Sehr interessante Lithiumaktie!

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12.10.16 19:59

192 Postings, 1365 Tage z32dalso ich hatte von anfang an

kein gutes gefühl über 1,30? und hab mich deshalb rausgehalten, schließe aber nicht aus dass in den kommenden wochen wieder eine 2 davorstehen wird  

12.10.16 21:15

9 Postings, 1357 Tage SvenLangenbecheExtrem

Es ist nun mal eine höchst extreme Investition, im Guten wie im Schlechten. Alleine heute Abend innerhalb von einer Stunde 10+ Plus ist schon hart. Aber alle die hier investiert / interessiert sind sollten sich darüber im Klaren sein wie volatil die ganze Geschichte ist. Leider haben wir alle keine Glaskugel bzw. unendlich Kapital, dann wäre ich jetzt eingestiegen oder würde meine Position ausbauen :) Schönen Abend noch  

13.10.16 08:27

723 Postings, 3295 Tage fishermann friendUnfassbar

Der gestrige Schlusskurs bei ML war bei 1,50 CAD in Kanada, wobei die nächsten Stücke erst bei 1,55 CAD zu haben war, dies entspricht 1,06 ?, hier wird unter einem Euro verkauft, wie hier die Angst umhergeht ist nicht mehr normal...ich bin auf der Käuferseite - Panik hoch zehn hier abnormal - und das wegen nichts, die Story ist immer noch die selbe und in der Bank sind auch noch 6-7 Mio gab keinen Bankraub über Nacht :D  

13.10.16 09:38

293 Postings, 2623 Tage GlücksAbartig volaltil

ich bin geschockt, wie die Leute hier ihre Aktien schmeißen.
Der Marketmaker freut sich.....  

14.10.16 16:44

293 Postings, 2623 Tage GlücksNa endlich

nähren wir uns mit klitzekleinen Schritten wieder dem Fair Value ran^^.
Als Pennystock leider viel zu schade.
LONG heißt die Devise und bin sehr auf den newsflow in den nächsten 3 Monaten gespannt.
Für mich vielversprechend.  

24.10.16 09:48

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24.10.16 12:42

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26.10.16 08:43

723 Postings, 3295 Tage fishermann friendMaydorn in Argentinien

Maydorn wohl diese Woche bei Millennial, da scheint aber einer überzeugt so sein wenn er sogar die paar tausend Kilomter hinfliegt, wird bestimmt in ner Woche nen Spezialreport geben, aktuelle Kaufkurse werde ich heute nochmals nutzen- keine Kauf-Verkaufempfehlung

In Kürze wieder auf Sendung


Alfred Maydorn, Chefredakteur

Liebe Leser,

die Pause von Maydorns Meinung dauert noch ein paar Tage länger, weil ich heute für eine Woche nach Argentinien fliege, um mir dort ein Lithium-Projekt anzusehen. Ab kommenden Mittwoch erscheint Maydorns Meinung dann wieder wie gehabt von Montag bis Donnerstag.

Viele Grüße und viel Erfolg,


26.10.16 10:04

137 Postings, 1960 Tage Miller01Vielleicht geht Maydorn wen anderes besuchen

26.10.16 20:12

370 Postings, 1447 Tage MBerlin@ fishermann friend

Genau das hatte ich auch vermutet. Hatte dies dann hier geschrieben und der Beitrag wurde sofort gelöscht und ich für einen Tag geperrt.  

27.10.16 09:51

293 Postings, 2623 Tage GlücksHab mal rechechiert

Gestern Insiderkäufe des Management Boards um ML in Kanada.
Graham Harris, Brent William Butler.
Insgesamt 50.000 Shares , also 25.000 Stück pro Kopf.
Volumen 62.500 $.

Scheinen sich sehr günstig einzudecken :-))
Ob da was kommt ??

Zu finden unter folgendem Link unter dem Reiter "Feelings by Attraktion date:


27.10.16 10:51

444 Postings, 3521 Tage nutella79super

Der CEO kauft am Markt!

Das zeigt, dass er an höhere Kurse glaubt ;-)  

27.10.16 11:09

723 Postings, 3295 Tage fishermann friendJames West

Das habe ich gefunden, Midas Letter - James West - der ist wohl derzeit vor Ort:

MidasLetter Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016

James West Salta, A

rgentina, is city of just over one million residents. The principle industry here is agriculture, primarily tobacco. The city occupies the eastern foothills of the Andean Cordillera, and is more characteristic of Andean culture than the European vibe of Buenos Aires. Most Salteños, as the locals call themselves, are oblivious to the invasion happening in their city. Apart from the taxi drivers who are well aware that there are a lot more financial gringos showing up at the airport needing rides to local hotels, the lithium story primarily unfolds on distant peaks and in high remote valleys. Most of the companies active here ? primarily TSX Venture-listed ones on the exploration front, with a smattering of Australians ? are in exploration mode, with the notable exception of Orocobre, who is the first new lithium carbonate producer in the Western world in 20 years. With exploration, the impact on the local community is more subtle than a fully operational mining operation, so the indifference toward lithium by the residents of Salta is understandable. What is apparent on my first day waking up in Salta is that each of the companies here are manned by individuals who, by varying degrees, have been working in and living in Argentina for years. Iain Scarr, who is president of Millenial Lithium Corp.?s Argentine subsidiary, is a case in point. Formerly with Rio Tinto, he and his wife have lived in Salta for the last eight years. His wife is a hydrologist who has sampled and studied just about every salar in the province if not on the continent of South America. As we sit enjoying coffee in the lobby of the Sheraton, we are continuously interrupted as Iain greets newcomer after newcomer as they pass throught the lobby. For the most part, they are not guests of the hotel ? they are coming to the hotel to meet CEOs and VPs of the various public companies who are currently operating in Argentina. It?s that vibrant. Especially now, in the Southern Hemisphere spring, Salta is a tourist destination extraordinaire, as evidenced by the near-hourly flights that two major airlines ? Aerolineas Argentinas and LATAM (the result of a merger between LAN of Chile and TAM of Brazil) ? make to the city daily. The main square , literally a quadrangle with a park in the center and shops and sidewalk cafe?s in colonial architecture buildings around the periphery, is jam-packed with tourists and local youth all enjoying the summery breeze and live music on a Monday night. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a street festival, but I am told by many that this is what it is always like when the weather is fine. Several companies are conducting site visits with institutional investors here this week, and the city is a hive of frenetic activity. And they all seem to know each other. ?Everybody knows everybody in Salta,? says Scarr. ?And almost everybody knows everybody in the lithium space globally. Its a very warm and friendly community.? Jesse Randall was born and raised in Argentina, and acts as country manager for Lithium-X Energy Inc. (CVE:LIX). He says that whereas in the past, there were five or six companies trying to exploit lithium in Salta, that number has swelled to over 20. ?I don?t know most of them, or how long they?ll last,? he said on Tuesday. ?But lithium is very important for Salta, and for Argentina.? On Wednesday we travel to the 4,500 Pastos Grande salar in Argentina?s high north.


27.10.16 13:30

262 Postings, 1473 Tage Baikal1geht auf ein mal richtig los!

28.10.16 08:23

723 Postings, 3295 Tage fishermann friendManagement hat auch gestern gekauft!

Management hat auch gestern gekauft! Graham Harris hat nochmal 20.000 gekauft

Oct 27/16  Oct 27/16  Harris, Graham  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Acquisition in the public market  5,000  $1.44

Oct 27/16  Oct 27/16  Harris, Graham  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Acquisition in the public market  15,000  $1.44

Oct 26/16  Oct 26/16  Harris, Graham  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Acquisition in the public market  2,200  $1.25

Oct 26/16  Oct 26/16  Harris, Graham  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Acquisition in the public market  5,100  $1.24

Oct 26/16  Oct 26/16  Harris, Graham  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Acquisition in the public market  6,000  $1.25

Oct 26/16  Oct 26/16  Harris, Graham  Indirect Ownership  Common Shares  10 - Acquisition in the public market  11,700  $1.24


28.10.16 08:43

362 Postings, 3466 Tage balance85vertrauensbeweis

ganz klar !!!!  

28.10.16 09:23

444 Postings, 3521 Tage nutella79Ganz aktuell von James West - Midas Letter - super

 Pastos Grande: Millennial Lithium’s aggressive pursuit | Financial Post
James West reports from Salta, Argentina, on the flagship project of a Canadian junior company racing to put its lithium deposits into production
Ganz aktuell von James West - Midas Letter - super Artikel - lesenswert!

Earlier this week, my Argentinian adventures found me on a field trip with Millennial Lithium Corp. (CVE:ML) (OTCMKTS:MLNLF), arguably one of the most aggressive operators from Canada pursuing lithium mine development in Salta province. A group of roughly 20 wealth managers, fund managers, and financial journalists, (including a team from the Washington Post) travelled into the high Andes near the border with Chile to endure a walk on one of Argentina?s best known salars. What jolts you the most travelling to the heart of the lithium triangle is this: the number of salars that more than 20 companies are vying for is just 10. There are lots of small inconsequential ones that might become the product of latecomers to the game, but make no mistake: the big, high-grade salars that are relatively accessible (within an eight-hour drive of civilization) are small in number, but vast in size. Some of them have nearly 100 different owners. Millennial Lithium?s Pastos Grande, for example, is not completely 100 per cent its own. But importantly, it owns the heart of the salar, and one of the biggest parcels on it, at 5,500 hectares. Salars, which are essentially dried or drying lake beds in the depression formed by basins within the Andean Cordillera, are visually stunning examples of how nature alters the earth?s surface. The receding water over thousands (and in some cases, millions) of years has conspired with persistent high-altitude winds to form the surface into a uniform cell-shaped white crust. During the rainy season (summer, which is in the northern hemisphere?s winter months), the salars are blindingly white. In the dryer season, they become coated in the dust and sand that the winds swirl across the plains in giant clouds that sometimes render visibility to zero. Fortunately for our visit, the winds were persistent, but not overly strong, and the sun shone brightly in a vivid blue sky. Faces were sunburned, and the altitude caused discomfort for some. But the drive to Millennial?s site, while long, at four-and-a-half hours, was half on paved roads, and otherwise on relatively well-maintained gravel roads. We passed other major salars along the way, and Millennial?s country manager and Argentine subsidiary president Iain Scarr ? a former Rio Tinto employee ? explained the subtle and not-so-subtle differences among the salars. One?s understanding of what?s going on in the lithium triangle is best served by this type of journey, and Argentina, and Salta especially, are laser-focused on bringing the lithium industry onto the world stage and becoming a major source of this most important of battery metals. When we arrived at Pastos Grande, a drill rig and crew were in the final stages of set-up, and had we lingered an hour longer, we would have seen drilling actually begin. Millennial is planning to drill an initial four holes on Pastos Grande to confirm some of the past results from previous owners. The aggressive deal-making by Millennial?s management team on the ground here, and its astute cultivation of relationships with local operators, suggests there will be a stream of developments as the company puts its projects into production. In the days ahead, I am going to bring to investors? attention some of the nuanced politics of the regional governments that will have a bearing on the successes of Canadian companies operating here, which must navigate some less-than-obvious channels to triumph in their pursuits.

28.10.16 09:25

293 Postings, 2623 Tage GlücksScheint der Klassiker zu sein !

Harttechnisch eine typische V Formation. Starker Albverkauf, Management hat sich günstig eingedeckt.
Das machen die nicht wegen lächerlicher 20% :-))

Meines Erachtens ist, wenn hier noch weiterer Newsflow (evtl. weiteres Projekt) kommt, was die Marketcap (ML momentan 43 Mio) betrifft, Luft nach oben.
Vergleiche es gerne mit der Peer Group (MK 100 Mio).

Zudem bin ich auf Maydorn gespannt.  

28.10.16 15:03

723 Postings, 3295 Tage fishermann friendSo ist es

Kein Insider kauft wegen ein paar Prozent Gewinn, denke das ML einiges an News hat in nächster Zeit....  

31.10.16 20:13

723 Postings, 3295 Tage fishermann friendInterview mit CEO

Interview mit CEO Graham Harris von der Mines and Money:  

01.11.16 09:56

140 Postings, 2045 Tage Der HobbyaktionärKaugummi

Hallo guten Morgen,

kann bitte jemand das Interview mal auf deutsch zusammenfassen?
Mein Englisch ist nicht das beste, aber bei Ami's mit ihrem Kaugummi im Mundgebabbel komme ich überhaupt nicht mit.

01.11.16 10:16

370 Postings, 1447 Tage MBerlinUntertitel

Man kann bei dem Video auch den deutschen Untertitel einblenden.  

01.11.16 10:43

444 Postings, 3521 Tage nutella79also

zusammengefasst in etwa:

Jetzt gehen die ganzen Aktivitäten los wie Bohrungen, sprich Exploration und Ergebnisse in kürze. Den Explorationsgeologen Ian Scarr den Millennial für sich gewinnen konnte, ist ein Macher - super Ruf in der Branche, vorallem was Lithium anging.

Meine persönliche Meinung: Super Einstiegs oder eben Nachkaufgegelenheit!  

01.11.16 12:13

140 Postings, 2045 Tage Der HobbyaktionärVerständnis

Danke an MBerlin und nutella79,

jetzt weiß auch ich bescheid.

01.11.16 17:32

262 Postings, 1473 Tage Baikal1Warum geht's auf ein mal runter?

Aus 30% plus jezt minus geworden...  

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