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03.11.19 20:18

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50Hey Union What is your problem?..?

I hope that you don't mind if I post on “YOUR” Message Board...

do you own it or control it? I didn't realize that someone as vociferous as you, had the right to tell people what to say and not to say
No Problem - I'll gladly get off YOUR board.


16.11.19 00:07

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50flattering occult group in full silly mode

16.11.19 00:15

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50Escronies

The same posters who went apeshit over Pfandbrief are now complaining like crybaby losers.

Deal with it poor little snowflakes  LoL

16.11.19 10:19

2640 Postings, 4201 Tage KeyKeyUhhh! Where is this guy from ?

Shouldn't he better be on IHUB where his language is spoken ?
And again I see a lot of monologues here.
Where are the other guys ?
Seems this user is not from the so called "Großraumbüro" :-)

16.11.19 20:52

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50The first of the day felles!

Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not change with the calendar !

D. H. Lawrence

16.11.19 23:19

2640 Postings, 4201 Tage KeyKeyReally ?

So how to proceed then ?  

29.11.19 00:27

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50#4769 Sankarshan Acharya vs Amitav Acharya

Do your own research - it doesn’t pass the duck test

some people age like milk, that's all.


29.11.19 07:04

2640 Postings, 4201 Tage KeyKeyThanks liner :-)

This is the right name.  

29.11.19 07:15

16820 Postings, 3693 Tage The_HopeTest

29.11.19 08:46

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50dude give yourself a rest!

The mother of all gas-bags blows out another one! LoL

16.12.19 18:05

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50Ihookup

get some sleep warriors! - going to be long day of champagne and hookers thu 12/19/2019.  Hohoho

19.12.19 00:34

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50registration for Hearing on thur 12/19/2019

has poly register his telefonic appearance?

23.12.19 01:29

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50Hello zealots, so, how is going today ?

...and what is the mood like in the message board?

Bkshadow`s eloquent put - I couldn't have said it better myself



26.12.19 19:04

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50# 5804 - You don`t say? really?

How surprising, is that true?
…that`s about as interesting as watching a bag of nails…..

Source!? - I`m curious how do you know such things?

glad all is ok at your side.. . wishing everybody around the globe a happy holiday season!

Cheerio !!

12.01.20 23:24

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50Hey everyone

I guess not much happened in the meantime, huh? LoL

Just letting you all know that I am OK after the incident on the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in PR

Here’s to a happy, prosperous, wealthy and hopeful 2020 ….

take care  

04.02.20 23:56

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50WOW!! someone must have left the barn doors open

….pass on a little information and all the animals coming running from the barn in attack formation…. and all the haters and bashers return.
seems to me that closing the barn door after the horse is stolen is a fool's security!!! LoL


21.02.20 18:04

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50Hello everybody...

….how’s life going for you today?

Here's a hint: I believe you guys can start buying now! you can bet something marvelous will come your way!
COOP will keep on going higher and higher! …...


21.02.20 18:14

2640 Postings, 4201 Tage KeyKeyCOOP liner :-)

Hey you,
how are you ?
Haven't seen any posting from you the last days.
Are you really sure that COOP will go higher and higher ?
Look at today. Nobody can be sure what's going on.
Maybe it's better to invest in Tesla or Facebook.
However it doesn't matter where you will put your money to as long as you have released ESCROWs :-)

16.03.20 21:24

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50Lake event postponed until further notice !

16.03.20 22:41

2640 Postings, 4201 Tage KeyKeyLake event ? What is this ?

16.03.20 22:46

6606 Postings, 3882 Tage Staylongstaycool@Keykey

Mensch, Keykey, liegt das nicht auf der Hand...? Natürlich die seit Jahren sehnsüchtig erwartete "Bodensee-Party"...  

16.03.20 22:50

2640 Postings, 4201 Tage KeyKeyAchsooooooo ... danke ..

Das Corona-Zeugs verwirrt mich irgendwie.
Habe dabei nicht an den guten alten Boden-SEE gedacht :-)
Weiß auch gar nicht, ob das den Boys aus iHub auch schon kommuniziert worden ist und ob man diese dazu auch eingeladen hat ? :-)

22.03.20 00:01

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50Hi Union & Planet with their clans

Just want to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.
I hope he takes the time to do a little self reflection during this difficult time.

28.03.20 22:43

1187 Postings, 3740 Tage liner50Gouverneur Andrew Cuomo

….NYSE will drop like a stone Monday......  

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