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Yandex - wo geht die Reise hin?

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neuester Beitrag: 07.10.15 15:54
eröffnet am: 12.12.12 12:41 von: bodohans123 Anzahl Beiträge: 103
neuester Beitrag: 07.10.15 15:54 von: Kicky Leser gesamt: 13949
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343 Postings, 3157 Tage bodohans123Yandex - wo geht die Reise hin?

12.12.12 12:41
Yandex, die kleine russische Google! Möchte mal eine Disskussion anregen, die letzten 3 Tage ging es mit diesem Wert steil nach oben, nur um gestern wieder fast alles gewonnene
abzugeben. Beobachte diesen Wert schon eine Weile, suche und warte noch auf den richtigen Einstiegsmoment. Google hat auch mal klein angefangen.  
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37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyBarclays mit Overweight KZ $21,06

06.05.15 15:37

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyYandex neue App für Smartphones

29.05.15 13:33
In Russia, mobile Internet users have become the majority on the Russian Internet. In response to this rise, Yandex, Russia?s leading search engine, has recently made adjustments to their PPC ad platform, Yandex.Direct, to better provide for advertisers and users alike.

Russians are adapting their search strategies thanks to increased smartphone use.....  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyYandex Scope for 100% upside on a two-year view

29.05.15 13:36

....In Conclusion

Russian ADRs are trading near to their lowest levels since 2008. Yandex is quoting at $18, less than half of it?s all time-high of $44 in 2014.

At the price of $18, the stock is quoting at a 2016 P/E of 19 and a PEG ratio of 0.83.

Investors are reluctant to buy Russian stocks due to a combination of a Russian recession, the low cost of oil, United States and European economic sanctions and the crumbling price of the Rouble.

The company has done well in tough economic and political conditions, and has huge growth potential as more and more Russian speakers gain access to the internet. Recovery in the Russian Rouble and oil prices could get the company back to growth in profitability.

I?m accumulating Yandex on every decline for a 2-3 years horizon.  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyDeutsche Bank mit Buy für Yandex KZ $21.00

02.06.15 21:35
Yandex NV (NASDAQ:YNDX)?s stock had its ?buy? rating reaffirmed by Deutsche Bank in a research note issued on Sunday. They currently have a $21.00 target price on the stock. Deutsche Bank?s target price indicates a potential upside of 16.47% from the stock?s previous close.

Other equities research analysts have also recently issued reports about the stock. Analysts at Zacks upgraded shares of Yandex NV from a ?hold? rating to a ?buy? rating and set a $22.00 price target on the stock in a research note on Wednesday, May 6th. Analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co. reiterated an ?overweight? rating and set a $27.00 price target (up previously from $25.00) on shares of Yandex NV in a research note on Monday, May 4th. Analysts at Barclays reiterated an ?overweight? rating and set a $21.06 price target (up previously from $19.55) on shares of Yandex NV in a research note on Monday, May 4th. Finally, analysts at Vetr upgraded shares of Yandex NV from a ?hold? rating to a ?buy? rating and set a $26.75 price target on the stock in a research note on Tuesday, April 28th. One analyst has rated the stock with a sell rating, four have given a hold rating and eight have assigned a buy rating to the stock. The stock has an average rating of ?Buy? and a consensus price target of $25.58.  

2112 Postings, 1476 Tage Der_Heldschade

05.06.15 19:52
Kurs ist ganz gut wieder zurückgekommen ... bevor der schöne Buchgewinn komplett wieder weg ist oder ich sogar ins Minus drehe, hab ich dann heut sicherheitshalber doch erstmal verkauft. Von > 30% sind nun grad mal mickrige 9% übrig geblieben. Da ich jetzt verkauft habe, geht's bestimmt wieder aufwärts... ^^  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyYandex mit neuem Musik Player

10.06.15 15:37

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyYandex NV Upgraded to Strong-Buy at Vetr Inc.

15.06.15 09:05

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyPromising Upside For Long-Term Investors

02.07.15 23:08

...some of the best net profit margins in the industry. Year-on-year revenues have grown 28.52% from RUB 39.50bn to RUB 50.77bn, while net income improved 26.32% from RUB 13.47bn to RUB 17.02bn.....
Consensus forecast among 20 investment analysts covering Yandex also advises that the company will outperform the market. Currently there are 7 "Buys", 6 "Outperforms", 4 "Holds", 1 "Underperforms", and 2 "Sells."....
The bottom line: YNDX is a good buy for any enterprising investor with a 3-5 year investment horizon.  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyLink zu #86

02.07.15 23:08

217 Postings, 1194 Tage migut1Ab jetzt

14.07.15 16:41
wird hier nur noch Richtung Norden laufen. Ich bin dabei !!!  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyReport am 30.7. Consensus $0,17 for Quarter

17.07.15 10:57
...Looking ahead to future earnings growth, analysts are expecting Yandex N.V. (NASDAQ:YNDX) to report earnings per share of $0.17 for the quarter ending on 2015-06-30. This is the consensus EPS estimates based on the 8 brokers taken into consideration. Looking further ahead, analysts have a long-term growth earnings per share estimate of $2.17 on the stock. This is the best estimate for both earnings and revenue over the next three to five years.

All eyes will be on Yandex N.V. on 2015-07-30 when the Street is expecting the company to report their quarterly numbers. Analysts will be looking for an improvement on last quarter?s numbers where the firm reported earnings of $0.12 per share for the period ending on 2015-03-31. This was $-0.02 away from what the analysts had expected, or a -14.29% surprise factor.

könnte ggfs einen schönen Short Squeeze geben  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyChart nähert sich 38Tageslinie

20.07.15 09:21

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyYandex heute Report 2.Quartal

30.07.15 09:30
Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results Conference Call

Thursday, July 30, 2015

8:00 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time (3:00 p.m. Moscow time, 1:00 p.m. London time)  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage Kickymieser Report Gewinn -40% Umsatz +14%

30.07.15 12:37
quod erat expectandum

Q2 2015 Financial Highlights(1)(2)

   Revenues of RUB 13.9 billion ($250.7 million), up 14% compared with Q2 2014
   Ex-TAC revenues (excluding traffic acquisition costs) up 15% compared with Q2 2014
   Income from operations of RUB 2.2 billion ($39.5 million), down 40% compared with Q2 2014
   Adjusted EBITDA of RUB 4.8 billion ($86.8 million), down 4% compared with Q2 2014
   Operating margin of 15.8%
   Adjusted EBITDA margin of 34.6%
   Adjustedex-TAC EBITDA margin of 44.2%
   Net income of RUB 0.4 billion ($7.6 million), down 82% compared with Q2 2014
   Adjusted net income of RUB 2.8 billion ($50.3 million), down 16% compared with Q2 2014
   Net income margin of 3.0%
   Adjusted net income margin of 20.1%
   Adjustedex-TAC net income margin of 25.6%
   Cash, cash equivalents and deposits of RUB 46.9 billion ($845.1 million) as of June 30, 2015......#  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyKann Yandex 40% steigen wärend Umsatz fällt?

02.08.15 13:00
....Yandex is down 20% this year to a recent $14.28.
Deutsche Analysts Lloyd Walmsley, Igor Semenov, Ross Sandler, Deepak Mathivanan and Kevin LaBuz cut their price target by $1 to $20 Thursday, implying 40% upside for the U.S.-traded shares. They write:

   ?While the macro situation in Russia remains challenging, we are encouraged that Yandex is starting to see signs of stabilization. The company provided full year guidance again, sees mobile ad rates converging with desktop and expects to see mobile share gains beginning in the first half as its top talent improves product across mobile search and browser. Russian courts could provide some help in the September hearing against Google (GOOGL). ? [Management is] streamlining headcount and re-allocating resources to focus areas like mobile ?

   The company continues to lose market share driven by share losses in Chrome Browser, and across both Android and iOS [from Apple (AAPL)]. Lastly, Yandex will be switching its auction mechanism ? [which] is expected to be revenue neutral in the near-term, and additive in the long-term, but pricing transitions can be disruptive in the near-term as advertisers adjust their behavior.?

2112 Postings, 1476 Tage Der_HeldWiedereinstieg

25.08.15 11:28
Der Verkauf am 05.06. (#83) für 15,60 war 'ne gute Entscheidung. Mittlerweile wurde der Wert - auch wegen der schlechten Zahlen (Abwertung Rubel etc.) - aber so weit runtergeprügelt, dass ich heute wieder rein bin. Zumindest ein kleiner Rebound sollte doch möglich sein. Ma schaun...  

2112 Postings, 1476 Tage Der_HeldBlocktrade

11.09.15 18:16
Vorhin grad Blocktrade (600k zu 11,13$) ... seitdem geht's wieder rauf. Hab den Finger aber trotzdem am Abzug und lass das hier nicht mehr ins Minus laufen (EK war 9,09 ?).  

2112 Postings, 1476 Tage Der_HeldNews

14.09.15 17:23

Presse: Russland plant ein Kartellverfahren gegen Google

Quelle Jandaya:  vor 20 Min (16:59) - Echtzeitnachricht

reicht für z. Z. 10% Plus

2112 Postings, 1476 Tage Der_HeldYandex und China-Geschäft

14.09.15 19:59

Russian 'Google-killer' Yandex expands to China

Russia's most popular search engine Yandex has opened a sales office in Shanghai due to a significant increase in turnover with Chinese advertisers. Yandex plans to help Chinese companies expand into Russia. [...]


2112 Postings, 1476 Tage Der_Heldärgerlich

24.09.15 17:51
und schon wieder mit Minigewinn von 3% ausgestoppt, obwohl zwischenzeitlich fast 30% im Plus. Schon das zweite Mal jetzt!

Der Gesamtmarkt sieht aber auch nach crashartiger Tendenz aus und man kann/sollte eigentlich nur traden. Bin mittlerweile stark am überlegen, das komplette Depot aufzulösen, bevor die ganzen Buchgewinne seit Jahresanfang wieder weg sind (Jahreshoch war 43% Plus ... ist jetzt innerhalb kurzer Zeit auf 16% zusammengeschmolzen). Bei den Crashs in 2008 und 2011 hab ich es geschafft, dass aus anfangs schönen Gewinnen dann am Jahresende fast 50% Minus standen. Das muss nicht noch ein drittes Mal sein...  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyYandex überlegt Einstieg bei Microsoft Windows

05.10.15 10:43

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyYandex Qiwi Russian markets rally

06.10.15 13:08

Russia's MICEX Index rose 2.5% today, and the dollar/ruble ratio has narrowed to 64.8. WTI crude oil is up 2.4% $46.61/barrel.

The trifecta has yielded big gains for Russian search leader Yandex (YNDX +8%) and online payments leader Qiwi (QIWI +7.1%). Both companies remain over 70% below their early-2014 highs, thanks in large part to macro/forex concerns.

Separately, Russian regulators have given Google until Nov. 18 to amend its Android bundling/pre-install deals with local carriers. Yandex jumped last month after regulators declared Google's Android bundling requirements violated competition rules. EU and U.S. (FTC) regulators have also been probing Google's deals.  

37277 Postings, 5825 Tage KickyYandex Report 3.Quartal am 27.Oktober

07.10.15 15:54

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