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Melior Resources

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5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyMelior Resources

20.09.12 11:06

Coalcorp ist längst Geschichte ...und so machen wir weiter mit MELIOR RESOURCES Inc.

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5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyna dann ran ans TITAN

21.05.14 10:40

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyam

30.12.14 14:26
liebsten würde ich es verstecken .... soll steigen ohne großer Volumen :-)  

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuynews

11.03.15 21:36

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyStart´mineral testing

07.04.15 23:16

Melior starts mineral testing at Goondicum

2015-04-07 08:35 ET - News Release

Mr. Mark McCauley reports


Melior Resources Inc. has started mineral commissioning of the upgraded and expanded site processing facilities at the Goondicum mine.


## Mineral commissioning commenced on April 7, 2015, with ramp-up to target capacity of approximately 200,000 tonnes per annum continuing into the second half of 2015.
## Site components of the restart project completed on budget and ahead of schedule.

Project and operation

The total project has been completed on budget and ahead of the planned eight-month construction period. The total cost for the on-site upgrade and expansion of the process plant was $7.6-million (Australian) (budgeted expenditure $7.74-million (Australian)). The project consisted of an upgrade of the existing processing facilities to enhance product quality, increase plant recovery and availability, as well as expanding the processing capacity by approximately 50 per cent to 2.8 million tonnes per annum. Commissioning is expected to continue for up to six months before target production capacity of approximately 17,000 tonnes per month of ilmenite is expected to be achieved. The operation is quickly building up to its anticipated employment complement of 50 personnel, with around 30 additional personnel working with associated contractors.

Eastern access road

The new mine access road is approximately 25 per cent complete with approximately 4.8 kilometres of the total 19-kilometre length successfully built to date. When complete the road will reduce the haulage distance from the mine to Gladstone port by approximately 100 kilometres. The remainder of the road is currently undergoing final engineering design. Additionally, follow-up environmental documentation and survey work have been requested by the Australian Commonwealth Department of Environment to comply with permitting requirements. Melior is working through these requests; however, completion of the road cannot occur until this work has been completed to the department's satisfaction. For the foreseeable future, product will be hauled to the port through the existing access road, with the first 6,000-tonne ilmenite shipment bound for Japan scheduled for loading in the second half of May. The historically low oil prices significantly mitigate the impact of the use of the existing, longer haul road.

Product marketing

The global market for titanium feedstocks, including ilmenite, remains subdued. Over the last year there has been a significant volume of new supply enter the market through newly commissioned projects and this will likely take some time to be absorbed before any United States-dollar price improvement can be expected. However, the depreciating Australian dollar is partially offsetting this market softness for Australian producers. Melior will continue to monitor the market as the Goondicum operations moves through commissioning into production.

Melior has an exclusive marketing agreement with Sojitz Corp., a major Japanese trading company, for all of its ilmenite sales into Japan and Korea and is now finalizing an exclusive arrangement into China with Sojitz. In addition to this, Melior has letters of intent signed with Chinese pigment producers through Sojitz and it intends to advance these letters of intent to firm sales contracts over the next few months as ilmenite operation production builds up.

The terms of a 5,000-tonne trial cargo of phosphate rock are also in the process of being finalized with an offshore customer, with this shipment expected to occur during third-quarter 2015.

Chief executive officer Mark McCauley commented, "Melior is making the transition to a fully fledged producer and marketer of quality ilmenite and phosphate rock products, which should be reflected in a positive financial outcome for fiscal-year 2016."

We seek Safe Harbor.

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyHP auch erneuert

09.04.15 18:47

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuysa was sagt man dazu ?

01.01.17 10:29

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyMelior

01.01.17 10:37
TORONTO, Dec. 20, 2016 /CNW/ - Melior Resources Inc. ("Melior" or the "Company") (TSXV:MLR) is pleased to announce that it has closed its previously announced non-brokered private placement (the "Private Placement"). An aggregate of 60,000,000 common shares ("Common Shares") of the Company were issued at C$0.03 per Common Share for gross proceeds of C$1.8 million. The Private Placement was originally announced on December 14, 2016. Mark McCauley, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company commented "This capital raising provides Melior with a strong platform from which it can move forward during the first quarter of 2017. The focus over the next six months will be to find an appropriate strategic partner for the Goondicum mine and to continue to assess the prospective potential of Melior's unique Browne Metallurgical Process which looks to upgrade ilmenite to a higher TiO2 concentration." The subscriptions by Pala Investments Limited ("Pala") and Takota Asset Management Inc. ("Takota") constitute "related party transactions" within the meaning of Multilateral Instrument 61-101 ? Protections of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions ("MI 61-101"). The Board of Directors of Melior (the "Board"), acting in good faith, and the independent members of the Board, acting in good faith, determined that the Company is in serious financial difficulty, that the Private Placement is designed to improve the Company's financial position and that the terms of the Private Placement and Pala and Takota's subscription for Common Shares thereunder are reasonable in the Company's circumstances. As such, Melior has relied on the exemption from the formal valuation and minority shareholder approval requirements of MI 61-101 contained in Section 5.5(g) and Section 5.7(1)(e) of MI 61-101 on the basis of financial hardship. Pursuant to the Private Placement, Pala, Belmont Park Investments Pty Ltd., Panorama Ridge Pty Ltd. and Takota received 36,666,667, 8,333,333, 8,333,333 and 6,666,667 Common Shares respectively and now hold 131,194,865, 26,877,149, 26,877,149 and 35,426,134 Common Shares respectively (representing approximately 48%, 9.9%, 9.9% and 13% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares respectively). The TSX Venture Exchange ("TSXV") has granted listing approval of the Common Shares issued under the Private Placement subject to final acceptance. Such Common Shares are subject to resale restrictions pursuant to applicable Canadian securities laws and requirements, as well as stock exchange rules, until April 21, 2017.

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4258 Postings, 6085 Tage NukemLetzte News waren im August

20.10.17 19:14
Wann kommen hier endlich mal News zur Gondium Mine?  

4258 Postings, 6085 Tage NukemRestart

30.10.17 20:13
Die nächsten acht Wochen scheint sich vieles zu tun, derzeit bin ich erst einmal zufrieden, da der Titel verstärkt gehandelt wird. Heute sind wir auf Tageshoch bei 99.500 gehandelt der Aktien. Immerhin! Die News haben dem Titel wieder Leben eingehaucht!


4258 Postings, 6085 Tage NukemToronto

01.11.17 09:53
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 56.069.969 von PIBO am 01.11.17 09:20:07 Toronto Ich leg heute auch nochmal nach in Toronto. Melior ist 10fach unterbewertet im Vergleich zu Sheffield, obwohl nur auf 25% der Mine abgebaut werden wird. Der Markt realisiert langsam was hier für Chancen liegen und auf kurz oder lang steht auch Melior bei einer vergleichbaren Cap mit die Mitbewerber. In Deutschland gibt es zu wenig Stücke. Ich order' in Kanada!


4258 Postings, 6085 Tage Nukem63,64% up

01.11.17 09:54
$0.09  Oct 31, 2017, 3:22 PM EDT 0.04 (63.64%)Vol: 1,590,690  

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuygestern

02.11.17 07:02
In Toronto über 430K volumen gehandelt ....  

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyoha

06.11.17 20:54

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyvolumen in toronto

06.11.17 23:21
240K .... Kurs 0,13CAD ...

Kamen 50K und 30K Orders...  

4258 Postings, 6085 Tage NukemDas Teil geht auf 0,35

07.11.17 18:57
Spätestens bis März 2018! Bis dahin wird produziert und dann setzt der Markt einen gigantischen Hebel frei! M. E.  

141 Postings, 346 Tage DRS75sehr interessante Story

07.11.17 21:23
2018 wird wohl auch hier ein Jahr der Entscheidung

ich freu mich :)  

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyja ,

08.11.17 00:35
Wir wollen aber keine grosser tamtam haben :-) um so weniger im moment erfahren umso ruhiger geht es weiter .... Zu schnelle hypes erzeugen unechte kurse .

4258 Postings, 6085 Tage NukemHier geht demnächst die Lucy ab!

08.11.17 10:58
Ich bin schon über 20 Jahre an der Börse, ich kann die Times&Sales durchaus deuten. Was ich gestern gesehen habe an der TSX bei Melior, werte ich klar als sammeln von Aktien eines Investors. Hier hat sich jemand bei 14 bombenfest ins Bid gelegt, die Aktie zeigte keinerlei Schwankungen. Ich bin mir sicher dass hier jemand sammelt und wer sammelt weiß mehr! Hier geht demnächst die Lucy ab.  

4258 Postings, 6085 Tage NukemToronto

24.11.17 14:36
Ich würde die Orders nach Toronto stellen, in Deutschland zahlt man über pari.

Gerade wieder ein Kurs 0,101, das sind über 0,15 CAD.  

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyspannend ohne ende

13.12.17 07:30
Angekündigte Wiederaufnahme von Goondicum Mine , Hauptversammlung von heute ...
Und steigende Kurse ...  

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuyGestern

13.12.17 07:58
Auf TSX plus 21% mit 255K Volumen ... Und das 1 Tag vor der Hauptversammlung  

4258 Postings, 6085 Tage NukemSchaut klasse aus heute

13.12.17 14:35
Orderbuch schaut klasse aus

Orders            Volume    Price Range
Bid   Orders 14 365,000   0.09500-0.11500
ASK Orders   9  164000   0.10500-0.14000


4258 Postings, 6085 Tage NukemFive bagger

13.12.17 14:35
Im Frühjahr sollten Kurse um 0,40$ bis 0,50$ realistisch sein.  

5359 Postings, 2737 Tage hammerbuynukem

14.12.17 16:31
So schnell ? Wollen wir das ? Ich bin für eine langsam stätige Anstieg..
Senkrecht steile Hype hat immer Rückschläge  ...

Ne mäßige volumen ...
Sind ja sowieso 90 % der Aktien in festen Händen.....


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