Electrovaya. Lithium-Ionen-SuperPolymer-Batterie

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05.02.11 11:34

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunnetaElectrovaya. Lithium-Ionen-SuperPolymer-Batterie

auf der Washington D.C. Auto Show
Keine Kauf-Empfehlung!!
Wer nicht fähig ist, selber eine Meinung zu bilden und eine Entscheidung zu treffen, darf nicht zur Börse.

05.02.11 12:09

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunnetawebseite....
Keine Kauf-Empfehlung!!
Wer nicht fähig ist, selber eine Meinung zu bilden und eine Entscheidung zu treffen, darf nicht zur Börse.

14.02.11 19:39

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunnetaElectrovaya Begins Deliveries of Battery Systems

for Second Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Platform for Major U.S. Automotive OEM
Nur meine Meinung, keine Kauf-/ Verkaufsempfehlung !

14.02.11 20:00

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunnetaElectrovaya stock jumps on automaker battery deal
Nur meine Meinung, keine Kauf-/ Verkaufsempfehlung !

15.02.11 07:40

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunnetaElectrovaya Reports First Quarter FY 2011 Results

Revenue Up 143% to $2.2 Million Positive Cash Flow improves to $251,000 Gross Profit improves by 335% to $0.81 million Strong Growth in Energy Storage Demand from both Automotive and Grid Storage
Nur meine Meinung, keine Kauf-/ Verkaufsempfehlung !

25.02.11 19:21

3 Postings, 3195 Tage Gambler10Heute bin ich auch

eingestiegen mit. 4000st.
Allen investierten viel erfolg...  

08.04.11 13:50

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunnetaNews 08.04.2011

Electrovaya and Hero Electric Showcase Electric Scooters for North American Market / Electrovaya's Battery Technology to Power a New Line of Electric Scooters
Nur meine Meinung, keine Kauf-/ Verkaufsempfehlung !
?Es hört doch nur jeder, was er versteht.?

06.05.11 13:10

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunnetato Announce Q2 Fiscal Year 2011 Results on May 12,

Nur meine Meinung, keine Kauf-/ Verkaufsempfehlung !
?Es hört doch nur jeder, was er versteht.?

14.05.11 14:38

246 Postings, 3046 Tage eckzinsQ2 Fiscal Year 2011 Results

Diese Veröffentlichung liest sich nicht so übel!

Zitate: "...quarterly revenue up 154% to $2,7 million..." und "...third consecutive quarter of profit from operations..."

LG eckzins  

16.05.11 13:13

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunnetaElectrovaya

Electrovaya Announces Participation at Upcoming Investment Conferences
Nur meine Meinung, keine Kauf-/ Verkaufsempfehlung !
?Es hört doch nur jeder, was er versteht.?

14.06.11 17:07

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunnetaElectrovaya to provide batteries to Chrysler for

demonstration minivans

TORONTO - Electrovaya Inc. (TSX:EFL) says it has signed a deal with Chrysler to provide lithium ion batteries for Town and Country minivans that will be used as demonstation models in the United States.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Electrovaya said it will supply batteries for 25 minivans that will be part of a demonstration feet of hybrid vehicles for display to municipalities, state governments, universities and energy companies.

Electrovaya designs, develops and manufactures lithium ion batteries and related products for electric transportation, consumer and healthcare industries.
Nur meine Meinung, keine Kauf-/ Verkaufsempfehlung !
?Es hört doch nur jeder, was er versteht.?

17.08.11 15:27

26242 Postings, 4274 Tage brunneta17.08.2011

Electrovaya to Provide 1.2MWh Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) / Under the Federal Government Clean Energy Fund for Demonstration Purposes in Ontario
Nur meine Meinung, keine Kauf-/ Verkaufsempfehlung !
?Es hört doch nur jeder, was er versteht.?

11.04.16 17:01

377 Postings, 7140 Tage LaserfuzzyAnschnallen und das Rauchen einstellen

14.04.16 13:20

377 Postings, 7140 Tage LaserfuzzyAuftrag für 4,2 M US$

angesichts des kräftigen Kursanstiegs der letzten Tage werden da wohl einige etwas enttäuscht sein über das moderate Auftragsvolumen.  

17.04.16 09:59

1071 Postings, 1246 Tage KolbenpumpeElectrovaya

Hallo Zusammen =)

Ich bin bei 80 cent mit einer kleinen Position eingestiegen. Da die Produktion wieder rund läuft und die Ionen Batterie großes Potenzial hat.

MFG. Hendrik

19.04.16 14:05

1071 Postings, 1246 Tage KolbenpumpeNoch jemand aktiv hier ?

14.05.16 12:12

1071 Postings, 1246 Tage KolbenpumpeQ2 650%

Electrovaya Reports Q2 FY2016 Revenue up 650% over Q2
Toronto, Ontario ? May 13, 2016 ? Electrovaya (TSX:EFL) today reports its Q2 financial
results for the quarter ending March 31, 2016. All numbers are in US dollars.
Financial Highlights:
? Revenues: Q2 FY2016 revenue is $4.3 million (Cdn $5.6m), a growth of 653% over Q2
FY2015 revenue of $0.6 million (Cdn $0.8m).
? Cash from Operating Activites: Q2 FY2016 generated $1.8 million cash (Cdn $2.3m)
from operating activities compared to negative $0.9 million (Cdn $1.2m) for Q2 FY2015.
? Net Working Capital Increases: net working capital was $10.8 million (Cdn $14.0m) at
March 31, 2016 compared to negative $3.9 million (Cdn $5.1m) for Q2 March 31, 2015.
? Cash Balance: March 31, 2016 cash balance was $4.3 million (Cdn $5.6m) as compared
to $0.7 million (Cdn $0.9m) at March 31, 2015 and $3.3 million (Cdn $4.3m) at
December 31, 2015.
Business Highlights:
? Announcements:
o the announcement of a $ 4.2 million (Cdn $5.4 million) contract for the supply of
Lithium Ion Cells (40 Ah) for energy storage
o Electrovaya has been showcasing its technologies at a number of industry events
in Europe, North America and Asia.
? Product Development and Investment in R&D: The Company continues to invest
heavily in new product development, innovative chemistries and solutions for key
vertical markets. This intense product innovation is being built upon the fundamental
technology breakthroughs in Canada and Germany, and leading to a number of new
applications in electro-mobility and energy storage industries.
Commenting on the results Electrovaya EVP and CFO, Richard Halka stated ?We are pleased
with the Q2 results. We are carefully managing our cash and working capital positions while at
the same time investing in Business Development and new product opportunities. We are
building a scalable and sustainable growth model".
Chairman and CEO, Dr. Sankar Das Gupta stated, "Electrovaya is committed to being at the
forefront of the Energy Storage market with superior products and technologies. We have
invested 42% of sales in R&D to tailor those products to specific verticals and markets, and we
will continue to develop new and innovative solutions leveraging our position of leadership in
cost, safety and cycle life?.
Conference Call Details:
The Company will hold a conference call on Monday May 16, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time
(ET) to discuss the Q2, 2016 results for the period ended March 31, 2016 and to provide a
business update.
Conference ID: 13637632
US and Canada toll free: (877) 407-8291
International: + 1(201) 689-8345
To help ensure that the conference begins in a timely manner, please dial in 10 minutes prior to
the start of the call.
For those unable to participate in the conference call, a replay will be available for two weeks
beginning on May 16, 2016 through May 30, 2016. To access the replay, the U.S. dial-in number
is (877) 660-6853 and the non-U.S. dial-in number is +1 (201) 612-7415. The replay conference
ID is 13637632.
Financial Summary:
The Company?s complete Q2, 2016 Second Quarter Financial Statements and
Management Discussion and Analysis are available at or on the Company?s
website at
(1) Adjusted EBITDA does not have a standardized meaning under IFRS. Therefore it is
unlikely to be comparable to similar measures presented by other issuers. We define
adjusted EBITDA as gain from operations less stock based compensation expense,
finance cost and amortization. We believe that certain investors and analysts use adjusted
EBITDA to measure the performance of the business.
Three months ended March 31
(thousands of US dollars) Q2

Revenue 4,317 573 3,744 653%
Adjusted EBITDA(1)
(2,421) (1,112) (1,309) -
Net Earnings (Loss) Attributable to Common
Shareholders (3,099) (955) (2,144) -

Cash and cash equivalents ? March 31 4  

16.05.16 14:41

1071 Postings, 1246 Tage KolbenpumpeBatterie

Electrovaya launches its 1kWh battery module (LitaCore1000) and
an intelligent 48V, 2.3 kWh module (EV4823) as building blocks for
OEMs designing Lithium Ion Battery Systems
Expands Electrovaya's product offerings; Launch orders received from multiple OEMs and
product delivery starting Q2, CY 2016.
Toronto, Ontario ? May 16th, 2016 ? Electrovaya Inc. (TSX: EFL) announces the launch of a 1kWh
battery module (LITACORE1000) and an intelligent 48V, 2.3 kWh module (EV4823) as building blocks
for Lithium Ion Battery Systems.
The LITACORE1000 is a 1 kWh module with integrated voltage and temperature sensors in an easy to
handle Aluminum case, with laser welded contacts and features the industry leading Litacell. This
module design allows OEMs, an easy building block for constructing Lithium ion battery systems.
The EV4823 is a 48V, 2.3 kWh module with an integrated intelligent battery management system
(iBMSTM) complete with Canbus communications. This 48V, 2.3kWh module design allows OEMs to
use these modules for myriad applications in energy storage and emobility sectors.
These two products increase Electrovaya's product line from electrodes, separators and cells by now
adding higher value added systems. OEMs can easily use these modules as building blocks to build
complete battery systems for different applications. Electrovaya new product offerings is
differentiated from competitors, through the use of Litacells, enabling higher cycle-life and
higher safety, two critical factors for OEMs in Lithium Ion batteries.
The new modules promise extraordinary cycle and calendar life, unique safety properties due to
the unparalleled stability of SEPARIONTM, the flexible ceramic separator membrane, and
highest quality standards. The integrated Litacells contains optimized NMC/graphite based
electrode chemistry.
"The 1kWh LITACORE1000 and 2.3 kWh EV4823 intelligent modules are now available to
OEMs in Europe, North America and elsewhere, where the market demands highest safety and
lowest holistic Lithium ion costs," says Dr. Rajshekar Das Gupta, Vice President Business
Development, Electrovaya. "These products enable OEMs to seamlessly use them as building
blocks for lithium ion battery systems for diverse Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage markets
and usage will rapidly grow later this year, as these products are qualified by increasing numbers
of OEMs," says Dr. Das Gupta.

26.05.16 21:07

1071 Postings, 1246 Tage Kolbenpumpe80 Millionen Dollar Auftrag =)

80 Millionen Dollar Auftrag!!!!!!!! Der Adler startet wieder =)

Electrovaya signs a Multiyear Master Service Agreement with a
Fortune 1000 company for the supply of Lithium Ion battery
The 3 year MSA is expected to generate revenues of up to $80 million
Toronto, Ontario ? May 26th, 2016 ? Electrovaya Inc. (TSX: EFL) today announced that it signed a
Multiyear Service Agreement (MSA) with a US based Fortune 1000 OEM to supply Lithium Ion Battery
Modules, Battery Management Systems and related services. The Agreement is expected to generate
revenues of up to $80 million over the next three years. The revenues from this Agreement starts in Q2
CY2016, growing through rest of CY2016 and accelerates in 2017.
The first Purchase Order from this MSA has been received. This Fortune1000 Company is our first major
customer for the LITACORE1000 module, announced recently. The LITACORE1000 module
significantly increases the market size for Electrovaya?s product offerings as all major OEMs can now use
the Electrovaya module as a building block for their specific Lithium Ion battery application.
The LITACORE1000 modules, uses the LITACELL40, which delivers industry leading cycle life and
?We are extremely pleased to receive this multi-year production contract in this fast growing sector from
one the world?s leading OEMs,? said Dr. Rajshekar Das Gupta, VP, Business Development.
?Electrovaya received this contract after an intense qualification exercise, against Global majors?.
For more information, please contact:
North America:
Electrovaya Inc.
Telephone: 1.905.855.4618
Email: or
Europe & Asia:
Litarion GmbH:
About Electrovaya Inc.
Electrovaya Inc. (TSX:EFL) designs, develops and manufactures proprietary Lithium Ion Super
Polymer® batteries, battery systems, and battery-related products for energy storage, clean electric
transportation and other specialized applications. Electrovaya, through its fully owned subsidiary, Litarion
GmbH, also produces cells, electrodes and SEPARION®
ceramic separators and has manufacturing
capacity of about 500MWh/annum. Electrovaya is a technology focused company with extensive IP.  

27.05.16 10:32

55 Postings, 1935 Tage TasTeaSuper Großauftrag

es scheint als ob der Professor hält was er verspricht !  

28.05.16 16:08

1071 Postings, 1246 Tage KolbenpumpeAuftrag

Der Auftragswert von 80 Millionen ist genauso gross wie der komplette Börsenwert des Unternehmens. Man kann wirklich von einem Durchbruch sprechen. Vorallem bezieht sich ja der Auftrag auf die neuen Batteriesysteme die vor kurzem erst vorgestellt wurden. Mich würde es nicht wundern wenn in den nächsten Monaten Folgeaufträge entstehen und womit wir noch so überrascht werden. Diese Aktie könnte ein ver10facher werden wer Weiss was die Zukunft noch so bringt. Ich bin froh günstig eingestiegen zu sein.  

28.05.16 17:06

326 Postings, 1904 Tage insightfulnewsbin noch nicht so lange dabei

überlege aberz ob electrovaya die kapazitäten hat, diesen und weitere folgeaufträge überhaupt bewältogen zu können...  

28.05.16 19:22

1071 Postings, 1246 Tage KolbenpumpeKapazitäten und Kursvorstellungen

Diese Frage habe ich mir auch gestellt:

Zum einem hat Electrovaya bereits die ersten Module  ausgeliefert und zum anderen hat Electrovaya  die Deutsche Litarion GmbH als 2. Produktionsstätte. Als Unternehmer weiß ich doch im Vorfeld ob ich über genügend Kapazitäten verfüge. Einen Auftrag in dieser Größen Ordnung zu bewältigen. Ich sehe dem ganzen sehr positiv entgegen und lasse mich in den nächsten Monaten überraschen.

Was sind eure Kursvorstellungen in den nächsten Monaten ? Vermutlich nach diesem starken Anstieg eine kleine Korrektur (Gewinn mitnahmen) und im Anschluss neue Jahres Hochs ?


28.05.16 23:08

266 Postings, 1246 Tage SkylarkFFMBin leider zu früh raus

um die 60% letzte Woche mitzunehmen, wenn sie nochmal unter 70c geht, schlage ich wieder zu.  

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