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Wamu WKN 893906 News !

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6782 Postings, 3054 Tage plusquamperfektWamu WKN 893906 News !

22.01.09 08:50
21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu asks court for more time to file bankruptcy plan

Jan 21 (Reuters) - Washington Mutual (News) has asked a U.S. bankruptcy court for a 90-day extension to file its Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan, according to court documents.

Washington Mutual had been the largest U.S. savings and loan before JPMorgan Chase&Co bought its banking assets for $1.9 billion in a deal arranged by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The holding company for WaMu later filed for bankruptcy protection.

In a filing on Tuesday, WaMu said the seizure and subsequent sale of its assets by the FDIC to JPMorgan has significantly complicated what would otherwise be a straightforward restructuring or liquidation.

'That seizure and sale almost completely stripped the debtors (WaMu) of their employees and business records,' the filing said.

The company said FDIC's action caused significant uncertainty about the legal status of some of the its most significant assets, including several billions of dollars originally on deposit with Washington Mutual Bank.

WaMu said it was not seeking the extension to delay the Chapter 11 process or to pressure its creditors to accept an unfair plan.

The company also said it had made significant progress during the first three months of these cases and was now in the process of addressing a number of significant legal and economic issues affecting its assets and potential liabilities.

Such requests for extensions are common in large bankruptcy cases like this. Washington Mutual is the second-largest U.S. bankruptcy case in history, after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc , according to, which tracks public company bankruptcy filings.

Unless extended, WaMu's plan period will expire on Jan. 24, the court filing said. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Feb. 17.

(Reporting by Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Editing by Amitha Rajan) Keywords: WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(; within U.S +1 646 223 8780; Outside U.S +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters messaging:


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21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu bittet Gericht um mehr Zeit, Bankrottplan zu archivieren

21. Januar (Reuters) - gegenseitiges Washington (Nachrichten) hat ein US-Konkursgericht um eine 90 Tagesverlängerung gebeten, um seinen Bankrottplan des Kapitels 11, entsprechend Prozessakten zu archivieren.

Washington, das gegenseitig ist, war die größten US gewesen, die vor JPMorgan Chase&Co Spar- und Darlehens sind, das seine Vermögenswerte der Bank für $1.9 Milliarde in einem Abkommen gekauft wurde, das durch Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. geordnet wurde Die Dachgesellschaft für WaMu archivierte später für Bankrottschutz.

In einer Archivierung am Dienstag, sagte WaMu, dass die Ergreifung und der folgende Verkauf seiner Anlagegüter durch das FDIC zu JPMorgan erheblich erschwert hat, was anders eine direkte Umstrukturierung oder eine Verflüssigung von Vermögenswerten sein würde.

„Diese Ergreifung und Verkauf streiften fast vollständig die Schuldner (WaMu) von ihren Angestellten ab und Geschäftsakten,“ die Archivierung sagten.

Die Firma sagte verursachte bedeutende Ungewissheit FDICS Tätigkeit über die rechtliche Stellung von einigen der seiner bedeutendsten Anlagegüter, einschließlich einige Milliarden Dollar ursprünglich auf Ablagerung bei Washington-gegenseitiger Bank.

WaMu sagte, dass es nicht die Verlängerung, um das Prozess Kapitel 11 zu verzögern suchte oder seine Gläubiger zu drücken, um einen unfairen Plan anzunehmen.

Die Firma sagte auch, dass sie bedeutenden Fortschritt während der ersten drei Monate dieser Fälle gebildet und jetzt bei dem Ansprechen einiger bedeutender zugelassener und ökonomischer Punkte war hatte, die sein Vermögen und möglichen Schulden beeinflussen.

Solches Ersuchen um Verlängerungen ist in den großen Bankrottfällen so allgemein. Gegenseitiges Washington ist der zweitgrösste US-Bankrottfall in der Geschichte, nach Lehman- Brothersholdings Inc., entsprechend, die AktiengesellschaftsAnträge auf Eröffnung des Konkursverfahrens aufspürt.

Es sei denn verlängert, WaMus läuft Planzeitraum am 24. Januar ab, sagte die Gerichtsarchivierung. Eine Hörfähigkeit auf der Angelegenheit wird für 17. Februar festgelegt.

(Bericht durch Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Redigieren durch Schlüsselwörter Amitharajan): WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(; innerhalb US +1 646 223 8780; Äußere US +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters-Mitteilung:  
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935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50All the sealed documents ....

21.07.14 21:41
....have now been posted on the wmicorp site! LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Q2 2014 results Conference Call

24.07.14 19:32
-M & A Questions-

......The only thing Craig said is that they have been in discussions and have not received any offers acceptable them......what a bunch of blathering nothing !  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50c'monnnn faster - Hold the dice - you can do it !

29.07.14 00:07
..... Take a load off Fannie, take a load for free
..... Take a load off Fannie, and you can put the load right on me!! LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50....something is boiling point?

30.07.14 21:07
....the only thing that I'm aware of that is brewing is the five gallons of American Craft Beer in my basement! LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50watch fake shares on L2...

30.07.14 21:36
Looking at Level 2 quotes there really isn't anything of any significance from $2.60 to $2.80, just MM's bouncing this around with 100 share trades back and forth.
Some days they decide to put the shares on discount and some days they put up a premium.

Anyone intently watching at L2 quotes everyday everyone is acting crazy  when it's down 5% and happy when its up 5% is totally naive and fooling themselves.
These fluctuations mean absolutely nothing! This shows that this is a pure pumped scam...!

Planning on doing some flat fishing soon!

Hope you are having a good time!  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Hi faster

05.08.14 17:04
..... you will be required to prepare a class action lawsuit against these people who as professionals ignored fundamental financial metrics and ethical principles in favor of pompom touting. LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Rumor is ....

05.08.14 17:16
.......that a bunch of law firms have filed a  lawsuit on behalf of the WMIH-BoD against KKR based on the Fair Labor Standards Act for failure to pay overtime...LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50@Chartists, Artists, Astrologists...

05.08.14 17:32
....and Captain Ranger Varth-Dader!

Based on your charting skills...
You know about the 4-9-18 moving averages method?
if you want to know what to expect in price on the week or day or month for a stock - and if you want to see if your stock is still in a healthy uptrend on the daily chart or weekly chart!

Trading above the 9 moving avg on the daily or weekly chart shows the healthiness of a stock. - a stock that trades below its 9 week MA price is a stock that's in a downtrend for longer term!

A stock that trades above the 9 week MA price is a longer term healthy uptrending stock that is subject to making higher highs - as long as it stays above the 18 week MA
if the stock happens to fall below the 9 wk MA on pullbacks but stays above its 18 wk MA price on those bigger pullbacks that takes the stock below the 9 week MA price!
--------got it?-------  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Stock runs like a pumpjack!!

06.08.14 21:34 is a classical bear market move, two step back and one step forward move! LoL

- more downside coming soon!  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Hi Varth-Dader

07.08.14 20:23
.......sounds like you deep in the red on WMIH, more than 90% ?.. right?
How do you get a invitation to invest in US companies?  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Monday will not be a good time.......

08.08.14 23:44
..........for this broken shell of a company!

Just gotta keep cranking that thing up next week!! LoL


935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Class Action....

11.08.14 18:01
..........WMIH investors should be preparing a class action lawsuit now!
Please do not hesitate to address this item to Saul ; Phone: (206) 432-8887l
....and ask him for a job ! LoL  
Angehängte Grafik:

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Link to the Law

11.08.14 18:07

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Cabernet...

14.08.14 23:02
.......the language makes me wonder if she has a chronic drinking problem that leaves her in perpetual flashback lonely and hangs out here almost 24 / 7 LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Good Day WMIH Millionaires...

15.08.14 20:12
Does anybody here even read SEC filings?
It seems Staylong is correct, it is amazing how many people do not read or do not comprehend source documents...!
Too bad SEC filings are above their comprehension level!  - Their comprehension is now in doubt. LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Good Morning financially damaged individuals...

19.08.14 17:06
...I'm thinking about putting together a care package for poor WMIH Investors.  
I'm gonna start it off with two pairs of holey pants - sixty percent linen - and some muffin stumps LoL !
If anyone has anything they would like to donate please let me know.
Remember: donations are tax deductible - Any amount is greatly appreciated!


935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Bollinger Band

19.08.14 22:23
The Bollinger Band played at my mother's birthday party! LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Outbreak in the quiet...

19.08.14 22:29
......if public interest fades so does the stock price and the hype train is winding down  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50an impressive head fake !

20.08.14 23:39
tomorrow - back to where you started from! LoL

...rumors aren't like stereotypes: Mister President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin  bought a bunch of WMIH shares today. Cheers  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50I am not convinced this will be the bottom...

20.08.14 23:55

....The train is leaving, the power is surging, the rocket is about to take off - You guys are such hopeless optimists and your charting skills and technical analysis are a waste of everyone's time ))-- LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Thank you so much Switzerland!!

24.08.14 21:03
ITMN buyout by Roche - Yeehaw !! -

I have never been part of a buyout before - Could be a massive revenue stream ! LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Gentlemen and Ladies ...and the rest of the Mups!

26.08.14 23:06
.........just a quick update... ehmm......where do we stand now gentlemen?  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Sorry guys.. you lost money....

26.08.14 23:19 the one arm bandit!

Just the most disappointing stock ever, you should have made money, instead you're getting poor here !


935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50Gentlemen, keep her in positive flow!!

28.08.14 21:56
......the devil is arriving late! LoL  

935 Postings, 1492 Tage liner50told ya.....

28.08.14 22:12

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