Metalicity - change for Kookynie gold project

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09.06.20 11:40

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiSchon mal solche Grade gesehen??

ASX RELEASE: 9 June 2020 Extremely High-Grade Gold From Historical Underground Sampling At The Cosmopolitan Gold Mine
? Historic underground channel sampling at the Cosmopolitan Gold Mine identified extraordinarily high-grade mineralisation.
? Of the 2,438 sample points presented:
o 110 returned assays above 100 g/t Au
o 444 returned assays above 50 g/t Au.
o 1,046 returned assays above 20 g/t Au
? Note ? all channel sample results on open file have been tabulated and presented in this announcement, see Appendix 2.
? Metalicity has interpreted that significant remnant mineralisation within previously developed areas of the Cosmopolitan Gold Mine may still exist.
? The historic Cosmopolitan Gold mine produced 360,000 ounces at 15 g/t gold from surface to a depth of 320 metres.
? There is also significant down dip potential to the known mineralisation, along with the 2kms of strike recently identified to the North and South of the mine.
? All data sourced and used is publicly available through previous ASX Announcements of historical operators and DMIRS open file statutory reports.
Metalicity Limited (ASX: MCT) (?MCT? or ?Company?) with our farm in partner Nex Metals Exploration Ltd (ASX: NME) is pleased to announce that work undertaken to collate historical data on the Cosmopolitan Mine has revealed upside within previously thought to be exhausted and mined out areas.
Historic channel sampling results at Cosmopolitan has indicated extraordinarily high-grade mineralisation in areas of remnant mineralisation that still may exist in developed areas of the mine. Of the 2,438 sample points presented, 110 returned assays above 100 g/t Au, 444 returned assays above 50 g/t Au and 1,046 returned assays above 20 g/t Au. A short list of the best samples collated are presented below, the full list is available in Appendix Two of this Announcement:
? 3.2m @ 428.6 g/t Au
? 2.2m @ 433.2 g/t Au
? 2.0m @ 330.6 g/t Au
? 2.2m @ 220.4 g/t Au
? 2.0m @ 220.4 g/t Au
? 2.1m @ 217.4 g/t Au
? 2.1m @ 214.3 g/t Au

? Full list of results is in Appendix 2


09.06.20 13:18

22609 Postings, 4811 Tage Balu4uHier steht historisch....

Sind die Gehalte dann von 1920 wann die Mine existierte? Würde mich gerne mal interessieren!  

09.06.20 13:29

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiVon damals wie

ich das sehe. Aber bei solchen Graden dürfte das gebiet sehr vielversprechend sein.
Gebohrt wurde ja schon und Ergebnisse stehen an.  

10.06.20 08:25

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiPhase 1 Drilling Completed

Metalicity Completes Phase 1 Drilling
? The first Phase of the larger drilling programme across the Kookynie Gold Project for 44 holes for 2,255 metres has been completed comprising:
o 34 holes for 1,721 metres of Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling at Leipold.
o 10 holes for 534 metres of Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling at McTavish.
? Programme was designed to step out from Metalicity drill hole intercepts* of:
o McTavish - McTRC0005 ? 5 metres @ 17.9 g/t Au from 48 metres, inc. 1 metre @ 80.17 g/t Au from 51 metres.
o Leipold - LPRC0003 ? 6 metres @ 9.4 g/t Au from 26metres, inc. 2metres @ 19g/t Au from 26metres.
o Historical intercepts** in the area include:
? Leipold - 3m @ 107.2 g/t Au from 32 metres in LQRC0026
? Leipold - 4m @ 104.8 g/t Au from 36 metres in BLQ012
? McTavish - 3m @ 52.33 g/t Au from 23m in hole CRC136
? First Assays are expected to be available shortly and will be released as soon as possible.
? Drone Survey across the 8kms of identified Strike extensions to known mineralisation progressing well with results to refine further targets for drill testing.
Metalicity Limited (ASX: MCT) (?MCT? or ?Company?) with our farm in partner Nex Metals Exploration Ltd (ASX: NME), is pleased to advise that our first phase drilling programme for 2020 at the Kookynie Gold Project has been completed. The work completed is a major step forward at testing extensions of the Leipold and McTavish Prospects. As discussed in our 27 May 2020 Announcement ?Drilling commences at High Grade Kookynie Gold Project?, this programme is the first phase of our staged exploration approach to the Kookynie Gold Project. This staged approach will allow for results to be interpreted and incorporated into future plans, ensuring that all follow-up exploratory stages will be carried out as efficiently and cost effective as possible.
The drone magnetics survey, as discussed in our ASX Announcement dated 2 June 2020 ?Drone Magnetic Survey To Commence at the Kookynie Gold Project?, continues as part of our overall exploration and development strategy for the Kookynie Gold Project. The Drone survey will refine targets for drilling testing within the 8kms of strike extensions to the known mineralisation at Kookynie that have been identified.
Managing Director and CEO, Jason Livingstone commented;
?Above all, the drilling programme was executed very effectively. The drilling contractor, DrillWest, was professional, efficient and delivered exceptionally well and most importantly, safely.?
?All samples from the drilling programme over the past 2 weeks have been submitted for analysis and we are currently updating our geological interpretations in anticipation of these results. I look forward to presenting these results to our shareholders as and when we can. But it was incredibly satisfying executing this programme on 2 of our 7 incredible prospects within the Kookynie Gold Project, let alone the drone survey exploring the further 8 kilometres of strike extent of these fantastic prospects.?  

24.06.20 08:36

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiTrading Halt

24 June 2020
24 June 2020 Market Announcement 1/1
ASX Limited ASX Customer Service Centre 131 279 |
Metalicity Limited (ASX: MCT) ? Trading Halt
The securities of Metalicity Limited (?MCT?) will be placed in trading halt at the request of MCT, pending it
releasing an announcement. Unless ASX decides otherwise, the securities will remain in trading halt until the
earlier of the commencement of normal trading on Friday, 26 June 2020 or when the announcement is
released to the market.
Issued by
Madeleine Green
Senior Adviser, Listings Compliance (Perth)  

24.06.20 08:37

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiBasierend darauf:

In accordance with Listing Rule 17.1, the Company requests a trading halt in respect
of its securities, to take effect immediately.
The Company is seeking the trading halt pending an announcement to the market
regarding gold exploration drilling and assay results
The Company requests the trading halt to remain in place until the earlier of such
time as it makes an announcement to the market in relation to the results or the
commencement of trading on Thursday 25 June 2020.
We confirm the Company is in compliance with LR3.1 and are not aware of any
reason why the Company?s request should not be granted.
Yours sincerely,



25.06.20 11:50

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiIn Australien

+107% geschlossen auf 2,9cents :-)


25.06.20 11:51

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiNews

Metalicity Continues to Deliver Spectacular Drill Hole Results for the Kookynie Gold Project
? First assays deliver spectacular, near surface, high grade drilling results at the Kookynie Gold project, including:
o LPRC0012 ? 4m @ 16.3g/t Au from 42 metres,
? inc. 3m @ 20.7g/t Au from 42 metres
o LPRC0015 ? 9m @ 5.7g/t Au from 35 metres,
? inc. 2m @ 17.9g/t Au from 40 metres
o LPRC0013 ? 4m @ 13/g/t Au from 33 metres
o LPRC0006 ? 3m @ 9.92g/t Au from 18 metres
o LPRC0010 ? 4m @ 7.08g/t Au from 18 metres
o LPRC0005 ? 3m @ 6.81g/t Au from 9 metres
o LPRC0016 ? 12m @ 2.34g/t Au from 52 metres.
? All but 1 drill hole of the 11 received to date has returned a significant intercept.
? Assays are pending for the remaining 33 drill holes which are due in the coming weeks.
? Drilling continues to highlight the high-grade and shallow nature of mineralisation at the Kookynie Gold Project


26.06.20 11:43

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiNach der gestrigen Verdopplung im Aktienkurs

heute wider Erwarten keine Gewinnmitnahmen in down under, sondern nochmal 3% hoch auf glatte 3cents.

Innerhalb der nächsten 2 Wochen dürften die weiteren Ergebnisse released werden.  

29.06.20 08:11

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiUnd heute in Down Under

weitere +30% auf 0,039 AUD.  

08.07.20 22:32

10075 Postings, 4163 Tage rübiSo ab 9.7.

sehen wir wieder einen ansteigenden Kurs .

Metalicity Aktie braucht Zeit , aber sie kennt nur eine Richtung : NNO !  

31.08.20 09:21

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiNews

02.09.20 11:16

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiNews

Further 21 targets at high grade Kookynie gold project  

03.09.20 16:34

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiTrading Halt wegen

Capital Raise  

15.09.20 12:43

4451 Postings, 6715 Tage bradettiBest Drilling Results to date at Kookynie Gold Pro

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