meinen Augen...  

07.06.21 16:25

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckWeiter geht's mit NFT Drops

15.06.21 09:03

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckLQID Promo-Video 14.06.2021

SmallCap60: $LQID Creating The Ability To Manage and Control Personal Data In The Hands of Consumers


17.06.21 12:04

1003 Postings, 3815 Tage ruckBTV Stock Picks in Avatars...

Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. (CSE: LQID) (OTCQB: LQAVF) - A digital you! BTV finds out how this company is using technology to empower digital users to manage, control and lessen the risks threatening the integrity of their digital identity.

Technology to empower digital users to manage, control their digital identity


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