Deinove: Opening access to new active ingredients

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495 Postings, 554 Tage banditolinoDeinove: Opening access to new active ingredients

To increase their competitiveness, microorganisms dedicate a large portion of their genomes to the production of secondary metabolites (antimicrobials, alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, polyketides, non-ribosomal peptides...). A single microbe is able to produce 30-50 natural compounds [1] leading to an almost unlimited source of secondary metabolites within the microbial world. To date, less than 0.1% of biodiversity has been exploited but the benefits of this exploration are already considerable. In 150 years, thousands of natural products have been developed for health (antimicrobials, anti-cancer drugs, cardiotonic agents, analgesics...), nutrition and cosmetics (antioxidants, colorants, emulsifiers, preservatives...).

By recently revealing the existence of an immense microbial dark matter, scientists have opened the way to the exploitation of an unsuspected metabolic diversity. DEINOVE has established its position as a pioneer in this exploitation by developing a unique collection of rare strains and acquiring cutting-edge expertise in genetic, metabolic and fermentation engineering, thus firmly stepping onto the territory of previously unknown, uncultivatable or poorly studied microorganisms with complex genetic profiles.

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495 Postings, 554 Tage banditolinoDeinove: .....

Deinove hat m.E. noch einen Joker im Ärmel, stay tuned.  

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495 Postings, 554 Tage banditolinoDeinove: Neurosporen

"A very powerful antioxidant and other biological applications

In terms of biological activity DEINOVE?s neurosporene scores as a very effective antioxidant in vitro (5/5 on the PAOT® antioxidant scoring scale[4]), and displays high antioxidant power against blue light- and UVA-induced reactive oxygen species. In addition, it also limits the synthesis and deposition of melanin on skin biopsies in response to exposure to blue light.

While cytotoxicity studies of DEINOVE?s neurosporene have shown that it is safe on skin explants, various in vitro, ex vivo and clinical data have demonstrated its efficacy in protecting from exposure to light radiation, maintaining both cellular redox balance (by protecting cells from oxidative stress) and mitochondrial function, and brightening skin tone, highliting its many  applications in the field of cosmetics."  

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495 Postings, 554 Tage banditolinoDeinove: Antibiotic Resistance

"DEINOVE, ESPCI Paris and INRAE awarded grant following the call for proposals of the French
?Antibiotic resistance? Priority Research Program.
The Microflu4AMR project, based on microfluidic technology and the exploitation of soil microbial diversity, will enable the search and selection of active molecules to meet the challenges of antibiotic resistance
The French ANR will fund the project?s academic partners with a ?2M grant"  

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