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242 Postings, 7926 Tage NoPusher____HARTCOURT: WTO-NEWS $$$$$

Soeben aus dem WO kopiert :-)

Es geht los.

Tuesday September 19, 12:45 am Eastern Time
FACTBOX-Impact on China sectors after WTO entry
SHANGHAI, Sept 19 (Reuters) - Following are the sectors most affected by China`s impending WTO entry if a U.S. Senate bill granting China permanent normal trade relations is passed, as expected, later on Tuesday.

The table is based on concessions made by China in agreements reached with the United States last November and with the European Union in May. Under WTO rules, benefits granted by China to one trading partner are extended to all.

- - - -


THE DEAL: Upon accession, foreign operators will be permitted to take a 25 percent share in mobile telecoms firms, rising to 49 percent after three years, the EU said.

In Internet, paging and other value-added services, foreign firms immediately will be allowed to take 30 percent stakes in Chinese companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, rising to 50 percent in two years, when geographical constraints are lifted.

Tariffs on many high-tech products like telecoms equipment will be phased out and eliminated by 2005, according to the U.S. deal.

THE IMPACT: State-owned telecoms giants may be hit as competition between domestic operators heats up, with foreign investment beefing up their infrastructure and services.

An increase in the number of network operators could bring more business opportunities to domestic equipment manufacturers. Lower tariffs on telecom equipment could have a limited impact as domestic makers do not count on protection from high tariffs.

- - - -


THE DEAL: China will cut import tariffs on automobiles to 25 percent by mid-2006 from the present 80-100 percent, under the U.S. agreement.

The EU deal requires China to lift all restrictions on category, type and model of vehicles produced in Sino-EU joint-ventures within two years.

THE IMPACT: China plans to cut import tariffs to 60-80 percent in the next two years as the first step in duty cuts.

The domestic auto industry is expected to be one of the hardest hit, with a shake-out looming upon WTO entry.

Cheaper imports could also hurt foreign auto joint ventures with better product quality and services, such as Shanghai General Motors (NYSE:GM - news) and Shanghai Volkswagen (quote from Yahoo! UK & Ireland: VOWG.F). Domestic automakers also face competition from a sharp rise in car and auto parts imports, spurred by steep cuts in tariffs.

- - - -


THE DEAL: Foreign banks will be allowed to conduct domestic yuan currency business with Chinese firms two years after WTO accession and with Chinese individuals five years after accession, the U.S. deal says. Geographic restrictions will be lifted after five years.

THE IMPACT: Foreign banks will make inroads in yuan business in major cities like Shanghai and Beijing, but will not pose an immediate threat to the Big Four state banks, which have vast branch networks and a market share of more than 70 percent. Domestic banks will lose staff to foreign rivals. Smaller commercial banks may bear the brunt of competition.

China has pushed its creaky banking sector into a scramble to expand services, forge cooperative pacts, list stocks, shed bad debts and merge to cope with the threat of foreign competition.

- - - -


THE DEAL: China will permit minority foreign-owned joint ventures to engage in fund management on the same terms as Chinese firms. Three years after accession, foreign firms will be allowed 49 percent stakes in joint ventures.

THE IMPACT: Fledgling domestic brokerages are seeking partnerships with foreign securities houses to tap their expertise and capital strength. China International Capital Corp, a joint venture investment bank of China Construction Bank and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, is expected to fare well in underwriting domestic and overseas IPOs and other investment banking services.

Already, foreign fund managers are tying up with domestic firms, providing foreign know-how for running open-ended mutual funds, a first step towards setting up joint venture fund management companies in China.

- - - -


THE DEAL: China will allow ``effective management control`` in life insurance joint ventures, although it will limit foreign stakes to 50 percent. The EU has said the insurance market would be opened two years earlier than outlined in the U.S. agreement.

The U.S. deal calls for Beijing to phase out geographical restrictions in three years, to allow foreign insurers into group, health and pensions over five years, and permit wholly owned non-life subsidiaries in two years. Foreign insurers are now largely restricted to Shanghai and Guangzhou.

THE IMPACT: European insurers, offered seven new business licences, are the big winners. Two of the licences have been issued since the EU deal.

Domestic insurers, now enjoying a 99 percent market share, will face stiff competition from foreign firms.

China has granted licences to 16 foreign insurers, including five U.S. firms and seven from Europe. New approvals include Assicurazioni Generali of Italy and ING Insurance of Netherlands. Some U.S. insurers, such as American International Group (NYSE:AIG - news), hold more than one licence.

- - - -


THE DEAL: China`s duties for agricultural products will fall from 22 percent to 17.5 percent; and for U.S. priority products from an average 31 percent to 14 percent by January 2004, the U.S. deal said.

Under the EU agreement, China will cut import tariffs on products such as rape oil, butter, mandarins and wine to a range of nine to 18 percent from the present 25 to 85 percent.

THE IMPACT: In April, China accepted the first shipments of U.S. pork and beef as part of moves to implement the U.S. deal.

China`s producers will be major losers because tariff cuts and freer import quotas will mean domestic grains like corn and soybeans must compete with higher quality imports. Cheaper meat imports will threaten the local livestock industry.

- - - -


THE DEAL: Quotas on Chinese textile imports will formally end in 2005 as mandated under a WTO-wide accord, although a special import ``safeguard`` system will be in place until the end of 2008.

THE IMPACT: China`s textile and apparel sector is one of the few that should see a clear benefit from WTO entry with the lifting of import quotas abroad. Chinese textile firms focused on exports will be best positioned to capitalise on the agreement.

- - - -


THE DEAL: China has agreed to open the crude and processed oil sectors to private traders through gradual liberalisation. In the EU deal, China agreed to trim its state monopoly on oil trading by giving up four million tonnes of oil products and 10 percent of crude imports to the private sector.

China will also open retail oil distribution three years after accession and allow foreign firms 30 petrol stations each. China will open its wholesale market five years after accession.

A senior government researcher said in June that China will allow oil product imports of 16.58 million tonnes upon entry, expanding 15 percent annually until 2005, when the quota will be scrapped.

THE IMPACT: China will give up its virtual monopoly in the oil sector, allowing private traders to import oil products and foreign firms to set up petrol kiosks. But analysts said Chinese oil giants like Sinopec need not worry about their retail market share because by 2003 they would have all the best sites.

- - - -


THE DEAL: China will phase out restrictions on distribution services for most products within three years, the U.S. deal said. China has agreed to lift joint venture restrictions on large department stores and for virtually all chain stores.

It will also scrap space restrictions for foreign-owned stores under the EU deal.

THE IMPACT: China said this month it would allow foreign firms a controlling stake of up to 65 percent in retail stores.

Foreign firms must now distribute products made in China through domestic companies. With the agreement, foreign firms can cut intermediate steps in distribution and have the choice to set up their own networks, reducing time-to-market of their products.

19.09.00 14:35

191 Postings, 7921 Tage MusterDepot($$$$) ..

Daher wehte der Wind also, mit der PK am Donnerstag. Dann können wir auch in etwa erahnen, was Hartcourt beispielsweise bekanntgegeben wird. Zumindest dürfte ganz schön was an der Andeutung drann sein, daß Hartcourt im Wert um das etwa 10fache steigt. Durch diese Meldung kommt da eine ganz andere Gewichtung hinein.

Der Kurs wird wohl für die nächsten Tage steil nordwärts gehen. Das Warten der Anleger hat sich gelohnt. Auf gehts.  

20.09.00 00:40

1348 Postings, 8032 Tage DGrommHier aktuelle Meldungen - Es wird echt wahnsinnig

spannend. Durch diese wichtigen Meldungen zu China und WTO wird sich in Sachen Hartcourt einschneidendes ändern. Die Kursprognosen, daß es in der Tat im schnellen Tempo steil nach Norden geht, werden damit immer realer.

China´s  Tür und Tor ist damit geöffnet und wir dürfen uns auf Donnerstag freuen.


US-Senat billigt Normalisierung des Handels mit China
WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) - Der US-Senat hat am Dienstag mit großer Mehrheit der Normalisierung der Handelsbeziehungen zwischen den USA und China zugestimmt und damit ein neues Kapitel im Verhältnis zwischen den beiden Mächten aufgeschlagen. Das Gesetz, das die US-Zölle für chinesische Waren auf Dauer senkt, wurde mit 83 zu 15 Stimmen in Washington verabschiedet. Es ermöglicht den Beitritt Chinas zur Welthandelsorganisation (WTO) und soll der US-Wirtschaft größeren Zugang zum chinesischen Markt verschaffen. US-Präsident Bill Clinton befürwortet das Gesetz, eines der letzten großen Projekte seiner Amtszeit. Menschenrechtler und Gewerkschaften hatten vergeblich dagegen gekämpft, dass die jährliche Überprüfung der Handelsbeziehungen durch den US-Kongress abgeschafft wird.

Mit 1,3 Mrd. Verbrauchern ist China der größte Zukunftsmarkt der Welt. 1999 lag das Handelsvolumen zwischen der bevölkerungsreichsten Nation der Erde und der größten Wirtschaftsmacht nach US-Angaben bei rund 95 Mrd. USD. Das Handelsdefizit der USA gegenüber China betrug 68,6 Mrd. USD, mit steigender Tendenz. Auf den US-Markt strömen besonders chinesische Konsumgüter wie Schuhe, Textilien, Spielzeug und Elektronik. Von den US-Exporten nach China hängen 200.000 US-Arbeitsplätze ab. Nach dem Beitritt Chinas zur WTO dürften die US-Lieferungen in die Volksrepublik zunächst um 13 Mrd. USD pro Jahr zunehmen. Gewerkschaftler befürchten, dass die gegenseitige Marktöffnung zum Verlust von industriellen Arbeitsplätzen in den USA führen könnte. Konservative Gegner des Gesetzes hatten überdies verlangt, die Normalisierung der Handelsbeziehungen an den Verzicht Chinas auf Waffenexporte an den USA feindlich gesinnte Staaten zu knüpfen./FP/fl


Chinese Internet Plays Jump on Senate Vote
By TSC Staff

9/19/00 3:44 PM ET

Chinese Internet plays jumped this afternoon after the U.S. Senate voted to give China permanent access to U.S. markets, paving the way for it to join the World Trade Organization.

Internet services company Chinadotcom (CHINA:Nasdaq ADR - news) led the charge, rising 14% to $18.25 in late afternoon trading. Fellow Internet concerns SINA.com (SINA:Nasdaq ADR - news), Sohu.com (SOHU:Nasdaq ADR - news) and Asiainfo Holdings (ASIA:Nasdaq ADR - news) weren`t far behind, rising 8%, 6% and 3%, respectively. (See related story.)

Chinadotcom, which was the first Chinese Internet company to list on a U.S. market, was also likely helped today by the opening of its Opportunity Asia conference in Hong Kong. The forum, focusing on monetizing the Internet in Asia, will move to San Francisco and New York later this month.

Thomas Tuttle, fund manager at the Colonial Newport Tiger Fund, says that "the next stage [for China] is full admission to the WTO and then we really have some fun."

Chinese Internet shares have been building gains in recent weeks in anticipation of action by the Senate. Although changes in China`s market, and access for foreign companies, are likely to take some time, it is seen as a positive step in bringing the country into the global financial system.

In this vein, Tuttle cautioned that WTO entry will not reshape China overnight. "While there is a huge opportunity for Western companies in China, this is not a panacea," he says. "The Chinese are well protected. If you`re going to come in as a foreign company you still have all these problems in investing in China."

Opponents of the Senate legislation had tried to block the bill by tacking on amendments that required China to desist from activities such as selling weapons that would allow other countries to develop nuclear programs. These were defeated, however, and the long-delayed legislation now goes to President Clinton, who is expected to sign it into law.


Top World News
Tue, 19 Sep 2000, 2:35pm EDT
U.S. Senate Sends Clinton Bill to Speed Up China`s WTO Bid
By William Roberts

Washington, Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to give China permanent access to U.S. markets, removing the biggest obstacle to China`s bid to join the World Trade Organization

The measure, which grants China permanent normal trade relations, now goes to President Bill Clinton, who has made it a priority of his last year in office.

Passage of the bill was delayed for months while senators argued over amendments that would have put additional conditions on China or imposed unrelated restrictions on such things as Chinese arms sales.

The most serious of those, a measure offered by Senator Fred Thompson that would have sought to hold Chinese companies accountable for nuclear arms deals, was brushed aside last week by a vote of 65-32.

Formally, the legislation merely changes U.S. law to remove annual congressional reviews of China`s trade status. In practice, the measure has taken on greater significance as an expression of whether to allow the world`s most populous nation full access to the international trading system.

Many companies are eager for China to complete negotiations with the WTO and begin lowering its barriers to foreign trade.

``You will see a flurry of activity at the international level once this is done,`` said David McCurdy, president of the Electronic Industries Alliance, a U.S. lobby group of computer and telecommunication companies including Hewlett-Packard Co., Ford Motor Co. and Agilent Technologies Inc.

A WTO working party made little progress in Geneva last week on the remaining issues blocking formal acceptance, principally intellectual property and compliance. Two other nations -- Mexico and Switzerland -- have yet to conclude deals with China.

Once all the substantive agreements are in place, it still will take months to iron out the details, and years for China to phase in changes to its own markets, officials said.


20.09.00 08:42

1943 Postings, 7914 Tage TraderHallo DGromm: ein Sternchen von mir!!

Bist ja richtig heiß auf HRCT! Geht mir aber genauso, kann bestimmt in der nächsten Nacht nicht schlafen! Viel Spass weiterhin

20.09.00 09:58

546 Postings, 7954 Tage SoftiSchließe michTrader an,Grommi

sehr gut informiert. Heute noch aufspringen wäre mehr als empfehlenswert.
Wir haben den moralischen Vorteil, daß wir die Internet-PK von Hartcourt vor den Ammis mitbekommen, somit sind wir im Börsenvorteil, sofern nicht auch die Ammis morgen ihre Ordern in Deutschland plazieren. Rund geht es allemal. Zumindest für die kommenden Tage sehe ich erstmal steigende Kurse. Die kommenden Wochen hängen von der PK ab.

Viel Erfolg uns allen.  

20.09.00 10:15

82 Postings, 7709 Tage zimbowürde auch gerne ...

noch aufspringen,aber wenn das alles schon bekannt ist mit morgen und auch positiv zu deuten ist ,warum ging der Kurs gestern an der Nasdaq, wo die doch sehr gut schloss runter ?
Dier amis müssten doch auch aufspringen,ist da vielleicht ein wenig Skepsis drin?
Mich würde interresieeren zu welchen Kurs ihr in Hrct eingestiegen seid.

Zimbo grüßt.

20.09.00 10:32

1361 Postings, 7684 Tage avantgarde@ all

Wäre ja richtig genial. Hoffen wir mal alle. Das ´mit dem "nicht schlafen" würde ich mir gut überlegen TRADER, denn sonst kannst du morgen die entscheidenden Handlungen nicht vornehmen.

Hallo Zimbo, mich würde dein Einwand auch näher interessieren, leider kann ich darüber nichts sagen.



20.09.00 12:15

82 Postings, 7709 Tage zimbonichts mehr zu Hrtc zu sagen? o.T.

20.09.00 12:34

1348 Postings, 8032 Tage DGrommHe .. welcher Knaller klaut meinen Stern :-((

und haut mir da "unbegründetes Pushen" um die Ohren ??

Die Fakten sprechen doch für sich, liebe(r) HERR/FRAU MODERATOR. Andere HRCT-Postings hatten 3 oder mehr Sterne. Dies nur mal so am Rande bemerkt, um mal deutlich zu machen, daß auch die Meinungen von Moderatoren weit auseinanderdriften können. Nix für Ungut, Stern hin, Stern her ..

Aber wie auch immer .. zimbo, zu reden gibts da bestimmt ne Menge. Denke mal, wir sollten die Diskusion mal auf morgen verlagern.

Phan wird schon dafür Sorgen, daß wir genügend Gesprächsstoff haben, im positiven Sinne wohlbemerkt.


20.09.00 13:27

82 Postings, 7709 Tage zimbo@DGromm

Das mit dem Stern ist nicht gerecht,sofort wieder zürück damit!

Schade das du heute nichts mehr dazu sagen kannst oder willst.Ich denke, daß es morgen vielleicht zu spät für einen Einstieg ist, in welchem Sinne auch immer,normalerweise lassen die amis nämlich nichts anbrennen,werde aber auf jedenfall die Kurse um 15.30 verfolgen.
Hier noch ein kleiner Tipp für Realtimekurse aus Amiland:
Nur anmelden und los gehts.Ist ein bischen mit finaztreff zu vergleichen.

20.09.00 13:50

1361 Postings, 7684 Tage avantgarde@zimbo

Hallo Zimbo, was hälst Du denn für realistisch?

Wenn wir großes Pech haben, dann sind die Beziehugsveränderungen zu Asien schon längst in der Aktie enthalten, denn diese Ankündigung seitens der Amis ista ja nicht Taufrisch.

Was sagst DU???

Würde mich sehr interessieren, bin auch drin in dem Teil  

20.09.00 15:21

82 Postings, 7709 Tage zimbo@avantgarde

Ich denke wenn da nichts mehr neues bei rumkommt und die Neuigkeiten nur so bestätigt werden wie sie eigentlich schon bekannt sind, wird die Aktie wieder abgeben und das Umfeld an der Nyse sieht ja auch nicht gerade gut zur Zeit aus. Wenn man sich den Chart ansieht kann man ja erkennen was da passiert ist.
Das ist aber nur das eine Beispiel.Ich hoffe ich teuche mich und es kommt ja wirklich noch der Knaller morgen.


20.09.00 16:05

460 Postings, 8049 Tage woodstockhey HARTCOURT !!! falsche Richtung !!!!!!!!! o.T.

20.09.00 16:07

408 Postings, 7740 Tage Gordon_Gekkound was kommt jetzt ? o.T.

20.09.00 16:11

1945 Postings, 8024 Tage DrogoMensch Leute...

isch abe es Euch doch gesagt....alles schon im Kurs und die Zocker (bei 2-3 ? eingestiegen) verlassen das Boot. Ich dachte eigentlich schon früher, haben aber gute Nerven die Jungs (ich nicht, bin letzte Woche raus).

(P.S. ich drücke jedem, vor allem Grommy, natürlich trotzdem beide Daumen morgen)


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