MOMO, die Story ?

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07.03.18 14:31

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage Kicky+6,86% premarket

07.03.18 18:29

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage KickyMomo und Tantan, die Partnervermittlung

"Momo (MOMO), one of China's leading mobile social networking platforms, recently announced that it has acquired popular dating app Tantan for a combination of 5.3M class A shares as well as $600 million in cash. Tantan, the Chinese Tinder, has over 100 million men and women with nearly 10 million daily active users.
To put that into perspective, since launching just over two years ago, Tantan has already provided 5 billion matches. Tinder, one of the world's most popular dating apps, claims 20 billion matches since 2012. However, the Chinese company has a big advantage over its American rival in that it's home to a country with over 1.4 billion people - or more than 20% of the world's population. ..."

Real Time Stock Quotes +6,3%
also nicht kirre machen lassen  

08.03.18 11:05

557 Postings, 1072 Tage insysChart sieht gut aus

und weiter Richtung ATH, Momo go  

08.03.18 12:01

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage KickyAussichten gut für 1.Quartal 2018

...Momo Inc (ADR) only provided a preliminary outlook for the first quarter of 2018 in its most recent earnings report. The company says that it is expecting revenue for the quarter to range from $387.00 million to $402.00 million. Wall Street is looking for revenue of $350.85 million during the quarter....  

09.03.18 19:28

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage KickyTechnical Analysis for MOMO

10.03.18 08:29

557 Postings, 1072 Tage insysKicky

Du kennst Dich im chin. Markt gut AUS. Was hältst Du von Bitauto, die scheinen jetzt profitabel zu werden und haben gegenüber Autohome Aufholpotential. Werden sich beide Firmen nebeneinander behaupten können ? Super Geschädtsmodell, besser ALS jede Autoaktie, da sie EIN Portal bereitstellen. Autohome IST schon viel länger profitabel. Bitauto bringt kommende Woche Zahlen, könnten für neuen Schwung beim Kurs sorgen. Mfg  

10.03.18 18:30

557 Postings, 1072 Tage insysKicky

Vielen Dank für Deine lesenswerten Beiträge  

10.03.18 22:39

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage KickyInvestors Sell Shares of Momo (MOMO) on Strength

"Investors sold shares of Momo Inc (NASDAQ:MOMO) on strength during trading on Friday. $49.97 million flowed into the stock on the tick-up and $97.51 million flowed out of the stock on the tick-down, for a money net flow of $47.54 million out of the stock. Of all equities tracked, Momo had the 28th highest net out-flow for the day. Momo traded up $1.80 for the day and closed at $37.54
MOMO has been the topic of a number of research analyst reports. Citigroup assumed coverage on shares of Momo in a research note on Tuesday, February 20th. They set a ?buy? rating and a $40.00 price objective on the stock. Deutsche Bank set a $46.00 target price on shares of Momo and gave the stock a ?buy? rating in a report on Wednesday...."

nachbörslich am Freitag bereits im Minus  

24.03.18 16:29

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage Kickybei P/E von 16 ist Momo immer noch preiswert

27.03.18 01:32

62 Postings, 3151 Tage opkstDie Durststrecke

dürfte nun langsam überwunden sein, nachdem die 200 Tageslinie schön durchstoßen wurde. Die 40er marke sollte doch im Laufe des Jahres möglich sein. Glückwunsch an alle, die im 20er Bereich eingestiegen sind. Meine 29 war wieder mal zu früh, aber durch aussitzen, auch wenns weh tut, kann man sich manchmal so durchmogeln.  

28.03.18 18:49

189 Postings, 2528 Tage Duskysharkich hoffe du meinst das alles in ?


28.03.18 18:54

189 Postings, 2528 Tage DuskysharkMorgan Stanley schaut sich MOMO an...

29.03.18 20:13

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage KickyBloomberg zu MOMO

"YY, Momo still look cheap despite a stellar two-year run
Investors brave the risk of a crackdown or growing competition
Chinese live-streaming titans YY Inc. and Momo Inc. are among the best performers in the Asian technology universe. Yet investors say they still look cheap and have room to run, despite the uncertainty that pervades the nation?s tightly policed media. Live-streaming has exploded alongside mobile internet use and ultra-fast wireless adoption in the world?s largest telecommunications arena. It?s a phenomenon driven by the hundreds of millions who?ve migrated to cities from the countryside and -- seeking a human connection -- tune in daily to watch self-styled online personalities eat, cook and apply make-up.

That?s fueled torrid revenue growth for the two players, which take a cut whenever viewers tip their favorite celebs: Momo doubled sales in 2017. ..."  

02.04.18 09:35

189 Postings, 2528 Tage DuskysharkEs gibt sogar eine Dividende... announces 2017 dividend payment
Reuters Staff


April 2(Reuters) - Inc

* Says it will use undistributed profit to pay cash dividends of T$7.77450000 per share to shareholders for 2017

* Says it will use additional paid-in capital to distribute T$0.22550000 per share

* Says it will pay cash dividend of T$1.12 billion in total

Source text in  

10.04.18 14:25

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage KickyStocks up 50% in Q1: Momo Inc

While other China internet stocks failed to make meaningful progress in Q1,  Momo Inc (ADR)  (NASDAQ: MOMO ) is another stock up 50% in 2018.Why the huge move higher despite weakness in other China internet stocks? A sharp change in sentiment.

For the longest time, MOMO stock was left in the dust as its peers rallied to all-time highs. Investors were concerned about MOMO's core service - live video - being regulated harshly by the Chinese government. Because of this, investors didn't give much merit to MOMO's massive revenue and earnings growth rates. .But that hasn't happened. Instead, MOMO has simply rattled off quarter after quarter of 50%-plus revenue growth and huge earnings growth. Meanwhile, regulation concerns had plummeted MOMO stock to just 16-times trailing earnings late last year....  

26.04.18 20:24

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage KickyMOMO und YY Analyse Buy

MOMO and YY are undervalued and have a lot more room to run.
China's internet boom isn't slowing down anytime soon and that's good news for YY and MOMO.
Mobile adoption sits near all-time highs in China.
Price targets and outlook for YY and MOMO.

Why we're bullish on YY and MOMO.

7 Seiten !  

27.04.18 08:36

189 Postings, 2528 Tage Duskysharkzwar schon alt, aber interessant für andere:)

30.04.18 20:15

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage KickyJahres-Report kam heute

Inhalt offenbar schwer zu finden aber während YY heute wegen des Reports um 3% steigt, fällt MOMO um mehr als 3%  

01.05.18 09:58

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage KickyMOMO hits 3Year Low on atypical losses

"TV and online retailer Inc (????) on Thursday last week reported its lowest earnings per share (EPS) for the January-to-March quarter in three years, affected by non-operating losses of NT$4.6 million (US$155,217).The firm?s EPS for the first quarter reached NT$2.2, compared with NT$2.21 during the same period last year and NT$2.45 two years ago.
The decline came as net income fell 0.4 percent year-on-year to NT$307 million, the company said in a statement on its Web site.
However, after adjusting for one-time disposal gains or losses and effects from the International Financial Reporting Standards 9 guidelines, recurring net income for the quarter increased 8.7 percent year-on-year to NT$327.3 million and EPS expanded to NT$2.34, said.

Accelerating growth in the company?s online business-to-customer (B2C) business and a recovery in TV home shopping helped boost the company?s revenue last quarter 34.3 percent annually to NT$10.18 billion, surpassing NT$10 billion for the first time in a single quarter, it said...."  

01.05.18 16:12

189 Postings, 2528 Tage Duskysharkdas ist eine andere Firma ! nicht Momo...!!!  

02.05.18 10:08

63915 Postings, 7640 Tage Kickyunter SEC Filings 20F Gewinn verdoppelt

subdocument 20F mit Bilanzen
   145,250§in 2016 auf   318,024 2017 minus (542) ?
Umsatz in Live Video von 376,925 auf  1,102,59

das  sind doch sehr guteZahlen  

03.05.18 08:47

189 Postings, 2528 Tage Duskysharkja aber die Zahlen sind schon lange bekannt...

das ist nur der offizielle Jahresbericht...  

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