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19.10.07 10:50

7 Postings, 5421 Tage MultikeuleHello everybody!

Hello everybody,

I guess you remember very well who we are. We told you to sell mid of the year and buy at the end. There is not much to say and we hope you believe us now. There will be more news coming and we will see Vedron going to be a big player in terms of exploring and producing. 0,40C$ is going to be a good price for a first touch. If it goes once down again, there will be an opportunity to buy more. Vedron is ready for further surprices, but be patiened. Good luck.

Your German-Canadian-American

06.08.08 23:21

543 Postings, 6534 Tage Hit o. Floppsoooo

über ein jahr lang nichts geschrieben,....

nun wird es zeit.

ab jänner gibt es den aufschwung und ich steige dann wieder ein.

bis dann  

15.09.08 13:22

4148 Postings, 5409 Tage al56hgDas war im Mai 2007!

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Datum: Tue, 1 May 2007 12:56:57 +0000 GMT
Von: "Tom Meredith"
Betreff: Re:

> We do not know who buys and sells the stock. We do think the price should
> be much higher and expect that it will be sometime in the future.
> We have a very active exploration program underway which could yeild
> positive results.
> Also we have completed our mine planning and we are working to get the
> remaiming permits required to permit production to start. We aim to be ready
> later this year, but this is a government process and they govern the time
> frame.

15.09.08 13:26

4148 Postings, 5409 Tage al56hg...und im August 2007

There is no reason for the shares to go down.

I can not explain why the shares are going down. People are unwise to sell at these prices. The wise people are the ones who are buying shares now.

When we have sufficient drill results then a regular news flow will begin, and this should be at about the end of this month.


15.09.08 13:30

21249 Postings, 6685 Tage harry74nrwInteressant AL56HG

war denn in 2007 August jedem bewusst, wie sich die Surprimekrise auswirken wird

siehe LEHMANN heute und andere vorher....
Kurse Daten Fakten

Wer Rechtschreibfehler findet, der darf diese gerne behalten

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