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16.02.14 03:28

4 Postings, 2476 Tage Fuku SchimaWindkraft auf Hoher See lohnt sich bald nicht mehr

Sigmar Gabriel will Onshore und OffshoreWind ausbremsen, ja was will er dann? Kohle und Atom?


Windkraft auf hoher See lohnt sich bald nicht mehr

Die Kostenbremse durch die geplante EEG-Reform bedeutet auch, dass bei Investoren künftig weniger Geld ankommt. Das könnte für den Ausbau der Offshore-Windenergie das Aus bedeuten.  

16.02.14 21:16

196 Postings, 3780 Tage Quattro123Schlechte Nachrichten

Ich würde sagen, dass das hier keine guten News sein dürften...


17.02.14 10:56

9 Postings, 2511 Tage offshoremanRekord-Windspargel in Kehdingen 8 MW; AREVA Wind

18.02.14 14:10

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleHyundai


Auch im Offshoregeschäft:
Hyundai Heavy Industries has completed installation of a 5.5MW offshore wind turbine prototype at the Kimnyeong wind farm off Jeju Island in South Korea.

The company said it will start a test run on the turbine (pictured), which has a hub height of 100 metres and a rotor diameter of 140 metres, from March for certification within this year.

HHI said the prototype is designed to withstand the ?strong wind of 62.5 metres per second and to be protected from corrosion caused by the sea water?.

An official for the company added that it intended to ?accelerate (its) marketing campaign overseas?.

Vestas V164 prefered turbine:

Vestas' V164- 8.0 MW turbine preferred for DONG Energy?s Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm

DONG Energy has conducted a competitive tender for the supply of turbines, where Vestas Wind Systems as a result of the tender has been chosen as the preferred supplier with a proposal to deliver the V164-8.0 MW turbine for the Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm.

Illustration: Vestas

The choice of Vestas is subject to the windfarm being awarded a Contract for Difference under the EMR FID-enabling regime, and to the parties agreeing on a detailed supply agreement which is expected to be signed later this year.

With the V164-8.0 MW turbine Vestas Wind Systems has increased the competition in the multi-MW offshore turbine market. DONG Energy welcomes the competition as this will be an important factor in DONG Energy's ambition to reduce the cost of electricity for offshore wind by 35-40 per cent for projects sanctioned in 2020.

Zu Burbo Bank:

Kapazität:ca 258 MW----würde bedeuten,ca 32 Anlagen.....  

19.02.14 17:10

1639 Postings, 3963 Tage eckert1Die Kursentwicklung

ist traurig.

So schlecht sind die Aussichten gar nicht.
Der CEO hat heute eine Kapitalerhöhung dmentiert, welche in der französischen Presse kursierte!

Alstom ist für mich deutlich unterbewertet.  

19.02.14 17:38

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleNeuer 450MW Auftrag für Siemens

Ireland?s Mainstream Renewable Power (MRP) has lined up Siemens as turbine supplier to its 450MW Neart na Gaoithe offshore wind farm in Scottish waters.
MRP plans to use SWT-6.0-154 wind turbines at the project, it said as it announced preferred suppliers.

The company also named a consortium of Technip and Marubeni as preferred supplier of balance of plant EPC services.

Marubeni brings with it Seajacks, the Great Yarmouth-based offshore installation specialist, notes Adam Bruce, MRP?s global head of corporate affairs.

?This gives you an indication of the kind of alliance we?d like to bring together?, comprising both UK and non-UK players, Bruce tells Recharge.


19.02.14 17:56

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleSogar Goldwind

Goldwind 6MW turbine installed
18 February 2014 by Mao Pengfei

CHINA: Goldwind has installed the prototype of its 6MW offshore turbine, over six months beyond the company's original development schedule.

The Goldwind 6MW nacelle in the Dafeng factory
The Goldwind 6MW nacelle in the Dafeng factory
Goldwind said the 6MW machine is now operating at a test site in Dafeng, Jiangsu Province on the country's eastern coast.

Originally, the company had planned to have the design for the new turbine finished in 2011 and a prototype operating by the middle of 2012, but numerous delays pushed back the installation date.

Last March, Goldwind decided to accelerate the pace of the 6MW turbine development. The company closed its MW-level turbine development company in Nanjing city, to shift all of the CNY 26.9 million ($4.3 million) funding to its Dafeng manufacturing base, tasked with building the larger turbine.

20.02.14 12:29

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage Kicky3 Jahre für Vogeluntersuchung London Array 2

London Array phase two a no-go
, February 19 2014
The consortium behind the UK?s London Array has decided it will not proceed with the development of phase two of the offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary.

A statement said the decision follows a review by the consortium members of their respective portfolios, the technical challenges and the environmental uncertainties surrounding the site, which requires a wait of at least three years until phase two?s potential impact on birds could be completely assessed.

20.02.14 12:33

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage KickyDogger Bank scaled back to 7.2GW

February 19 2014 Consortium Forewind has downscaled earlier targets of the capacity potential of its giant Dogger Bank wind power mega-development, after resource assessments led to the decision to drop two of the eight gigawatt-plus projects in the UK offshore zone....The consortium ? made up of RWE, SSE, Statoil and Statkraft ? said the zone?s remaining six 1.2GW wind farms would together be ?better aligned? with the UK government's aspirations for offshore wind deployment of 8-15GW by 2020.


20.02.14 12:45

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage KickyDer danische Klimarat schlägt Reduzierung vor bei

Ausbau der Windenergie.Die Offshore Windparks Horns Rev og Kriegers Flak sollten gestoppt werden (bisher Vestas ).Die derzeitige Klimapolitik sei viel zu ehrgeizig und führe zu höheren Heizkosten für den Verbraucher .Die Reduzierung des CO2-Ausstosses reduziere den Bedarf an CO2-Quoten ,die dann in anderen europäischen Ländern verbraucht würden und somit den CO2 -Ausstoss insgesamt nicht verringern


22.02.14 10:28

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage KickyChina's Dongfang liefert 100x 250mW Schweden

Chinese wind energy equipment to enter Swedish market
(Xinhua) nach Blaken wind power plant
2014-02-22 13:41

22.02.14 13:13

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleHi Kicky

Interessant,das die China Mühlen mitlerweile hier vertrieben werden,aber da es sich um ein Onshoreprojekt handelt,würde ich dich bitten,diese Infos in den dafür vorgesehenen Threads(bei Noogman z.B.) zu posten.
Möchte hier gerne nur auf Offshore beschränken ;-)

Danke und schönes WE


24.02.14 13:08

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage KickyChina 6MW installiert

Guodian United Power has installed a 6MW prototyp
offshore turbine on the beach of Weifang in east China's Shandong province.


19 February 2014
CHINA: Goldwind has installed the prototype of its 6MW offshore turbine, over six months beyond the company's original development schedule....http://www.windpowermonthly.com/article/1281472/...-turbine-installed

Ming Yang completes 6.5MW prototype
CHINA: Ming Yang rolled a SCD 6.5MW offshore prototype off the production line at its production base in Rudong, in east China's Jiangsu province, on 28 June 2013

24.02.14 13:16

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage KickyDongfang 5.5MW Offshore Wind Turbine Launched

March 21 2013 The 5.5MW offshore turbine independently developed by Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd owned by Dongfang Electric Group was officially transported from Sichuan to the test wind farm in the tidal zone of Rudong, Jiangsu on March 21, 2013. It signified another achievement in large-scale offshore turbine R&D in China as it was the first domestically made turbine to accomplish the low-voltage ride-through experiment of 5MW within the factory.....http://www.sgcc.com.cn/ywlm/mediacenter/industrynews/04/291044.shtml  

25.02.14 09:19

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage Fighterkalle1. Monopile gerammt Westermost Rough

First Foundation Installed at Westermost Rough
Posted on Feb 25th, 2014 with tags europe, first, foundation, installed, News by topic, Rough, Westermost.
First Foundation Installed at Westermost Rough
GeoSea Innovation has kicked off offshore construction at Dong Energie?s  Westermost Rough offshore wind farm by installing the first of 35 foundations.
The Innovation carried out the first five foundations to the site from the load out port in Aalborg, Denmark. The monopiles ? which have a diameter of 6.5 metres and a weight of up to 800 tons ? provide the base for the 6 megawatt (MW) turbines which will be installed later this year.

25.02.14 09:22

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleInfos

zu Westermost Rough:

Developer: Dong Energy
Anlage: Siemens 6.0 154
Anzahl: 35
Total Capacity:210 MW  

26.02.14 16:13

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleNa denn

Offshore Wind Turbines Can Reduce Impact of Deadly Hurricanes Like Sandy and Katrina
By Hannah Osborne , February 26, 2014 12:40 PM GMT
38 6    +
Wind turbines are seen at Thanet Offshore Wind Farm off the Kent
Wind turbines are seen at Thanet Offshore Wind Farm off the KentReuters
Offshore wind turbines are able to reduce the impact of deadly hurricanes, such as Sandy and Katrina, by reducing wind speeds, wave heights and flood-causing storm surges, researchers have said.

Published by Nature Climate Change, a research team from the University of Delaware and Stanford University have shown for the first time that wind farms have the ability to weaken hurricanes and buffer damage to coastal cities during hurricanes.

Cristina Archer, co-author of the study, said: "The little turbines can fight back the beast ... This is a totally different way to think about the interaction of the atmosphere and wind turbines. We could actually take advantage of these interactions to protect coastal communities."

26.02.14 19:23

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage KickyGoldwind verdreifacht Gewinn 2013

27.02.14 20:01

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage KickyChina Ming Yang gerade bei 17,5%

28.02.14 17:01

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleKlare Ansage

seitens GS an die Zulieferer der Offshorebranche:

Goldman sets out stall on Dong costs
The Goldman Sachs building in Jersey City, US
The Goldman Sachs building in Jersey City, US Nesster/Flickr


Contact Us
Dong 'more confident' in UK offshore
IN DEPTH: Goldman goes green
By Karin Jensen in Copenhagen  Friday, February 28 2014
US investment giant Goldman Sachs has told suppliers to Dong Energy that it expects them to help deliver big cost reductions in the offshore wind sector ? or it is ready to tap into source new sources in Asia who will.
Martin Hintze, Goldman Sachs? newly-installed representative on the board of the world?s biggest offshore wind developer, told newspaper Borsen that it is fully behind Dong?s stated aim to drive costs down by up to 40% by 2020.

Speaking a month after Goldman finalised its purchase of a 19% stake in Dong for DKr8bn ($1.5bn) ? amid controversy in Denmark ? Hintze told the Danish daily that cost reduction is a top priority for the investment bank. ?That?s what we bought into as an investor,? he said.

Na dann mal los....Kosten runterschrauben,und die Offshorebranche wird explodieren(Ist ja jetzt schon auf dem besten Weg)...
Einige Hersteller haben ja schon die Bücher rappelvoll die nächsten Jahre....  

03.03.14 15:02

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleStatoil floating Offshorewindfarm

Some 25km off the storm-scoured coast of northeast Scotland, where the seafloor drops away from the continental shelf into the sub-zero darkness of the North Sea deeps, Norwegian energy giant Statoil is planning a world first: an array of floating wind turbines.

The five-machine 30MW Buchan Deep project, set to be anchored off Peterhead by 2016 in more than 100 metres of water, could be a commercial launchpad for a sector that saw its maiden full-scale prototype ? the developer?s own Hywind 1 ? switched on less than five years ago off western Norway.

For if the trials of the grid-connected quintet ? consisting of bottle-shaped spar-buoy foundations topped with 6MW turbines ? are successful, it would clear the way for Statoil to begin serial production for wind developments of over 500MW by 2020.

?Buchan Deep has a lot to recommend it as a demonstration site [for the second-generation Hywind],? states Statoil?s head of floating wind business development, Trine Ingebjørg Ulla. ?It is quite close to shore, so we can get out to [the array] and back relatively easily, the metocean conditions and water depths suited us, it has a [suitable onshore] grid connection ? and there is a well-developed supply chain from the offshore oil industry in the area.

?And having the very large turbine size that is now available, we see a tremendous reduction in cost ? by two thirds per megawatt to begin with ? and more cost-reduction possible,? she says, adding that floating wind turbines could soon be cost-competitive with those on fixed foundations.

?This is a big leap forward. Buchan Deep is to reduce risk, to demonstrate that the costs are sufficiently reduced before starting commercial production. This is where the Hywind proves that it is more than a clever technology, that it is one that can be commercially viable.?

6MW Anlagen:Siemens oder Alstom,oder vieleicht ein Chinese?

Hywind1 project(Statoil): Siemens 2.3.....gebaut 2008/2009

Und Kostenreduzierung von 2/3 am Anfang finde ich nicht unerheblich.

"Die Stromgestehungskosten heutiger Offshore-Windparks werden in einer aktuellen Studie von Prognos und Fichtner (2013) auf 12,8 ct/kWh bis 14,2 ct/kWh beziffert, abhängig vom Standort."


Nehmen wir mal 14 cent rund....dann wären wir nach Abzug (2/3) bei 4,7 cent.....Grundlastfähig und mehr als Konkurrenzfähig zur Onshorewindkraft....


11.03.14 10:07

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage KickySenvion (REpower) weltweit über 10GW


Die Senvion SE, eine hundertprozentige Tochtergesellschaft innerhalb der Suzlon Gruppe, dem fünftgrößten* Windenergieanlagenhersteller der Welt, hat im Jahr 2013 mehr als 1,4 Gigawatt (GW) Leistung installiert.

(WK-intern) ? Nach einem starken Installationsstart 2014 hat Senvion damit die Marke von 10 GW Kapazität weltweit geknackt......  

25.03.14 10:07

64714 Postings, 7701 Tage KickyOffshore pullout in Great Britain

Bericht von Iberdrola

.....We turn to less positive developments, specifically Iberdrola's decision late last year to stop work on the 1.8GW Argyll Array offshore project off Scotland's west coast. That announcement came only a few days after RWE Innogy dropped its 1.2GW Atlantic Array proposal and shortly before the same company scaled-down its Triton Knoll plans. The UK may be the world's leader in offshore wind, but the cancellation and downsizing of so many projects in quick succession made the outlook for future growth look anything but optimistic.

"The big issue with Argyll Array was the volcanic rock on the seabed," says Cole. "It was simply impossible to drive piles into it. The sea there is very energetic and the conditions are very challenging. All current foundation techniques were going to be a struggle.Then we discovered that the area had very large numbers of basking sharks, much more than we originally thought. We had to be environmentally responsible and we had to consider the needs of local stakeholders."  

26.03.14 10:55

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleSiemens Rotorfabrik für 6.0 DD

Siemens baut Rotorblatt-Fabrik in Großbritannien ? Deutsche Offshore-Branche enttäuscht
Hamburg ? Siemens investiert mehr als 190 Mio. Euro in neue Offshore-Produktionsstätten in Großbritannien. Geplant ist eine Fertigung von Rotorblättern für Offshore-Windturbinen der Sechs-Megawatt-Klasse sowie ein neues Logistik- und Service-Zentrum in Hull. 1.000 neue Arbeitsplätze sollen entstehen.

Der britische Premierminister David Cameron und Michael Süß, Mitglied des Vorstands der Siemens AG und CEO des Sektors Energy, bekräftigen das gemeinsame Engagement am Dienstagnachmittag in Hull. Dass der deutsche Konzern sich für eine Produktionsstätte außerhalb von Deutschland entschieden hat, sieht die deutsche Offshore-Branche als Folge der unsteten und kurzatmigen Energiepolitik seitens der Bundesregierung.

27.03.14 20:41

3210 Postings, 4817 Tage FighterkalleGrundlast

DONG Energy"s offshore wind farms have set a new record in January ? and then again in February.

With a capacity factor of 70% in January and 71% in February, DONG Energy"s fleet of offshore wind turbines had the highest production ever. Even though the winter months usually are more windy than the summer-months, the figures are extraordinary and it falls back on the work done by the DONG Energy employees working offshore.


Soviel zum Thema Grundlast....


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