KGV = 2,5 - was will man mehr?

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371 Postings, 4343 Tage Leo4stocksKGV = 2,5 - was will man mehr?

12.04.11 15:24

371 Postings, 4343 Tage Leo4stocksHier mal die letzten Zaheln

Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Highlights: (Year-over-Year, 3-Month Results)

- Revenues increased 69% to $120.2 million, compared with $71.2 million.

- Operating Income increased 69% to $22.1 million, compared with $13.1 million.

- GAAP Net Income Attributable to Common Shareholders increased to $14.1 million, compared to a net loss of $12.4 million.

- Basic EPS increased to $0.15 per share and diluted EPS to $0.12 per share, compared to a loss of $0.15 per share (basic and diluted EPS) for the three months ended December 31, 2009.


First Half Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Highlights: (Year-over-Year, 6-Month Results)

-- Revenues increased 79% to $233.5 million, compared with $130.6 million.

-- Operating Income increased 77% to $42.6 million, compared with $24.1 million.

-- GAAP Net Income Attributable to Common shareholders increased to $18.9 million, compared to a loss of $5.2 million.

-- Basic EPS increased to $0.20 per share and Diluted EPS to $0.17 per share, compared to a loss of $0.06 per share (Basic and Diluted EPS) for the three months ended December 31, 2009.


"Our business has never been stronger, as demonstrated by our record revenue and earnings results," stated Mr. Cai Yongjun, Chairman and CEO of Longwei. "Revenues for the quarter were at an all-time high, and both our top and bottom lines showed very strong growth year-over-year. We recently renewed our supply contracts with fifteen major customers, and we plan to increase our storage capacity in the current calendar year to meet the constant growth in demand for fuel in China. We are very excited about the growth prospects in our regional market and fully expect to meet our previous guidance of at least $500 million in revenues and $70 million in net income (adjusted for non-cash warrant derivative liability charges) for the 2011 fiscal year."

70 Mio USD Nettoeinkommen bei 114 Mio Aktien (verdünnt) würde einem EPS von 0.61 USD entsprechen = 0.43 Euro

Bei einem heutigen Kurs von 1,05 Euro entspricht das einem KGV von 2,44.


17.05.11 16:43

371 Postings, 4343 Tage Leo4stocksQ3 Ergebnisse - sehr gut

BRIEF-Longwei Petroleum Q3 results
May 17 (Reuters) - Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Ltd:

* Announces financial results for third quarter fiscal 2011

* Auto Alert - Q3 revenue $119.6 million

* Qtrly earnings per share $ 0.26


13.06.11 22:02

49 Postings, 3526 Tage Hansbär@Leo:Bewertung

Was meinst du warum der Kurs nor noch am Fallen ist obwohl die Zahlen Top sind.

Anscheinend stehen gerade alle China-Aktien unter Verdacht die Zahlen Kreativ auszulegen.

Selbst Asian Bamboo wird misstraut da wundert es nicht das man Longwei nicht abnimmt so starke Zahlen abzuliefern.

Allein die Tatsache das die Amis die Aktie locker mal um 10 % fallen lassen find ich schon seltsam.




16.06.11 14:51

606 Postings, 4359 Tage Leo35@ Hansbär

Du hast schon Recht, hier ist im Moment leider nichts zu holen, bis die Betrugswelle abebbt und man sehen kann, wer das alles überstanden hat.

Longwei Petroleum war zumindest noch nicht unter Verdacht und es gibt bis jetzt auch keine Anteichen dafür. Der Markt neigt wie immer zu Übertreibungen und in nicht allzu ferner Zukunft werden die Amis wieder die China Aktien nach oben jubeln - da bin ich mir  sicher.

Mittlerweile werden ja fast alle Small and Midcaps mit einem KGV von 2-4 gehandelt und das kann nicht sein. Ich habe mein China-Engaement schoin stark reduziert, aber ganz aufgeben will ich es nicht. 

Ich denke auch die Chinesen lernen daraus, denn wer kann schon daran interessiert sein, dass das Unternehmen so dramatisch an Werrt verliert und damit ja auch fast kein Geld mehr über den Aktienmarkt zu erhakten ist.

Warten wir doch mal 3-6 Monate ab und sehen, wo wir dann stehen...einieg SmallCaps sind ja schon aus dem Nasdaq geflogen, es gibt jede Menge Unterscuhungen der SEC und der Druck auf chinesische SmallCaps hat sich deutlich erhöht. 




30.03.12 16:05

9 Postings, 5079 Tage semiferrumNeueste Zahlen von Ende Dez.2011 sind traumhaft

Founded in 1995 and approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Longwei is one of the leading diesel, gasoline, fuel oil and solvent oil distributors/wholesalers in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, P.R. China. The Company sells its products mainly to large-scale gas stations, coal plants and power supply companies, and on a smaller scale to small, independent gas stations. Longwei also owns a railway system to transport its products to customers. The Company has 40 employees, including three management personnel.
The Company's third-largest customer base is made up of small independent gas stations. Longwei owns twelve gas stations in Shanxi Province, of which it operates one, with the other eleven being franchised gasoline stations.
"Management believes the Company's stock price has been depressed over the past year due to the alleged fraud in several other U.S.-listed PRC small-cap companies. Collectively holding approximately 67% of the Company's outstanding common shares, the management team is in the same boat as all public shareholders and is extremely frustrated by the current low valuation of the Company's share price," stated Mr. Cai. "Unlike some other small caps, Longwei has a straightforward business model, highly visible assets and ongoing business operations at our storage facilities. Longwei is one of the largest non-state-owned petroleum wholesalers in central China and is regarded as a critical company, operating in a critical industry, for Shanxi Province."

The Company's wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Taiyuan Longwei Economy & Trading Co., Ltd., was one of 15 companies in Taiyuan City and one of only 140 companies in Shanxi Province recognized on February 15, 2012 as a "Provincial Honorable and Credible Enterprise" for 2010. The Company received the award from the Shanxi Administration for Industry and Commerce based on Longwei's reputation as a company that honors its contractual obligations and maintains its credibility with customers. "We have worked hard to build a good reputation for the Company. The management team and all of our employees labor diligently to service our customers and the community for the betterment of our surrounding region," stated Mr. Cai.

"Given the demand for petroleum products in China and rising worldwide petroleum prices, we expect revenue and earnings growth to increase during the second half of our fiscal year. We are working diligently to close on the asset purchase of Huajie Petroleum, and once completed it will provide an additional catalyst for potential growth by nearly doubling our storage capacity and expanding our footprint in central China," stated Mr. Toups. "We believe our strong market position and proven business model will continue to result in long-term revenue and earnings growth. We are also committed to improving transparency and communications with our shareholders."

About Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Li
The Shanxi Province is growing at 9%-10% a year and is the third largest consumer of petroleum products in China. In fact, the power plants in Shanxi Province provide Beijing — China's second largest city and capital — with 30% of its electricity. Currently, there are 4,692 gas stations servicing approximately four million cars in the province, providing Longwei with an abundant available target market for its products. In addition, Shanxi Province is a highly localized and specialty market, thus Longwei does not compete at the national level.
Select Historical Financial Data for the Years Ended June 30, 2011 - 2007
(Amounts in $USD Millions)
          §   $ 481.6     $ 343.2     $ 196.8     $ 143.8     $ 93.8
Annual Revenue Growth
          §     40 %     74 %     37 %     53 %     1 %
Net Income
          §   $ 62.7     $ 50.2     $ 21.8     $ 20.7     $ 12.0
Annual Net Income Growth
          §     25 %     130 %     5 %     73 %     (18 %)
Total Assets
          §   $ 273.3     $ 187.6     $ 120.1     $ 93.4     $ 60.7
Total Liabilities
          §   $ 11.6     $ 9.7     $ 5.2     $ 4.9     $ 3.0
Total Shareholder’s Equity
          §   $ 261.7     $ 177.9     $ 114.9     $ 88.5     $ 57.7
Die neuesten Zahlen für die ersten drei Quartale Ende Dezember 2011 unter :

03.01.13 17:20

18358 Postings, 6287 Tage harry74nrwAktie als Betrug entlarvt?

in den USA ausgesetzt !!  

03.01.13 17:49

2072 Postings, 4887 Tage Joschi307Longwei 0,599 $

könnte die nächstes "Sino forrest" aktie sein...  

03.01.13 17:51

13396 Postings, 5000 Tage cv80...

haha - ein Luftschloß! Russoil lässt grüssen!
Mit den Menschen ist es wie mit den Autos...
Laster sind schwer zu bremsen...

Heinz Erhardt

04.01.13 10:33

2072 Postings, 4887 Tage Joschi307Longwei

hat jemanden Infos wie lange die aktie ausgesetzt bleibt?  

04.01.13 12:55

17501 Postings, 4201 Tage M.MinningerAussetzung der Preisfeststellung

Open Market (Freiverkehr)

Aussetzung der Preisfeststellung entsprechend der Handhabung am

Longwei Petroleum Invest.Hldg
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

1. Aktien US5433541043

Aussetzung der Preisfeststellung ab: 04.01.2013, 08:26 Uhr
Aussetzung der Preisfeststellung bis: auf weiteres

Frankfurt am Main, den 04.01.2013

Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse
i. A. Serhiy Lovin i. A. Sabine Martin  

08.01.13 12:55

2072 Postings, 4887 Tage Joschi307Longwei

"bis auf weiteres" kann sich ja ganz schön ziehen  

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