nice to know: Pressemitteilung der EUREX am 08.03.

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11 Postings, 5801 Tage obtainernice to know: Pressemitteilung der EUREX am 08.03.

New record trading day on Eurex

A total of 10.47 million contracts traded in a single day/ Record trading in fixed income benchmarks Bund, Bobl, Schatz and Buxl futures

Eurex, the world's largest derivatives exchange, announced today a new daily volume record was reached on March 7, 2006, with 10,466,682 contracts traded. Yesterday's figure was 17.8 percent higher than the previous daily volume record of 8,885,684 contracts, set on June 15, 2005. The average daily trading volume on Eurex in 2006 is 5.7 million contracts.

The exchange also set trading records in all four European fixed-income benchmark products. The Euro-Bund future, the future on ten year German government debt, saw total volume of 3.2 million contracts, surpassing the previous record of 2.87 million contracts from June 7, 2005.

Almost two million 5-year Euro-Bobl futures were traded, breaking the record set the previous day of 1.78 million. The Euro-Schatz future reached a new record of 1.85 million contracts on March 6, beating the record of 1,614,963 from March 5, 2004. The new Euro-Buxl future also set a new trading record on March 7, with almost 33,000 contracts.

Peter Reitz, Member of the Executive Board of Eurex said: ?Volume on Eurex continues to grow strongly as our markets are experiencing an increase in global participation, especially our leading fixed-income products. We expect this trend to continue as we work to develop new products and create further market efficiencies, such as the recently introduced longer trading hours, in consultation with our users.?

Approximately 25 million contracts have been traded so far during the month of March and total volume for 2006 stands at 129.4 million contracts.

Total Eurex New record: 10,466,682 contracts Previous record: 8,885, 684 (June 15,2005) Percentage change: 17.8%

Euro-Bund-Future New record: 3,223,518 contracts Previous record: 2,870,843 (June 7, 2005) Percentage change: 12.3%

Euro-Bobl- Future New record: 1,978,589 contracts Previous record: 1,784,423 (March 6, 2006) Percentage change: 10.9%

Euro-Schatz-Future New record: 1,852,961 contracts (March 6, 2006) Previous record: 1,614,963 (March 5, 2004) Percentage change: 14.7%

Euro-Buxl-Future New record: 32,999 contracts Previous record: 26,306 (March 2, 2006) Percentage change: 25.4%

12.04.06 09:44

11 Postings, 5801 Tage obtainerNYMEX to List Energy Futures on CME Globex Platform

NYMEX to List Energy Futures on CME Globex Platform

CME is proud to announce that it will become the exclusive electronic trading services provider for NYMEX energy futures and options contracts, increasing electronic access for both CME and NYMEX customers to the most liquid energy market in the world. Our longstanding relationship with our colleagues at NYMEX and our previous experience in listing their contracts on our platform creates a strong foundation for this agreement, which will greatly benefit market participants worldwide. For CME, the addition of energy contracts to the CME Globex platform also further diversifies our product offering, creating the first electronic derivatives trading environment that offers global access to all major asset classes ? interest rates, stock index futures, foreign exchange, agricultural commodities and now energy.

World Class Products, Around-the-Clock Access, Global Distribution

By listing the world class NYMEX contracts on the CME Globex platform, we are able to effectively leverage our electronic trading expertise and global distribution network, including our hubs in Europe and Asia, to further grow the NYMEX energy markets, which translates into more trading opportunities for you.

Market Maker Program

We are also pleased to announce the launch of a multi-year market maker program to complement the existing NYMEX liquidity providers. CME will select CME members and member firms as market makers to continue to build liquidity in NYMEX's electronic products. The designated market makers will qualify for NYMEX member rates under the terms of the program.

If you are interested in becoming a CME market maker for energy contracts and would like to be contacted as more information becomes available, click here to be added to the contact list.

Products to be Listed

Currently Scheduled for Q2 2006

Initial trading of NYMEX energy products on CME Globex will include nearly 24-hour access to trading of NYMEX contracts in both standard-sized and NYMEX miNY? configurations. The initial product set will include futures contracts for crude oil, natural gas, heating oil, and unleaded gasoline. The NYMEX miNY products will be cash-settled, and NYMEX will determine soon whether the standard-sized products on CME Globex will be cash-settled or physically-delivered.

Currently Scheduled for Q3 2006

NYMEX products that currently trade on NYMEX ACCESS®, the exchange?s after hours electronic trading platform, including electronic versions of NYMEX?s existing floor-based energy products, will transition to CME Globex for trading when the NYMEX trading floor is closed.


All NYMEX contracts traded on CME Globex will continue to be cleared by the NYMEX Clearing House.

In addition, the NYMEX miNY contracts will be fungible at the clearing level with standard-sized NYMEX contracts of equivalent total notional value, free of charge to the holder, if NYMEX decides that standard-sized products on CME Globex will be cash-settled rather than physically delivered.

CME remains committed to providing its customers with the deepest markets in the broadest array of derivatives products. We look forward to working with both NYMEX and you our customers in further developing these exciting electronic markets. And as always, we appreciate your continued support of our products and services.


18.05.06 12:34

11 Postings, 5801 Tage obtainerNeues von der Deutschen Börse: Single Stock Futures

Eurex listet Single Stock Futures auf alle EUR- und CHF-denominierten Aktien des Dow Jones STOXX® 600 Index



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