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GAMESA Rückenwind in Zahlen und Aufträgen

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neuester Beitrag: 02.07.15 22:58
eröffnet am: 15.11.06 13:23 von: soyus1 Anzahl Beiträge: 674
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1676 Postings, 3929 Tage soyus1GAMESA Rückenwind in Zahlen und Aufträgen

15.11.06 13:23
Hallo Freunde der alternativen Energien!

Gamesa WKN: A0B5Z8 Symbol: GTQ1 der weltweit zweitgrößte Windenergiehersteller liefert beeindruckende 9 Montaszahlen:

Gewinnsteigerung 116%
Umsatzsteigerung  40%

Tolle Auftragslage; z.B. Meldung vom 05.10.2006, 14:13  
Gamesa erhält Rekordauftrag über 2,3 Mrd. Euro von Iberdrola

Hier die Zahlen:

14.11.2006 19:28
Gamesa 9 mth net rises to 220.1 mln eur vs 101.9 mln UPDATE
(Updates with wind turbine, wind park sales forecasts for Q4, FY)

MADRID (AFX) - Gamesa (Nachrichten) Corporacion Tecnologica SA said net profit rose to 220.1 mln eur in the nine months to September from 101.9 mln eur a year earlier, in line with analysts' estimates for 210-231 mln eur.

In a statement, Gamesa said revenue rose 40.0 pct to 1.385 bln eur from 985.8 mln eur a year earlier, at the high end of estimates of 1.36-1.39 bln eur.

EBITDA rose 13.0 pct to 225.0 mln eur, slightly below expectations.

The results indicate 'adequate progress in meeting objectives stated in the 2006-2008 business plan,' the company said.

Gamesa said wind turbine installation in the nine months has risen 64 pct from a year earlier to 1,394 MW, has already overtaken last year's total, and that it expected a new annual record in 2006.

For the fourth quarter, Gamesa said it expects new wind energy regulation in Spain, which many expect to be positive for the sector, and it will continue the rate of growth of wind turbine installations of over 200 MW a month, and will increase the volume of wind farms sold to over 100 MW/month.


Freue mich auf interessante Beiträge, Vergleiche und Diskussionen zu Gamesa!

Gruß Soyus  
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36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGewinn 66 Millionen Umsatz +43%

07.05.15 16:16
SPAIN: Gamesa has recorded pre-tax earnings of ?66 million in the first quarter of 2014, an increase of 92% year on year.
The increase was helped by a 43% growth in sales, which reached ?820 million in the first three months of this year. Gamesa sold 712MW of turbines, 25.6% more than the same period last year.

Most of the Spanish manufacturer's activity came from outside Europe. India (27%) and China (24%) made up over half of the company's orders in the quarter.

Gamesa said its net profit of ?62 million ? against ?17 million last year ? was due to greater profitability and the "extraordinary positive impact" of the offshore joint venture Adwen.The manufacturer claimed Adwen had a ?18.5 million positive impact on net profit.  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyChart auf spanisch KZ 13,75

08.05.15 08:23
Angehängte Grafik:
gamesa.gif (verkleinert auf 63%) vergrößern

533 Postings, 599 Tage Trader8868Korrektur wenn fällig bis auf ca 9.5

12.05.15 11:01
da lohnt sich der Einstieg  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa ist sehr gut weltweit aufgestellt

12.05.15 16:03
Aufträge in Brasilien mit Joint Venture dort,Mexiko,Jamaica,Indien eigene Fabrik dort,
Ägypten,Marokko hier Fabrik in Bau
wenn Du wartest bis 9,5, kannste schwarz werden,kriegste nämlich nicht!
Haste nicht kürzlich erst viel zu früh verkauft bei Canadian Solar ?
Gamesa ist ein sehr gutes Longinvestment

nur zur Erinnerung
Gamesa erzielt höhere Ebit-Marge als Vestas  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGewinne für Shareholder

12.05.15 16:07
...Die deutsche Nordex legte um 580 Prozent zu, die dänische Vestas um 665 Prozent und die spanische Gamesa um 670 Prozent. Im Laufe der letzten drei Jahre sind Gamesa um 670% gestiegen, die dänische Vestas um 665 Prozent .....  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyAuftrag 54MW auf den Philippinen

14.05.15 10:18
der dritte Auftrag bereits in den letzten Monaten in Südostasien, insgesamt 144MW

Gamesa has won a contract to build a 54MW wind farm in the Philippines.

The agreement with Alternergy includes the construction, supply and installation of 27 turbines in the Pililla wind farm, located on the island of Luzon.

It marks the third contract closed by Gamesa in the Southeast Asian market, having signed orders totalling 144MW in recent months.

The Spanish firm will also build the infrastructure needed to install and operate the facility, including a substation as well as provide the operations and maintenance services for five years.  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa auf AWEA in Orlando zu älteren Turbinen

19.05.15 20:46
Wind turbine overhaul: Converting the old into new

Wind turbine attrition is OK. That is one of the messages Gamesa, with guest DNV GL, discussed at a presentation during the opening day of AWEA?s WINDPOWER 2015 Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. The key is preparing for wind turbine wear in the early stages of a turbine?s life through proper O&M assessments and condition monitoring. In some cases it?s possible to upgrade components before they fail, essentially converting the old into new.

In the U.S., roughly 900 wind farms are operating and 8.4% of those turbines are between 10 and 15 years old.
This is the age when project owners tend to think about the operating expenses of their fleet and future O&M costs. About 90% of today?s operating turbines are less than 10 years old, which means a host of aging turbines are expected in the near future.

In fact, Gamesa predicts that over the next five years, the proportion of wind assets in the U.S. aged 10 to 15 years will increase from ~10% to ~50%. Extending the economic life of existing wind farms presents owners with an opportunity to maximize their investment and long-term profitability.

To meet the needs of aging turbines, Gamesa offers Life Extension, an industry-approved service that can safely increase design life by 10 years making old turbines much like new again. Their scope of analysis evaluates the impact on each structure from the blades, towers, and foundations, to the electrical components, loads analysis, and even the nacelle covers.
Although age and attrition are inevitable, it?s now possible to prolong turbine life from 20 to 30 years in many cases.  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa mit 100MW Auftrag v.HCIG in China

20.05.15 12:09
Under the terms of the contract signed with HCIG, Gamesa will supply, install and commission 50 of its G97-2.0 MW turbines at the Fengdianzhiqing wind farm, located in Zhangjiakou, in the province of Hebei. These 50 turbines are due for delivery during the third quarter of 2015, while the wind farm is slated for commissioning the following quarter.

Since 2008, Gamesa has signed orders for the supply of 250 MW to HCIG, the largest operator in the province of Hebei and a top ten player at the national level.  

358 Postings, 891 Tage euroxxxcontigo

27.05.15 09:02

Bin absofort mitdabei - damit auch der Wind in Spanien kräftig bläst a molina vientos :-) !


358 Postings, 891 Tage euroxxx239 MW .... es geht dahin ....

29.05.15 12:06

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa und Vestas mit Grossaufträgen

29.05.15 12:54
beide trotz mieser Börsenlage im Plus
Vestas in den letzten drei Tagen mit 265 MW Aufträgen und bereits über 3GW in 2015
Gamesa mit 239 MW in Schottland auch nicht schlecht  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyEDF soll Mehrheit an Areva übernehmen

04.06.15 14:08

EDF and Areva will create a venture to design and build new reactors, the government said. The companies will discuss ways to cut risks linked to ongoing Areva NP projects, it said.

Areva will require as much as 5.5 billion euros ($6.2 billion) by the end of 2017, Natixis analyst Philippe Ourpatian and a colleague wrote in a June 2 research note.

EDF last month offered about 2 billion euros for Areva?s reactor operations, a person familiar with the situation said at the time.

Both Areva and EDF have raised the possibility in the past of forging ties with Chinese partners and are planning to develop two reactors in the U.K. with China General Nuclear Power Corp. and China National Nuclear Corp.

es gibt einen sapnischen Artikel, der meint Gamesa könne davon profitieren und Adwen zu 100% übernehmen, Areva prüfe wohl einige Betriebsteile abzustossen,um die Schulden zu verringern.EDF habe nur Interesse am Kraftwerkgeschäft und sei bereit dafür 2 Milliarden zu bieten


36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesas Antiicing Sytem eine der besten 100 Ideen

08.06.15 08:21
des Jahres

Gamesa?s Bladeshiel anti-icing system was chosen as one of the best 100 ideas of the year, according to the journal Actualidad Económica. The magazine highlights that this system is the result of three years of research into the use of new raw materials in wind energy, specifically the application of nano-materials in the development of coatings.

The Bladeshield anti-icing system, which was conceived of by three of Gamesa?s engineers, María Yoldi, Rosario Ortigosa and Almudena Muñoz, consists of an anti-icing ?paint,? which not only prevents the formation of ice but also boosts the paint?s resistance to erosion and its durability properties.....  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa erweitert Turbinenfabrik Brasilien 640MW

09.06.15 09:32

The factory, located in Camaçari (Bahia), has annual productive capacity of 640 MW.
The new facility was inaugurated by the Governor of Bahia, Rui Costa dos Santos, and the Chairman of Gamesa, Ignacio Martín.
The company plans to double its headcount in Brazil to 570 by year-end 2015  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyREG Auftrag 38MW in UK

10.06.15 15:25
June 10 (SeeNews) - Renewable Energy Generation Ltd (LON:WIND), or REG, said today it has ordered turbines by Spanish firm Gamesa (MCE:GAM) for 38 MW of onshore wind projects in the UK.

Wind turbine maker Gamesa will supply 19 machines, install and commission them, and also provide long term service and maintenance. The turbines will be used at the 4-MW French Farm, 4-MW Rodbaston, 6-MW Brackagh Quarry, 12-MW Mynydd Portref and the 12-MW Hallburn Farm wind parks. These will double REG?s total wind power capacity to 72.7 MW....  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa in Brasilien

10.06.15 15:33
Gamesa wants USD 64/MWh for wind power at Brazil's auction (SeeNews) - Brazil should set a ceiling price of at least BRL 200 (USD 64.6/ EUR 57.3) per MWh of wind power for its next energy auctions....

.....The new plant, which started operating last September, currently produces nacelles for the 2 MW G97 turbine and the company plans to begin producing the G114, a wind turbine that cuts energy costs by 10 percent, compared to the previous generation of turbines, in January 2016.

Gamesa has invested 35 million euros ($39.4 million) since it began manufacturing in Brazil, where it has more than 1,000 suppliers and has achieved production of up to 640 MW per year.

The Spanish company expects to double its workforce to 570 by the end of this year.

Gamesa has been expanding internationally in recent years, focusing on Brazil, where it opened its first Latin American plant in 2011.

The company signed two contracts in Brazil last year to supply wind turbines.

One contract covers the equipment for a 166 MW wind farm belonging to Companhia de Energias Renovaveis, or CER, and the other is for the gear for a 48 MW wind farm owned by Eletrosul, a unit of state electric utility Eletrobras.

Gamesa also has operations in Mexico, Honduras, Uruguay and Argentina, among other countries in Latin America, which accounts for nearly 37 percent of the company's global sales.  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickySteueranreize in Indien für Wind 3500MW erwartet

16.06.15 10:43
in diesem Jahr wird der Ausbau von 3500MW erwartet nachdem die beiden Programme zur finanziellen Unterstützung wieder ins Leben gerufen wurden.2012 -2013 hatte sich der Bau von Windprojekten halbiert wegen fehlender Anreize

Wind energy turbine manufacturers expect additional installation of over 3,500 mega watt (MW) in 2015-16.

Madhusudan Khemka, chairman, Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTA) said that in 2014-15, the wind energy sector saw addition of 2,310 MW.
.. Khemka said, "Incentives of AD, GBI (Generation Based Incentive) and 80 IA benefits have enhanced investments."

"Irrespective of the policies at the Centre, the urgent need of the hour is to work with wind states and mainstream wind power," he added, pointing out that power evacuation and land are the major impediments to project execution.  

Raghuram Sachidanandam, AVP - Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs Department at Gamesa Wind Turbines in the magazine explained that both the incentives are mutually exclusive and investors can choose either AD or GBI.  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyOutlook .Gamesa plant Gewinn zu verdoppeln

16.06.15 13:17

16 June 2015

   Fulfilment of the plan will enable the company to maintain an attractive dividend policy (payout ?25%) and accelerate shareholder value creation
   Cost control and a sound balance sheet, combined with strict financial discipline, continue to be priorities
   Gamesa is to launch a new 3.3 MW platform, which will strengthen its foothold in key markets

Today, Gamesa unveiled its Outlook 2015-2017, with the goal of locking in the profitable growth that commenced under the preceding plan, offer sustainable and rising dividends, 25% of annual net profit, and accelerate shareholder value creation.

The company projects double-digit annual growth in sales and activity during the plan, to attain 3,500-3,800 MW in 2017 and a doubling in size with respect to the beginning of the 2013-2015 Plan. Sales in 2015 will be close to 3,100 MW.

Under the plan unveiled today, based on its high degree of geographical diversification in the main wind markets, Gamesa will retain its leading position in India, Mexico and Brazil, as well as China, where it is the largest foreign manufacturer in terms of market share. It will also increase its presence in mature markets such as the US and Europe, and expand into Asia-Pacific and Africa.

Gamesa is working to develop its portfolio of products and services as a key means of gaining market share. Within the period of the plan, it will launch a new 3.3 MW platform to meet the needs of major markets such as Europe, Mexico, Canada, Australia, South Africa and others, and will extend its 2.5 MW platform to India and Brazil.

In the area of Operation and Maintenance, the company expects 20% growth in revenues through 2017, boosted by growth in MW under maintenance, new long-term contracts and an offer of value-added products.



36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa in Spanien +4,93%

16.06.15 15:19

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa legt starke Prognose für kommende Jahre vor

18.06.15 20:41

...Gamesa will in den kommenden zwei Jahren ein zweistelliges jährliches Wachstum bei den Verkaufszahlen erzielen und in 2017 Windkraftanlagen mit einer Leistung von etwa 3.500 bis 3.800 Megawatt (MW) absetzen (2014: 2.623 MW). Für das Jahr 2015 erwartet man einen Absatz von etwa 3.100 MW. Bis 2017 will Gamesa auch das Geschäftsergebnis deutlich verbessern. In 2017 soll sich das Ebit gegenüber 2014 bereits verdoppelt haben.

Die Spanier profitieren von ihren Erfolgen in Wachstums-Märkten. Mittlerweile zählt Gamesa zu den Marktführern in mehreren aufstrebenden Ländern wie Indien, Mexiko und Brasilien. In China ist Gamesa stärkster ausländischer Repräsentant für DIE Windkraft.

Gamesa folgt Siemens und Vestas
Zudem will Gamesa sein Produktportfolio ausweiten: In ihrem Outlook 2015-2017 kündigen die Spanier eine neue 3,3-MW-Windkraftanlage an. Damit folgt Gamesa der Konkurrenz von Siemens und Vestas, die bereits vor mehreren Monaten ihre neuen 3,3-MW-low-wind-Modelle vorgestellt haben.

Auch bei der Wartung und Betriebsführung erwartet das Unternehmen ein starkes Wachstum. Bis zu 20 Prozent Zuwachs will Gamesa bis 2017 generieren. Dieser Zuwachs wird auch durch die Wachstumserwartungen beim Absatz von Windkraftanlagen gestützt.
Die Anleger reagieren begeistert.....  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa mit 70-MW-Windpark-Auftrag aus Uruguay

23.06.15 13:48
(WK-intern) ? The company will install 35 of its G114-2.0 MW turbines at the Valentines wind farm and maintain them for 15 years
Gamesa has received another order from Areaflin, a corporate enterprise currently owned by Uruguay?s state utility, UTE, for the turnkey construction of a 70-MW wind farm in Uruguay.

Under the scope of the agreement, the company will supply, install and commission 35 G114-2.0 MW turbines at the Valentines wind farm located in the departments of Florida and Treinta y Tres, as well as handling the civil works and electrical installations needed to set up and operate this development. The facility is expected to be commissioned during the third quarter of 2016.

In addition, Gamesa will operate and maintain the wind complex for its first 15 years in operation....  

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyViele Analysten m.Upgrades f.Gamesa

23.06.15 14:01

...Obwohl die Aktie bereits um 90% gestiegen ist geben nach dem Investorday viele Analystenhäuser eine Kaufempfehlung mit durchschnittlichem Kursziel von 16 Euro.Der allgemeine Eindruck ist,dass die gesetzten Ziele angesichts der Prognosen, die für den Sektor vorgesehen sind, durchaus erreichbar sind wenn auch ehrgeizig. Darüber hinaus hat sich das Unternehmen in wachstumsstarken Märkten positioniert. Und es übt eine strenge Kontrolle der Kosten und Schulden aus.Auch die Aussicht, sich im Solarsektor auszuweiten, wird postiv bewertet .
Gamesa erwartet einen jährlichen Umsatz von 3100 Millionen Euro, das ist eine jährliche Steigerung von 18%.Das porgnostizierte Einkommen schwankt zwischen 3.500 und 3.800 Mio. im Jahr 2017, während die Marge auf das EBIT im Rest der Laufzeit des Plans zumindest mit einer jährlichen Rate von 8% im Jahr 2017 wachsen wird und das Doppelte der 2.014 EBIT (181 Millionen Euro) betragen wird. Plan ist auch eine "Auszahlung" von mindestens 25% und das Verhältnis Netto / Ebitda Kreditaufnahme auf weniger als das 1,5-fache zu halten.


36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyGamesa m.Auftrag f.13 neue 5MW Onshore

02.07.15 22:56
Das Gesamtvolumen der Lieferung beträgt 65 MW Zum ersten Mal liefert Gamesa seine 5-Megawatt(MW)-Turbine nach Lateinamerika aus. Insgesamt sollen 13 Anlagen auf die chilenische Insel Chiloé geliefert werden.....

36015 Postings, 5727 Tage KickyJoint Venture m.Sunedison f.1000MW

02.07.15 22:58
Ziel ist die Realisierung von neuen Windparks mit einer Leistung von 1.000 Megawatt (MW) bis zum Jahr 2018.MoU ist unterzeichnet. Vor allem Projekte in Indien und Mexiko  

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