NVIDIA: Wer war dabei ?

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15.09.04 10:34

13786 Postings, 7695 Tage ParocorpNVIDIA: Wer war dabei ?


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14.09.20 11:10

133 Postings, 238 Tage PiledriverEher werden wir...

...bei den Geforces eine TDP von 600W erleben.  

14.09.20 12:08

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyChart mit Bild

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14.09.20 17:54

2613 Postings, 949 Tage neymarNvidia

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang on deal to buy Arm Holdings from SoftBank


14.09.20 18:06

720 Postings, 2126 Tage daroteLetter From Jensen

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang sent the following letter to NVIDIA employees today:
Hi everyone, 
Today, we announced that we have signed a definitive agreement to purchase Arm. 
Thirty years ago, a visionary team of computer scientists in Cambridge, U.K., invented a new CPU architecture optimized for energy-efficiency and a licensing business model that enables broad adoption. Engineers designed Arm CPUs into everything from smartphones and PCs to cloud data centers and supercomputers. An astounding 180 billion computers have been built with Arm ? 22 billion last year alone. Arm has become the most popular CPU in the world.........


14.09.20 22:09

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage Kickygeteilte Meinungen zur ARM-Übernahme

"Jefferies maintains a Buy rating and raises Nvidia's (NASDAQ:NVDA) price target from $570 to the Street-high $680, saying the "transformative" deal will position NVDA "not just to capture 80% of the ecosystem value in the data center, but also unify the compute ecosystem between the edge and data center."

RBC (Outperform, $610 target) says the biggest hurdle is the deal getting regulatory approval and closing, but sees a "notable negative" for Intel (INTC +0.4%) if it happens.

Geoff Blaber, VP of research for the Americas at CCS Insights: "An acquisition by Nvidia would be detrimental to Arm and its ecosystem. Independence is critical to the ongoing success of Arm and once that is compromised, its value will start to erode."

Blaber thinks the deal could drive chip companies toward open source chip tech RISC-V.

Arm co-founder Hermann Hauser told BBC Radio 4 the deal is "an absolute disaster for Cambridge, the U.K., and Europe" partially due to the expected job losses if Nvidia moves Arm to the United States.
Hauser says Nvidia will "destroy" Arm's business model and thinks any promises are meaningless unless legally enforceable.....


15.09.20 16:14

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage Kickywie der Erweb von ARM die Mobile Chip Industry

verändern kann
"...The key to Arm's unique place in the value chain has always been its neutrality, which has allowed the mobile chip industry to broadly enjoy cost efficiencies by essentially centralizing research and development while still allowing for the most sophisticated chipmakers to differentiate on top of the architecture. The concern is that the acquisition will undermine that neutrality. SoftBank doesn't make chips, so the Japanese tech conglomerate was able to maintain Arm's neutrality.

NVIDIA says it remains committed to Arm's open-licensing model and that it will maintain customer neutrality, but it's easy to see how quickly things could get murky. If the acquisition closes, NVIDIA will be licensing core technology to one of its longtime rivals, Qualcomm, although NVIDIA and Qualcomm don't compete as directly these days. Apple ditched NVIDIA graphics cards in Macs in favor of NVIDIA's primary competitor in that space, AMD (NASDAQ:AMD), which itself is also an Arm licensee. AMD also competes with NVIDIA in the data center, where AMD offers Arm-based Opteron processors; data centers are NVIDIA's fastest-growing business, soaring 167% last quarter.
The acquisition will inevitably face intense regulatory scrutiny around the world because the transaction has such major ramifications across markets. ..."


21.09.20 18:54

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyNvidia isnt slowing down

"NVIDIA has been flying high as two of its biggest businesses have gathered impressive momentum this year, and the company is leaving no stone unturned to sustain its terrific run.

First, NVIDIA launched a new generation of graphics cards at aggressive price points that could compel its huge installed base of users to upgrade. As video gaming was NVIDIA's second-largest business last quarter with nearly 43% of its total revenue, the company stands to win big from this transition toward a new GPU (graphics processing unit) generation.
Similarly, the company's data center business is riding high on account of an increase in demand for GPU accelerators to tackle artificial intelligence workloads. And now NVIDIA is looking to take another step to boost its dominance in the semiconductor space with the $40 billion purchase of chip designer Arm Holdings.

The deal is pending regulatory approval now, but it could be a big deal for NVIDIA, as Arm's technology powers smartphones made by the likes of Samsung and Apple. NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang plans to use Arm's technology to target a variety of markets ranging from autonomous cars to personal computers, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and others...."  

28.09.20 12:10

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyNvidias RTX30 Series Could Ignite An Upgrade Cycle

"...Nvidia (NVDA) revealed brand new graphics cards a few weeks ago, announcing the launch of the GeForce RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090 graphics cards. Nvidia claims these cards are the greatest single generational leap in performance in the company's history. This, of course, has gamers excited after a lack-luster 20 series of cards. Here are three reasons this could result in Nvidias strongest sales upgrade cycle ever!
The first reason this could be a very successful launch for Nvidia is the mere fact that people are, for the most part, staying at home more often during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means people are looking for entertainment options inside their own homes like video games. Even better is the fact that one can play games with multiple friends at once, all from different locations...."
Reason #2 - Huge Performance Leap
RTX 30 series cards leave the previous generation of cards in the dust when it comes to performance, especially with ray tracing...."

28.09.20 12:15

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyNvidia RTX 3080 und Cryptocurrency Comeback

"The cryptocurrency market was a big catalyst for NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) back in 2017 and 2018, as currency miners lapped up graphics processing units (GPUs) in big numbers to help in their efforts to mine Ethereum, bitcoin, and other digital currencies.

According to one estimate, cryptocurrency miners reportedly bought 3 million graphics cards in 2017, worth $776 million. This lead to a shortage of graphics cards, and video gaming enthusiasts had to pay huge premiums to get their hands on NVIDIA and/or AMD's chips. GPUs such as the GTX 1070 that carried an average price of $370 were being sold at over $700 at the beginning of 2018.

Now it looks like that catalyst may be about to make a comeback...
Earlier this month, Tom's Hardware reported that NVIDIA's latest GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card has caught the interest of Ethereum miners, who can recoup their investment on the new card in less than 10 months, assuming they buy it at the starting price of $699.
The hash rate (which refers to the speed of mining cryptocurrency) of the RTX 3080 is reportedly three to four times that of the RTX 2080. As a result, miners can mine more cryptocurrency and get a bigger reward for the same effort and time.
This may be one of the reasons the RTX 3080 is in high demand at launch. According to NVIDIA, the new cards attracted "four times the unique visitors to our website, 10 times the peak web requests per second, and more than 15 times the out clicks to partner pages." This happened despite NVIDIA beginning production of the RTX 3080 in August and increasing supply to partners every week...."


06.10.20 10:55

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyWedbush & Bernstein heben Kursziel auf 600 Dollar

06.10.20 11:02

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyNvidia announces $52M supercomputer in Arm's

hometown As part of the GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia (NVDA +3.3%) announces it will build a $52M supercomputer in Cambridge, England.
Cambridge is the home base of Arm, the chip unit that Nvidia agreed to buy from SoftBank for $40B.

The Cambridge-1 supercomputer, which will launch by year's end, will be used for AI-backed healthcare research. Nvidia says it will be the 29th most powerful computer in the world and the most powerful in Britain.

GSK (NYSE:GSK), AstraZeneca, and NHS researchers are among those that will be able to use the Cambridge-1,..."

06.10.20 11:04

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage Kickylaunches AI platform to improve video conferencing

"Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) Maxine is a cloud-based, GPU-accelerated AI platform that improves video conferencing streaming quality with features that include super-resolution, noise cancellation, and face relighting.
The company says Maxine's AI-based video compression technology can reduce video bandwidth consumption down to one-tenth of the requirements of the H.264 streaming video compression standard.

Avaya (AVYA +5.7%) is integrating key features of Maxine into its Spaces all-in-one video collaboration app...."

07.10.20 11:14

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyOppenheimer und BMO erhöhten Kursziel

"Stephanie Link and Josh Brown spoke on CNBC's "Fast Money Halftime Report" about two price target hikes for NVIDIA Corporation
Oppenheimer raised its price target for the stock to $600 and BMO raised it to $650.
Link said the analyst day on Monday was positive and management did a good job highlighting the opportunities in hardware and software. The differentiator at Nvidia is its software platform and platform's scale, thinks Link. She added that both of these things give it a competitive advantage and the Arm acquisition is only going to help strengthen it.

12.10.20 12:36

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyNVDA senkt Bandbreitenbedarf von Videokonferenzen


"Nvidia lanciert eine Cloud-Plattform namens Maxine für Videokonferenzbetreiber. Diese ermöglicht eine Vielzahl von KI-basierten Effekten - darunter ein einzigartiges Komprimierungssystem, das auf der Übertragung von Gesichtsmerkmalen basiert.Nvidia bringt eine Suite von Cloud-Tools zur Verbesserung der Qualität von Videoanrufen auf den Markt. Die sogenannte Nvidia Maxine Plattform richtet sich an Anbieter von Videokonferenzdiensten und nutzt Algorithmen, um verschiedene Effekte zu erzielen. Darunter etwa Korrekturen, eine super Auflösung, Rauschunterdrückung und Gesichtshintergrundbeleuchtung. Da die Effekte in der Cloud erzeugt werden, müssen Nutzer ihre Hardware nicht anpassen.So wird etwa nicht das gesamte Gesicht eines Videoanrufteilnehmers übertragen. Stattdessen analysiert der Algorithmus nur einzelne Schlüsselpunkte und rekonstruiert aufgrund dessen das Gesicht am anderen Ende der Leitung wieder. Es ist also eine Art Deep Fake ? aber für einen guten Zweck. Nach Angaben des Unternehmens reduziert diese Komprimierungstechnologie den Bandbreitenbedarf um 90 Prozent...."  

12.10.20 12:45

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyJPMorgan hebt Ziel für Nvidia auf 605 Dollar

12.10.20 23:43

541 Postings, 1810 Tage Falco447Nvidia

macht zur Zeit einfach verdammt viel richtig. Wenn der ARM Kauf über die Bühne ist und das Unternehmen gut genutzt bzw. integriert wird, werden wir in einiger Zeit auch vierstellige Kurse sehen.
Man profitiert jetzt schon vom Gaming-Boom, Serverfarmen, Autoindustrie usw. Bitte weiter so!  

13.10.20 12:32

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyProact extends partnership with Nvidia

Focus on data management and AI
...Proact recently obtained Elite partner status within virtualisation with Nvidia, the global leader in AI supercomputing, becoming one of very few Nordic partners in this top partner category ? and the only one with specialisation in Healthcare. This testifies to Proact?s expertise in Nvidia?s most powerful systems for AI applications, integrated with Proact cloud services and Flash-based storage ? all delivered as packaged solutions including design, deployment and support services.

?We are extending our partnership with Nvidia with a clear vision for the future. With complementary services provided by Proact and our solid relations to other vendor partners, such as NetApp, Dell, VMware and Commvault, customers will recognise a market-leading offering for modern AI platforms and data management,? says Jonas Hasselberg..."

18.10.20 17:40

2613 Postings, 949 Tage neymarNvidia

19.10.20 13:02

6029 Postings, 4117 Tage tagschlaeferich wäre hingegen beim nächsten hochschnellen des

nvidia-kurses vorsichtig, bzw. würde verkaufen. auf mich wirkt die ganze rtx-serie inkl. 30xx wie damals bei amd die ersten opteron64 cpus - die dann anfang 2004 von intel vom markt verdrängt wurden...
sprich, hier erwarte ich von amd ein neues gpu-design, welches zumindest die gaming-karten in arge bedrängnis bringen könnte... kann sein, dass nvidia durch nasda100 index mitgezogen würde, aber ggf. fängt das umschichten schon zeitnah an?
papertrader und fakedepot kopierer

20.10.20 10:37

64398 Postings, 7674 Tage KickyNvidia, Tesla u.Google autonome Taxis

NVDA gives investors exposure to some of the most innovative parts of our economy including crypto, VR, data centers, AI, machine learning, and autonomous driving.
In the last quarter, automotive revenue was $111 million, accounting for 3% of the company?s revenue. In terms of autonomous driving, NVDA is moving up the value chain by offering a full end-to-end platform to automakers and recently struck up a partnership with Daimler that will make Nvidia the provider of self-driving software in Mercedes vehicles by 2024.

Its recent purchase of ARM Semiconductors will also increase its chances of success. ARMS has a partnership with Toyota Motors (?) and General Motors (GM) to create a common architecture that would standardize chips and systems in self-driving vehicles. It also created a new chip design to handle data coming from sensors used by cars...

NVDA is rated a Strong Buy by the POWR Ratings. It has an ?A? for Trade Grade,


23.10.20 10:10

2613 Postings, 949 Tage neymarNvidia

26.10.20 22:12

2613 Postings, 949 Tage neymarNvidia

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