Is Vroom About to Race 775% Higher?

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74169 Postings, 8324 Tage KickyIs Vroom About to Race 775% Higher?

"...Vroom's off to a fantastic start as it soared as high as 115% during its Tuesday initial public offering. Is it really possible Vroom could race 775% higher over the next three years?
.....Vroom's online used-car buying platform offers a number of solutions for consumers, including reducing the time spent at traditional dealerships with what many consumers consider untrustworthy and high-pressure sales tactics. COVID-19 has accelerated what Vroom and Carvana have already proven about consumers' desire to complete more of a vehicle purchase online, away from the dealership, using market-based pricing, guaranteed purchase offers, real-time financing, and vehicle delivery options. Another problem Vroom solves is that an online selection of vehicles can dwarf the offering of traditional brick-and-mortar used-car dealerships. Vroom already offers online shoppers access to thousands of fully reconditioned vehicles, and that selection will only grow as the company increases its network and business footprint.
A commonly overlooked solution that Vroom provides is a sense of safety and simplicity if you're selling your vehicle.
....Many don't realize just how incredibly fractured the used-car industry is. In fact, its top 100 dealers account for only 8.6% of market share, leaving immense runway for asset-light business models such as Vroom's to expand market share using competitive advantages and e-commerce prowess.....
Vroom has seen a jump in many metrics, including a 130% increase in average monthly users during first quarter 2020 compared with the prior year, a 148% increase in e-commerce units sold, and a 72% jump in vehicles available for sale -- all over the same time period. Vroom's revenue grew 39% in 2019 compared with the prior year, and in Q1 2020 the company posted an accelerated 60% jump in revenue compared with the prior year's quarter, which suggests growth is still accelerating.....


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74169 Postings, 8324 Tage Kicky+12 % heute

ohne news  

06.07.20 17:35

74169 Postings, 8324 Tage KickyBaird empfiehlt Vroom Inc KZ $68

06.07.20 17:45

74169 Postings, 8324 Tage KickyNat Schindler BofA Vroom with a Neutral

The spike in Vroom Inc?s  stock from an IPO price of $22 less than a month back suggests that the company?s strong near-term potential is already priced in, according to BofA Securities.

The Vroom Analyst: Nat Schindler initiated coverage of Vroom with a Neutral rating and $60 price target.

heute +7,45 %  

13.08.20 15:59

74169 Postings, 8324 Tage KickyReport vernichtend minus 20% jetzt
Vroom Delivers Ahead of Growth Plan
Ecommerce Unit Sales Up 74%

6,713 Ecommerce units sold, 1,110 TDA units sold, 3,259 Wholesale units sold
Revenue of $253.1 million
Gross profit of $7.6 million
Adjusted EBITDA of $(39.0) million(a)
Loss from operations of $(41.4) million
Adjusted loss from operations of $(40.1) million(a)
Net loss of $(63.2) million
Non-GAAP net loss of $(40.7) million(a)
Net loss per share of $(2.00)
Non-GAAP net loss per share, as adjusted of $(0.34)(a)            

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warum so weggebrochen?  

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mal zu 1,44$ eingestiegen. Mal sehen ob hier ein Rebound kommt.  

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