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27.07.20 15:14

3098 Postings, 4371 Tage Alfons1982Mathilda

Ich kann Dich diesbezüglich aufklären. Es handelt sich um erstklassige Bohrergebnisse. Das sollte heute stark den Kurs beflügeln. Das Szenario mit 10-20 Millionen Unzen wird so immer realistischer und weckt natürlich zusätzlich die Phantasie der Markteilnehmer an. Wenn Lust kannst Du im ariva Silber/Goldminenthread schreiben. Hier kann Dir vlt. weiter geholfen werden.

27.07.20 15:18

47 Postings, 411 Tage AutarkieAlfons

die 10 bis 20 Millionen Unzen Phantasie wurde schon
lange mit 40 bis 50 Millionen Unzen ersetzt.
Die 20 Millionen hat Tudor ganz sicher,  wenn du nur von einer
Billion Tonnage ausgehst.Und die bestätigte Konkin schon in 2019.
Inzwischen ist der Open Pit über einen km lang.  

27.07.20 18:29

2 Postings, 867 Tage Mathilda01Danke für die Erklärungen

27.07.20 18:42

47 Postings, 411 Tage AutarkieATH

Stocks on the move today Jul 27

New highs - $DSV  $TUD  $SGI  $CNC  $KNT  $PYR  $AMX  $ABR  $MTA  

Range breakouts - $FISH  $GMC  $MAE  $HPQ  $DM  $SCLT  $PHD  $DMX  $CKG  

28.07.20 21:16

3114 Postings, 5721 Tage bradettiIch freue mich hier

doch ganz besonders für Helmut Finger, der hier ja mit BoD von Tudor sitzt. Ist nun sicherlich aus dem gröbsten raus und muss wohl definitiv nicht mehr Eurogas oder Colt Res betrachten, in die er viele Anleger eingetrieben hat.
Sein Glück: Walter Storm  

29.07.20 17:11

47 Postings, 411 Tage AutarkieWas geht die Aktie ab

heute macht es spaß...  

03.08.20 18:47

17 Postings, 1591 Tage Apfelsaft1Kursziel 2020 7,8 CAD

allein wenn "nur" 20 Mio Unzen gesetzt werden, sehen wir ein viel höheren Kurs als derzeit. - möglicherweise über 7 CAD.


05.08.20 08:45

3114 Postings, 5721 Tage bradettiSeit März 2020

verzehnfacht - nicht schlecht...  

11.08.20 22:09

47 Postings, 411 Tage AutarkiePerfect Storm 1

24.08.20 08:46

47 Postings, 411 Tage AutarkieAnalyse Tudor

Anzeige / Werbung+++ Die Fundamentaldaten für Gold und Edelmetallaktien sind und bleiben sehr bullisch ++++++ Nutzen Sie jeden Aktien-Rücksetzer bei diesem Weltklasse-Developer mit potentieller Mega-Goldressource

10.09.20 17:03

47 Postings, 411 Tage Autarkiees scheint weiterzugehen

Tudor Gold bohrt eine neue Discovery an. Schauen Sie hier genau hin. Da die Aktie bisher noch nicht reagiert hat, scheint der Markt die Bedeutung noch nicht realisiert zu haben!

16.09.20 19:06

47 Postings, 411 Tage AutarkieBeaver River

This event is far more selective with inviting qualified exploration companies that large institutions and producers would want to meet with.  This will be the second year Tudor will be attending and discussing Treaty Creek with potential suitors.  VP of Project Development , Ken Konkin will be making a company presentation and corporate update which will be streamed live at 3:00PM EST on Thursday Sept 17th.  You can sign up to register for the live presentation here:

We highly recommend that you attend and that you invite friends , family, and any analysts / writers you know to attend as well.  Ken is as engaging as he is knowledgeable and does a great job of explaining the potential at Treaty Creek.   If your associates are not familiar with American Creek please send them this link as well:  

18.09.20 07:30

47 Postings, 411 Tage AutarkieBeaver Präsentation Ken Konkin

KK Presentation
I heard these interesting points:

1 - The drilling this year at PSZ was confined to an area at the edge of the target for which drilling permits were in place.  From watching KK review the map with his cursor, his primary target appears to be quite a distance from where they drilled.  He clearly feels there is better grade much further to the southwest (several hundred meters) more in the center of the target.  He also clearly feels there is mineralization consistently in between where they drilled this year and where they will drill in 2021.  In other words, a good sized system when it is defined - another big one.

2 - Early in the presentation he made reference to Orpiment as another 3km target along the STF.  He doesn't always mention Orpiment in his presentations and I think it's significant for next year.

3 - They will not be able to define the extent of the DS-5 in 2020 and must complete that part of the work to the northeast in 2021.  [This is another reason I think Orpiment could come into play as a further deposit next year - they will be banging on the door of the Orpiment showing if they have success tracing the DS-5 in that direction anyway].

KK reconfirmed earlier info such as the size of Goldstorm as 1100m by 700m by 1000m deep, and easily 1B tons of material.  He also made a comparison to Snowfield as his sort of  benchmark for Goldstorm - Snowfield has 25.9 oz Au. Measured and Indicated and 9 million Inferred.  So he seems to be thinking in terms of the 30-40 million oz. Au range for now.  In my thinking, when a third major deposit is identified (whether Orpiment or further northeast) this number will eventually grow to 45-60 million.

But regardless of the total number, the crown jewel is still the 300 Horizon.  I think that will define pretty well what the value of Goldstorm is when the initial resource estimate comes out.  The other resources will add to that later, possibly in a substantial way.  For example, everything reported at PSZ this year was no deeper than 417 meters, and therefore brings up the possibility of another shallow gold discovery in that zone.  

18.09.20 07:31

47 Postings, 411 Tage AutarkieLink

http://For">">http://For anyone who missed it we are providing the link to Tudor?s presentation on Treaty Creek.  Catalin Kilofliski and Ken Konkin only took 15 minutes to do a great job at giving us details on the geological system and where the focus is at Treaty Creek.  We highly encourage everyone to take a few minutes to watch it.  Simply click here:


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