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28.07.11 10:42

5407 Postings, 3759 Tage SchwerreichIch denke, wir sollten uns einfach

überraschen lassen. Aber mir ist das Angebot von 20cent pro Aktie eigentlich viel zu schmackhaft, als dass ich meine Aktien für 2-5 cent verkaufen würde... Mal schauen was die News so sagen.


28.07.11 10:49

573 Postings, 3509 Tage mmychaNa

heute schon performt?  

28.07.11 11:05

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesdenbke so um die Mittagszeit

war bis jetzt immer so  

28.07.11 15:24

1451 Postings, 4963 Tage zockerich@opakarles

wenn du noch die letzten basher mmycha und nekro hier sperrst, poste ich ab sofort AUSSCHLIESSLICH in dem Thread  

28.07.11 15:33

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesok hier nun also der Thread ohne Basher

28.07.11 15:44

811 Postings, 3712 Tage voidindexxxna mal schauen

28.07.11 16:14

1451 Postings, 4963 Tage zockerichGott sei dank!

endlich Ruhe...

Lasst uns doch einfach in Ruhe auf dei Zahlen warten...

Ohne Beleidigungen...  

28.07.11 17:42

1555 Postings, 3460 Tage fklookLöschung

Moderator: lth
Zeitpunkt: 29.07.11 13:53
Aktion: Löschung des Beitrages
Kommentar: Beleidigung



28.07.11 17:46

5298 Postings, 3746 Tage cyphytebin mal zu 0,009 rein........hop oder top

28.07.11 17:47

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesmorgen wissen wir mehr

28.07.11 17:47

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesbzw heute nacht

28.07.11 19:12

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesich freu mich

29.07.11 00:29

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesder OPA macht Nachtschicht


die hat sich vor 2 Jahrem bei ceramic fuel cells auch mit 350% ausgezahlt.
Nun also auf eine Neues.
Ich lieb Australien

(Wollen wir hoffen das der M.Leckie auch was drauf hat. vll schon morgen um 20:30)  

29.07.11 00:30

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesbzw. heute !

es ist ja schon morgen  

29.07.11 00:32

1147 Postings, 3905 Tage SpaßzockerIch mach auch grad noch Nachtschicht, allerdings

nicht wegen ALF. :D Wann rechnest du den mit ner Meldung? Wieviel Uhr ham wir denn bei den Aussies?  

29.07.11 00:33

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarleshier

Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria - Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne
Flagge Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria - Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne
Aktuelle Uhrzeit:
08:33 Uhr  

29.07.11 00:36

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesalso in ca. 30 min könnte es losgehn

vll bekommen wir hier auch erst früh morgens was mit.
gleich sind wir schlauer  

29.07.11 00:39

490 Postings, 3475 Tage Benzenich warte auch noch drauf

29.07.11 00:43

1147 Postings, 3905 Tage SpaßzockerHalbe Stunde??? Hmmm Börseneröffnung dort um 1 Uhr

oder was? Könnte ich grade noch so schaffen. Allerdings werde ich es morgen früh bereuen wenn ich aufstehe, das weiss ich jetzt schon :D  

29.07.11 00:46

490 Postings, 3475 Tage Benzenist ja nicht jeden tag so

29.07.11 00:51

1147 Postings, 3905 Tage SpaßzockerIst denn die Eröffnung dort wirklich um 1 Uhr und

wo finde ich dann nen RT bei den Aussies?
Dann halt ich die paar Minuten auch noch durch auch wenn es ein sehr stressiger Tag war, aber heute ist ja Freitag :)  

29.07.11 01:07

490 Postings, 3475 Tage Benzenalso 1.30 und 2 uhr macht die börse auf

in australien  

29.07.11 01:13

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesdas war die Info nun müssen wir nur finden

Von: j.byrnes [mailto:
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011 12:26
Betreff: RE: ALF 060711 ENG (2)

The release will go out today

The upload of the release and the accounts on to the web will be tomorrow before any Germans get out of Bed .

9am Sydney time , is 1am  

29.07.11 01:40

1052 Postings, 4188 Tage Opakarlesich geh pennen

29.07.11 08:39

2361 Postings, 3643 Tage olenullnull7News

ALF Group Holdings AG - 2010 Audited Australian financial results, ALF
Auditor, ALF to commence legal action for libel & bonus share update
Sydney 28th July 2011 - ALF directors are aware of a growing number of
people who have been making incorrect statements regarding ALF in a
number of blogs. This has added substantially to the genuine concerns of
investors and has put substantial pressure on the company Share Price.
Furthermore, this has substantially increased requests for information from
shareholders who have stated that they had read what is clearly incorrect
information by uninformed trouble makers. ALF now produce our Australian
Daughter company?s results, confirm ALF?s new auditor, (subject to
shareholder approval), and confirm bonus share distribution. The negative,
false, and misleading, deceptive, defamatory, and libelous statements have
caused the share price to fall. ALF have now requested our Frankfurt based
lawyers to write to the blog moderators and demand details of all users who
have written incorrect statements. These people will be given the opportunity
to make a public retraction and an unreserved apology. Failing their complete
co-operation we have instructed our lawyer to commence legal proceedings
against these people. We are not inviting a discussion with people who have
made wrong statements; these people can save that defense for the judge.
Should any investor wish to evade this action they should immediately retract
all blog statements and not publish harmful statements against the company.
Bonus shares too seem to be a real issue for shareholders. We now confirm
that all shareholders who have complied with obligations for the early release,
which was March 31, have either now received their bonus shares or their
bonus shares are being transferred. We encourage shareholders to advise
their bank to accept the incoming share transfers. Those who have requested
the bonus shares as at the 30th of June are being written to today to supply
Swift codes and any other outstanding requests. We wish to finalise the 30th
of June request by the end of next week. It has been extremely unhelpful to
receive multiple requests from shareholders to all known ALF email accounts;
this causes substantial delays; also we have received over 300 requests for
bonus shares from shareholders who did not own shares as of the date of the
reverse split. The sheer waste of time spent dealing with these requests is
unhelpful. Your Board wants to see all shareholders who supported ALF get
what was promised. This is happening and we wish to complete all transfer
requests by 14 August 2011.
Appointment of Swiss Auditor: the directors have engaged BCW Consulting
Gmbh . BCW are a small but competent firm of accountants and auditors.
The Swiss Public company is a holdings company and its accounts are very
simple once the daughter company accounts are consolidated by the IFRS
compliant Australian Auditors and presented for the Swiss auditor to
consolidate with the Swiss company accounts. These Swiss company
accounts are limited to normal running costs, legal, cost of holding EGM?s and
AGM?s, accounting and auditing expenses and any director?s fees. The
Alf Group Holdings AG Level 29, Chifley Tower 2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW 2000
ISIN CH0044678180
appointment of the auditor is done by the board of directors and ratified at the
company AGM. This would likely be the second resolution. Upon ratifying the
Swiss auditor?s appointment the next resolution is to accept the Swiss
accounts which will have been tendered 20 days before the AGM.
We are advised that the Swiss Auditor believes it will be approximately 7
working days to consolidate the Australian audited accounts and the Swiss
Australian Audited accounts
The Australian Consolidated IFRS standard Audited accounts will be
uploaded onto the company web site with resent releases within 24 hours.
The accounts summary reflects a net profit for the period 1 January 2010 to
31 December 2010 of $7,986,616.00.  

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