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27.10.10 12:35

2434 Postings, 4942 Tage From HollandIndia

Ascent Solar and The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI), India Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTI), a developer of flexible thin-film solar modules, has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) of New Delhi, India. Under the terms of the MOU, TERI will perform testing and performance evaluation of Ascent Solar high efficiency flexible thin-film CIGS modules and study the feasibility of including Ascent's modules for TERI's flagship program "Lighting a Billion Lives" (LaBL) and other projects currently under development at TERI.

Upon successful completion of evaluation of both technical and economical feasibility, TERI and Ascent Solar will mutually discuss and decide on the terms and conditions for the use of Ascent Solar's modules for the LaBL program and or other projects. TERI and Ascent Solar will also decide on the implementation model to follow once the evaluation phase is complete.

Ms. Akanksha Chaurey, Director Decentralised Electricity Solutions and Lighting a Billion Lives Campaign TERI, said, "Ascent Solar has been one of the forerunners in the development of futuristic technologies in the field of solar photo-voltaic energy. Our collaboration with Ascent Solar will help engage the much needed newer, cutting edge solar photo-voltaic technologies into our ongoing electrification projects for rural applications including solar lighting through our flagship programme Lighting a Billion Lives."

Ashutosh Misra, SVP of Corporate Development for Ascent Solar, stated, "India is one of the largest off-grid electricity markets in the world and the need for innovative and cost competitive off-grid electricity generation in urban and rural markets in India presents a tremendous opportunity for Ascent Solar. TERI is a premier organization focusing on developing a range of technologies that have created new paradigms of development underlining the sustainable use of natural resources, and are proven for their effectiveness and economic viability. Our joint collaboration to develop various solar energy solutions for TERI's rural electrification projects including its flagship 'Lighting a Billion Lives' based on solar technology provides us with a unique opportunity to grow our market share in India. Our unique, light-weight, ruggedized, high power density thin-film CIGS modules enable ease of installation, handling and transport that are an ideal solution for LaBL and other programs like it."  

27.10.10 14:32

2434 Postings, 4942 Tage From HollandHeute

geht reise nach over; vorbörslich über  +10%  

27.10.10 14:35

2434 Postings, 4942 Tage From HollandUpdate on India

27.10.2010 13:53  
UPDATE 1-Ascent Solar, India's TERI sign MoU to test modules

* TERI to test Ascent's CIGS modules for its programs

* Ascent, TERI to decide on terms post feasibility tests

Oct 27 (Reuters) - Ascent Solar Technologies Inc said it signed an agreement with The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI), India, to test the company's solar modules and evaluate its economic feasibility.

Under the agreement, TERI will test Ascent's copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) modules, which convert sunlight into electricity, to see if they can be used for TERI's projects including 'lighting a billion lives.'

TERI's 'lighting a billion lives' campaign seeks to replace kerosene and paraffin lanterns with solar devices.

Upon evaluation of technical and economical feasibility, TERI and Ascent Solar will decide on terms and conditions and the implementation model.

India's drive to ramp up solar capacity may trigger a stampede of firms from Asia, Europe and North America, chasing a share of the $3.5 billion of business up for grabs by 2013 and trampling over smaller domestic players.

First Solar and Suntech Power Holdings are working on plans to enter the market as India commits to an ambitious $70 billion program to build 20 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity by 2022, from about 30 megawatts (MW) now.

Wednesday's news comes two weeks after Ascent said a Berkshire Hathaway unit would test its modules at a facility in Colorado, and a month after it signed a deal to distribute its modules in China.  

27.10.10 16:04

15407 Postings, 4175 Tage ulm000Sieht gut aus From Holland

Damit könnte die Ascent Solar-Aktie auskonsolidert haben und diejenigen die unbedingt  Gewinne mitnehmen wollten wären dann drausen.  

28.10.10 18:24

15407 Postings, 4175 Tage ulm000Ascent Solar: Kursziel 4 $

Die US-Investmentbank Wetbush hat bei Ascent Solar ein Kursziel von 4 $ und das Rating "Neutral" ausgerufen. Wetbush erwartet für Q3 ein negatives EPS von 0,07 $. Die durchschnittlichen Anaylstenerwartungen liegen für Q3 beim Umsatz von 5,8 Mio. $ und beim EPS von Minus 0,22 $. In Q2 lag das EPS bei Minus 0,23 $. Am kommenden Montag bringt Ascent Solar die Q3-Zahlen.

Der Link dazu:,+ESLR)/6056565.html
("Wedbush Previews Q3 Earnings for Solar Sector")

Das Rating für Ascent Solar:

Ascent Solar (Nasdaq: ASTI) - Neutral and $4 price target. Wedbush recommends waiting for Ascent to "reach additional manufacturing and sales milestones, given the significant execution risk facing the company," however, the firm does mention that it likes the progress Ascent is making related to "reaching full scale commercialization..." Looking for quarterly sales of $500,000 on a loss of 7c.

02.11.10 17:31

2434 Postings, 4942 Tage From HollandThin Film Solar Takes Root

11.11.10 16:40

15407 Postings, 4175 Tage ulm000Ascent Solar macht eine Kapitalerhöhung

Ascent Solar macht eine Kapitalerhöhung um 20% und bringt somit 5,25 Mio. neue Aktien auf den Markt zu 4,15 $.

Der Link dazu:
("Ascent Solar Prices Public Offering of Common Stock")

Wie man sieht tut das dem Kurs nun wirklich nicht gut.  

19.02.15 12:13

2772 Postings, 2016 Tage iwanooze11,28 mill. outstanding shares

20.02.15 09:15

2772 Postings, 2016 Tage iwanoozetja ASTI gestern gut gelaufen

20.02.15 13:00

1 Posting, 1833 Tage SolarfollowerBigbang

Schön, dass man bei einem derartigen Ausbruch dabei sein darf!  

23.02.15 08:27

167 Postings, 1864 Tage Finanzamt00Ascent startet durch

Juhuuu, 2015 wird ein gutes Jahr für Ascent... und für alle investierten ;-)  

02.03.15 22:10

10 Postings, 4159 Tage micktuckerAktienanzahl

kann mir hier jemand sagen, wie viel Aktien aktuell vorhanden sind ?


03.03.15 09:07

167 Postings, 1864 Tage Finanzamt0023.111.000

laut Onvista! Willst du alle kaufen? ;-)  

18.03.15 08:35

167 Postings, 1864 Tage Finanzamt00Breakout

sieht gut aus heute :-)... könnte nochmal einen schönen Schub nach oben geben!  

18.03.15 20:04

167 Postings, 1864 Tage Finanzamt00:-)

03.04.15 12:51

167 Postings, 1864 Tage Finanzamt00Kleine Wette

es geht jetzt weiter runter bis auf ca. 0,40$, dann kommt der nächste run zu den Quartalszahlen - da könnten dann wieder 200-500% drin sein. So in ca. in 2 Wochen müsste es wieder losgehen... macht jemand mit?  

07.04.15 08:09

167 Postings, 1864 Tage Finanzamt00verloren

und auch gleichzeitig gewonnen ;-)  

13.04.15 16:32

167 Postings, 1864 Tage Finanzamt00Planänderung ;-)

Nobody noticed a good new for the Company, I mean that TFG Radiant Investment Group Ltd.( the Company's largest stockholder, owned approximately 14.02% of Common Stock) subscribed in april a private placement of a total of 1,000,000 shares at price of 1 $/share, after the closing, TFG Radiant will own approximately 17.02% of the Company's Common Stock

ASTI begins the supply of light weight flexible solar panels

for the Commercially-produced Silent Falcon(TM) Unmanned Aircraft. Great news and exposure for ASTI! This should start an avalanche of potential orders. Great Tech, Great Company based on recent earnings. This stock will soar $2++++ soon.

Sentiment: Strong Buy

Auszüge aus dem Yahoo-Forum - zurzeit Bodenbildung bei ca. 1$  

24.04.15 14:26

167 Postings, 1864 Tage Finanzamt00Nix los?

Schade, dass ich mich hier alleine unterhalte... ;-) :-D  

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