Canadian Solar- eine der grössten Solarfirmen

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07.01.16 11:37

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage Kicky5 Solarparks ans Netz in Grossbritannien

Diese verfügen insgesamt über ein Leistungsvolumen von 22,9 MW.
Es handelt sich um die Solarparks Royston, Wick Road, Pant-Y-Moch, Long Meadow und Slade.  

07.01.16 20:42

799 Postings, 2604 Tage amir82Ich bin hier schon raus

08.01.16 10:46

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage KickyWarum Solar so stark fielen gestern

Solar energy stocks took a nosedive today and some of the industry's biggest players are feeling the pain. Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ) has dropped 15% late in trading, SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR) is down 9% after falling 10% earlier in the day, and JinkoSolar Co., Ltd. (NYSE: JKS) has plunged 18%.Solar stocks are often correlated to energy prices and that's hurting them today. WTI oil dropped 2.3% to $33.19 per barrel, although natural gas was up 4.8% to $2.38 per million Btu today. As fossil fuel prices fall solar energy becomes less competitive, so that's on investors' minds today.  The bigger driver of solar stocks is likely China's stock market collapse. Canadian Solar, SunPower, and JinkoSolar all generate a lot of demand for solar products in China,....  

19.01.16 10:34

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage Kicky50MW AC of MaxPower CS6X für Winsor Ontario

19.01.16 19:33

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage KickyAnalyse von Zacks

...Canadian Solar has a strong pipeline of projects along with relevant inorganic strategies that is expected to consolidate its position.

It caters to a geographically diverse customer base spread across key markets in the U.S., Canada and Europe, as well as emerging market opportunities in South Korea, Singapore and Brazil.

Notably, Asia is expected to be a big solar module import market in the near future, with Japan, India and China primarily driving demand. Asia and others contributed 41.3% to net revenue in the third quarter of 2015, rising significantly from 20.4% in the year-ago quarter. ...
Canadian Solar?s revenues from America are falling, which is a cause of concern. Revenues from the Americas in the third quarter represented 52.6% of total revenue as compared to 71.7% in the year-ago quarter.....


22.01.16 12:50

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage KickyKGV von 7 Yieldco nicht vor 2.Hälfte 2016

02.02.16 10:35

3899 Postings, 3831 Tage Master MintSuper

11.02.16 17:37

2858 Postings, 3736 Tage JulietteBin wieder mit 'ner vollen Position

rein und hoffe, daß das Jahrestief von Ende September 2015 (um $16 )als Unterstüzung dient  

11.02.16 20:34

997 Postings, 1676 Tage omega10000Was

für Unterstützungen ,hier hält überhaupt nichts mehr ....  

12.02.16 02:20

3899 Postings, 3831 Tage Master Mint@omega10000

So ist es, dem ist nichts hinzu zu fügen  

12.02.16 18:46

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage Kicky60 MWp of PV Modules +Power Stations for Southgate

04.02.2016  Canadian Solar Solutions Inc., has secured contracts to supply 50 MW AC (60 MW DC) of MaxPower CS6X Ontario-made solar panels and 30 medium voltage power stations for the Southgate Solar facility. This utility-scale solar project, developed by Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. (?Samsung?) and Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure (?CC&L Infrastructure?), will be built in the Township of Southgate, County of Grey, Ontario.

12.02.16 19:00

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage KickyRoth Capital mit Buy KZ $40

? February 2, 2016,  Analyst Philip Shen of Roth Capital recently weighed in on CSIQ, selecting the company as one of his ?top picks.? First, the analyst notes the stock is trading below is pre-ITC extension levels, which he views as ?an attractive buying opportunity.? The analyst attributes the falling stock price to its grouping ?with other China-based stocks and overall macro concerns.? However, he states that CSIQ is ?one of the best-positioned solar companies in [his] universe? due to its leading global position, strong downstream pipeline, and ?limited exposure to China.?
The analyst is also bullish regarding the company?s access to debt financing, as the company was able to fund various project in the U.S. and abroad through loans. He believes that success in U.S. utility projects, ?potentially improved economics in the company?s existing U.S. pipeline as a result of the ITC extension,? and ?a successful yieldco launch? are all upside catalysts for the stock.....

16.02.16 15:49

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage KickyCanadian Solar's Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015

sehr postive Guidance

today announced that its results will exceed prior guidance for the fourth quarter and full year 2015. The Company plans to report its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year 2015 on Thursday, March 10. Management will host a conference call to discuss results and its outlook at that time. Separately, the Company announced the suspension of its at-the-market common share sale program due to market conditions.
For the fourth quarter of 2015, Canadian Solar now expects its total solar module shipments to be in the range of approximately1, 350 MW to 1,400 MW, compared to its previous guidance, which was in the range of 1,300 MW to 1,350 MW, .........

ich würde sagen reisst mich nicht vom Hocker, aber den Anlegern gefällts +10%  

17.02.16 16:41

997 Postings, 1676 Tage omega10000Die

Analysten von Roth Capital bestätigen in ihrer Canadian Solar-Aktienanalyse das "buy"-Rating sowie das Kursziel von 40,00 USD  

17.02.16 18:23

15490 Postings, 4207 Tage ulm000Hier aus meinem Wiki-Blog

17.02.2016 16:50:34

Die Börse unterschätzt nach Ansicht der Analysten von Roth Capital das Unternehmen Canadian Solar wie auch dessen Projektgeschäft und bestätigt das Kursziel von 40 $.

Roth Capital erhöht ihre Q4 Gewinnprognose nach den gestrigen Vorabzahlen beim EPS von 0,64 auf 0,81 $ (Q4 Umsatz 1 Mrd. $ mit einer Bruttomarge von 15,1%).

Mit den neuen Schätzungen von Roth Capital würde Canadian Solar somit in 2015 auf einen Umsatz von 3,3 Mrd. $ kommen bei einem Nettogewinn von 150 Mio. $ (EPS: 2,64 $). Damit würde Canadian Solar aktuell mit einem 2015er KGV von 7,4 und einem 2015er KUV von 0,3 bewertet:  

17.02.16 23:05

361 Postings, 4256 Tage zoro de la boursehallo ulm000 was ist da dein wikiblog

habe bei wiki alles gelesen... seit Monate ... und nichts gefunden!  

18.02.16 13:53

3794 Postings, 3027 Tage Taktueriker81Ausstieg

gestern alles verkauft und wieder in Jinko rein und jetzt legt der Kurs gleich mal vorbörslich wieder 5% zu. Das Timing ist dieses Jahr noch nicht mit mir, aber was noch nicht ist kann ja hoffentlich noch werden.

VG und weiterhin viel Erfolg

22.02.16 22:51

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage mit Buy KZ $34,5

If you want to "beat the bear," you should look for companies with game-changing technologies that are tapped into unstoppable trends. Many investors think that persistently low oil and gas prices will compel end users to abandon solar in favor of cheaper fossil fuels...Fact is, the infrastructure for the solar industry is now pervasive and entrenched, leading to a "price decoupling" of solar and fossil fuels. Solar and other renewable energies are now integral to the energy status quo and no longer need high oil and gas prices to attract users.......

The one stock that appears to have greatest upside potential this year is Canadian Solar .Canadian Solar's stock now trades at $18.71. The median 12-month price target of analysts covering the stock is $34.50, which suggests shares could gain 84% over the next year. The highest price target is $47, which implies the stock could gain an eye-popping 150% over that period. .......  

24.02.16 18:34

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage KickyCSIQ Issues JPY3.0 Billion Solar Project Bond

for its 10.2 MWp Aomori-Misawa Solar Power Plant in Rokunohe-cho, Kamikita-gun, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

Canadian Solar Issues JPY3.0 Billion Solar Project Bond in Japan
today announced that it has entered into a financing agreement, pursuant to which, Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. has agreed to arrange a JPY3.0 billion ($26.0 million) project finance bond for Canadian Solar's 10.2 MWp Aomori-Misawa Solar Power Plant in Rokunohe-cho, Kamikita-gun, Aomori Prefecture, Japan.
The non-recourse bond, which is backed by the project assets, has a maturity of 20 years, including a 2-year grace period, and a fixed coupon rate of 1.4%. Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. acted as the bond arranger and Shinsei Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. as the lender. The 10.2 MWp Aomori-Misawa Solar Power Plant received an investment grade rating of "A" from Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. The project is expected to reach commercial operation in December, 2016.


29.02.16 20:01

61324 Postings, 7459 Tage KickyCanadian auf dem Weg zu Nummer Eins

Der Solarkonzern hatte vor wenigen Tagen seinen Ausblick für das vergangene vierte Quartal 2015 als auch für das Gesamtjahr 2015 angehoben und schickt sich an, den Rivalen Trina Solar in 2016 an der Weltspitze abzulösen.

Canadian Solar erwartet nunmehr einen Umsatz zwischen 1,02 und 1,07 Mrd. Dollar, nachdem zunächst nur Erlöse von 930 bis 980 Mio. Dollar erwartet wurden. Bei den Solarmodulen erwartet Canadian Solar Auslieferzahlen von 1.350 bis 1.400 Megawatt, womit sich die Auslieferungen ebenfalls über den Erwartungen bewegen.Auf Jahressicht erwartet Canadian Solar Solarmodul-Auslieferungen zwischen 4,63 und 4,68 Gigawatt (GW), womit Canadian Solar zu den Top-3-Herstellern im Jahr 2015 gehören dürfte.  300 Megawatt hiervon dürften dabei in eigene Downstream-Projekte gehen.


03.03.16 18:17

997 Postings, 1676 Tage omega10000Ei

Ei Ei gibt's heute wieder auf die Fresse !  

03.03.16 18:20

3899 Postings, 3831 Tage Master MintWahnsinn

Mit Gewinnmitnahmen sind solche Abschläge nicht zu erklären.  Zahlen kommen am 10.03. und da wird noch mal richtig am Baum geschüttelt.  

03.03.16 19:01

37 Postings, 2069 Tage nichtsicherMaster Mint : Wahnsinn

..fuck amis halt

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