Taiwan Semiconductor-gute Wachstumsaussichten

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22.12.09 13:44

26474 Postings, 4854 Tage brunnetaTaiwan Semiconductor-gute Wachstumsaussichten

Neben Infineon rechnen auch andere Halbleiterhersteller, etwa Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) mit einer positiven Entwicklung in 2010. Das asiatische Unternehmen gab bekannt, Prämien sowie das Gehalt von Mitarbeitern im kommenden Jahr steigern zu wollen. Grundlage seien gute Wachstumsaussichten besonders bei Chips für PCs und Produkte aus dem Bereich Unterhaltungselektronik. (kat/rem)

Wen nicht fähig ist, selber eine Meinung zu bilden und eine Entscheidung zu treffen, darf nicht zur Börse.

Keine Kauf Empfehlung!!
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06.04.21 19:42

497 Postings, 5088 Tage ikaruzWieso wurde der Post wegen Offtopic gelöscht?

Die zunehmenden geopolitischen Spannungen zwischen China und Taiwan sind neben dem Wassermangel die einzigen ernstzunehmenden Risiken für TSMC's Geschäftsmodell.


07.04.21 10:53

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyWasserrationalisierung in Taiwan

More than one million households and businesses in Taiwan's heavily industrialised central regions were put on water rationing Tuesday, as the island battles its worst drought in 56 years.
The shortage is expected to particularly impact the water-intensive microchip manufacturing sector during a global shortage of semiconductors that power everything from cars to iPhones and computers.
The state water company is now cutting supplies in Taichung, Miaoli and northern Changhua county for two days a week, with the government warning it must "prepare for the worst".
In southern Tainan city, water levels at the island's largest reservoir Tsengwen were less than 12 percent, while the Baihe reservoir was completely dry, according to the Water Resources Agency....

Ariva Chart

08.04.21 09:47

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyA15 bei TSMC vor dem Zeitplan: iPhone 13

Der A15 wird schon etwas früher in Produktion gehen als erwartet. Damit wird ein pünktlicher Start des iPhone 13 im September oder Anfang Oktober trotz Corona und Chipkrise wahrscheinlicher.Apple wird den kommenden iPhone- und iPad-Prozessor nach wie vor bei TSMC exklusiv fertigen lassen. Der weltgrößte Fertiger für Halbleiter produziert seit letztem Herbst auch den ersten bei Apple entwickelten Chip für den Mac auf ARM-Basis....Apple wird für den A15 abermals auf einen 5nm-Prozess setzen, ....

09.04.21 09:29

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyTaiwans Chipmaker gegen die Farmer ?

ist heute die Überschrift bei der New York Times

aber die South China morningpost berichtet detailliert:TSMC Hauptquartier im Norden ist nicht betroffen
Authorities cut supply to companies in two major science parks by 15 per cent, with reservoirs in several parts of central Taiwan dangerously low
Dry spell pressures government to ensure supply to water-intensive industries such as the island?s world-leading semiconductor manufacturing...Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Micron Technology both have chip-making operations in Taichung, although Wang said the restrictions would not affect their production. TSMC?s headquarters further north in Hsinchu has been spared further restrictions for now.  

09.04.21 09:34

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyAusbau der Chipindustrie in China

"Chinese companies like Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) have ramped up their purchases of the machines needed to make silicon wafers and computer chips. China became the largest market for such equipment in 2020, according to a December report from SEMI, an industry association. With Huawei and other tech companies stockpiling chips ahead of US restrictions, imports surged about 14 per cent in 2020. Huawei was blacklisted by the US government...

One of the big winners of that surge in chip demand was Taiwan, with orders at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp and other firms climbing and Taiwan?s economic growth outpacing China?s for the first time in 30 years...."  

09.04.21 09:39

2110 Postings, 3699 Tage PlattenulliTSMC steigt vierteljährlich um 17 Prozent

TSMC steigt vierteljährlich um 17% nach einem Anstieg der Chipnachfrage

09.04.21 19:05

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyTSMC kann das Umsatzwachstum erhöhen

HSINCHU/TAIWAN (IT-Times) - Der Chip-Auftragsproduzent Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) hat heute die vorläufigen Ergebnisse für das erste Quartal des Geschäftsjahres 2021 vorgelegt und ein steigendes Umsatzwachstum angekündigt.Die Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (TSMC, Nasdaq: TSM) erzielte demnach im ersten Quartal 2021 einen Nettoumsatz in Höhe von 362,41 Mrd. New Taiwan Dollar (NT-Dollar) bzw. 12,7 Mrd. US-Dollar, ein Wachstum von 16,7 Prozent zum Vorjahr (Vorquartal: plus 14 Prozent).Damit wurde die eigene Prognose erreicht. TSMC sprach im Vorfeld von einer starken Nachfrage nach der 5-Nanometer-Technologie, ...

09.04.21 19:11

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyUSA Sanktionen gg chin.Supercomputerfirmen

"...But the even bigger concern here is that China is building these supercomputers with US military technology via a company called Phytium
The Chinese entities are Tianjin Phytium Information Technology, Shanghai High-Performance Integrated Circuit Design Center, Sunway Microelectronics and the National Supercomputing Center branches.
The washington post this week said Phytium used technology from Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys. The entity list move would effectively prevent the two California-based companies from providing services and products to the Chinese firms. But it would not bar them from supplying the Chinese groups if that technology were produced in facilities outside of the US.

The Washington Post said Phytium outsourced the manufacturing of its chips to TSMC..The question now is whether Washington will up the pressure on TSMC,...

10.04.21 08:16

2110 Postings, 3699 Tage PlattenulliGipfeltreffen des Weißen Hauses mit TSMC

Am 15. April wird das Unternehmen voraussichtlich eine Investorenkonferenz abhalten, um die Ergebnisse sowie die Prognose für den Rest dieses Jahres und die Fortschritte bei geplanten neuen Chipanlagen in Arizona und Japan zu erläutern.

TSMC nimmt am Gipfeltreffen des Weißen Hauses zu Halbleitern und Lieferketten teil

12.04.21 12:09

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyTSMC reports sales rise, extending run of record

Bloomberg  https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archives/2021/04/10/2003755391
 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co  yesterday reported a third straight quarter of record sales, underscoring its lead as the world?s No. 1 maker of advanced chips, which are in short supply.Taiwan?s largest company said that first-quarter revenue climbed 16.7 percent to NT$362.41 billion (US$12.74 billion), compared with the average NT$360.5 billion of analysts? estimates.  

12.04.21 17:57

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyTSMC könnte eine Revision seiner Ziele bringen

TSMC is likely to provide a revision to its capex target for 2021 at its upcoming earnings conference call scheduled for April 15, according to market observers.
TSMC's First Quarter 2021 Earnings Conference will be held on Thursday, April 15, 2021, at 14:00 Taiwan time/ 2:00 Eastern Time. The Quiet Period is April 5 to 14, 2021. During this period, TSMC refrains itself from making contacts with the investment communities.

TSMC March 2021 Revenue Report Issued on: 2021/04/09 https://pr.tsmc.com/english/news/2803

13.04.21 09:43

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyIntel will Chipproduktion starten

Intel Corp Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger attended the meeting virtually and told Reuters that Intel is in talks with suppliers of automotive chips to produce their chips in Intel?s factories. The goal would be to start producing chips within six to nine months to address a shortage that has idled assembly lines at some U.S. automotive plants.

und Biden : He will urge Congress to invest $50 billion in semiconductor manufacturing and research as part of his broader focus on rebuilding U.S. manufacturing as a powerhouse for the world?s largest economy ? and a source of good-paying jobs ....
aber bekanntlich geht das nicht so schnell

aber immerhin hat TSMC baut eine Fabrik in Arizona und angeblich erhöhen sie die Kapazität hier
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.?s planned Phoenix manufacturing plant will likely be three times larger than was originally announced.The cost to build the manufacturing facility is likely to be closer to $35 billion, nearly triple the $12 billion first announced, according to sources with knowledge of the deal and Asian media reports. Media reports describe the Arizona plant as a "mega site" that would include six factories.  

14.04.21 10:32

497 Postings, 5088 Tage ikaruzJon Stokes on ?Why a Chinese invasion of Taiwan

14.04.21 17:26

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage Kickywie TSMC zum Dreh u.Angelpunkt d.globalen Ökonomie

"as a property boom takes hold in his hometown of Shanhua.The reason for the construction frenzy in the once shabby rural town in southern Taiwan is simple: the arrival of the world?s most advanced chip factory.Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the largest contract chipmaker in the world, is building a plant to make 3 nanometre chips, semiconductors expected to be up to 70 per cent faster and more power-efficient than the most advanced in production now and which will be used in devices from smartphones to supercomputers.
...The plant, due to start mass production next year, will use process technology which so far only TSMC and South Korea?s Samsung Electronics have mastered ? at present, the most advanced chips are 5nm. The new chips bring huge advantages for customers: the smaller the transistors on a chip, the lower the energy consumption and higher the speed.
Measuring 160,000 square metres, the size of 22 football fields, the plant is commensurate with TSMC itself: a hulk with a stranglehold on global semiconductor manufacturing.....

....While many governments would love to be able to mimic its success, they are likely to find the costs of trying to match TSMC prohibitive. And its customers are beginning to realise they are not dealing with a traditional supplier.
      ....§TSMC has long gone largely unnoticed because the semiconductors it manufactures are designed and sold in products by branded vendors such as Apple, AMD or Qualcomm. Yet the company controls more than half of the world market for made-to-order chips....."


14.04.21 17:35

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyCEO Summit on Semiconductor and Supply Chain

resilience will include White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan and National Economic Council Director Brian Deese.As of midday Friday, 19 major companies had agreed to send executives, including General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra, Ford Motor Chief Executive Jim Farley and Chrysler-parent Stellantis... NV CEO Carlos Tavares.executives from GlobalFoundries, PACCAR, NXP and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, AT&T, Samsung, Google-parent Alphabet, Dell Technologies, Intel Corp, Medtronic, Northrop Grumman, HP, Cummins and Micron.
A U.S. auto industry group this week urged the government to help and warned that a global semiconductor shortage could result in 1.28 million fewer vehicles built this year and disrupt production for another six months.

15.04.21 05:57

2110 Postings, 3699 Tage PlattenulliStromausfall in 40-nm-Produktionslinie bei TSMC

TSMC 40-Nanometer-Chip-Produktionslinie in Tainan von Stromausfall betroffen

Kabel durchtrennt: Bauarbeiten sorgen für Stromausfall in TSMC-Fabrik

Taiwan Semiconductor Q1 2021 Ergebnisvorschau
Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE: TSM ) wird voraussichtlich am Donnerstag, dem 15. April, vor der Marktöffnung die Ergebnisse des ersten Quartals bekannt geben.

15.04.21 08:44

497 Postings, 5088 Tage ikaruzTSMC profit beats forecast

TAIPEI (BLOOMBERG) - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSNC), the world's No. 1 maker of advanced silicon, reported better-than-expected profit as global companies from carmakers to PC suppliers scramble for chips.

Net income for the January-March period climbed 19 per cent to NT$139.7 billion (S$6.56 billion), versus the average analyst estimate of NT$136.2 billion. Gross margin for the quarter eased to 52.4 per cent from 54 per cent in the three months prior, due in part to relatively lower levels of utilization and exchange-rate fluctuations.


15.04.21 19:52

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyThe Shortage Will Continue Taiwan Semi Warns


Prices going up..."Recall, in early April we noted that semi chip prices were expected to rise through all of 2021. This month alone, suppliers like Japan?s top silicone producer, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd. marked up prices between 10% and 20%, according to Caixin, who reported that growing input costs and supply disruptions could be tide that continues to push up prices.
One Jiangsu diode manufacturer said it's suppliers had raised prices five times since the second half of 2020. The hikes represented a total markup of between 30% and 40%, including a new 10% hike that came into effect last week. Last week, we had noted that smartphone sales in China had risen in March by 67.7% despite the shortage. "
TSMCs steigende Umsätze und Gewinne

16.04.21 08:36

3097 Postings, 1117 Tage neymarTaiwan Semi

"The Shortage Will Continue": Taiwan Semi Warns Chip Shortage Could Extend Into 2022


16.04.21 11:16

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickyIT-Times auf deutsch zum Report

...Der Anteil der 5-Nanometer-Lieferungen am gesamten Wafer-Umsatz betrug im Quartal 14 Prozent, der Anteil der 7-Nanometer-Lieferungen 35 Prozent. Fortgeschrittene Technologien, definiert als 7-Nanometer- und fortgeschrittenere Technologien, machten indes 49 Prozent des gesamten Wafer-Umsatzes aus.Nach Geschäftssegmenten betrachtet, machte das Smartphone-Geschäft etwa 45 Prozent des Umsatzes aus, während der HPC-Bereich auf mehr als ein Drittel anstieg, was die anhaltende Nachfrage nach Geräten und Internet-Servern widerspiegelt...."  

16.04.21 18:21

66688 Postings, 7842 Tage KickySchweineindustrie ?

kann nur jemand schreiben, der Null Ahnung hat von der Chipindustrie. Wie schwierig es ist ,bestimmte Nanometer herzustellen und nicht die nötigen Fachleute zu haben, werden noch etliche Firmen merken,auch wenn Biden jetzt mit Geld die Chipindustrie stützt wegen der fehlenden Chips vor allem in der Autoindustrie .
Da dürfte TSMC recht haben, die sagen der Chipmangel erstreckt sich noch bis ins nächste Jahr s#192  

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