Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial

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08.10.18 17:24

11 Postings, 3783 Tage Steppenwolf_1977Atlassian: Eine Aktie mit Potenzial

Da es zu dieser aus meiner Sicht hochinteressanten Aktie noch keinen Thread gibt habe ich hiermit einen solchen gestartet. Warum hochinteressant?

Ich hatte in den letzten Jahren die Gelegenheit die wichtigsten Produkte dieses Unternehmens (Confluence und JIRA) intensiv kennenzulernen. Wir haben Confluence (das ist im Kern ein Enterprise Wiki) im Rahmen eines MItarbeiterportalprojekts eingeführt. Dabei habe ich auch den Vergleich zu einem der größten Konkurenzprodukte (Microsoft Sharepoint). Erkentnis: Gerade beim aus meiner Sicht wichtigsten Erfolgsfaktor "Usability" schlägt Confluence Sharepoint um Längen. Man kann out of the box einfach viel mehr erreichen, weitere Funktionalitäten können sehr einfach über Add-Ons (Atlassian Marketplace) nachgerüstet werden. Hinzu kommt dass das Produkt (noch) sehr deutlich günstiger ist Microsoft.

Warum sehe ich ein hohes Kurspotenzial?
- Tolle Produkte die von den Anwendern meiner Erfahrung nach gerne genutzt werden
- Unternehmen ist inzwischen weltweit etabliert, aber noch um 1-2 Größenordnungen kleiner als die großen Player. Die Kundenbasis wächst seit vielen Jahren rasant.
- Gut funktionierender Marketplace. Atlassian verdient an kommerziellen Add-Ons mit
- Großes Potenzial für künftige Lizenz-Preissteigerungen.

Ich bin auf Eure Meinungen gespannt!  
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19.02.19 12:45

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyAltlassian schöner ruhiger Anstieg

20.02.19 18:25

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage Kicky50 Gründe Atlassian zu kaufen u.Niemals zu verkauf

.....Atlassian makes a number of tools that companies quickly come to rely on. The most recent annual report identifies five core services:

Jira: where teams can plan and monitor project management
Confluence: allows teams to create and share documents and data
Trello: adds a visual component to help keep track of who is working on what and how far along they are
Bitbucket: helps teams create and share coding work
Jira Service Desk: a self-service portal that allows teams to quickly respond to customer issues
The important thing to know about these tools is this: They become pillars of how employees at technology companies communicate. Once employees at these companies get comfortable on these platforms, the switching costs become sky high.....

The important thing to know about these tools is this: They become pillars of how employees at technology companies communicate. Once employees at these companies get comfortable on these platforms, the switching costs become sky high.
Revenue is growing at a compounded rate of 36% per year; gross profit (38% per year) and free cash flow (67% per year) fare even better! And let's not forget that those 2019 figures only include the additional six months through the company's fiscal 2019 so far. By mid-2019, the figures will be even more impressive...."  

01.03.19 18:39

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyMotley Fool My Top Stock to Buy in February

"...That company is Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM) -- an Australian business that's built a suite of tools that IT, business, and software teams use to communicate and manage workflows. These tools are invaluable to the companies that use them, and the company is building an enormous moat around its free-cash-flow-positive business.
If you aren't familiar with Atlassian -- and few probably are -- here's the overview of the company's main products:

Jira Core: This allows any team (HR, Ops, etc.) to plan and track projects from cubicles just down the hall...or on the other side of the world.
Jira Service Desk: Allows customers to get in touch with agents to fix problems quickly.
Confluence: A searchable and open workspace for documents to be shared.
Bitbucket: A site to collaborate on and build code solutions.
It's worth noting that this isn't an exhaustive list of tools. ..."
Here's what growth in those segments have looked like over the past three years.  

05.03.19 13:38

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyShopyfy und Altlassian

....Atlassian opened the Atlassian Marketplace in 2012 for third-parties developers to offer their wares. There are over 4,000 such apps available, and the company takes a 25% cut of the sales.
Most impressive, momentum seems to be building: It took five years for total app sales to cross $250 million. But in only six more quarters, they doubled to $500 million. And in 2018 alone, Atlassian Marketplace recorded $200 million in sales....  

21.03.19 13:24

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyAtlassian in hot sector

..Atlassian (TEAM 111.77, -0.65, -0.58%), is a cloud software developer focused on creating collaboration platforms for organizing, discussing, and completing shared work. Hence the ticker symbol TEAM. TEAM has been gaining new customers at a fast clip and it has been active on the M&A front, recently acquiring OpsGenie, which has developed a platform that enables companies to better plan for and respond to IT service disruptions.

A key initiative is that TEAM is doubling down on supporting the needs of IT teams. Serving IT departments is an adjacent market TEAM has been serving for years yet the company feels it has barely scratched the surface of this significant opportunity. Also, just this past Monday, Atlassian announced it will acquire AgileCraft,y a provider of enterprise agile planning software. AgileCraft helps companies build and manage a ?master plan' of their most strategic projects and workstreams.On the new product front, TEAM recently introduced Jira Ops, a unified incident command center for IT teams to coordinate response and resolution. Alongside other offerings, these two products (Jira Ops and OpsGenie) support TEAM's efforts to deepen its focus on IT teams.
Where it is similar to SMAR is its lofty valuation. It has a current P/E above 130x and a price/sales above 20x.  

21.03.19 13:29

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyAnalysten zu Agile Craft positiv

"The purchase expands Atlassian's capabilities by helping connect the work that engineering teams do in Jira to broader IT-focused business teams," Raymond James analyst Michael Turits said in a report to clients."...
Derrick Wood, analyst at Cowen & Co., also has an upbeat view of the deal.
"AgileCraft gives Atlassian a compelling complementary technology to its project management software portfolio," Wood said. "First, it helps Atlassian expand beyond team-based project management. AgileCraft acts as a layer above this to help business leaders and application teams manage a portfolio of software projects."  

05.04.19 14:16

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage Kickythe terrrible Encryption Laws
Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar has slammed the controversial anti-encryption laws, saying they are "dangerous",  while Labor has vowed to fix the policy to minimise the impact on local firms.

The "assistance and access" policy was passed by the parliament in December 2018 and outline a range of orders that law enforcement can issue to technology companies, compelling them to help decrypt information in order to uncover communications about serious crimes.

They have been widely unpopular in the technology community because of concerns they will compromise system safety and could lead to developers facing penalties for not complying with the laws..."

habe gesucht warum Atlassian fällt

09.04.19 08:07

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyLabor step up in fight against encryption laws

09.04.19 08:10

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage Kickyis Atlassian a buy?

"....When you get right down to the details, you find that, frankly, its cash flow and return on equity could be better. It does have decent growth for both operating margin and earnings, excellent sales growth, and has been enjoying both positive earnings surprises and upward revisions in its ratings by Wall Street analysts.

Now, when you look at Atlassian?s Quantitative Grade, you see that it earned a solid ?A.? This tells us that TEAM is experiencing strong buying pressure.

In my experience, buying pressure is the single most important variable when determining a stock?s health (even more so than the fundamentals).

Think of this as ?following the money.? The more money that floods into a stock, the more momentum a stock has to rise. ..."  

13.04.19 11:18

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyAtlassian kauft AgileCraft ein
Atlassian (TEAM) announced it has agreed to acquire AgileCraft for $166 million.

AgileCraft operates as an enterprise agile planning software company.

TEAM is acquiring AgileCraft to bolster its cross-silo planning capabilities within the enterprise.  

13.04.19 11:22

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyAtlassian Report on April 17

What to Watch When Atlassian Reports Earnings Next Week

"Growing like a weed
For the fiscal second quarter, which ended Dec. 31, Atlassian reported revenue of $299 million, up 39% from the prior-year quarter. This soared past the company's forecast and analysts' consensus estimates, which came in at $289 million and $288 million, respectively. This was also particularly impressive in light of the fact that it came on top of a 43% year-over-year jump in Q2 18. The most significant gains came from subscription revenue, which grew to $153 million, up 56% from the year-ago quarter, while maintenance revenue increased 21% to $97 million.

It wasn't just revenue that posted remarkable growth. Net income of $62 million increased by 93% year over year, resulting in adjusted earnings per share of $0.25, nearly double the $0.13 achieved in the year-ago quarter. This performance got a boost from a 25% adjusted operating margin, a 300-basis-point increase from this time last year.

Operational metrics were robust as well, as the company added 6,551 new customers, bringing the running total to 138,235.

Recent events
Just last month, Atlassian announced that it will acquire enterprise agile planning software provider AgileCraft for $166 million...."

15.04.19 11:46

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyAdaptavist die Lösung für Firmen

...Hyper growth in cloud business. Adaptavist is seeing massive revenue growth from cloud alone. ..." Revenue has increased 300% year on year and overall adoption (cloud licenses) has increased 70+ per cent.....  

16.04.19 13:39

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyOppenheimer mit Outperform Atlassian +1,5%

17.04.19 21:01

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyAtlassian Q3 2019 Earnings Preview

18.04.19 09:53

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyTEAM Top Earnings and Revenues

Atlassian Corporation PLC (TEAM - Free Report) came out with quarterly earnings of $0.21 per share, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.18 per share. This compares to earnings of $0.10 per share a year ago. These figures are adjusted for non-recurring items.

This quarterly report represents an earnings surprise of 16.67%. A quarter ago, it was expected that this company would post earnings of $0.21 per share when it actually produced earnings of $0.25, delivering a surprise of 19.05%.

Over the last four quarters, the company has surpassed consensus EPS estimates four times.Atlassian Corporation PLC,  posted revenues of $309.27 million for the quarter ended March 2019, ....  

23.04.19 21:28

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage Kickyvöllig übertriebene Reaktion auf den Report

mit minus 10% ...heute +5% retour
"It's a rare day when shares of Atlassian (TEAM), the Australian software vendor behind a suite of collaboration and project management tools, sinks on earnings. After reporting Q3 results and releasing Q4 guidance, Atlassian's stock dropped nearly 10% - the exact opposite reaction that investors had to Atlassian's last quarter. A glance at the headline figures wouldn't tell the whole story - as per usual, Atlassian beat Wall Street's targets handsomely on both the top and bottom lines, and its Q4 guidance was above expectations for revenue - which, in my view, offsets the slight miss on the EPS forecast."  

27.04.19 10:18

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyAtlassian kauft laufend hinzu

Enterprise collaboration software provider Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM) has been steadily building up its portfolio through acquisitions. This last quarter was no different as the company continued to add other relatively smaller players to its portfolio. Its latest quarterly results also impressed the market, but the outlook failed to deliver and the stock fell 8% in the after-hours session.

Atlassian's Financials
Atlassian's third quarter revenues grew 38% over the year to $309.3 million, ahead of the market's forecast of $305 million. Net loss came in at $202.8 million, compared with net loss of $15.8 million reported a year ago. The significant increase in losses was due to a non-cash charge of $172.6 million for marking to fair value the exchange feature of Atlassian's exchangeable senior notes and the related capped calls. On an adjusted basis, Atlassian recorded adjusted earnings of $0.21 per share compared with the Street's forecast of an EPS of $0.18...."

27.04.19 10:20

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyTEAM Whether Its Going Down Or Taking A Breather

Atlassian's post-earnings price drop is a sign that its share price is priced for perfection with high investor expectations.

Despite a slight miss on EPS guidance, Atlassian's financials still show a healthy and thriving underlying business with strong fundamentals and growth potentials.

Atlassian also has favorable long term prospect with secular tailwinds, large expanding markets, and optionality for growth.

Additionally, Atlassian has established strong competitive advantages that enable it to win market share and defend its turf in a highly competitive environment....."

Given these considerations, Atlassian's long term growth story is intact but investors should expect volatility due to the current rich valuation,,,,  

08.05.19 22:54

11 Postings, 3783 Tage Steppenwolf_1977Heute +6% :)

hat jmd. eine Info was diesen heftigen Kurssprung verursacht hat?  

09.05.19 11:48

55976 Postings, 7144 Tage KickyGoldman Sachs upgrades Atlassian to Buy,

Goldman Sachs analyst Heather Bellini upgraded Atlassian to Buy from Neutral and raised her price target for the shares to $125 from $115. Cnsensus billings expectations for Q4 of $361M, or up 30% year-over-year, appear conservative, Bellini tells investors in a research note. The analyst expects billings of $376M, driven by normalization of deferred revenue seasonality following the deferred revenue underperformance in Q3. Further, she remains positive on Atlassian's "unique low-friction" online sales model. The company should be able to retain the ability to continuously to take price as it enhances its product offerings, says Bellini.

Read more at:

super !  

15.05.19 20:14

526 Postings, 413 Tage BlediiiiDiese Aktie wird es nie billig geben.

Die Produkte Bitbucket, Jira und Confluence sind Spitzenklasse.
Was halt einfach super ist, die Tools interagieren miteinander traumhaft.
Ich kenne keine Softwarefirma die so schnell in allen, größeren (auch stinkkonserativen) Unternehmen, Behörden usw. vordringt. Da hat man vorher etliche Jahre nach solchen Lösungen gesucht und auf einmal sind sie da.;-)
Ich gehe davon aus, dass die sich in den nächsten 10 Jahren verzehnfachen.
Da müssen sich die großen in meinen Augen mittelfristig wirklich warm anziehen...  

18.05.19 17:26

526 Postings, 413 Tage Blediiiiwie Salesforce vor 10 Jahren

Ok, Atlassian ist nicht billig Aber es gibt keine Konkurrenz, die so gut verzahnte Produkte hat. Jira, Bitbucket und Confluence sind irgendwie wie Word, Excel und Powerpoint, die werden auch nur zusammen als Office gekauft.

zum Thema Atlassian programmiert unsauber: Als Softwareentwicklerin im öffentlichen Bereich, lese ich öfters freizugänglichen Sourcecode von großen erfolgreichen Projekten. (Ich will ja von den besten Programmieren lernen...) Ich habe noch nie so einen schönen Sourcecode gesehen, wie den von Atlassian. Ich bin heilfroh hier nicht in eine berufliche Konkurrenzsituation zu sein.

Atlassian hat ja schon in fast jedem DAX Unternehmen und im öffentlichen Bereich einen kleinen Fuß in der Tür. Wir haben z.B. wirklich lange gesucht und bei wirklich langen, internen Entscheidungswegen. Die Würfel sind für Atlassian gefallen (mangels ernsthafter Konkurrenz), bzw. seit kurzen arbeiten einige 100 Leute damit. Ich gehe davon aus, dass bei uns in zwei bis vier Jahren auf jedem (ca. 80000) Arbeitsplätze zumindest Confluence läuft. Ähnliche Entwicklungen höre ich von sämtlichen Kollegen und Freunden (egal ob großes Unternehmen oder irgendwo in Europa im öffentlichen Dienst)

Es wird in den nächsten Jahren nicht nur die Zahl der Arbeitsplätze zunehmen, auf denen Atlassian läuft. Nein sie werden auch je Arbeitsplatz mehr verdienen. Die wirklich tollen (Erweiterungs-)Produkte des appstore sind noch nicht bei den Teams angekommen. Hier ist in der Zukunft riesiges Wachstumspotential vorhanden. Atlassian ist halt momentan keine günstige Aktie. Aber das war und ist salesforce, Amazon usw. auch nie. Bei größeren Rückschlägen würde ich hier nachkaufen.  

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