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1664 Postings, 3491 Tage soyus1GAMESA Rückenwind in Zahlen und Aufträgen

15.11.06 13:23
Hallo Freunde der alternativen Energien!

Gamesa WKN: A0B5Z8 Symbol: GTQ1 der weltweit zweitgrößte Windenergiehersteller liefert beeindruckende 9 Montaszahlen:

Gewinnsteigerung 116%
Umsatzsteigerung  40%

Tolle Auftragslage; z.B. Meldung vom 05.10.2006, 14:13  
Gamesa erhält Rekordauftrag über 2,3 Mrd. Euro von Iberdrola

Hier die Zahlen:

14.11.2006 19:28
Gamesa 9 mth net rises to 220.1 mln eur vs 101.9 mln UPDATE
(Updates with wind turbine, wind park sales forecasts for Q4, FY)

MADRID (AFX) - Gamesa (Nachrichten) Corporacion Tecnologica SA said net profit rose to 220.1 mln eur in the nine months to September from 101.9 mln eur a year earlier, in line with analysts' estimates for 210-231 mln eur.

In a statement, Gamesa said revenue rose 40.0 pct to 1.385 bln eur from 985.8 mln eur a year earlier, at the high end of estimates of 1.36-1.39 bln eur.

EBITDA rose 13.0 pct to 225.0 mln eur, slightly below expectations.

The results indicate 'adequate progress in meeting objectives stated in the 2006-2008 business plan,' the company said.

Gamesa said wind turbine installation in the nine months has risen 64 pct from a year earlier to 1,394 MW, has already overtaken last year's total, and that it expected a new annual record in 2006.

For the fourth quarter, Gamesa said it expects new wind energy regulation in Spain, which many expect to be positive for the sector, and it will continue the rate of growth of wind turbine installations of over 200 MW a month, and will increase the volume of wind farms sold to over 100 MW/month.


Freue mich auf interessante Beiträge, Vergleiche und Diskussionen zu Gamesa!

Gruß Soyus  
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31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyEinkaufspreise

14.03.14 12:52

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa mit 50 MW in Uruguay

18.03.14 10:21
Commissioning is underway at one of Uruguay’s first large-scale wind farms, a 50MW venture kitted out with Gamesa turbines.

The development known as R del Sur is in Uruguay’s southern Maldonado department and features 2MW hardware from the Spanish supplier.

The array lies on Sierra de los Caracoles, the ridge where Uruguay’s state utility also operates the 20MW Emanuele Cambilargiu wind facility.

Grid connection tests have been carried out and first power is expected this quarter, UTE said.

The utility recently passed new connection regulations to ensure the timely start-up of wind farms. A one-week delay to commercial operations at a 50MW scheme can cost UTE $280,000, the company said.

R del Sur is the first of several utility-scale developments across Uruguay that will result in some 500 turbines springing up over the next two years.

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa im Turnaround

24.03.14 09:56


   Gamesa's turnaround strategy is paying off in better margins, lower debt, and better capital efficiency.
   Order growth in 2013 covers more than half of management's guidance for 2014.
   A joint venture with Areva could allow the company to become a player in offshore turbines.
... the company continues to execute on its turnaround plan. That plan has led to high single-digit order growth for 2013 and a return to double-digit growth in the fourth quarter, and the stock has continued to recover with the shares up about 250% over the past year and another 60% since September....

What has happened, though, is that the company has stuck to its plans to rationalize its product development (consolidating around a smaller number of shared designs), take costs out of the manufacturing process, and get smarter about it capital demands.

It was encouraging to see the company show improved results for the fourth quarter of 2013. Sales were lower than expected in the fourth quarter (though still up 14%), but the company did exceed its EBIT margin guidance for the full year (5.5% versus the high end of its range) and the fourth quarter. The company also lowered its working capital more than expected and the net debt position shrank more than expected.

...Gamesa certainly owes some of its decline in overall market share to its shrinking Chinese and U.S. businesses, as the company has slipped to the sixth-largest turbine company by recent installations (though it remains third in total installed base, behind Vestas and GE). Some of the decline can also be attributed to the company no longer building and operating wind farms (Gamesa Energia), as these installations accounted for about 15% of volume from 2008 to 2012.

In the place of those declines, Gamesa has been picking up business in Latin America and India. Latin America has grown to nearly 50% of volume, and Gamesa is a share leader in Brazil due in no small part to its local manufacturing presence. The same is true in India, which has doubled as a percentage of the company's volume over the last few years.

With this migration, Gamesa finds itself dealing more with IPPs instead of public utilities. That does create some concerns for me with the stability of the business, and IPPs have seen difficulties in accessing credit/liquidity in the past. Likewise, the state of many Latin American economies has not been so wonderful of late and that slowdown is a risk factor. That said, the company just announced (March 4, 2014), a joint venture with Santander to develop 500MW of wind farms in Oaxaca, Mexico.

........Discounting those cash flows back, I believe Gamesa is worth around $2.40 per ADR today. There is definitely scope for the company to outperform my revenue expectations if the offshore JV is a success and/or if the company can regain more of its global market share than I presently expect. Though Gamesa isn't as cheap as it once was, it still looks priced to outperform the market by a worthwhile degree.  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyMarokko mit Ausschreibung für 850MW

25.03.14 10:01

Morocco has issued the long-awaited tender for 850MW spread across five sites as it seeks to attract private-sector investment, achieve its target of 2GW of wind energy online by 2020 and kick-start an industrial sector.

The country currently has 495MW turning, 450MW under construction and more than 500MW under development. With the exception of South Africa, it is possibly the number one emerging market on the continent.
The tender, issued by state utility ONEE, is for the development, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the facilities under a build, own, operate and transfer (BOOT) contract. ONEE will buy the output for 20 years.

The five sites are located at Tangier (100MW), Essaouira (200MW), Midelt (150MW), Tiskrad (300MW) and Boujdour (100MW). The last two lie within the disputed Western Sahara. The tender also includes an option to supply and maintain turbines for the planned 200MW extension of the Koudia Al Baida wind farm near Tangier.

For the first time in Morocco, bidders must include some element of local manufacture. The most likely components are blades, towers, gears and classical generators, Zejli believes. "Most of the value chain can be built in Morocco," he adds. So far only towers are made locally, with Delattre Levivier Maroc (DLM) able to produce up to 300 towers a year at its new facility near Casablanca.

Also for the first time, the plant will be built under a public-private partnership with ONEE, the Energy Investment Company (SIE) and the Hassan II Fund for Economic & Social Development, all state owned. They will jointly hold a 35% in each of the five project companies.

ONEE, which estimates the total investment at EUR 1.24 billion, said it has already raised EUR385 million and $31 million in concessional finance. The European Investment Bank, KfW and the European Union's Neighbourhood Investment Facility have agreed EUR 200 million, EUR130 million and EUR 15 million respectively for the facilities at Tangier, Essaouira and Midelt. The African Development Bank is also providing EUR40 million towards Tangier, alongside $31 million from the Clean Technology Fund.

Five entities have been invited to bid following a pre-qualification round: Gamesa with ACWA Power of Saudi Arabia; Acciona with Morocco's Al Ajial Funds; Vestas with GDF Suez Energy International; Siemens with Enel Green Power, Morocco's Nareva and Taqa of the United Arab Emirates; and Alstom with EDF Energies Nouvelles and Mitsui. GE also qualified though subsequently dropped out  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa bietet jetzt 20 oder 30 Jahre Garantie

25.03.14 10:41
...At a March seminar dedicated entirely to extending useful wind plant life, Spanish turbine manufacturer Gamesa revealed its life extension (LE) service, with which it soon aims to offer full guarantees to extend life from the 20-year standard to up to 30 years while promising up to 98% turbine availability.

The LE is based on Gamesa's real-life experience servicing more than 20GW of installed capacity worldwide. Other keys are a full plant audit, together with computer modelling and turbine condition monitoring to predict corrosions, wear and tear, fatigue and failures.So far, life extension — as yet without full guarantees — is already available for Gamesa's 660kW machine. The company is also preparing an LE product for its 850kW and 2MW models.

Wind financers bank on a 20-year useful turbine life. Squeezing out an additonal five to ten years was once considered a bonus. But life extension is now essential for many Spanish companies to avoid negative results,....  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa erhält Certification v.DNV-GL für 5MW Offsh

26.03.14 09:36

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, has secured type certification for its first offshore wind turbine, the G128-5.0 MW Offshore, from DNV-GL, an accredited independent body.

This completes the process of certifying the company’s first offshore product in less than seven months, and constitutes an endorsement for the platform’s technology that, in turn, bolsters the marketing and industrialization processes.

The G128-5.0 MW wind turbine prototype, the first offshore model in the 5.0 MW platform, has a rotor diameter of 128m and a total height of 154m. The turbine is notably lightweight, which reduces the cost of related wind farm civil engineering work. The G128-5.0 MW Offshore is capable of generating enough power to supply about 5,000 households a year. Since it began to generate electricity in the summer of 2013, the prototype has injected more than 6,000 MWh into the grid......  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa erhält Auftrag in China 49,3MW

26.03.14 19:11
The Spanish company will install 25 G97-2MW turbines on the Chengdingsha wind farm in Shandong province.

Delivery of the turbines is expected in July, with commissioning due to take place before the end of the year. The contract only covers installation and commissioning.

Shangdong has proved one of the best markets in China for Gamesa, with the company having installed 206MW in the region to date. In China as a whole, the manufacturer has installed 3.5GW.

Gamesa has previously done business with CGN (previously Guangdong Nuclear), which is a subsidiary of General Nuclear Group. Since 2009, the two parties have signed contracts for the supply of 106MW.  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyUkraine Projekt gestoppt 188 Arbeiter betroffen

26.03.14 19:14
SPAIN: The postponement of a wind project in the Ukraine has contributed to temporary staff cutbacks affecting 188 workers at a Gamesa turbine component factory in Spain.
But "no single project" has caused the cuts, a company spokeswoman told Windpower Monthly, rebutting Spanish press reports that Russia's annexation of the Crimea was directly to blame.

Rather, the measure responds to "a drop in demand in general", she said. While turbine negotiations for the now postponed Ukraine project were "at an advanced stage" prior to the Russian occupation, there was "no firm order".

The Ukranian project is reportedly rated at 36MW, although Gamesa declined to confirm that or identify the developer.

Of the 248 staff at the Spanish manufacturer's facility in Cantabria—where it makes generators and other electrical equipment for wind turbines—188 will be temporarily laid off and reemployed, on a rotation basis, at a rate of 22 jobs a month until March 2015.This follows Gamesa's 2012 decision to axe 1800 jobs globally.  .  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa Factory in Pittsburgh geschlossen

31.03.14 10:13
The one bright spot was Gamesa, which was still here, employing more than 200 people at Fiber Blade LLC and creating construction jobs with wind turbine farms.

But the lone bright spot in the power pipeline is about to flicker out as well. The last ...Gamesa wind farm was completed about six years ago and on Monday the Spain-based company will usher out the last of the employees of the fiber blade plant, closing the doors for a final time.

When the decision was announced in late January, it came as little surprise to many. The employment numbers had dropped from about 250 workers six years ago to less than a quarter of that. Figures provided by Gamesa late last week are that 62 people will be out of work on Monday...

Read more:

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa fertig m. Installation der 5MW in Spanien

31.03.14 10:15
Gamesa has completed the installation of the first prototype of its G128-5.0MW onshore turbine at its R&D facility in Alaiz (Navarra, Spain).
The end of the assembly process triggers the start of the process of certifying the new turbine, slated for completion during the last quarter of this year; type certification endorses the platform's industrialisation and marketing.

The task of assembling the G128-5.0 MW was facilitated by the use of the latest turbine design and manufacturing technology, having overcome the logistics challenge implied by having to ship the parts from the various places in Spain where they were made: the nacelle and hub from Tauste (Zaragoza); the powertrain from Lerma (Burgos); the generator from Reinosa (Cantabria) and the converters from Coslada (Madrid)....  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyDie 5.0MW fuer Finland

01.04.14 11:23
3 Stück werden in TuuliWatti  bei Savo noch dieses Jahr installiert
Der Durchmesser beträgt 128m,die Höhe 184 m .Es handelt sich um Windmühlen für  hohe Kälte  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage Kicky53GW Zuwachs an Windkraft in Lateinamerika

01.04.14 12:15
bis 2023 erwartet laut neume Report von MAKE Consulting.Davon Brasilien,wo Gamesa gut installiert ist ,mit 43%.In Brasilien und Urugay werden jeweils 5 GW in 2014 und 2015 erwartet

Brazil - which MAKE says is the most mature and established market in the region - will install 43% of all new wind power capacity expected for the region through 2023. In the near term, the research firm foresees commissioning bubbles in both Brazil and Uruguay pushing new capacity in excess of 5 GW in both 2014 and 2015. The report says medium-term growth is also promising, as the Brazilian market has already contracted a strong portfolio of wind power projects at auctions through 2018. Momentum at national power auctions is likely to be sustained.

Chile, meanwhile, nearly doubled its installed wind power base with the commissioning of 187 MW in 2013, and several utility-scale projects are scheduled to be connected this year - building upon the momentum growing in the market.

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyAuftrag für 20MW für Energa in Polen

01.04.14 20:30
01 April 2014

   The company will install ten G97-2.0 MW wind turbines at the Myslino wind farm being built in commune Gościno.
Gamesa in Poland operates in both wind turbine delivery, installation and operation and maintenance services and wind farm development and sales.

The company has installed a total of 625.4 MW in this market since it won its first contract in 2006. In its capacity as developer, it has developed, built and commissioned over 218 MW and currently has a pipeline of 467 MW at varying stages of development.  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyAlgonqin erwirbt 40% von 400MW für $115 Millionen

01.04.14 20:40
Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (APUC) has successfully acquired the remaining 40% of a 400 MW wind power portfolio in the U.S. from Gamesa Wind US LLC for total consideration of approximately $115 million.

Prior to the deal, APUC owned a 60% controlling interest in the projects, which were initially acquired through a newly formed partnership whose original members included APCo, Gamesa and certain tax equity investors. In December 2013, APUC announced its agreement to purchase the remaining 40% interest.

von Gamesa The 400 MW wind portfolio consists of three facilities: the 200 MW Minonk wind farm in Illinois, 150 MW Senate wind farm in Texas and 50 MW Sandy Ridge wind farm in Pennsylvania.

APUC has been the majority owner and manager of the projects since commercial operation was achieved in 2012; therefore, the company says it expects no additional ongoing management or administrative costs. Gamesa will continue to provide operations, warranty and maintenance services for the wind turbines and balance-of-plant facilities under 20-year contracts.  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesas business chief Xabier Etxeberria

03.04.14 18:29
im Interview mit Rechargenews

Brazil has become one of the biggest markets for Gamesa in the past couple of years. Where are things going there in the future? About 70% of Brazil"s energy mix is hydro, and wind started off as a complementary energy source three to four years ago. But with the lack of rain in the past few years, levels in hydro reservoirs have gone down. And big hydro projects have slowed down because of environmental challenges. The auction system has given wind much more visibility than before......
vielleicht kommt ja jemand an den Rest ran  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa mit Nanotech-Deicing

07.04.14 10:18
The system, which has been dubbed Bladeshield, was created out of the Azimut project to develop a 20MW turbine. It can be used on both Gamesa's 2.5MW and 5MW turbines.

Gamesa is also working with Finnish company VTT to develop another ice prevention product for its 5MW platform that can work in sub-zero temperatures.

The Bladeshield solution contains material that utilises nanotechnology and is applied by mixing it with the blade's paint. In addition to preventing ice formation, Gamesa said it can also boost the paint's resistance to erosion.

It is currently available both as an option on Gamesa turbines, and to other manufacturers depending on the paint they wish to use.
"We have tested its use with de-icing devices and found that the combination with our anti-icing solution reduces energy consumption," the company said. "However, we cannot provide data about the minimum temperature where the solution is able to work alone. It is something that we expect to test and verify this year.".....  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyIndien ein Haupmarkt für Gamesa

11.04.14 08:28
Turnover von 2,33Milliarden in 2013,d.h.20% des Gesamtumsatzes,203MW kurz vor Abschluss und 600MW Aufträgen
.2013-2014 wurden 425MW verkauft

April 10, 2014:  

Last year, one-fifth of Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica revenues came from India, almost twice as much as in the previous year. Gamesa Corp achieved turnover of Euro 2.33 billion in 2013, compared with Euro 2.66 billion in the previous year, but India’s contribution rose from 12 per cent to 22 per cent.

“And this will increase,” says Ramesh Kymal, Chairman and Managing Director of Gamesa India — confidently, with 203 MW of wind turbines only a couple of screw turns away from commissioning and orders worth another 600 MW on hand, to be executed in 2014. In the financial year 2013-14, Gamesa India topped the list of wind turbine manufacturers, with sales of 425 MW.

The company has developed a strong “megawatt pipeline”, which refers to readiness to execute orders after completing all the preparatory work such as acquiring land and securing approvals. “We are the darling of the IPPs”, said Kymal today, at a press conference to note the company’s completion of 1,000 MW of capacity in India, which it has done in four years of inception. IPPs, or Independent Power Producers are companies that are in the business of generating and selling electricity to distribution companies.

Since it set up shop in India in 2009, Gamesa has invested Rs 1,500 crore in factories that produce turbines, towers and blades. .....  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa hat 100MW in 4 Jahren in Indien installiert

11.04.14 08:30

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyKorrektur :1000MW in Indien in 4 Jahren

11.04.14 08:31

2435 Postings, 1614 Tage kologewieso

11.04.14 17:54
stürtzt die Aktie heute ab???  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa, top-ranked wind power in India and Mexico

14.04.14 10:15
in 2013 and number two contender in Brazil
Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, ended 2013 as the leading wind turbine OEM in Mexico and India by market share and the number two player in Brazil, thereby reinforcing its position in the world’s fastest-growing wind energy markets.

According to the most recent wind report by BTM Consult, Gamesa ended 2013 as leader in Mexico, accounting for over 73% of capacity installed during the year. It also topped the ranks of OEMs in India, outperforming local player Suzlon for the first time, having garnered a share of 19%. Meanwhile, the more than 450 MW installed in Brazil in 2013 earned Gamesa the number two spot on the ranking in this market, with a share of 20%. According to BTM, installed capacity in Brazil, Mexico and India on aggregate is set to grow at an annual rate of over 10% during the next four years.

The Latin American and Indian markets have emerged as Gamesa’s core growth engines in recent years. In 2013, these markets accounted for over 70% of the turbines sold by the company (in terms of capacity). These figures further evidence the company’s gradual international expansion in recent years: sales outside Spain have gone from accounting for just 5% of the total in 2000 to virtually 100% in 2013(in terms of capacity). These figures further evidence the company’s gradual international expansion in recent years: sales outside Spain have gone from accounting for just 5% of the total in 2000 to virtually 100% in 2013.......

In Brazil, another of the company’s strategic markets, Gamesa has firm orders for 1,394 MW. Cumulative installed capacity in Brazil stands at close to 4,000 MW, with 1,757 MW installed in 2013.


31004 Postings, 5289 Tage Kickywie man m.wenigen Stücken Kursrutsch provoziert

14.04.14 10:30

111 Postings, 373 Tage -Sille-Mann Mann die geht ja heute ganz schön ab

14.04.14 12:42
Meiner Meinung nach zu übertrieben, bin echt schon am überlegen ob ich weiter zukaufe.  

2435 Postings, 1614 Tage kologebin

15.04.14 09:31
wieder dabei. Gekauft zu 7,10 Euro.  

31004 Postings, 5289 Tage KickyGamesa India wind projects totaling 800MW capacity

16.04.14 16:59
during 2014 to 2015
At present, the company has over 200MW of windmills ready to become operational and has orders on hand for another 600MW.

Gamesa India has commissioned about 400MW of wind power projects during 2013-2014. The company has now over 1,000MW of wind power installed capacity in India .
Gamesa has made investment of over INR15bn over the last four years in its manufacturing plants located in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat .  

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