Kann man die Aktie in D handeln?

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5385 Postings, 8609 Tage BiomediKann man die Aktie in D handeln?

Vertex Drug Reverses Cancer in Animal Study  
Sun Feb 22, 1:04 PM ET  Add Health - Reuters to My Yahoo!

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A new type of cancer drug stopped tumor growth in an early animal study, boosting hopes that the approach may prove promising in humans, according to data released on Sunday.

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The treatment, called VX-680 and being developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., represents the first drug to stop tumors by targeting enzymes called Aurora kinases.

Research has showed that Aurora kinases play an important role in mitosis, or the process of cell division, which is out of control in cancer patients. Aurora kinases have been identified as overly abundant in certain types of cancer, such as leukemia, colon cancer and breast cancer.

Many proteins are overexpressed in cancer cells, and stopping the overexpression will not necessarily have any impact on halting cancer, as has been observed in many clinical trial failures.

But the Vertex drug showed robust results in mice and rats.

In the animal study, the drug on average showed a 56 percent regression in colon cancer tumors after just 10 days, while in pancreatic cancer, the regression was 22 percent.

"One of the exciting things we have found is that we've tested the compound against a number of different tumor types, including those that are very difficult to treat in man, and we've had success against all of them so far," said Karen Miller, a principal researcher at Vertex and senior author of the study, published in the March issue of Nature Medicine.

A spokesman for Vertex said the company intends to start testing the treatment in humans in early-stage studies before the end of the year.

VX-680 is considered a "small molecule," or a mix of chemicals in a tight bundle, unlike most new cancer drugs, which are "large molecules," or proteins.


22.02.04 22:25

5385 Postings, 8609 Tage BiomediIst die WKN 882807 richtig? o. T.

22.02.04 22:38

163 Postings, 7335 Tage stockpickerlKann in Deutschland gehandelt werden

.. ist sogar immer einiger Umsatz in Frankfurt. WKN ist auch richtig.

Den Link kennst du ja sicher


23.02.04 13:45

163 Postings, 7335 Tage stockpickerlVERTEX: Gewinn mit Ansage

Hallo Biomedi,

vielen Dank für deinen Hinweis zu später Stunde.

In Deutschland hatte wohl noch niemand die gute Nachricht mitgekriegt und so konnte man die Aktie heute morgen günstig einkaufen.

Good luck

06.11.06 19:13

41 Postings, 6444 Tage stumpfpfttop oder flop o. T.

hallo! bin jetzt seit fünf jahren in vertex investiert. daher auch meine freude über die entwicklung der letzten zeit, insbesondere der letzten zwei wochen. hat jemand hintergrund infos für diesen enormen anstieg! gibt es gute news? wäre über jede info dankbar!!!!  

27.06.07 20:13

13451 Postings, 8561 Tage daxbunnygibt es Neuigkeiten?

05.11.07 20:11

13451 Postings, 8561 Tage daxbunny#6 nochmals die Frage

außer dem Downgrade heute

Gruß DB  

06.11.07 13:06

18 Postings, 8344 Tage imigranHallo daxbunny,

unten eine gut Schilderung der Lage (kurz: schlechte Phase-2-Ergebnisse + Konkurrenz mit guten Fortschritten).

Frage: Investierst du in Vertex, ohne informiert zu sein (da würde ich es vielleicht lieber mit Roulette versuchen)?

Ich bin nach der Schering-Meldung bei 22€ raus - soviel Glück mit einem Verkauf hatte ich selten.



It's definitely been a tough weekend for Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr - Rating):

For starters, there was the data from the two phase II studies of telaprevir released Friday, which, at best, met the low end of Wall Street's expectations in terms of the percentage of hepatitis patients -- 61% and 65% -- reporting "cures." The stock fell almost 9% to $28.80 as a result.

[The actual data presentations from these two studies of telaprevir are scheduled for this morning and Tuesday.]

On Saturday and Sunday, the major buzz was about competing drugs -- all belonging to the same protease inhibitor class of direct antivirals as telaprevir -- that are coming up behind, and they are coming fast.

This has the potential to create problems for Vertex because while the company might be able to get telaprevir approved first, its lead could be short-lived.


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