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Yandex - wo geht die Reise hin?

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375 Postings, 4117 Tage bodohans123Yandex - wo geht die Reise hin?

12.12.12 12:41
Yandex, die kleine russische Google! Möchte mal eine Disskussion anregen, die letzten 3 Tage ging es mit diesem Wert steil nach oben, nur um gestern wieder fast alles gewonnene
abzugeben. Beobachte diesen Wert schon eine Weile, suche und warte noch auf den richtigen Einstiegsmoment. Google hat auch mal klein angefangen.  
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51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyYandex Up 10% On Earnings, Outlook,

28.04.17 11:35
Yandex (YNDX) jumped more than 10% Thursday after it reported first quarter earnings and raised its revenue outlook. Amsterdam-based Yandex reported net income of 900 million rubles ($14.5 million), a decline of 23% year on year, despite a 25% rise in revenue to 20.7 billion rubles. Adjusted net income rose 18% to 3.7 billion rubles. Traffic acquisition costs rose to more than 3.8 million rubles in the quarter.
Search remained the biggest piece of revenue at 18.6 billion rubles, followed by 1.3 billion rubles from e-commerce. Yandex Taxi, which is burning through cash and was the subject of analysts questions in the quarterly conference call, saw a 75% rise in revenue year on year to $778 million. Based on a ?solid start? in 2017, Yandex increased its ruble-denominated revenue guidance, saying it expected growth in the range of 17% to 20% for the full year 2017.

und auf Anfrage erklärte CFO Gregory Abovsky zu einer denkbaren Gewinnausschüttung : that is a decision that?s made at the board level, but clearly we do feel increasingly confident about the overall economic backdrop...yes, I think, the board would feel more confident about making the cash distribution decision now than it has before.?


51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyReport Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results

12.07.17 17:26

Yandex geht auf technische Intelligenz
Since its inception, Yandex Data Factory (YDF) has pioneered an innovative way to create value for companies by applying our expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to help solve their business needs. YDF arose as a solution to the problem many businesses faced at the peak of the big data craze. Essentially, businesses had begun amassing huge amounts of information, but were struggling to extract tangible value from this data.
The solution, of course, is in machine learning.

und selbstfahrende Autos  
Yandex?s on-demand transportation service Yandex.Taxi unveils its autonomous car project. The prototype of a self-driving car the company has developed is a step towards a comprehensive set of driverless technologies for application across a wide range of industries.

und natürlich auch Cloud
Yandex is excited to announce it is ramping up its cloud platform initiative, Yandex.Cloud. Over the last year we have been exploring and experimenting with a cloud initiative that would combine our network of state-of-the-art data centers across Western Europe and Russia, our developer talent, and our deep expertise in machine learning and data mining to provide businesses a high-performance cloud computing platform. Today we are excited to take the next step and further expand on the Yandex.Cloud vision.


51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyBig ETF Inflows

12.07.17 17:28
Comparing units outstanding versus one week ago at the coverage universe of ETFs at ETF Channel, the biggest inflow was seen in the Russia ETF ( RSX ), which added 30,900,000 units, or a 30.2% increase week over week. Among the largest underlying components of RSX, in morning trading today Yandex ( YNDX ) is up about 0.5%, and Mobile Telesystems ( MBT ) is higher by about 2.1%.

Yandey is up 2.53%  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyUber Juniorpartner von Yandex +24%

13.07.17 14:42
..Obwohl Yandex mehr Anteile am neuen Unternehmen bekommt, wird Uber mit 225 Millionen Dollar mehr als doppelt so viel Geld und auch seinen UberEats Essenslieferdienst in das neue Unternehmen einbringen. Yandex selbst investiert nur 100 Millionen Dollar. Dass Uber sich damit abfindet, künftig nur noch Juniorpartner zu sein, und gleichzeitig noch mehr Geld auf den Tisch legt, zeigt wie schlecht es aktuell um Ubers Expansionspläne in Russland und den anderen Ländern steht. Yandex hat sich in den genannten Märkten bereits fest etabliert und setzte den Angreifer Uber jüngst durch aggressive Preissenkungen unter Druck...,98556.html  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyYandex + 17% in Moskau

13.07.17 14:45
The agreement sent Yandex shares rocketing 17 percent in afternoon Moscow trade on Thursday and follows the merger in May of rival Russian taxi players Fasten and Rutaxi.

"With this deal Yandex eliminates an aggressive competitor which, in the long run, will lead to improved monetization and profitability," said Sergey Libin, an analyst with Raiffeisen Bank in Moscow. "It's a good deal."

The deal marks another pullback from Uber's breakneck global expansion, coming a year after its exit from China. It does have potential upside for the Silicon Valley online taxi hailing pioneer, based on its 36.6 percent stake in the merged company.....  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyYandex und Sberbank JointVenture

09.08.17 12:17
...the two companies have signed a non-binding term sheet to form a joint venture based on the Yandex.Market platform. The companies intend to combine the technological capabilities of Yandex and the infrastructure and technologies of Sberbank to develop a leading eCommerce ecosystem. The non-binding term sheet provides that Sberbank would invest 30 billion rubles (approximately $500M) into Yandex.Market, valuing it at 60 billion rubles (approximately $1B) on a post-money basis, before taking into account any potential future synergies. The two partners will own equal stakes in the joint venture. Up to ten percent of the company's shares will be allocated for an equity incentive pool for Yandex.Market management and employees...."

die börse honoriert es mit plus 6% in Moskau  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyYandex u.Sberbank wollen e-marketplace wie amazon

04.09.17 16:58

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyGoldman Sachs empfiehlt Yandex

20.09.17 10:18

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyText dazu

20.09.17 10:23
Goldman Sachs (GS) believes Yandex (YNDX) will show a strong performance in the near future. Yandex mainly operates internationally in countries such as Russia as an Internet search engine.
In the medium term, Yandex could see huge growth in its market share as the e-commerce business could see high growth in major emerging nations (EEM) (VWO).

Goldman Sachs wrote, ?Yandex is Russia?s largest search engine?We expect market share growth across segments in the medium term as well as continued growth of addressable markets. Recently announced JVs will also create substantial synergies, in our view.?  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage Kickyinteressante Analyse warum der Preis so weit

20.09.17 10:26

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyGrünes Licht für JV mit Uber

24.11.17 11:58
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia?s anti-monopoly regulator FAS said on Friday it had approved a deal to merge the Russian ride-sharing businesses of Yandex (YNDX.O) and Uber UBER.UL, with certain conditions.....

MOSCOW, Nov 24 (PRIME) -- Russia?s Federal Antimonopoly Service approved on Friday a merger of online taxi hailing services Yandex.Taxi and Uber on the local market with a warrant, according to the authority?s Web site. In July, Yandex and Uber agreed to merge their taxi businesses in Russia and some CIS countries into a company called NewCo, where Yandex will own 59.3%, Uber 36.6%, and 4.1% will be held by employees of the company.

Uber will invest U.S. $225 million and Yandex will contribute $100 million to NewCo. The deal is expected to be closed by 2018.  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyYandex lagert Medienbusiness aus

17.01.18 22:37
Russian search giant Yandex (YNDX +1%) is reorganizing and moving its media services into a new unit, Bloomberg reports.
The move is designed to ease management and give a boost to sales, according to the company. The move is similar to the reorg of its online taxi and e-commerce businesses, before those were point into joint ventures with Uber and Sberbank.

The new unit will encompass the company's music streaming, movie-recommendation service Kinopoisk, entertainment guide and its TV guide.

übrigens Sberbank hat ein Joint Venture mit Yandex und will eine Platform wie Amazon

"Zwei russische Unternehmen investieren nun in die Amazon-Alternative Yandex.Market.
Yandex ist im Westen als russischer Google-Konkurrent bekannt. Doch in Wirklichkeit bietet der russische Internet-Konzern viele andere Dienstleistungen, darunter einen Kartendienst und eine Taxi-App. Zu den Produkten zählt auch die Online-Plattform Yandex.Market, das stark an den Amazon Marketplace erinnert.
Von Bekleidung über Haushaltswaren bis zu Spielkonsolen bietet der russische Internet-Marktplatz alles, was das Herz begehrt. Dabei verkauft Yandex die Produkte nicht selbst, sondern fungiert als Vermittler zwischen Käufer und Händler. Nun hat der Konzern einen Paukenschlag angekündigt.
Offenbar plant Yandex ein Gemeinschaftsunternehmen mit der russischen Sberbank. Dies geht aus einem Bericht der Wirtschaftszeitung Wedomosti hervor. ..."

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyYandex gründet Mitfahrzentrale

25.01.18 19:15
" Der russische Internet-Konzern Yandex, der für seine Suchmaschine und Taxi-Service bekannt ist, will eine Mitfahrzentrale eröffnen. In der App ?Yandex.Navigator? startete am heutigen Mittwoch eine Testphase.

In spätestens zwei Wochen soll die Mitfahrzentrale für alle Nutzer eröffnen, erklärte ein Unternehmensvertreter gegenüber der Wirtschaftszeitung Wedomosti. Über die Investitionshöhe könne jedoch keine Auskunft gegeben werden. Der Service für Mitfahrgelegenheiten folgt wenige Wochen auf eine Ankündigung von Yandex, in den Moskauer Carsharing-Markt einzusteigen. ...  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyUpdate on Timing of Closing of Yan

01.02.18 16:18
Yandex (NASDAQ:YNDX) today provided an update on the timing of the proposed merger of Yandex.Taxi and the Uber ride-sharing businesses in Russia and neighboring countries. The parties are currently finalizing preparations for closing, and now anticipate that the combination will complete in the first half of February 2018.
In July 2017 Yandex and Uber announced the intention to combine their ride-sharing businesses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus and Georgia. In late 2017 the companies received all necessary regulatory approvals. After the closing, consumers will be able to use both Yandex.Taxi and Uber apps, while the driver-side apps will be integrated. Uber will also contribute its UberEATS business in the region to the combined company.....  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyYandex Report am 15.Februar

01.02.18 16:20

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyInvestment Fund investiert in Yandex Über JV

15.02.18 11:44

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyYandex und Uber fusionieren Lieferservice f. Essen

15.02.18 11:47
...Der Taxi-Dienstleister Yandex.Taxi, der momentan mit Uber in Russland und den benachbarten Ländern fusioniert, will die Food-Lieferservices Foodfox und UberEATS zu einem Service Yandex.Eda vereinen, berichtet Interfax. Folglich wird Yandex.Eda Teil des russisch-amerikanischen Joint-Ventures sein und die russische Filiale von UberEATS sowie den im November 2017 erworbenen Lieferservice Foodfox kontrollieren. Somit beläuft sich der Anteil von Yandex.Taxi am Stammkapital der OOO Yandex.Eda auf 99,9 Prozent. Der russische Markt für Food-Lieferservices boomt, seitdem mehrere Investitions-, Fusions- und Übernahmeverträge letztes Jahr abgeschlossen wurden...  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyOn CNBC's Fast Money Final Trade

08.03.18 14:26
, Tim Seymour recommended a long position in Yandex NV

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyErholung von Absturz

12.04.18 11:33
nach den neuen Sanktionen gegen Russland stand da irgendwo heute schon wieder minus 0,16%
in Moskau

da gibts auch ne  Analyse zur Performance  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyYandex Looks Good: Stock Adds 5.9% in Session

20.04.18 12:29
"....Yandex is similar to Google or Baidu. In essence, it's a search engine that has developed new products and services around its main business. Yandex is focused on developing more efficient processes for industrial players. A good bet, as it's well known that Russia could do better in this regard. While international sanctions might hurt the Russian economy, it could very well stimulate further efficiency improvements driving by domestic firms. Needless to say, anything sensitive to national security will not easily be 'outsourced' by the Russians.
Another reason to include Yandex in this list is the drop from the highs. The stock is currently trading around $34 while it used to trade at $41 in February..."  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyAnalyse zu Yandex v.Seekingalpha

23.04.18 18:41
"Yandex shares grew all the rest of the year and in March they already cost $44 per share. Now that the Yandex share is at $33 and the company's capitalization is about $10 billion, I believe that it's time to consider Yandex for buying...In 2017, Yandex showed a significant increase in revenue +24% Y/Y to $1.6 billion. Net profit has grown even stronger despite the costs related to Yandex Taxi. For 2017, net profit was $150 million, +28% Y/Y.....
Total equity value is $14.95 billion. The current capitalization of Yandex is $10.8 billion, which leaves the potential for growth of 38%....  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage Kicky25.04.2018 Yandex Quartalsreport

24.04.18 10:33
Yandex wird am 25.04.2018 in der Finanzkonferenz die Quartalszahlen zum jüngsten Jahresviertel ? Abschlussdatum 31.03.2018 ? vorstellen.
Die Schätzungen von 3 Analysten belaufen sich beim EPS auf durchschnittlich 0,277 USD je Aktie. Im Vorjahresquartal hatten noch 0,200 USD je Aktie in den Büchern gestanden.
Beim Umsatz erwarten insgesamt 2 Analysten eine Steigerung von durchschnittlich 25,40 Prozent auf 452,5 Millionen USD. Im Vorjahresviertel hatte Yandex noch 360,8 Millionen USD umgesetzt.
Auf das gesamte laufende Fiskaljahr blickend, rechnen 12 Analysten im Schnitt mit einem Gewinn von 1,01 USD je Aktie. Im Vorjahr war hier ein Gewinn von 0,826 USD je Aktie vermeldet worden. Den Umsatz taxieren 15 Analysten durchschnittlich auf 1,98 Milliarden USD, gegenüber 1,66 Milliarden USD im Vorjahr.

offenbar der Grund warum Yandex jetzt steigt
vielleicht auch eine verbesserte Dialogbereitschft mit Russland wegen Syrien  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyZacks Analyse zu Yandex

24.04.18 10:37
..."Analysts have very recently bumped up their estimates for YNDX, giving the stock a Zacks Earnings ESP of +13.73% heading into earnings season
A positive reading for the Zacks Earnings ESP has proven to be very powerful in producing both positive surprises, and outperforming the market. Our recent 10-year backtest shows that stocks that have a positive Earnings ESP and a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) or better show a positive surprise nearly 70% of the time, and have returned over 28% on average in annual returns (see more Top Earnings ESP stocks here).Given that YNDX has a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) and an ESP in positive territory, investors might want to consider this stock ahead of earnings...."  

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickySberbank u.Yandex Completed Deal for Yandex.Market

02.05.18 17:39

51244 Postings, 6785 Tage KickyBRIEF-Yandex Q1 revenue up 29 pct

02.05.18 17:41

am 24.4. aber kommt wohl erst jetzt ins Bewusstsein,dass der Report ganz gut war

* Q1 revenue rose 29 percent to $464.0 million, up 29 percent year-on-year;

* Q1 net income at $32.3 million, up 126 percent year-on-year;

* Q1 adjusted EBITDA at $134.5 million, up 12 percent year-on-year, adjusted EBITDA margin of 29 percent;

* expects consolidated rouble-based revenue to grow in the range of 28 percent to 32 percent in 2018, year-on-year. Further company coverage:


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