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Wamu WKN 893906 News !

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6787 Postings, 3139 Tage plusquamperfektWamu WKN 893906 News !

22.01.09 08:50
21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu asks court for more time to file bankruptcy plan

Jan 21 (Reuters) - Washington Mutual (News) has asked a U.S. bankruptcy court for a 90-day extension to file its Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan, according to court documents.

Washington Mutual had been the largest U.S. savings and loan before JPMorgan Chase&Co bought its banking assets for $1.9 billion in a deal arranged by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The holding company for WaMu later filed for bankruptcy protection.

In a filing on Tuesday, WaMu said the seizure and subsequent sale of its assets by the FDIC to JPMorgan has significantly complicated what would otherwise be a straightforward restructuring or liquidation.

'That seizure and sale almost completely stripped the debtors (WaMu) of their employees and business records,' the filing said.

The company said FDIC's action caused significant uncertainty about the legal status of some of the its most significant assets, including several billions of dollars originally on deposit with Washington Mutual Bank.

WaMu said it was not seeking the extension to delay the Chapter 11 process or to pressure its creditors to accept an unfair plan.

The company also said it had made significant progress during the first three months of these cases and was now in the process of addressing a number of significant legal and economic issues affecting its assets and potential liabilities.

Such requests for extensions are common in large bankruptcy cases like this. Washington Mutual is the second-largest U.S. bankruptcy case in history, after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc , according to, which tracks public company bankruptcy filings.

Unless extended, WaMu's plan period will expire on Jan. 24, the court filing said. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Feb. 17.

(Reporting by Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Editing by Amitha Rajan) Keywords: WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(; within U.S +1 646 223 8780; Outside U.S +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters messaging:


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21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu bittet Gericht um mehr Zeit, Bankrottplan zu archivieren

21. Januar (Reuters) - gegenseitiges Washington (Nachrichten) hat ein US-Konkursgericht um eine 90 Tagesverlängerung gebeten, um seinen Bankrottplan des Kapitels 11, entsprechend Prozessakten zu archivieren.

Washington, das gegenseitig ist, war die größten US gewesen, die vor JPMorgan Chase&Co Spar- und Darlehens sind, das seine Vermögenswerte der Bank für $1.9 Milliarde in einem Abkommen gekauft wurde, das durch Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. geordnet wurde Die Dachgesellschaft für WaMu archivierte später für Bankrottschutz.

In einer Archivierung am Dienstag, sagte WaMu, dass die Ergreifung und der folgende Verkauf seiner Anlagegüter durch das FDIC zu JPMorgan erheblich erschwert hat, was anders eine direkte Umstrukturierung oder eine Verflüssigung von Vermögenswerten sein würde.

?Diese Ergreifung und Verkauf streiften fast vollständig die Schuldner (WaMu) von ihren Angestellten ab und Geschäftsakten,? die Archivierung sagten.

Die Firma sagte verursachte bedeutende Ungewissheit FDICS Tätigkeit über die rechtliche Stellung von einigen der seiner bedeutendsten Anlagegüter, einschließlich einige Milliarden Dollar ursprünglich auf Ablagerung bei Washington-gegenseitiger Bank.

WaMu sagte, dass es nicht die Verlängerung, um das Prozess Kapitel 11 zu verzögern suchte oder seine Gläubiger zu drücken, um einen unfairen Plan anzunehmen.

Die Firma sagte auch, dass sie bedeutenden Fortschritt während der ersten drei Monate dieser Fälle gebildet und jetzt bei dem Ansprechen einiger bedeutender zugelassener und ökonomischer Punkte war hatte, die sein Vermögen und möglichen Schulden beeinflussen.

Solches Ersuchen um Verlängerungen ist in den großen Bankrottfällen so allgemein. Gegenseitiges Washington ist der zweitgrösste US-Bankrottfall in der Geschichte, nach Lehman- Brothersholdings Inc., entsprechend, die AktiengesellschaftsAnträge auf Eröffnung des Konkursverfahrens aufspürt.

Es sei denn verlängert, WaMus läuft Planzeitraum am 24. Januar ab, sagte die Gerichtsarchivierung. Eine Hörfähigkeit auf der Angelegenheit wird für 17. Februar festgelegt.

(Bericht durch Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Redigieren durch Schlüsselwörter Amitharajan): WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(; innerhalb US +1 646 223 8780; Äußere US +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters-Mitteilung:  
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881 Postings, 1784 Tage ID_paybackMerke:

25.09.14 12:42
"...vom Hudeln kommen die Kinder!"

es heißt nicht  ...just another lonely disgruntle old man...
sondern:  ...just another lonely disgruntleD old man... (adjective!)

...aber dazu bist Du vermutlich dann doch zu blöde!
...solltest noch ein bisschen dazulernen ...und dann große Töne spucken!  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Nice trap run...LoL

26.09.14 08:04 of the day!  I knew it! LoL



971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Hey investors - Did you have fun?

01.10.14 22:42's probably a severe case of the hiccups! LoL
......while your money slowly disappears - we all are aware it will never come back again! LoL


971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Pssst......under the rose...!

01.10.14 23:40 much did you lose and does your wife know? be honest.. come on!

Just tell your wife - you're a man like Mr. Fat Finger buying the fear... buying low etc. and tell her not to worry.......WMIH will rebound. Lol  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Hypocritical traitor among the inner circle....

04.10.14 00:15
Good luck with your impeachment!! LoL  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Greetings from the windy city.......

07.10.14 23:18
.......hope all is well with you

Hi Blowhard, where do you get your insider info from, it sounds like WMIH is going to blow up big time end of november LoL - We're gonna need a bigger pickup-truck to put all this money! LoL  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Hey, how are you doing? I`m sitting here.....

09.10.14 23:53 the Obama Ak Bar in Chicago`s Gold Coast Neighborhood and sipping Kir Royal with Creme de Cassis and Champagne!

.......and Frankie Boy is warbling...

I was blue, just as blue as I could be
Ev'ry day was a cloudy day for me
Then good luck came a-knocking at my door
Skies were gray but they're not gray anymore

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds
All day long

Never saw the sun shining so bright
Never saw things going so right
Noticing the days hurrying by
When you're in love, my how they fly

Blue days
All of them gone
Nothing but blue skies
From now on

I should care if the wind blows east or west
I should fret if the worst looks like the best
I should mind if they say it can't be true
I should smile, that's exactly what I do


881 Postings, 1784 Tage ID_paybackProst!

11.10.14 17:43
...und verschluck Dich nicht!  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Hi, guys and gals and investors...

21.10.14 21:26
......came back yesterday and expect the market to rise today !! nice move!
What has happen to this stock? What has happen to this board? I see the little kids like Rubi and Juicy and gang are still playing around and this board has become more juvenile - and I find it's so full of BS!
Certainly - understand everyone is unhappy about the big drop in the stock price!

I guess you guys want to lose all your investment, right? When will you tell the spouse that you lost so much money?...LoL  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Hey boys...

02.11.14 21:29
...I see the pony show and the clown act goes on.. LoL

I wouldn't bet on a profit for next week.....we should have an answer in 25 days !!  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Trapped on the elevator part way to 1st basement

04.11.14 08:24
next marker $1.66 GN  

620 Postings, 90 Tage dollar cashin 2 tagen 40 & ziel ! strong buy !

04.11.14 08:36

sammelt und schaut .........akt um 1,09 ziel bis do zur tk konfer. um 1,50 ausgebommt ....kommen von 4 !  

620 Postings, 90 Tage dollar cashmein anderer tipp

04.11.14 08:37
sw hatt auch schon 45 % zugelegt 4sc wird fliegen !  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Excitement mounts....

05.11.14 23:47
....I can feel the excitement building in WMIH investors over yesterday`s AH trades!

......just one chartist spends plenty of time scamming about how great WMIH is doing! LoL  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50obvious your glasses are fogging...!

05.11.14 23:55

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Lesson to be learned !

08.11.14 00:12
Some folks only learn the hard way when they are held accountable and suffer the consequences.
I hope you've learned a potentially very painful and costly lesson about the consequences of your behavior.

I'm assuming some of you have lots of experience with stocks going south.
How does it feel to be so wrong all the time? - Let me buy you a drink! LoL  

881 Postings, 1784 Tage ID_paybackEnglish Lesson ...YOU should learn!

08.11.14 01:12
obviousLY (Adverb!) your glasses are foggED...!  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50.

09.11.14 21:11

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Sorry guys......

11.11.14 23:30
.....but this stock will fall again this week...

.....'cause  we got bad news from the SEC about some shady dealings executed  in the past...!  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Come on baby WMIH....

14.11.14 17:54 are still red like you were yesterday!

You have now squandered all of the money your wife works hard for all week while you slack at home check the ticker every two minutes and try to push the WMIH scam.
I'm sure she already knows......I try to keep it sympathetic.......she married an idiot! LoL  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50gap

14.11.14 20:10
It might not be 1 year to break $2.00 could be going on 10 instead. LoL

Never ever seen a worse chart in my life.  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Stop page refresh by pressing f5....

16.11.14 18:33
.......take your family and go out - there will be no news today! LoL  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Hello WMIH Shareholders

17.11.14 17:04
Today`s action confirms the downtrend, breakdown below $1.62, no support in area just below!

BTW: Sierra World rarely gets their predictions correct...LoL  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50Dilution fears ??

17.11.14 17:18
...... it seems WMIH Investors afraid a dilution - they have already authorized a bunch of millions worth of shares for dilution.
If so, then dilution will take away most of your money.  

971 Postings, 1577 Tage liner50I see -- The Board Cheerleader is back again - LoL

21.11.14 21:35

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