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13.03.20 14:14

2565 Postings, 1024 Tage JackcointLöschung

Moderator: JDWO
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14.03.20 13:12

2565 Postings, 1024 Tage JackcointEvents 13 March 2020

  Bitcoin SV: The Blockchain for Business in Slovenia recap
Vision: Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain which adheres to and realises the original Satoshi vision for Bitcoin.
   Technology: Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain with the ability to scale for enterprise use, with block sizes capable of handling large volumes of data at minimal cost.
   Community: Led by Dr. Craig Wright and the team at nChain, Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain with a slew of professional development firms actively working on the protocol, in addition to a strong base of developers building applications on chain.  

14.03.20 13:18

2565 Postings, 1024 Tage JackcointThe Bitcoin Association Is Busy as of Late

As bitcoin SV rapidly rises as the blockchain for business, the Bitcoin Association continues to expand our team of experienced professionals in order to support our ever-growing membership and ecosystem. One of the bitcoin SV ecosystem?s advantages is strength of message. Hiring Alex as our head of communications is another big addition to that strength as we build a truly global organization that will help bitcoin?s original design ? living now as bitcoin SV ? to finally fulfill its potential.  

17.03.20 14:11

2565 Postings, 1024 Tage JackcointFourth permanent network

Due to the scale potential of BSV, applications need to be demonstrably capable of handling thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of transactions in throughput. Unlike BTC, where only low single-digit transaction capacities can be handled, microtransactions at scale demand more rigorous testing, capacity Kristensen says only the BSV STN can deliver.

Kristensen said the STN will play an increasingly important role in allowing developers to battle-harden their systems, ahead of mass usage on the mainnet. With testing capacity of up to potentially millions of transactions per second, running apps on the STN is a test of survival for apps, before they are rolled out to the mainnet.  

18.03.20 13:00

2565 Postings, 1024 Tage JackcointDu Dummer Moderator JDWO Was ist Spam ???

Löschung Jackcoint
Jackcoint: Löschung

13.03.20 14:14

Moderator: JDWO
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Link: Forumregeln    

19.03.20 05:14

2565 Postings, 1024 Tage JackcointBitcoin SV trotz dem Trend......

03.04.20 20:56

2565 Postings, 1024 Tage JackcointSchade das der Moderator diesen Thread löschte.

08.04.20 09:37

2565 Postings, 1024 Tage JackcointLöschung

Moderator: JDWO
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