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04.06.03 00:14

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmePressemitteilung TINY

Press Release
                                       Source: Harris & Harris Group, Inc.

Nanotechnologies, Inc. Announces Development Agreement with Essilor
Tuesday June 3, 1:43 pm ET

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 3, 2003--Harris & Harris Group noted today that Nanotechnologies, Inc. (, a technology leader in high-performance nanoparticles, has announced that it has entered into a development agreement for eyewear applications with Essilor, the world leader in ophthalmic lenses. Harris & Harris Group owns a fully diluted 6.48% interest in Nanotechnologies, Inc.


08.06.03 19:59

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeNäheres zu Nanosys.

VENTURE WELL: Betting on Lilliput
 Mon May 12, 6:00 AM

by Tyson Freeman

Most startups seeking venture financing these days face anuphill battle. The process is longer and more rigorous, and drastic down rounds are often necessary to coax new investors to come across.

That's not the case, however, for Nanosys Inc. The Palo Alto, Calif., company announced on April 24 that it completed a $30 million first closing of its second-round financing. According to several of the investors who managed to win a spot in syndicate, no fewer than 65 investors lined up for a piece of the company,.

The competition helped bid the company's valuation up nearly 75%, says Nanosys CEO Larry Bock.

For its second round, Nanosys settled on strategic investors CDIB BioScience Ventures, Chiao Tung Bank and China Development Industrial Bank, all of Taipei; Quanta Computer Inc. of Taoyuan, Taiwan; SAIC Venture Capital Corp. of Las Vegas; and two venture firms that specialize in nanotechnology, Harris & Harris Group Inc. and Lux Capital LLC, both of New York.

"With the group of top scientists and business minds involved and the platform approach taken by the company ... the entire package is very compelling," says Lux Capital managing partner Josh Wolfe.

Returning investors in the round were Arch Venture Partners of Chicago, CW Group and Venrock Associates of New York, Polaris Venture Partners LP of Seattle, Prospect Venture Partners of Palo Alto and Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc. of Pasadena, Calif.

The company plans to develop what it calls nanowires, nanotubes and nanodots that will eventually find commercial uses in a broad range of industrial, high-technology and biotechnology products. (A nanometer is a billionth of a meter, a fraction of the width of a human hair.) With control of 75 nanotechnology-related patents, Nanosys plans to strike partnerships with a handful of top corporate players to help develop commercially viable products.

The strong interest and spike in valuation is reminiscent of the dot-com boom without the twenty-something CEO and back-of-the-envelope business plan. And some independent observers caution that, for all the enthusiasm for nanotechnology, the company still faces some serious  hurdles. For instance, there are still significant challenges left in moving from scientific research to  commercialized products, says Neal Gordon, a partner at Sygertek, a Montreal-based nanotechnology management consulting firm.

Still, the quality of Nansys' team is not in question. "No doubt there are absolutely brilliant advisers and founders here, both on the technical and the scientific side," Gordon says. "You really can't do any better than [Dr. Charles] Lieber and Bock."

Bock's record is hard to ignore. Of 14 biotechnology companies he has founded, 11 have been acquired or gone public for a total of more than $1 billion, including Caliper Technologies Corp. of Mountain View, Calif., and Illumina Inc. of San Diego.

Lieber, a co-founder, holds the Mark Hyman Chair of Chemistry in the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University and has won a number of science awards.

Another director is marketing guru Regis McKenna, who helped launch some of the best-known technological innovations of the last 30 years through his work with Intel Corp. of Santa Clara, Calif., Apple Computer Inc. of Cupertino, Calif., and Genentech Inc. of South San Francisco, Calif. Bob Metcalfe, who developed the data-networking technology Ethernet, is also a director.

Sounds good, right? Interested? Well, trying to figure out how to break into the current roster of investors might be a waste of time. "This will be our last venture round until an IPO or some liquidity event," says Stephen Empedocles, co-founder and director of business development of Nanosys.

Of course, startups love to say they're fully funded after closing each new round, but there is some evidence to support Empedocles' claim. Nanosys has already collected around $15 million in government and academic grants; such revenue is part of its business plan. The company also expects to generate revenue by striking more corporate partnerships in the near future as it did with Osaka, Japan-based electronics manufacturer Matsushita Electric Works Ltd. The two companies plan to develop solar cells for the Asian building materials market based on Nanosys' proprietary photovoltaic technology.

Charles Harris, CEO of Harris & Harris Group Inc., says Nanosys is in a unique position to avoid further dilution of existing shareholders by collecting nonequity financing.

"When you've got someone like Larry Bock on board, there's a much better chance for financing to flow from partnerships and grants."

Empedocles stresses that building a strong financial base has been management's intention from the start, and that even before this latest round, the company had nearly $10 million of its previous $17 million round left in the till. So investors not already in the syndicate might be relegated to the sidelines. At least they can take cues from a company that is emerging as the most watched nanotechnology play.


09.06.03 20:45

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeTINY erhöht Anteil an Nanotechnologies Inc.

Harris & Harris Group Notes Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. and
Nanotechnologies, Inc. Joint Development and Equity Investment Agreement
Monday June 9, 2:32 pm ET

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 9, 2003--Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
announced today that it has invested $169,718 in the Series C Preferred round
financing of Nanotechnologies, Inc. (

This round of financing included a new investor, Air Products and Chemicals,
Inc. (, in addition to previous investors in
Nanotechnologies, Inc., including Harris & Harris Group. Harris & Harris Group
has now invested a total of $919,718 in Nanotechnologies, Inc. and owns a fully
diluted 6.48% interest in Nanotechnologies, Inc.

Nanotechnologies' proprietary pulsed plasma technology produces
high-performance nanoparticles with applications in transparent coatings,
anti-microbial products, and electronic materials, for example. In the past year,
the company has focused on its unique ability to produce metal nanoparticles
such as silver, aluminum and copper.


09.06.03 20:50

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeTeil 2

Hört sich alles nicht schlecht an.

                   INVESTMENT AGREEMENT
                   LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa./AUSTIN, Tx. (June 9, 2003) ? Air
                   Products and Chemicals, Inc. (NYSE: APD) and
                   Nanotechnologies, Inc., a technology leader in
                   high-performance nanoparticles, today announced a joint
                   development agreement and an equity investment, made by
                   Air Products in Nanotechnologies, to allow for exclusive
                   commercial development efforts in select strategic market

                   Nanotechnologies' proprietary pulsed plasma technology
                   produces high performance nanoparticles with applications
                   in transparent coatings, anti-microbial products, and
                   electronic materials, for example. In the past year, the
                   company has focused on its unique ability to produce metal
                   nanoparticles such as silver, aluminum and copper.

                   "Nanoparticles are a key enabling technology to many current
                   and future Advanced Materials product platforms. We chose
                   to work with Nanotechnologies because of its unique
                   process, which produces outstanding metal and metal oxide
                   nanoparticles. Their technology is scalable and economical
                   and provides great potential value for Air Products' targeted
                   high growth markets in our Performance Materials Division,"
                   said Jeffrey T. DePinto, business development manager for
                   Nanotechnology Strategies at Air Products.

                   Randy Bell, Nanotechnologies president and CEO stated,
                   "We are excited at the opportunity to work with
                   Air Products. We believe that the combined nanomaterials
                   and formulations expertise of the two companies will
                   significantly accelerate the development of commercial
                   applications incorporating our nanoparticles. This
                   partnership exemplifies our strategy of forming key alliances
                   with leaders in their respective industries."

                   About Air Products
                   Air Products serves customers in technology, energy,
                   healthcare and industrial markets worldwide with a unique
                   portfolio of products, services and solutions, providing
                   atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases,
                   performance materials and chemical intermediates. The
                   company is the largest global supplier of electronic materials,
                   hydrogen, helium and select performance chemicals.
                   Founded in 1940, Air Products is recognized for its
                   innovative culture, operational excellence and commitment to
                   safety and the environment. With annual revenues of
                   $5.4 billion and operations in over 30 countries
, the
                   company's 17,200 employees build lasting relationships with
                   their customers and communities based on understanding,
                   integrity and passion. For more information, visit

                   About Nanotechnologies, Inc.
                   Nanotechnologies Inc. was formed in 1999 and is privately
                   funded. In May 2002, the company closed its second round
                   with investments from venture capital firms Techxas
                   Ventures, Castletop Capital, Convergent Investors VI, Harris
                   & Harris Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:TINY) and Capital
                   Conceptions.  The Air Products investment is part of a new
                   round of funding for Nanotechnologies, which includes
                   participation from prior Series A and Series B investors. For
                   more information, visit


09.06.03 23:03

3393 Postings, 7002 Tage BoxenbauerHallo Udo,

hast du dich schon mal nach Nano-Fonds oder -Basketzertis umgesehen?

Ich habe nur einen Fond gefunden, der "Nano" in seinem Namen hat. Leider ist von den wirklichen Knallern keiner enthalten:


Top Holdings:

Aktie  896007 7,10%   VEECO INSTRUMENTS INC. SHARES DL -,01  VEO
Aktie  868730 5,10%   ASM INTERNATIONAL N.V. SHARES EO 0,04  AVS
Aktie  626079 4,00%   AGERE SYSTEMS INC. SHARES DL -,01  AG3
Aktie  920228 3,90%   VARIAN INC. SHARES DL -,01  VR1
Aktie  864089 3,40%   COHERENT INC. SHARES DL -,01  COI
Aktie  929138 3,30%   AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC. SHARES DL -,01  AG8
Aktie  909698 3,00%   HEADWATERS INC. SHARES DL -,001  CV6
Aktie  902316 2,80%   FEI CO. SHARES DL -,01  FE2
Aktie  853906 2,80%   XEROX CORP. SHARES DL 1  XER

Ich plane nach der nächsten überfälligen Korrektur und bei noch starkem Euro ungefähr 15-20% meines Depots in Nanotechnologie zu investieren. Es sollten ausnahmslos US- Werte sein, die außerdem sehr risikoreich und somit chancenreich sind. Mir interessieren keine Firmen, die eine riesen Cashkuh im Hintergrund haben und wo die Nanotechnologie nur im Hintergrund läuft.
Da das Risko gestreut werden soll, würde ich gerne 6-12 Firmen aufnehmen. Deshalb auch die Frage nach Fonds oder Zertis, die sich mit meinen Interessen decken. Wenn es sowas nicht gibt, muss ich halt meinen eigenen Korb zusammenstellen. Ne gute handvoll ist ja in diesem Thread schon aufgeführt.

Beste Grüße


09.06.03 23:26

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeDas ist halt das Problem.

Viele große Firmen investieren in Nanotech(GE usw.) aber bei denen macht es keinen Sinn einzusteigen, da es nur einen unbedeutenden Teil derer Geschäftstätigkeit ausmacht.
Reine Nanotechunternehmen sind zumeist noch nicht börsennotiert oder haben zumindest eine sehr geringe Marktkapitalisierung.
Mein Favorit, wie man unschwer erkennt, ist daher eindeutig TINY. Die sind vorbörslich in etlichen vielversprechenden Unternehmen investiert, von denen bestimmt einige aufgekauft oder an die Börse gebracht werden. Durch die Streuung kann auch der eine oder andere Flop verkraftet werden. Das Management scheint, soweit ich das beurteilen kann, auch seriös zu sein.


10.06.03 01:04

9161 Postings, 7350 Tage hjw2es wird mächtig getrommelt für die nanos

10.06.03 01:08

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeStimmt

Von der zweiten Adresse habe ich den Newsletter abonniert - die liegen meistens ganz gut mit ihren Tipps, auch wenn sie jetzt etwas spät dran sind. Immerhin haben alle hier vorgestellten Werte seit Threaderöffnung schon mindestens 50% gemacht.


24.06.03 08:43

3067 Postings, 6199 Tage clipich hol s nochmal hoch


Wer hier Rechtschreibfehler findet, darf sie behalten!


24.06.03 09:05

242 Postings, 6092 Tage SchmoekerNanotech

Man kann noch einsteigen.
Man kann auch draussen bleiben.
Und wer lisst den ellenlangen Schwachsinn von Bremme  

24.06.03 09:13

59154 Postings, 7344 Tage KickyActivest Lux Nano Tech

Die größte Einzelgruppe des Fonds mit ca. 40% des Depotvolumens stellt derzeit die Gruppe der Hersteller der Prozess- und Analysegeräte.

Die nächste Gruppe des Fonds wurde unter dem Namen "Dünnschichtfilme" zusammengefasst (ca. 12% Depotanteil).

In die Gruppe der "Displaytechnologien" (ca. 11% Depotanteil) wurden Firmen zusammengefasst, welchen wir hohes Innovationspotential bei der Entwicklung neuer Displaytechnologien zugestehen.

In die Gruppe "Halbleiter-Technologie" (Depotanteil ca. 9%) wurden zum einen "klassische" Halbleiter-Firmen aufgenommen, die wir als technologisch führend beim Entwickeln kleinerer nanoskaliger Strukturen einstufen, zum anderen Firmen, welche wir als Vorreiter ansehen beim Entwickeln mikro-/nanoskaliger Sensoren.

Die Gruppe der "Diversifizierten Big Caps" (ca. 20% Depotanteil) dient in gewisser Weise der Abrundung des Depots. Es wurde hierbei jedoch Wert darauf gelegt, nur Titel aufzunehmen, bei denen wir zumindest in Zukunft eine signifikante Wertschöpfung über Nanotech-Aktivitäten erwarten.

In die Gruppe der Biotechs (ca. 7% Depotanteil) wurden Werte aufgenommen, welche in den Bereichen der Bioanalytik tätig sind, auch in den Bereichen der DNS-/Proteinanalyse.

Es mag vielleicht überraschen, dass die Gruppe der "Nano-Grundrohstoffe" bzw. "Nanopartikel" mit 1% Depotanteil eine wohl fast vernachlässigbare Größe darstellt. Wir sind jedoch der Ansicht, dass auf mittel- bis langfristige Sicht die bei weitem größere Wertschöpfung denjenigen Firmen zugute kommen wird, welche aus den Grundrohstoffen weitergehende Nanosysteme/nanostrukturierte Materialien entwickeln (wie z.B. Displays, Nanofilter, nanostrukturierte Oberflächen u.a.)

ist ja vielleicht auch ne Alternative  

24.06.03 23:47

59154 Postings, 7344 Tage Kickyzu TINY interessanter Artikel bei ragingbull

26.06.03 16:55

7538 Postings, 6846 Tage Luki2Milliarden für die Nanotechnologie

Milliarden für die Nanotechnologie

Weltweit werden in diesem Jahr 3 Milliarden US-Dollar staatliche Gelder in Forschung und Entwicklung von Nanotechnologie gesteckt. Dies berichtet Lux Capital im Nanotech Report 2003. Lux Capital ist eine Investmentfirma, die sich auf Nanotechnologie spezialisiert hat. Der Branche wird von Analysten eine gloriose Zukunft vorhergesagt, doch sie befindet sich noch im Anfangsstadium. Bislang investieren die meisten beteiligten Firmen in die Forschung und kooperieren dabei mit Universitäten. Erst im Laufe der kommenden 10 oder 20 Jahre würden beispielsweise Chips auf Molekularebene auf den Markt kommen.

In vielen Industrienationen werden die Fördermittel für Nanotechnologie ständig angehoben. Die US-Regierung förderte den Forschungszweig seit dem Jahr 2000 mit 2 Milliarden US-Dollar und plant für die kommenden drei Jahre mit einem Etat von 2,36 Milliarden US-Dollar. Die Europäische Union will in den Jahren 2002 bis 2006 rund eine Milliarde US-Dollar in diesen Bereich stecken. In Japan stieg der jährliche Etat für Nanotechnologie-Forschung von 120 Millionen US-Dollar im Jahr 1997 auf 750 Millionen US-Dollar im vergangenen Jahr. Private Investoren steckten seit 1999 rund 900 Millionen US-Dollar in Nanotechnologie-Unternehmen; allein im vergangenen Jahr waren es 386 Millionen US-Dollar. Es gebe mehr als 700 Unternehmen, die sich in diesem Bereich engagieren, beschreibt der Nanotech Report. (anw/c't)




Gr. luki2


26.06.03 17:23

2738 Postings, 6595 Tage onfiredie wkn von Tiny

Wird der Wert nur an der Nasdaq gehandelt?

Ich habe keine Deutsche WKN finden können.

26.06.03 17:50

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemme911428 - (Harris&Harris) o. T.

26.06.03 18:07

2738 Postings, 6595 Tage onfiremany thanks o. T.

26.06.03 18:11

473 Postings, 6283 Tage kantFinger weg!

Eine kleine Auswahl der Nano-Probleme, auf die die die Ingenieure unter Euch aber auch von selbst kommen, beschreibt Michael Crichton in seinem Buch "Prey". Amazon hat's - das Englisch ist sehr simpel. Das Buch ist zudem spannend und verfügt über einen sehr interessanten Literaturanhang.

26.06.03 20:55

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeCPHD mit neuem Patent

 Cepheid Issued Additional Patent on I-CORE Technology
       THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 2003 7:00 AM
- PR Newswire

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jun 26, 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Cepheid (CPHD) , today announced that it has been issued U.S. Patent No. 6,565,815. This patent covers aspects of the optical detection system used by Cepheid in its Smart Cycler(R) and GeneXpert(R) systems for the rapid detection and assessment of genetic targets.

The heart of Cepheid's technology for the amplification and real-time detection of nucleic acids is the I-CORE(R) (Integrated, Cooling/heating Optical Reaction) module. The optics incorporated in the I-CORE module allow the system to efficiently and accurately detect multiple DNA sequences simultaneously in a single reaction chamber. Over 19,000 I-CORE modules, assembled into over 1,200 random access Smart Cycler instruments, have been shipped throughout the world since the product was introduced in 2000. The I-CORE module allows practitioners in the fields of Life Sciences Research, Clinical Genetic Assessment and BioThreat Detection to rapidly analyze and detect DNA and other genetic targets using PCR or other nucleic acid amplification chemistries. Key benefits of the I-CORE technology were recently highlighted with Cepheid's announcement of a $175 million contract award to Northrop Grumman by the United States Postal Service for a biohazard detection system, which uses the GeneXpert technology.

"This new patent covers important aspects of Cepheid's system platforms for rapid genetic assessment," said Kurt Petersen, Ph.D., Cepheid's President and Chief Operating Officer. He added, "Cepheid's innovative staff has greatly advanced the state-of-the-art in enabling genetic assessment to be implemented on a broadly disseminated basis."

Cepheid's intellectual property portfolio also includes 9 additional issued patents covering other aspects of its instrument, test cartridge and assay technologies.


02.08.03 15:29

9161 Postings, 7350 Tage hjw2test

Making Telecom, Nanotech & Biotech Baskets

July 28, 2003

Our subscribers know that long term the stock market and companies that are publicly traded will see their prices reflect fundamentals.   However, short term price fluctuations are driven by press releases, corporate events, and changes in investor sentiment.  When it comes to your money which time horizon is the best to utilize?  There is no all encompassing answer because each and every one of us has varying investment styles as well as tolerance of risk.  Short term trading is not for the faint of heart and long term investing certainly proved to be disastrous in the past five years.

Ever since our very first edition the SmallCap MarketWatch has harped about diversification by owning companies of different market capitalizations, multiple sectors, and holding them for different time frames.  This is why we recently introduced "baskets" when presenting ideas to our readers.  Baskets are groups of companies that are either in the same sector or have similar characteristics.  The market has been driven by momentum money that moves from one place to another.  Chances are all of the companies in a basket will move up if the sector gets hot.

The baskets are useful because readers that take the time to dig deeper into some of the companies will find real gems and may consider taking heavier positions on individual companies.  Those that may have less time to do research and choose the easier path of owning the entire basket have also fared very well.  The more time you spend on due diligence is directly correlated to how well you do in the markets (this is as long as you know what you are doing).  We decided to take a look at how these baskets have performed and the numbers were in our favor.  Seven out of twenty six companies were losers with an average loss of 4.26%.  However, the remaining nineteen companies saw an average gain of 61.54%.  Now do we have your attention?

Despite mentioning multiple companies in some of our early editions we didn't make official baskets until our April 17 edition.  The interesting title, Telecom: The Four Letter Word, focused on six telecom equipment penny stocks that were trading below their cash levels.  The bad news is that most of these companies are no longer great values.  However, the good news is that readers who shared our optimism on this sector back in April have reaped significant gains.  The total return for the basket is 69.30% based on Friday's closing prices.  This is a quite a performance in just three and a half months.

Based On Closing Prices Of 7/25/03

In our May 9th edition, Renaissance Of The Bubble Companies, we presented eight companies that really stood out among the hundreds that we follow.  These were former high fliers that boasted huge market capitalizations and were the darlings of Wall Street.  As the bubble deflated these companies' stock prices along with investor interest headed towards oblivion.  Somewhere along the way the companies began to turn themselves around and improved their fundamentals.  The brave readers that took the plunge into the "Bubble Companies" saw gain of 75.44% in less than three months.

Based On Closing Prices Of 7/25/03

What drove us to write The Big View On Nanotechnology was due to the overwhelming response we received when we asked readers what the next hot sector would be.   Hundreds of emails came into our in boxes with links to articles and companies that were doing big things with "small" technology.  The challenge was top find stocks that still had appreciation potential because most had already run up.  The nanotech basket was introduced on June 17 and in that time the total return has been a respectable 16.05%.  This is the perfect example of how diversification can be both a positive and a negative.  Owning the entire basket proved to be rewarding but having a large position in only Flamel Tech (FLML) would have produced an 85.56% return.

Based On Closing Prices Of 7/25/03

Our most recent sector focus has been stem cell research.  We dedicated an extraordinary amount of time on this topic because of the inevitable bills that would introduce a National Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank.  The SmallCap MarketWatch released our edition on the Stem Cell Research Basket July 23rd and as luck would have it two days later the bill was announced.   The momentum should continue this week when the Senate is expected to introduce a similar bill and also because Christopher Reeve will be visiting Israel to further his campaign for stem cell research.  These developments should draw attention to the companies in our stem cell research basket.

Based On Closing Prices Of 7/25/03


We presented twenty six companies in the four baskets and only seven (27%) saw losses while nineteen (73%) had gains.  Nine out of the nineteen gained over 50%, fourteen gained over 20%, and all of them gained over 5%.  Out of the seven losing stocks only one had lost more than 10% while the average percentage loss was 4.26%.  Meanwhile the average gain for stock's that went up was an outstanding 61.54%. What does all this mean?  If you haven't figured it out yet then chances are the SmallCap MarketWatch is not for you.

Now that we have concluded our research on stem cells what should the next basket focus on?  It is definitely harder to pick companies that offer compelling risk to reward ratios with the market doing this well.  Let us know what sector we should focus on by sending comments to

This week there may be a trading alert on a very interesting biotech.  If the stock meets our criteria we will let readers know.

The SmallCap MarketWatch ( financial newsletter is an independent electronic publication committed to providing our readers with factual information on selected publicly traded companies.

All companies are chosen on the basis of certain financial analysis and other pertinent criteria with a view toward maximizing the upside potential for investors while minimizing the downside risk, whenever possible. In addition, as detailed below, this publication accepts compensation from certain of the companies which it features. Likewise, this newsletter is owned by CMM Group, LLC. To the degrees enumerated herein, this newsletter should not be regarded as an independent publication.

To view our compensation on every company we have ever covered please visit the following web address: and for Trading Alerts.

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28.08.03 20:55

7885 Postings, 7289 Tage ReinyboyNANX up / +50%

Nicht schlecht für nen Tagesgewinn.

Grüße          Reiny  

29.08.03 08:20

59154 Postings, 7344 Tage KickyBismuth Oxide neues Product für Röntgenbilder

today announced commercial availability of bismuth
oxide nanomaterials. The new bismuth oxide product is produced using NanoArc(TM)
Synthesis technology, the Company's most advanced nanomaterials manufacturing
process. Bismuth oxide is incorporated into specialty polymers and materials for
bone implants, dental prosthetic devices, catheters, sutures and surgical
instruments to make them detectable by X-rays without the toxicity or
carcinogenicity associated with other heavy metals. When incorporated into other
plastics, benefits such as X-ray detection of toys and objects swallowed by
children, or X-ray detection of plastic firearms at airport security stations,
can be achieved.
Bismuth oxide has been used extensively for years in the medical
appliance industry to impart X-ray opacity. As parts become smaller and thinner,
it is difficult to incorporate bismuth oxide to achieve X-ray opacity without
deteriorating the physical properties of the plastic or composite part. Because
nanoparticles are so small, they can be incorporated at levels that provide the
needed X-ray opacity without significantly effecting rheology, physical
properties or surface characteristics."

Fahnenstange !ist wieder auf meine Watchlist gerückt...  

02.09.03 23:06

59154 Postings, 7344 Tage KickyTINY heute +15,8% ohne News o. T.

02.09.03 23:19

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeStört mich überhaupt nicht :-)

Die liegen friedlich mit 4,3$ und 5$ Nachkauf im Depot und da bleiben sie auch erstmal.
Das Volumen heute war übrigens auch ganz nett.


08.09.03 15:10

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeSchluss mit DRAM, SRAM usw. - NRAM der universelle

Speicher kommt :-)

Nantero, Inc. Announces $10.5MM in Funding
Monday September 8, 9:02 am ET

Developing Nanotube-Based Nonvolatile RAM Technology for

WOBURN, Mass., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Nantero, Inc., a company that is currently
developing NRAM(TM), a high-density nonvolatile random access memory chip using
nanotechnology, announced today that it received its second round of investment. The new lead
investor was Charles River Ventures (, a firm with over 30 years of experience in
high technology. Returning existing institutional investors include Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
based in Redwood City, California, along with Stata Venture Partners and Harris & Harris Group
(Nasdaq: TINY - News)
. Bruce Sachs and Bill Tai, both Partners at Charles River Ventures,
have joined Nantero's Board of Directors.

Nantero's NRAM(TM) will replace all existing forms of memory, such as DRAM, SRAM and
flash memory, with a high-speed high-density nonvolatile RAM -- 'universal memory.'
NRAM(TM) can simultaneously achieve speeds competitive with SRAM, densities competitive
with DRAM, and also offer the nonvolatility of flash with lower power consumption and unlimited

The company will offer for license a complete package to enable manufacturers to produce,
market, and sell NRAM(TM) for both standalone and embedded memory applications. This
technology transfer package will include a process module and the associated process
knowledge, intellectual property rights, and the necessary nanotube materials.

Recently Nantero has created multiple prototype devices, including an array of ten billion
suspended nanotube junctions on a single silicon wafer. Nantero's design for NRAM involves
the use of suspended nanotube junctions as memory bits, with the "up" position representing
bit zero and the "down" position representing bit one. Bits are switched between states through
the application of electrical fields. The wafer was produced using only standard semiconductor
processes, maximizing compatibility with existing semiconductor factories. Bruce Sachs, a
partner with Charles River Ventures in the Waltham office, noted that, "Nantero has achieved
impressive milestones over the last two years, especially in demonstrating compatibility of its
manufacturing process with industry standards."

Bill Tai, a partner in the Silicon Valley office of Charles River Ventures said, "Universal memory
has been a dream for the semiconductor industry for decades-we feel that Nantero's innovative
approach using carbon nanotubes and a nanoelectromechanical design can make that dream a
reality in the near term."

Greg Schmergel, Nantero's co-founder and CEO, commented, "We are pleased to have
completed this round of funding and to have Bruce Sachs and Bill Tai joining us as we move
into the next phase of development for NRAM(TM)."

About Nantero, Inc.

Nantero is currently developing NRAM(TM) -- a high-density nonvolatile random access memory
chip using nanotechnology. NRAM(TM) will replace all existing forms of memory, such as
DRAM, SRAM and flash memory, with a high-density nonvolatile RAM -- 'universal memory.'
The potential applications for the nonvolatile RAM Nantero is developing add up to over $100B
in revenue potential, including the ability to enable instant-on computers and to replace flash
memory in devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, and PDAs, as well as applications
in the networking arena. For more information on Nantero, Inc. please visit


08.09.03 22:04

39238 Postings, 6806 Tage Dr.UdoBroemmeCPHD beliefert die FDA

Cepheid Announces FDA Purchase of Smart Cycler II Systems
      MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 08, 2003 7:00 AM
- PR Newswire

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sep 8, 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Cepheid (CPHD) today announced that it has received a purchase order from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the purchase of sixteen Cepheid Smart Cycler(R) II processing blocks to be utilized with basic Smart Cycler II starter systems for general use in the food safety testing program.

"It is gratifying to see the benefits provided by the Smart Cycler in these important programs. We look forward to doing our best to support these and similar programs with our systems capability that enables genetic evaluation of specimens when and where is it most needed," stated John Bishop, Cepheid's Chief Executive Officer.

Smart Cyclers are currently being used in approximately 60% of the state public health laboratories. The Smart Cycler allows labs to detect pathogens of interest in as little as 25 minutes or less. The Smart Cycler II's rapid thermal cycling, random access (ability to test different pathogens simultaneously) and multiplex capabilities provide key benefits for making the Smart Cycler II a system of choice for major organizations.


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