Nanoco-Group: market leader

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448 Postings, 461 Tage banditolinoNanoco-Group: market leader

"We are leaders in nanomaterials technology, addressing a diverse, large and rapidly growing market. With a highly experienced management and technical team we have built customer traction and have a large and defensible intellectual property portfolio. For current and new investors, visit our investor pages to find out more and get updates on our latest news."

"Nanoco is the market leader in the research, development, licensing and large scale manufacture of novel nanomaterials for use in various commercial applications."  

24.01.21 06:17

448 Postings, 461 Tage banditolinoNanoco: Nanomaterials

"Nanoco is a global leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots and other nanomaterials. Its platform includes c 740 patents and specialist manufacturing lines. Focus applications are advanced electronics, displays, lighting and bio-imaging."  

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