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Wamu WKN 893906 News !

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6795 Postings, 3841 Tage plusquamperfektWamu WKN 893906 News !

22.01.09 08:50
21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu asks court for more time to file bankruptcy plan

Jan 21 (Reuters) - Washington Mutual (News) has asked a U.S. bankruptcy court for a 90-day extension to file its Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan, according to court documents.

Washington Mutual had been the largest U.S. savings and loan before JPMorgan Chase&Co bought its banking assets for $1.9 billion in a deal arranged by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The holding company for WaMu later filed for bankruptcy protection.

In a filing on Tuesday, WaMu said the seizure and subsequent sale of its assets by the FDIC to JPMorgan has significantly complicated what would otherwise be a straightforward restructuring or liquidation.

'That seizure and sale almost completely stripped the debtors (WaMu) of their employees and business records,' the filing said.

The company said FDIC's action caused significant uncertainty about the legal status of some of the its most significant assets, including several billions of dollars originally on deposit with Washington Mutual Bank.

WaMu said it was not seeking the extension to delay the Chapter 11 process or to pressure its creditors to accept an unfair plan.

The company also said it had made significant progress during the first three months of these cases and was now in the process of addressing a number of significant legal and economic issues affecting its assets and potential liabilities.

Such requests for extensions are common in large bankruptcy cases like this. Washington Mutual is the second-largest U.S. bankruptcy case in history, after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc , according to, which tracks public company bankruptcy filings.

Unless extended, WaMu's plan period will expire on Jan. 24, the court filing said. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Feb. 17.

(Reporting by Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Editing by Amitha Rajan) Keywords: WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(; within U.S +1 646 223 8780; Outside U.S +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters messaging:


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21.01.2009 20:36
WaMu bittet Gericht um mehr Zeit, Bankrottplan zu archivieren

21. Januar (Reuters) - gegenseitiges Washington (Nachrichten) hat ein US-Konkursgericht um eine 90 Tagesverlängerung gebeten, um seinen Bankrottplan des Kapitels 11, entsprechend Prozessakten zu archivieren.

Washington, das gegenseitig ist, war die größten US gewesen, die vor JPMorgan Chase&Co Spar- und Darlehens sind, das seine Vermögenswerte der Bank für $1.9 Milliarde in einem Abkommen gekauft wurde, das durch Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. geordnet wurde Die Dachgesellschaft für WaMu archivierte später für Bankrottschutz.

In einer Archivierung am Dienstag, sagte WaMu, dass die Ergreifung und der folgende Verkauf seiner Anlagegüter durch das FDIC zu JPMorgan erheblich erschwert hat, was anders eine direkte Umstrukturierung oder eine Verflüssigung von Vermögenswerten sein würde.

?Diese Ergreifung und Verkauf streiften fast vollständig die Schuldner (WaMu) von ihren Angestellten ab und Geschäftsakten,? die Archivierung sagten.

Die Firma sagte verursachte bedeutende Ungewissheit FDICS Tätigkeit über die rechtliche Stellung von einigen der seiner bedeutendsten Anlagegüter, einschließlich einige Milliarden Dollar ursprünglich auf Ablagerung bei Washington-gegenseitiger Bank.

WaMu sagte, dass es nicht die Verlängerung, um das Prozess Kapitel 11 zu verzögern suchte oder seine Gläubiger zu drücken, um einen unfairen Plan anzunehmen.

Die Firma sagte auch, dass sie bedeutenden Fortschritt während der ersten drei Monate dieser Fälle gebildet und jetzt bei dem Ansprechen einiger bedeutender zugelassener und ökonomischer Punkte war hatte, die sein Vermögen und möglichen Schulden beeinflussen.

Solches Ersuchen um Verlängerungen ist in den großen Bankrottfällen so allgemein. Gegenseitiges Washington ist der zweitgrösste US-Bankrottfall in der Geschichte, nach Lehman- Brothersholdings Inc., entsprechend, die AktiengesellschaftsAnträge auf Eröffnung des Konkursverfahrens aufspürt.

Es sei denn verlängert, WaMus läuft Planzeitraum am 24. Januar ab, sagte die Gerichtsarchivierung. Eine Hörfähigkeit auf der Angelegenheit wird für 17. Februar festgelegt.

(Bericht durch Santosh Nadgir in Bangalore; Redigieren durch Schlüsselwörter Amitharajan): WASHINGTONMUTUAL/

(; innerhalb US +1 646 223 8780; Äußere US +91 080 4135 5800; Reuters-Mitteilung:  
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1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50Hey boys, how are you doing

17.06.16 19:47
I’m aware of that, I know Message Board-Members will dressed me down very big! LoL

yo Capt. Schwartz, when are you doing another finance lesson?

with warmest wishes for a speedy  recovery.  


some called me  Al Gorithm!  

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26.07.16 11:13
Der neue Thread zur reorganisierten Firma befindet sich hier ( )  

1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50Hello to all

10.08.16 20:27
Headin’ out on vacation to the SFO Bay Area this coming friday, which means you'll all have a vacation from me as well! LoL

I plan on golfing next weekend and then have to run the ship without a crew for a week!!

Good luck to everyone!

1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50Hyperlink

10.08.16 20:44
The linked discussion board does not seem to be working today?

Where's all your strategic insights, the reverie, the laughter, the visions, the hallucinations,
the comments and guesswork?

Are you in the shift rotation and not allowed to post during prime time hours..LoL

....Is everybody still on vacation? Is there anybody out there?

Best all

1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50How are things going today?

31.08.16 16:52
Rough week, no doubt…. but bull trend remains intact ! LoL!  

Tanjaz - Is that the best you can come up with? ¯\_(o_o)_/¯

1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50Psychedelic mushrooms?

08.09.16 23:17
Maybe it is some sort of hypnosis inducing visual to soothe us before Tanjaz starts to post on IHub! LoL

.....she went on and on about the moon being in the 2nd phase while the sun was on the cusp of
Leo-Virgo and Uranus was in the House of Mercury ….


670989 Postings, 2450 Tage unionNochmal Thread Ende...

17.09.16 17:48

9006 Postings, 2232 Tage The_HopeÄhh Du

17.09.16 18:27

Bitte weiter gehen, hier gibt es nichts zu sehen

Der Thread ist zu Ende

geht hier weiter


1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50Good day everyone out there...

23.09.16 17:31's our patient WMIH doing?

yeah, yeah yeah……  something big is going on behind the curtain …How about that LG rumor?
Coinciding with a shakeout right before market close last Friday?

Hope you are all having a wonderful time and that you will not break up before setting a place for the $$$$$$$$$$ party in the abyss! LoL

BTW: It's amazing that most you are still hanging on to this stock waiting for a miracle to happen - I am quite frankly surprised by some of the WMIH-Message-Board members consensus and camaraderie
has turned into a full blown insurrection! it appears that all hope is gone!

Thanks for those keeping up the companionship on this board!



1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50End of Road? Oh I see?.

23.09.16 17:52
.....The warden of the holy grail and his butt kisser here. LoL Looks like the board has been taken over by stalkers & trolls last weekend. LoL

Thanx so much for giving me the advice that I didn't ask for!

Why are you spending so much time in a stalk fight when you should be spending that time apologizing for your craven pumping of this shelf-company's dead stock?
No wonder you do need to work at sunday, you help the BoardCommander in Chief when his capacity for duplicity wanes.

I said, no one is home - Now go away, and leave us alone!

Cheers Everyone!


670989 Postings, 2450 Tage unionFred Ende

25.09.16 15:52

1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50Keep an eye on Deutsch Bank !

29.09.16 23:39

**Someone is playing a very clever game - clever play on words ! **  

670989 Postings, 2450 Tage unionFalsches Thema... Thread Ende

30.09.16 14:53

1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50Deutsche......BOW WOW! is all I have to say

01.10.16 00:19

The only Friday rule I know is to never go home early. LoL  

9006 Postings, 2232 Tage The_Hope@plusquamperfekt könnte

01.10.16 12:11

den Thread mal sperren lassen

Die Aktie gibt es nicht mehr.



670989 Postings, 2450 Tage unionja, könnte Sie in der Tat...

04.10.16 19:32
...zum Nachlesen sind die Postings noch interessant genug, aber der jetzige Einmannthread ist ja im Prinzip nur Vollspamm...  

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1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50NASDAQ: trading small cap stocks tick size

14.10.16 19:21

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1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50Another buying opportunity

20.10.16 23:17
I think this you may have an opportunity to buy shares at this low price….. with this low float - especially for those with a five to ten year investment horizon!

think about  it!

1039 Postings, 2279 Tage liner50Where have the hundreds of billions gone?

21.10.16 08:35
...BankruptcyShadow - my brave hero !!


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