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1132 Postings, 4302 Tage DaveLoopB GREEN INNOVATIONS A (WKN: A0YJC7) Kennt die wer?

Kennt die jemand?  
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11.02.14 17:46

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Weiss

jemand etwas wegen einer Übernahme?  

11.02.14 20:39

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Aus IHub


Jerry is not going to sell the company. He has never done that yet. Of all of his companies, he does get some cash flow for this one. Not enough to be a publicly traded stock, but to earn a fair income. He brought his costs down a year or so ago by moving the manufacturing over to korea, and burning a long time relationship with his manufacture in Pennsylvania. But that is Jerry, doesnt care who he screws as long as it puts money in his pocket. And there is a difference between being a shrewd businessman and a low life. He simply has figured out a way to stay below the government radar and use the stock market scam as a means of making money rather than producing and selling a real product. If you simply go back to every company he has been connected with, the pattern is exactly the same, identical.


18.02.14 17:01

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969AUS IHUB!


This proves interest buy a mj company and by
CEO. I believe this is true as several other people who called and got through got
a similar response, so IMO this is officially a mj buyout shell candidate. It makes 100% sense for both parties
Here is some proof of inquiry and possible interest.


Feb 9 (5 days ago)

to jerrym

Dear Mr. Mahoney,

I represent a Cannabis startup company looking to merge/buyout a current company and or shell. I don't know if you realize this, but there is a major boom in the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana. Just this week, our president and congress passed a major law regarding this movement. My clients are very interested in buying a current registered company shell for the purposes of infusing their assets and business model. They are willing to make you a very generous offer if you are interested and if it meets my clients needs as well. Some recent shells sold within this unprecedented growth industry have been in the $100's of thousands and up. I recently looked at your current SEC filings, which have not been updated since 2012, and I can assure you there offer would be significantly more than your reported sales and future revenue for years to come. My clients like the name and current share structure and feel this would be a good fit. If you are interested in listening to our offer and discussing this matter, please email me back with your thoughts. I will try to call you at your registered business phone number as well during this upcoming week.

Best Regards,

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx Capital LLC


Jerry Mahoney

Feb 10 (4 days ago)


My contact number for my office is 732 696 9333 please call me regarding your inquiry thank you.

Please consider the environment before printing this email, the planet will thank you!


Jerry Mahoney


750 Rt. 34
Matawan, NJ 07747
Tel: 732-696-9333"Just Say My Name"
Fax: 732-441-9895

21.02.14 22:10

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Wo sind denn alle?

25.02.14 16:54

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969was geht ab?;-)

25.02.14 16:57

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Bitte anschnallen!

25.02.14 18:14

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969BGNN MEDICAL MARIJUANA Takeover/ Merger coming!

25.02.14 18:28

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Aus IHub!

BGNN~ MEDICAL MARIJUANA TAKEOVER Coming SOON! Good to see you here bro. This one reminds me of the one that ran from triple zeros to .10+ cents :)

25.02.14 19:00

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Wahnsinns Volumen!

25.02.14 19:27

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Und keiner mehr da!

25.02.14 19:32

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Ist

hier eine Übernahme im Gange?  

25.02.14 19:42

2914 Postings, 4383 Tage bindabeijunge junge

bist du immer noch drin dann musst du auch mal verkaufen und nicht wieder jammern wenn der Zug abgefahren ist  

25.02.14 19:50

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Du nicht?

Ich habe die Kohle abgeschrieben!
So hoch steigt das Ding wohl nicht!
oder doch???  

25.02.14 20:01

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Hat wer einen L2 Chart!

25.02.14 20:04

15800 Postings, 3399 Tage nordküstenbauB Green

IRRE Fantastisch  

25.02.14 20:13

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Ob da was drann ist?

25.02.14 20:14

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Und noch mal Anlauf!

25.02.14 20:36

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Shares Outstanding 886,952,726

28.02.14 22:39

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Junge Junge

Auch hier habe ich gemerkt das 99% nur Platzpatronen sind!

16.05.14 10:45

2224 Postings, 4307 Tage wave1984ist hier überhaupt noch

jemand Aktiv?  

11.10.14 20:15

3078 Postings, 5135 Tage Borusse1969Ruhe ist!

14.10.14 17:43

2224 Postings, 4307 Tage wave1984wie viele Stücke hast du noch?

25.11.14 11:37

69 Postings, 3911 Tage galaxyanerEine Frage an Inverstierte

eine Frage, ich hatte mal 100.000 Stück von dieser Aktie im Portfolio. Jetzt sind es nur 10.000. Gab es hier mal eine Änderung, wurden die reduziert, bzw. wurden aus 10 Aktien mal eine? Danke für eine kurze Info, von einem der hier auch investiert ist.  

25.04.21 03:50

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