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04.06.12 00:03

3482 Postings, 3315 Tage dok-d-statistikMontag geht es los


Ist immer an der Börse besser wie Freitag  

04.06.12 08:32

401 Postings, 3415 Tage Diapolodie ersten Stücke sind schon weg

zu 0,004 in Berlin :) es geht weiter  

04.06.12 10:21

6007 Postings, 4850 Tage einstein16hi

nun eine schöne Woche hier all bleibt Spannend!!!  

04.06.12 15:12

6007 Postings, 4850 Tage einstein16soo

Bid und Ask sehen schon mal gut aus....auf eine grüne Woche!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

04.06.12 15:33

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakarohat jemand den rt chart bitte?


04.06.12 15:40

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakarort?

04.06.12 15:58

879 Postings, 3319 Tage sauerland1502Aqualiv ihub in google eingeben und Seite öffnen,

Rt ganz unten!  

04.06.12 15:58

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakaronoch kann man welche für 0,004 haben :)

04.06.12 15:59

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakaromerci! :)

04.06.12 16:55

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakaro?

keine weiteren kurse?  

05.06.12 14:20

3482 Postings, 3315 Tage dok-d-statistikHeute,

Ja heute kann es wegen mir losgehen :-)  

05.06.12 15:29

6007 Postings, 4850 Tage einstein16hi

ja da hätte ich auch nix dagegen.........schauma mal......  

05.06.12 23:41

3482 Postings, 3315 Tage dok-d-statistikGuter Umsatz

Am boersenende  

06.06.12 07:27

3482 Postings, 3315 Tage dok-d-statistikGohogo

Es wird Zeit zum starten  

06.06.12 16:54

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakarort?

06.06.12 16:59

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakarowird heute gehandelt in den usa?


06.06.12 17:17

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakaroniemand kauft niemand verkauft?

warum denn?  

06.06.12 17:59

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakaroist das die ruhe vor dem sturm?

06.06.12 18:17

136 Postings, 3356 Tage lunalunaWie oft

Wie oft hatten wir schon die Ruhe vor dem Sturm? Und was kam? Ein laues Lüftchen, oder es ging bergab. Nicht falsch verstehen, bin auch investiert, und hoffe das es endlich nachhaltig nach oben geht. Wird aber wohl nur mit News gehen. Und die sollten langsam kommen. Denn Newstechnisch ist es bei Aqua sehr mau. Etwas mehr Transparenz würde ich mir da als Aktionär schon wünschen.  

06.06.12 22:05

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakaronur noch 9 tage!

bis zum 15. Juni  :)  

06.06.12 22:29

136 Postings, 3356 Tage lunalunaJa ja

Da hatten wir sie wieder. Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.............  

06.06.12 22:45

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakaroder sturm kommt meistens aus den usa :)

dauert oft einen bis zwei tage....wegen dem atlantik, ne?!  

07.06.12 00:28

3482 Postings, 3315 Tage dok-d-statistikJa es wird spannend...

Noch 9 Tage.....vorher kommt der Startschuss

AquaLiv Technologies, Inc. and Its Subsidiary, AquaLiv, Inc., Release Funding Updates
Friday, 04 May 2012 06:06
AquaLiv Technologies, Inc. and its subsidiary, AquaLiv, Inc., have released an update concerning the previously announced $50 million capital infusion for AquaLiv, Inc. The company is also pleased to announce that it has executed a separate $3.5 million financing agreement.
In January, the company announced that its subsidiary, AquaLiv, Inc., expected the first tranche of funds from a $50 million funding round to arrive in April. Today the company released an update about the investment.
"The funder estimated that the first tranche of funds should be issued in April, but it is going to take longer," stated AquaLiv CEO, Craig Hoffman. "The Conditional Commitment Letter issued by the funder does not expire until June 15, so apparently they did anticipate this could take additional time to put together."
According to the company, the funding deal is progressing even though definitive contracts have not yet been issued. The funder requested an additional large package of underwriting documents on April 2nd and AquaLiv delivered the requested documents on April 13th. At this time, no further documentation has been requested.
"We hope to have more updates on this funding soon," added Mr. Hoffman. "However, in light of the economic environment and the difficulty in raising capital, we have continued with additional fundraising efforts during this period. This is not an indication of our confidence in the funding group, but a prudent business hedge for our future."

As part of that effort, the company recognized the need for its own funding separate from AquaLiv, Inc. In order to strengthen its operations and capital structure, the company executed a $3.5 million financing agreement. The company views the terms on the funding as significantly better than the cost of funds to the company previously.
The first funds to arrive, whether from the $50 million group or from another party, will be used to acquire Dr. Takemi Ichimura's (AquaLiv's Chief Science Officer) Japanese operations. The acquisition includes an established corporate entity with inventory and existing sales. The entity will be renamed AquaLiv Japan Co, Ltd. and its scope will encompass scientific research in addition to increased sales efforts throughout Asia.
"It is important that we both reduce our cost of funds and increase the share price to a point where institutional investors can consider AquaLiv," stated Bill Wright, CEO of AquaLiv Technologies, Inc. "The combination of strengthening our balance sheet, execution of funding, and sales increases through organic growth and the acquisition of Dr. Ichimura's operations should position us to attract larger shareholders interested in long term growth and results."
The company released its first agricultural product, AgSmart(TM) Rice, earlier this year, and is close to releasing their potato solution. AgSmart(TM) products increase crop yields without chemicals or genetic engineering and are organic standards compliant.
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07.06.12 14:46

10824 Postings, 5822 Tage klarakaronoch acht tage :)

07.06.12 15:50

3482 Postings, 3315 Tage dok-d-statistikBaby go

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