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18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasSCHWER-Gewichte in SILBER

13.03.11 23:55
Dieser Discussions-Faden soll voll und ganz das Thema SILBER - wie auch die damit zusammenhängende STABILITÄTS-Frage verschiedener WÄHRUNGEN fassen...

Und was die Hervorbringung des Silbers angeht, so wollen wir uns hierbei jeweils
auf die SCHWER-Gewichte in diesem Edel-Metall concentrieren; also zum Beispiel
auf jene Papers, wie sie derzeit aus der unten angefügten Chart-Vergleichung ersichtlich sind.

Bei Bezugnahme auf fremde Ausarbeitungen ist stets auf correcte QUELLEN-Angabe
zu achten.  
Angehängte Grafik:
actueller-chart-vergleich-zum-thema-silber.png (verkleinert auf 93%) vergrößern
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2011 Postings ausgeblendet.

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage Teras965310: "Dirt" Fishin' for Silver in America...

29.06.14 18:20

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasBULGARIEN, angeblich "keine Banken-Krise":

30.06.14 03:28

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasA0MVZE: Interessante ELLIOTT-Wave...

01.07.14 11:22

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasTSX Venture hat heute "CANADA Day"...

01.07.14 17:07

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckder ruf des kalifen

02.07.14 07:57
The leader of the extremist group that has swept over much of northern Syria and Iraq has called on Muslims to come to the territory his group has seized to help build an Islamic state.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, head of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, says in a 19-minute audiotape released on line Tuesday: "Muslims, rush to your state. Yes, it is your state."
ISIS Caliphate Demands All Muslims Immigrate To "Islamic State" | Zero Hedge
Having declared a caliphate, the terrorist group formerly known as ISIS (or ISIL) has decided a rebranding is in order. Since the group no longer recognizes the political distinction between Iraq and Syria, it has dropped the "Iraq" and "Levant" from its name, making it only the & ...

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckab sofort:Splitter-&Phosphorbomben gegen Parasiten

02.07.14 08:25
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Ukraine Begins Offensive Against
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Ukraine Begins Offensive Against "Parasites"; Who Really Broke the Ceasefire? Journalist Prosecution
oder wie ex premier und gasqueen julia vor kurzem (in von fsg mit abgehörtem telefongespräch) sagte: auslöschung der ostukrainer mittels nuklearschlag.
diese von poroshenko titulierten parasiten sind menschen und, huch ja, gibts dort nicht eine zivilbevölkerung auch?
UN zahlen zufolge sind ja erst (!) 115.000 ostukrainer auf der flucht.
hier zwei unterschiedliche darstellungen über die aufhebung der waffenruhe:

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckSILBER: super beitrag von jeff nielson

02.07.14 12:23
Bullion Bulls Canada - BBC - Gold | Silver | Precious Metals | Mining Stocks, Information, Due Diligence, Research, Quotes, News. TSX - Venture Exchange

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady lucknot only silver, whole economy is manipulated!

04.07.14 11:31

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckwundersame US Jobs Wachstum - auf Kosten der Voll

06.07.14 17:14
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Nonfarm Payrolls +288,000, Unemployment Rate 6.1%; Voluntary Part-Time Employment +840,000; Full-Time Employment -523,000
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Nonfarm Payrolls +288,000, Unemployment Rate 6.1%; Voluntary Part-Time Employment +840,000; Full-Time Employment -523,000
zeitbeschäftigung. Abbau von 523.000 Vollzeitbeschäftigten gegenüber +840.000 Teilzeitjobs.
da könnte man wieder das schöne Unwort des MINUS-Wachstums strapazieren. Fake oder Irreführung tut es treffenderweise auch! Dann kann ja einer Zinserhöhung nicht im Wege stehen ;)
Wie auch immer, one can compare seasonally-adjusted full-time employment this month to seasonally-adjusted full-time employment last month. Doing so shows a decline in full-time employment of 523,000!

May BLS Jobs Statistics at a Glance 

Nonfarm Payroll: +288,000 – Establishment Survey
Employment: +407,000 – Household Survey
Unemployment: -325,000 – Household Survey
Involuntary Part-Time Work: +275,000 – Household Survey
Voluntary Part-Time Work: +840,000 – Household Survey
Baseline Unemployment Rate: -0.2 at 6.1% – Household Survey
U-6 unemployment: -0.1 to 12.1% – Household Survey
Civilian Non-institutional Population: +192,000
Civilian Labor Force: +81,000 – Household Survey
Not in Labor Force: +111,000 – Household Survey
Participation Rate: +0.0 at 62.8 – Household Survey  

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckwashington can't stop lying! jobstats fraud:

07.07.14 17:27

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckPhantom Job Gains nochmal

07.07.14 17:30
Virtual Economy’s Phantom Job Gains Are Based on Statistical Fraud — Paul Craig Roberts
And More Fraud Is in the Works

Paul Craig Roberts

Washington can’t stop lying. Don’t be convinced by last Thursday’s job report that it is your fault if you don’t have a job. Those 288,000 jobs and 6.1% unemployment rate are more fiction than reality.

In his analysis of the June Labor Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, John Williams ( wrote that the 288,000 June jobs and 6.1% unemployment rate are “far removed from common experience and underlying reality.” Payrolls were overstated by “massive, hidden shifts in seasonal adjustments,” and the Birth-Death model added the usual phantom jobs.

Williams reports that “the seasonal factors are changed each and every month as part of the concurrent seasonal-adjustment process, which is tantamount to a fraud,” as the changes in the seasonal factors can inflate the jobs number.

The monthly unemployment rates are not comparable, so one doesn’t know whether the official U.3 rate (the headline rate that the financial press reports) went up or down. Moreover, the rate does not count discouraged workers who, unable to find a job, cease looking. To be counted among the U.3 unemployed, the person must have actively looked for work during the four weeks prior to the survey. The U.3 rate automatically declines as people who have been unable to find jobs cease trying to find one and thereby cease to be counted as unemployed.

There is a second official measure of unemployment that includes people who have been discouraged for less than one year. That rate, known as U.6, is seldom reported and is double the 6.1% rate.

Since 1994 there has been no official measure than includes discouraged people who have not looked for a job for more than a year. Including all discouraged workers produces an unemployment rate that currently stands at 23.1%, almost four times the rate that the financial press reports.

What you can take away from this is the opposite of what the presstitute media would have you believe. The measured rate of unemployment can decline simply because large numbers of the unemployed become discouraged workers, cease looking for work, and cease to be counted in the U.3 and U.6 measures of the unemployment rate.

The decline in the employment-population ratio from 63% prior to the 2008 downturn to 59% today reflects the growth in discouraged workers. Indeed, the ratio has not recovered its previous level during the alleged recovery, an indication that the recovery is an illusion created by the understated measure of inflation that is used to deflate nominal GDP growth.

Another indication that there has been no recovery is that Sentier Research’s index of real median household income continued to decline for two years after the alleged recovery began in June 2009. There has been a slight upturn in real median household income since June 2011, but income remains far below the pre-recession level.

The Birth-Death model adds an average of 62,000 jobs to the reported payroll jobs numbers each month. This arbitrary boost to the payroll jobs numbers is in addition to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ underlying assumption that unreported jobs lost to business failures are matched by unreported new jobs from new business startups, an assumption that does not well fit an economy that fell into recession and is unable to recover.

John Williams concludes that in current BLS reporting, “the aggregate average overstatement of employment change easily exceeds 200,000 jobs per month.”

In other words, the economy did not gain 288,000 new jobs last month. But let’s assume the economy did gain 288,000 jobs and exam where the claimed jobs are reported to be.

Of the alleged 288,000 new jobs, 16,000, or 5.5 percent are in manufacturing, which is not very promising for engineers and blue collar workers. Growth in goods producing jobs has almost disappeared from the US economy. As explained below, to alter this problem the government is going to change definitions in order to artificially inflate manufacturing jobs.

In June private services account for 82 percent of the supposed new jobs. The jobs are found mainly in non-tradable domestic services that pay little and cannot be exported to help to close the large US trade deficit.

Wholesale and retail trade account for 55,300 jobs. Do you believe sales are this strong when retailers are closing stores and when shopping malls are closing?

Insurance (most likely the paperwork of Obamacare) contributed 8,500 jobs.

As so few can purchase homes, “real estate rental and leasing” contributed 8,500 jobs.

Professional and business services contributed 67,000 jobs, but 57% of these jobs were in employment services, temporary help services, and services to buildings and dwellings.

That old standby, education and health services, accounted for 33,700 jobs consisting mainly of ambulatory health care services jobs and social assistance jobs of which three-quarters are in child day care services.

The other old standby, waitresses and bartenders, gave us 32,800 jobs, and amusements, gambling, and recreation gave us 3,500 jobs.

Local government, principally education, gave us 22,000 jobs.

So, where are the jobs for university graduates? They are practically non-existent. Think of all the MBAs, but June had only 2,300 jobs for management of companies and enterprises.

Think of the struggle to get into law and medical schools. There’s no job payoff. June had jobs for 1,200 in legal services, which includes receptionists and para-legals. Where are all the law school graduates finding jobs?

Offices of physicians (mainly people who fill out the mandated paperwork and comply with all the regulations, which have multiplied under ObamaCare) hired 4,000 people. Outpatient care centers hired 700 people. Nursing care facilities hired 2,400 people. So where are the jobs for the medical school graduates?

Aside from all the exaggerations in the jobs numbers of which has informed us, just taking the jobs as reported, what kind of economy do these jobs indicate: a superpower whose pretensions are to exercise hegemony over the world or an economy in which opportunities are disappearing and incomes are falling?

Do you think that this jobs picture would be the same if the government in Washington cared about you instead of the mega-rich?

Some interesting numbers can be calculated from table A.9 in the BLS press release. John Williams advises that the BLS is inconsistent in the methods it uses to tabulate the data in table A.9 and that the data is also afflicted by seasonal adjustment problems. However, as the unemployment rate and payroll jobs are reported regardless of their problems, we can also report the BLS finding that in June 523,000 full-time jobs disappeared and 800,000 part time jobs appeared.  

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasEnteignungs-Pläne bedrohen Sparer-Guthaben:

08.07.14 04:14

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage Teras"This Time will be different", ha, ha, haa...

08.07.14 05:08
Eines aber wird - dank hemmungsloser Dollar-Druckerey - "this Time" wohl tatsächlich "different" werden: Die papierene Übertreibungs-Curve wird dies' Mal warscheinlich erst knapp an der 300-Procent-Marke kippen...

Chartistische Grüße!
Der olle Teras.

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage Teras"This Time it's different", LYRICS hereto:

08.07.14 05:12

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckDavid Stockman Interview_Audio

12.07.14 14:02

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckalles nichts oder?

12.07.14 14:20
When asking Allianz SE’s chief investment officer about the euro area’s sovereign debt woes, be prepared for an emphatic response.
“The fundamental problems are not solved and everybody knows it,” Maximilian Zimmerer said at Bloomberg LP’s London office. The “euro crisis is not over,” he said.
While extraordinary stimulus from the European Central Bank has encouraged investors to pile into the region’s government bonds this year, that’s not a sufficient remedy for Zimmerer, who oversees 556 billion euros ($757 billion) at Europe’s largest insurer. Countries are still building up their debt piles, and that’s storing up trouble for the future, he said.


REPS versus FED issja auch mal was neues:  

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckchaos & betrug: FIAT money

12.07.14 14:31
...geplantes chaos verlief selten in geordnete bahnen, ging NIE wie geplant im sinne des/der architeckten und verursacher aus.
"Planned Chaos" - Why Fiat Money Is "A Large-Scale Fraud System" | Zero Hedge
"The state-controlled fiat money system is the main cause of the international financial and economic crisis." This system, Thorsten Polleit warns, is based on the ability of banks to create money literally out of nothing. It is, in principle, a “large-scale fraud system” because today� ...

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasUkraínische "Naftogas" dreht Gashahn zu:

15.07.14 03:32

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasTagesgeld-Conten mit Null Procent Zins?

20.07.14 03:26

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasDevisen-Manipulation, Betrugs-Decernat ermittelt:

22.07.14 01:28

2625 Postings, 1088 Tage lady luckach ja, nicht vergessen: comex option expiration

25.07.14 19:54
date der wichtigen augustcontracte ist am kommenden montag.
gold und silber. beide edelmetalle.
die ganze nächste woche wird turbulent, also eine excellente gelegenheit um sich entsprechend zu positionieren...wenn man weiß was die großen buben so anstellen.
also den donnerstag und samstag report gut übers WE anschauen;-)
uuuund: mitte august kommt der große wechsel, silverfixing goes digital.
bin neugierig wie die airpapers aka ungedeckte futures und options davor gehandled werden
(correct. gehandled [handled/treated] _danach erst: gehandelt [traded]
nice weekend allen freundInnen des schönen und glänzenden metalls!

u just have what u own  

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage Teras514000: Echt nur 'angebliche' Manipulation?

28.07.14 00:38

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage Teras883549: Sturzflug des Heiligen Geistes...

01.08.14 04:36

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasArgentinien fällt erneut auf den Dollar herein:

01.08.14 05:15

18447 Postings, 2378 Tage TerasZum Hintergrund der jüngsten Staats-Pleite:

01.08.14 11:44

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