Kanad Explorer mit 716 Millionen Tonnen Kupfererz

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30.06.11 22:09

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aKanad Explorer mit 716 Millionen Tonnen Kupfererz

Das Gunnison -Projekt beherbergt zwei bisher nachgewiesene Erzkörper. Bei 184 Bohrungen mit einer Gesamtlänge von über 63.000 Metern auf den Lagerstätten "North Star" und "South Star" wurden 787 Millionen Tonnen Kupfererz gem. NI43-101 konform nachgewiesen.

Auf der 2,5 km langen, 700 m breiten und 200 m dicken "North-Star"-Lagerstätte wurden bisher 716 Millionen Tonnen Kupfererz mit Gehalten v. durchschnittlich 0,30 % reinen Kupferoxid gemessen. Die jüngsten Bohrergebnisse sind noch nicht vollständig ausgewertet und deuten auf durchschnittlich höhere Kupferwerte und höhere Ressourcen hin.
Zwei Drittel des Kupfererzes sollen sich durch das In-Situ-Verfahren abbauen lassen.

Weiterhin verfügt das Unternehmen über ein sehr erfahrenes Management.

Ausstehende Aktien 55,4 Mio.
Vollständig verwässert 77,1 Mio.
Betriebskapital 10 Mio. C$
M.Cap. 0,5 Mio C$  
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14.12.16 17:07

16 Postings, 2299 Tage WEISHAUPTGhost013a__-__

Northern Miner: Excelsior Steps Closer to Production

Article I found in the Northern Miner: Excelsior steps closer to production at Gunnison

Here is the text of the article without the pictures:


Excelsior Mining (TSXV: MIN) shares have jumped 17% since the company tabled a positive feasibility study on the North Star deposit of its Gunnison copper project in southeastern Arizona.

The project, located in Cochise County, is a 2.5-hour drive southeast from Phoenix and 105 km southeast of Tucson. The Dec. 5 feasibility study, completed by Tucson-based M3 Engineering & Technology Corp., envisions North Star as a low-cost copper in-situ recovery (ISR) mine, with a 24-year mine life.

Excelsior?s CEO Stephen Twyerould says the feasibility study is the ?last major technical milestone? before the company receives final operating permits in 2017.

North Star?s initial production rate is 25 million lb. a year of copper cathode using the adjacent Johnson camp mine facilities, which Excelsior acquired last December from Nord Resources. Excelsior paid US$5.2 million on closing the agreement and has another US$3.2 million in payments due by the end of 2017.

Following initial production, the company intends to expand annual production to 75 million lb. in year four, and then to 125 million lb. in year seven. The final stage would require the construction of an acid plant. That should occur in year six and will significantly reduce the amount Excelsior spends on sulfuric acid.

The study advises staging the production profile so Excelsior could fund future expansions out of cash flow.

Getting the project up and running should cost US$46.9 million, including a 20% contingency. The initial capital includes US$14.6 million for the production wellfield, US$26.8 million for upgrades to the solvent extraction and electrowinning (SX-EW) plant and related infrastructure at the Johnson camp, and US$5.5 million for owner?s costs.

Total sustaining capital over the life of mine is US$742 million. That figure includes production wellfield expansion, SX-EW expansion, acid plant construction and water treatment facilities.

Production costs are relatively low, with direct operating cash costs of US65¢ per lb. and all-in costs (life of mine capital plus operating costs) of US$1.23 per lb. copper. This is partly because North Star contains oxidized copper, making it amenable to ISR mining.

Excelsior Mining?s Gunnison copper project in southeastern Arizona. Credit: Excelsior Mining.

Excelsior explains ISR mining consists of drilling boreholes (injection and recovery wells) into the copper orebody. It then pumps a weak acid solution into the injection wells to dissolve the copper in the rocks. Subsequently, it retrieves the copper-rich solution from the recovery wells and pumps it to the SX-EW plant to produce copper cathodes.

Other ISR copper projects and mines in Arizona include Taseko Mines? (TSX: TKO; NYSE-MKT: TGB) Florence, where phase 1 production should start pending receipt of final permits; Capstone Mining?s (TSX: CS) producing Pinto Valley mine; and BHP?s (NYSE:BHP; LON: BLT) past-producing San Manuel mine, which ran for 14 years.

The Gunnison project has strong economics based on an initial production rate of 25 million lb. per year. The base-case scenario generates a post-tax net present value (NPV) of US$807 million, at a 7.5% discount rate, and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 40%. Payback for the initial capital is a little over 2 years. The scenario uses a copper price of US$2.75 per lb., total copper recovery of 48%, and considers full annual production of 125 million lb. in year seven.

The company has also considered economics for the project without building an acid plant. Under the alternative scenario, initial capital remains the same at US$46.9 million. Total sustaining capital over the life of the mine drops to US$661 million. However, all-in costs increase 25% to US$1.50 per lb., as it is more expensive to buy sulfuric acid than to produce it on site. In the ?no-acid plant? scenario, the post-tax NPV is US$691 million, at a 7.5% discount, with an IRR of 41%.

?We have always been attracted to the scenario where we build our own acid plant because this dramatically improves our overall economics,? JJ Jennex, the company?s vice-president of corporate affairs, writes in an email.

?The Union Pacific Railway runs through our property; our plan is to bring in elemental sulfur from the West Coast and then create our own acid on site,? Jennex explains. The company will review building the acid plant (planned for year six) once commercial production begins.

According to its development timeline, Excelsior anticipates receiving the final operating permits by mid-2017. It aims to start stage one construction in the third quarter of 2017, with commercial production anticipated in the second quarter of 2018.

With its latest financing, Excelsior says it has enough funds to take Gunnison to a construction decision.

In late November, Excelsior closed a US$14 million financing with private equity fund Greenstone Resources. It issued 28.8 million shares at US77¢ for US$10 million and a 1% gross revenue royalty on the Gunnison project and Johnson camp mine for proceeds of US$4 million. Greenstone now owns 84.4 million Excelsior shares or 50.4% of the company and a 3% gross revenue royalty on Gunnison and the Johnson camp mine.

?The team at Greenstone is the epitome of smart money,? Jennex contends. ?They have done extensive due diligence on our project and this has resulted in a total investment into Excelsior of US$36 million to date. This is a major endorsement for the quality of the Gunnison copper project and the ability of our management team to execute.?

Excelsior?s next financing milestone would be arranging the project?s initial capital, which it has been working on for sometime, Jennex says.

The North Star deposit contains a measured and indicated resource of 792 million tonnes grading 0.29% copper for 4.9 billion lb. copper. This includes probable reserves of 709 million tonnes million at 0.29% copper for 4.5 billion lb.

On Dec. 6, Excelsior shares gained 17% over two trading sessions to close at 62¢.  

20.12.16 18:05

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5 Postings, 1264 Tage maxbluestUpgrade

11.01.17 12:50

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

Genehmigungen bis Mitte 2017, Bau der Anlage, kommerzieller Produktionsstart für Q2 2018 geplant. Bis zum geplanten Produktionsstart sind noch Hürden zu nehmen.

Aber....wir haben ja schon 2017...nur noch Monate...nicht mehr Jahre.

Das seit über 5 Jahren andauernde Projekt ist auf dem Weg zu einem der "attraktivsten neuen Kupferminen der Welt" zu werden!

Ich bleibe gespannt.

18.01.17 08:07

5 Postings, 1264 Tage maxbluestAlso

Based on the results of this Feasibility Study, it is recommended that Excelsior proceed with development of the

18.01.17 09:05

117 Postings, 2394 Tage Mister Smiththanks, looking good.

22.02.17 09:36

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

Zwischenzeitlich ist die Aktie weiter marschiert (0,611 ?). 500 Prozent seit Anfang 2016 (0,111 ?) und wer Ende 2013 am Tief eingestiegen ist (0,063 ?) darf sich glücklich schätzen einen Tenbagger erwischt zu haben. Tolle Story...  

17.07.17 13:57

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

6,89 ? (8,11 $)  

18.07.17 11:03

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aDa ist mir doch bei den Kursangaben glatt

ein Fehler unterlaufen....Kurse sollten lauten 0,689 ? (0,811 $), sry.  

18.07.17 12:24

3597 Postings, 2648 Tage MoneyplusHätte ja auch dein Kursziel sein können .-))))

27.07.17 11:01

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aWir wollens

doch nicht gleich übertreiben;)

0,793 ? / 0,93 $ :)


24.08.17 13:48

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

0,941 ?/ 1,07 $  

25.08.17 12:17

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

Excelsior Mining?s Gunnison Copper Project Receives Draft State Permit

June 14, 2017

Excelsior Mining Corp. (TSX: MIN) (FSE: 3XS) (OTCQX: EXMGF) ("Excelsior" or the ?Company?) is pleased to announce that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (?ADEQ?) has issued a draft operating permit, the Aquifer Protection Permit (?APP?), for the Gunnison Copper Project, located in Cochise County, southeastern Arizona. The draft APP will remain open for public comment for a minimum of 30 days.  The timing of the issuance of the final APP is subject to this public comment period.

?The ADEQ?s decision to issue our draft APP for public comment is a substantial step forward in advancing the Gunnison Copper Project; a project that will bring enormous economic benefits to the state and local communities, whilst maintaining the highest environmental and safety standards,? added Stephen Twyerould, President and CEO.  ?We look forward to continuing our work with the ADEQ, the Environmental Protection Agency (?EPA?), local communities and other stakeholders to successfully complete the permitting process in advance of commercial production, which remains on schedule for 2018.

25.08.17 12:21

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

June, 27, 2017

Excelsior Mining?s Johnson Camp Mine Receives Amended State Permit

Excelsior Mining Corp. (TSX: MIN) (FSE: 3XS) (OTCQX: EXMGF) ("Excelsior" or the ?Company?) is pleased to announce that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (?ADEQ?) has issued an amended Aquifer Protection Permit (?APP?) for the Company?s Johnson Camp Mine (?JCM?). On December 22, 2016, Excelsior filed an application to significantly amend its JCM Aquifer Protection Permit to allow for the processing of fluids from future wellfield operations; the APP is effective as of June 26th, 2017.

Excelsior is currently working with the ADEQ towards the issuance of an Aquifer Protection Permit for the wellfield component of the Gunnison Copper Project. This is the primary operating permit to be issued by the State of Arizona (see previous Excelsior Mining news release dated June 14, 2017 ? Excelsior Mining?s Gunnison Copper Project Receives Draft State Permit). In parallel, Excelsior is working with the Environmental Protection Agency (?EPA?) for the issuance of an Underground Injection Control (?UIC?) Permit. Excelsior anticipates having all state and federal operating permits in place by late Q3, 2017.

12.09.17 09:11

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

Excelsior Mining Granted State Operating Permit for Gunnison Copper Project

September 5, 2017

Excelsior Mining Corp. (TSX: MIN) (OTCQX: EXMGF) (FSE: 3XS) ("Excelsior" or the ?Company?) is pleased to announce that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (?ADEQ?) has provided the Company with a Grant Letter for its Gunnison Copper Project?s Aquifer Protection Permit (?APP?), located in Cochise County, southeastern Arizona.

?Completing this permitting milestone, within our scheduled timeline, is a major achievement for the Company,? said, President & CEO, Stephen Twyerould. ?With the receipt, earlier this year, of an amended Aquifer Protection Permit for our Johnson Camp Mine, we can now focus exclusively on the timely completion of the federal permit, which is the final operating permit required for production.? (See Excelsior news release dated June 27, 2017 - Excelsior Mining?s Johnson Camp Mine Receives Amended State Permit).

The ADEQ has issued Excelsior a Grant Letter, which remains appealable under specific circumstances for 30 days. After the close of the appeal period, the APP will be fully executed and the permit will then be active. In parallel, Excelsior continues to work with the Environmental Protection Agency towards the issuance of an Underground Injection Control Permit.

Twyerould added, ?We look forward to continuing our excellent collaborative relationship with stakeholders and local communities as we work to build and operate one of the most economically compelling and environmentally friendly mining operations in the United States.?


12.09.17 09:11

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

Excelsior Announces AGM Results

September 8, 2017

Excelsior Mining Corp. (TSX: MIN) (OTCQX: EXMGF) (FSE: 3XS) ("Excelsior" or the ?Company?) reports that the nominees listed in the management information circular for the 2017 Annual General and Special Meeting of shareholders were elected as directors of Excelsior. Detailed results of the vote for the election of directors held at the Annual General and Special Meeting on September 8, 2017 in Vancouver, B.C., are set out below:

 Votes for % Votes for Votes withheld % Votes withheld
Mark J. Morabito 105,603,442 99.98 21,798 0.02
Stephen Twyerould 105,605,573 99.98 19,667 0.02
Colin Kinley 105,601,208 99.98 24,032 0.02
Jay Sujir 105,603,442 99.98 21,798 0.02
Jim Kolbe 105,603,442 99.98 21,798 0.02
Steven Lynn 105,603,442 99.98 21,798 0.02
Michael Haworth 105,601,208 99.98 24,032 0.02
Lord Robin Renwick 105,601,208 99.98 24,032 0.02

Shareholders at the Annual General and Special Meeting also approved the appointment of Excelsior?s auditors and Excelsior?s amended stock option plan with 98.74% of the votes in favour.

09.11.17 08:32

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

Excelsior Mining gets Blue Sky trading status for California

16:54 02 Nov 2017  
Excelsior now has Blue Sky trading status in 28 American states...

Excelsior Mining Corp (TSE: MIN, FSE: 3XS, OTCQX: EXMGF) can now offer, sell and issue securities in the state of California after it acquired what is called  Blue Sky exemption.

Brokers and investment advisers are not permitted to recommend, solicit or discuss a security with a client unless that security is compliant with the Blue Sky laws of the state where the investor lives.

With the addition of California, the most populated US state, Excelsior now  has Blue Sky trading status in 28 American states.

The move continues the firm's strategy of laying the groundwork for a listing on a major US stock exchange once all the qualification thresholds have been met, it said.

Excelsior's Gunnison is an advanced staged, low cost, environmentally friendly in-situ recovery copper extraction project that is scheduled for commercial production in 2018.

09.01.18 12:29

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMin

Exselsior Mining hat die Hochs aus August und September 2017 (um 0,9 ?) nicht mehr erreichen können. Die Aktie befindet sich seit den Anstiegen der letzten beiden Jahre immer noch auf einem sehr guten Niveau von zur Zeit ca. 0,8 ?.  In diesem Jahr soll Produktionsstart sein.  

03.04.18 15:15

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aMIN

27.04.18 06:56

2906 Postings, 3335 Tage Ghost013aAktie

hat in den letzten Tagen ein neues Allzeithoch geschafft.  

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